San Francisco Megathread 2013: All-You-Can-Eat Entheta Buffet!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Tomorrow, March 9, 2013, 12:30 pm
    1007 6th St, Sacramento, CA | Get Directions »

    The performance of L. Ron Hubbard’s humorous adventure “Tough Old Man” will be taking place in the Bay Area on Saturday, Mar. 9th at the Church of Scientology Sacramento, 1007 6th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Doors open at 12:30 PM and the show starts at 1 PM. For more information, call (916) 319-5440 or
    Admission is FREE. All are invited.
    The Golden Age Theater located in Hollywood, California has sent a team of popular actors to perform the humorous adventure written by master storyteller L. Ron Hubbard. It is called “Tough Old Man”—a tale that revolves around a character by the name of Moffat who is sent for final training under the senior constable of the Frontier Patrol in interplanetary service—Old Keno. Moffat searches to discover why Old Keno doesn’t feel extreme cold or heat, and never seems to eat, and what he finds provides a totally unexpected ending.
    The Golden Age Theater has received CBS Radio’s highest four-star rating giving the shows “FOUR STARS (Highest Rating) [for] Southern California’s most refreshingly unique entertainment experience.”
    Stories from the Golden Age contains 153 stories all written by Hubbard during the 1930s and 1940s—in genres ranging from Mystery to Thriller, Science Fiction and Fantasy to Adventure and Western, using his own and fifteen pen names—widely considered America’s Golden Age of Fiction. The print version of each work includes the pulp fiction artwork that originally accompanied the story in magazine publication.
    For more information about the event, call Vicky Walker or Patty Schreiter at (916) 319-5440 or email at
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  7. cats-fucking.jpg
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  11. Anonymous Member

    9 March CLUB XENU!

    Mr Moog and I enturbulated today. Here's some pics.






    and a video
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  12. pooks Member

    Wish I was there. Would have loved to dance with you and Mr. Moog.
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    EDIT: somehow missed the post about today's raid! didn't intend to steal the thunder... just finally got around to editing a coupla vids...
    from our memorable chill e.b. raid: new friends <3
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  14. Anonymous Member

    9 March CLUB XENU!

    Mr Moog and I enturbulated today. Here's some pics.






    and a video

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  15. moarxenu Member

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  16. MOOG Member

    Scientology Protest - San Francisco March 9 2013 - Saturday Afternoon Surprise

    Just Two Guys listening to records and taking funny pictures on a Saturday afternoon in front of the Church of Scientology San Francisco. Very little happening at the Org - the Scientologists you see in this video are all there were in the 3 1/2 hours we were there. The Desk Lady seemed real curious about what we were doing, but didn't come out to talk or spray us with a hose or anything. No cops. Big Fun. Also Nude Bicyclists!!

    C.O.D. (I'll Deliver) - Mtume
    Can You Feel It - Original Concept
    Baby You're A Rich Man (Golden Age of Money Edit) - The Beatles
    I Want You Back (Reynaldo's Secret Disconnection Edit) - Jackson 5
    Never Gonna Give You Up (Acapella) Rick Astley
    Into The Groove (Raid Jams Edit) - Madonna
    Grazing in the Grass - Hugh Masekela
    Here Comes That Sound - Love Deluxe
    Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
    No One's Gonna Love You - S.O.S. Band
    Can't Nobody Hold Me Down (Instrumental) - P Diddy
    Make Em Rock (Our Way) - Fourplay
    Mexican Shuffle - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
    Lollipops And Roses - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass



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  17. Anonymous Member

    In 1911, L. Ron Hubbard was born.
    In 1913, he turned 2 years old.
    In 2013, San Francisco Scientologists will celebrate 100 years of his legacy.
    Which means that 100 years ago this month, "someone" learned to poop like a big boy!
    Celebrate L. Ron Hubbard's Greatest Legacy with San Francisco Scientologists!
    Boogie Down with Anonymous at Club Xenu SF!
    Saturday, March 23rd, 6pm
    701 Montgomery Street.
    We will have masks.
    Just bring your bad self.
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  18. moarxenu Member

    I am seriously lol'ing.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    16 March CLUB XENU!

    Mr Moog and I raided again today. Here's my only pic.


