San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    Help make Jerry's dreams come true!!

    12pm 701 Montgomery.

    Time to stat crash, faggots...

    (it's really funny)
  2. Chipshotz Member

    Yes, S2G you have a sweet voice. Animated movies are looking for you ;)
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  3. AnnieNonymous Member

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  4. enthaeon Member

    Happy Staturday, fags!

    brb raeping...
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  5. Miranda Member

    Can't wait for the pics and the interviews :)
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  6. Anonymous Member


    Postgame coming...
  7. slobeck Member

    Has anyone tried polka at the org? 'Cause everyone LOVES LOVES LOVES polka.
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  8. Anna_Asks Member

    Today's staturday raid was epic! Videos should be up soon, but there is a lot to go through so here's a summary to hold you over:

    • One oldfag and two newfags!
    • Quinn Norton from Wired was coming with a photog so we were looking forward to today, and it did not disappoint
    • Signpost's signs were there, and they were BEAUTIFUL!
    • First the photog came - lots of still photos, said Quinn was late but he was a contractor for Wired, took a HUGE amount of pictures, all the signs, and we were quite upstat
    • He left, then Qinn arrived with a video camera person and told us that she didn't have a camera-photog assigned to her - d'oh!! Silly Scilons.
    • JERRY CAME OUT, YAY JERRY! We get so happy when we see Jerrry. Pippi was there, but J2 wasn't :(
    • After weeks and weeks of them just going inside and hiding, they sent out a new lady to video us!
    • She wasn't just stand-and-video, she was up in faces, getting signs, close-ups, all the chalk writing on the sidewalk (so we made more for her) and srsly actively followed and videoed for a full hour. Stonyfaced, like Buckingham Guards.
    • Moog danced for her, and we regaled her with stories of Scientology dogma and people who have left.
    • She looked like she wanted to VIDEO ALL THE SIGNS but when Adhocrat offered to go through the pile one by one and show them, and began doing so, she just walked away.
    • As we were packing up to go, she all of a sudden just made a beeline for the door and disappeared inside. Like, not "I will walk inside now, I'm done", like SCOOTED IN WITH A PURPOSE. We may need to go to video, but it may have been sparked by Adhocrat explaining how Hubbard outlawed compassion (?)
    • She seemed nice underneath that stony facade, and I feel like at first she was resolute, but by the end she just seemed really sad :( I hope she had a chance to reflect on some things she heard
    Win after win after win after win!

    Edit: he was with Wired after all! Yay!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    ZOMG Quinn Norton from Wired was there with her vidcam guy. Camera Lady emerges from teh org trying to troll us with vidcam tech lol. Moar to come.
  10. Anna_Asks Member

    Oh, one funny thing. When we thought the photographer was with Wired, we treated him as such. He didn't ask questions per se, but we made conversation. One of the things that I noticed right away was that there were people going in! At least a dozen, maybe up to two dozen. Like a parade. I had never seen more than about three non-staff people enter on a Thursday/Staturday raid before. And I told him that.

    I commented to him that since we posted in public that we were having a photographer and journalist come today they must have called people in just so there could be video of a non-dead org. Very tricky. Whether he's OSA or a contractor like the guy in Texas (or a small possibility that he's with Wired and signals got crossed) that should be a fun tidbit.

    Edit to add: next press visit will not be announced on these boards, so they're going to have to keep up paying actors and hounding people to come in if they want anyone to think they have anything other than a completely dead org. lulz.
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  11. Mark Cabian Member

    Great raid! Thanks everyone for a great time!
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  12. MOOG Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    FYI, The lady with the blue shirt and light-colored jacket over it is the journalist from Wired; her name is Quinn. You can see her video guy in a shot there - and they did have a microphone. The woman from Wired was very nice, and just stunned at the crazy video gal from the org. I love the one shot here that has Quinn from Wired, smiling and trying to talk to the ever-silent cult video gal. Quinn did ask silent video gal if she'd do an interview, to which she said nothing, but turned away.

    EDIT: Our dear "Pippy" is not looking happy :( She's in the cult; the blond with her hair up and wearing a white blouse.
  14. MOOG Member

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  15. Chipshotz Member

    Beefing up the traffic entering the org for Wired shows the desperation they're feeling from the dwindling numbers.
    It's all good, it's a show and they know they're failing.
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  16. Mark Cabian Member


    Quinn is wondering wtf is going on with the cult and this lady.
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  17. Mark Cabian Member

    This kills me! When a journalist from a respected periodical comes around, the cult gives them the silent treatment for an hour with a video camera in their (and our) face. Pssst, cult: people think that this is very strange behavior. Behold Wired magazine getting the cult weird-out experience.
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  18. jensting Member

    Nahh, it's just ET faking it ;)

    Seriously though, outstanding work!

    Hmmmm . Yes.

  19. Mark Cabian Member

    Wired regroups, cult shoots.

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  20. Anonymous Member

    Can anyone facefag our new camerafag?
  21. Mark Cabian Member

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  22. Mark Cabian Member

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  23. AnnieNonymous Member


    It was *NEARLY* just a typical day at the morgue. There were a lot of filler people, more than I'd ever seen there. Most certainly the product of a 'Call to Arms' or 'All hands on deck' some such bollocks. We've been public about the media's presence, so it only makes sense that they'd call in the troops to put on a nice dog and pony show. All in all I'd say there were 5 new (to me) faces passing through. Which is WAY WAY WAY higher than any other day I've seen. Some fabulous Anon informed all of the Scilons that passed by "You mock up your own bank. You are now clear. You're welcome. TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH [...] TECH", that faggot had mad skillz.