    A cute couple gave us ice cream.
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  25. Chipshotz Member

    SFAnons, showing how it's done.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I modified the LOL sign and got lots of thumbs up

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  27. TMOT Member

    Oh hai SF SPs! Loving the Entheta Buffet!
    I'm new to WWP but have been working to enturbulate the scilons for a long time. Most of what I've done has been online or direct sphere of influence activism, but I think I'd like to come down and check out Club Xenu! I may have Mr TMOT with. Other than wearing waterproof shoes, is there anything in particular I should know? I'll print out some cards or flyers to hand out. Trying to decide what my sign should say... I love "Scientology LOL" especially with Scary Tom on there. Oh, and props to DJ Moog - great tunes! Will wear dancing shoes. Er, waterproof dancing shoes.
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  28. Anon Tunebox rippin it up, sounds great.........
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  29. TMOT, Saturday at 6pm. Come on down.
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  30. MOOG Member

    Scientology 101 The Lower BS Bridge What it IS and is NOT

    i had to watch this twice, it is so packed with solid gold info for general public, Scientologists still in, and protesters who are trying to reach them. check it yo.

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  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. MOOG Member

    The Scientology Trap Part 2 Wogs Ethics Aims

    Disconnection n Stuff

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  33. TMOT Member

    May Xenu Bless dear Tory!!!
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  34. MOOG Member

    Scientology Protest - San Francisco March 2 2013 IAS / CCHR / King Kong / Water Hose Party

    Anon brings flowers and disco kicks to SF Org's King Kong Night, which was in reality a special IAS Fund Raising Event, so Scientology brought out the rubber hose. (reminding one of the Halloween 2012 Hose Party) We met Chill E.B. who was friendly and Brother B who was also friendly and curious about what we were doing. He listened, which showed me that he and Chill are not Scientologists. Jeff Quiros appeared after 7 months which made me so happy i forgot my manners and embarrassed myself. Jerry was there, looking great in his red sweater. i think the Dianetics Cart Guy is slowly warming up to me. Dianetics Cart Ponytail Guy is my current favorite tho - it's like nothing ever bothers him and he has a really nice easygoing smile. he and Jerry are the only real Scientologists there, with their TRs and manners in, and their humor (somewhat) engaged. the rest seem to have no clue at all about how to act in public, or what PR of any kind is. this fascinates me. anyway, this is a very long video, and i hope you enjoy it. we had a blast. special Message To Scientologists at the end. thank you for watching it!


    I Can Make You Dance - Zapp featuring Roger
    Let The Bass Kick - Adam X
    I Want To Thank You - Alicia Meyers
    Can You Feel It - Original Concept
    We Bad - Diaz Brothers
    Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton
    Never Knew Love Like This (Chill E.B.'s Theme) - Alexander O'Neal featuring Cherrelle
    Double Dutch Bus (Sea Org Alley Edit) - Frankie Smith
    Rock Steady (Floating Needle Edit) - Aretha Franklin
    Steel Blue (DJ Spun Disco Re-Edit) - 33 1/3 Queen
    Disco 4 (Ray Mang's Mangled Mix) - 33 1/3 Queen
    Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - Sly And The Family Stone
    Just A Groove (Re-Edit) - Glen Adams Affair
    Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll - Vaughan Mason & Crew
    It's My Thing (Instrumental) - EPMD
    Take That To The Bank - Shalamar
    Kraazy (Water-Hose Edit) - The Suttons
    Message To Scientology - Anonymous
    Humpty Dump - The Vibrettes
    How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
    The Magnificent Dance - The Clash
    Free - Denice Williams
    The Smurf - Tyrone Brunson
    It Takes Two - (DJ Red Alert Mix) - Rob Base & DJ E.Z. Rock
    Love Hangover (Chopped & Re-Screwed) - Diana Ross
    Night & Day - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
    I Wanna Get Next To You - Rose Royce
    Down By Law - Fab 5 Freddy
    Hold On - EnVogue
    How To Be A Millionaire (Angry Drunk Dwarf Mix) - ABC
    What's Your Name - The Stylistics
    Good Times (Grandmaster Flash Turntable Mix) - Chic



    also please see:

    The Still Face Experiment

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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    To Club Xenu SF @ 701 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
  36. MOOG Member

    favorite stills from the March 2 IAS King Kong Party:

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  37. No one from the org will be there.
    See post above - staff and public will be in Alameda at the LRH Birthday event.
  38. TMOT Member

    Interesting. I'd heard Michaans was dodgy. Guess so!
    If we pay them a visit, we must all bring (burnt) toast for LRH!
  39. MOOG Member

    that's OK. i think the Scientologists deserve some time out! also i will not stalk them at their private dinner party, tho they have stalked us at ours twice. (at Naan & Curry, by Scientologists Jenna Slevin & Danny Quiros with a video camera, and Reynaldo Davila "I See You!") that's poor form, and i wouldn't do it.

    besides, Scientology is Over - and it's Party Time!!

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  40. MOOG Member

    more useful information!! Scientology Trap Pt 3 IAS and KSW

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