    We saw Jerry & Pippi. Pippi talked to me! I was asking her why it's practically a human right for the entire world to have Internet access and why Scientologists weren't allowed online . She yelled back at me with "I have fucking internet on my phone asshole.". She's so snippy when she's hungry. They must not be feeding my dear wife well. Since she left us, all 7 of our kids have been screaming 'XENU XENU XENU' every morning and pretending to love mayonnaise (Are they trying to do Scientology on me?!).
    Jerry was grumpy and arms akimbo as usual.

    New signs were beautiful.

    I applied heavy love-tech with "We can help you leave. 1-866-x-sea-org. Free hugs. Anonymous loves you. We can help you leave.", etc.,.

    There were a couple of suits staring at us hard from across the street for about 15 minutes. I had never seen them before and wonder if maybe they are PIs or work for the DA or something. They didn't enter the morg or talk to anyone besides eachother.
    There was a nice photographer with a funny accent taking hella pictures of us, we thought he was from wired, then we didn't, turns out he actually was. He left before Quinn and video crew showed up.
    Cops came and left without incident.
    Then, THEN, *THEN*. Just as the wired folks were about ready to pack up, the cult dispatched an OSA goon on us.
    Her TRs were flubless. She did not flinch, she did not react, she did not interact, she did not speak, I swear she was a fucking robot.
    She got into Mexican camera standoffs with pretty much everyone. Diligently filming everyone and everything. Getting up in everyones face, filming the chalk, filming all the signs, filming the Wired crew, filming my balls. What was going to just be an internet video of fags dancing in silly masks for suddenly got all David Lynch. The Wired fags offered to interview someone from the church repeatedly, but 7-of-9 refused to respond.
    Shit was SURREAL! Fucking Scinos brought their A-Game and did not disappoint.
    I was so turned on by my dear wife Pippi talking to me, and the severe, vacant, sexual come-ons of the scilon fembot that I masturbated 3 times on the train home before getting arrested.

    Fembot & Moog in epic video staring contest to end all staring contests.
    Quinn & crew are unfazed.
    fembot and Anon Hero:

    Fembot makes hot Anon porn for future fappings:


    Fembot attempts hot Anon 3-way with Moar & Adhoc whilst in a serious TR-9 (video-baiting) stare down with Moog.


    Gallery here:

    videos forthcoming
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. AnnieNonymous Member

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  26. Mark Cabian Member

    Have fun in DC with sparrow this weekend!
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  27. jensting Member

    Is that an SF local version of the &quot;Way to Happiness&quot; poster I see before me?

    Best Regards

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  28. BLiP Member

    Nice one - thanks to all.

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  29. Chipshotz Member

    This is just too good for words.
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  30. quinnnorton Member

    Aw, thanks. You thought of me.
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  31. quinnnorton Member

    Again, to relax your fevered conspiratorial imaginations, (and mine too there for a sec, man you fags can really get to people) the camera man was from Wired. He was my backup videographer originally, and was so interested in you guys he grabbed some pics for us to use in general. And, you know, I was late. Scientology camera lady was indeed amazing. I think we would have left early due to a lack of Rick Astley and Moog having already busted his moves had she not come out kept videoing us. Also, you then busted out the Astley! Yay! I TOTALLY TOOK THIS JOB FOR THE RICK ASTLEY, PEOPLE.

    I discovered yesterday that I had no idea what to do when someone points a video camera at you while you're doing nothing, and then you continue to do nothing, and they keep pointing a camera at you. Turns out the answer is "get bored and check your phone."

    There was a lot of cameras there! I don't think I've ever seen a single event so hyper recorded from all angles by nearly everyone in it. All the cameras made me wish I'd gone ahead and bathed recently. Oh well!
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  32. Chipshotz Member

    I like you.
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  33. Anna_Asks Member

    Yay, so glad to hear that!
  34. enthaeon Member

    Camerabetch was a mere chew toy. Looking forward to Jerry's bull-baiting.
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  35. moarxenu Member

    Hey Quinn, we're nevar gonna give you up, nevar gonna let you down!
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  36. grebe Member


    Goddam, this is more fun than watching Bugs Bunny verses Elmer Fudd.

    I have a dream. And in my dream a San Francisco Scientologist stops himself just before going through the org doors. He shakes his head, turns, smiles and says, "What the fuck was I thinking?"

    And then he says, "Hey guise, any caek left?"

    And that breaking of the spell provokes another, then three more, and in a single afternoon the entire stupid life-devouring farce known as "Scientology San Francisco" simply ends.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    The Streets of San Francisco.
    Tonight's episode: Mr. Nobody
  38. Mark Cabian Member

    It was great meeting you & having your presence there was a complete pleasure. Good news that the still-shot photog guy was with your project - he really got a ton of great shots, great angles, great cameras. Yeah, I was wowed! It's funny that you mention Rick Astley. I just thought I'd say that because that's the only reason I do pretty much anything anymore.

    I know what you mean about someone videoing you doing nothing for an hour! First it's creepy, then funny, then creepy again ... then check for text messages and take a break.

    There are a lot of cameras at all protests because of the ongoing history of violent attacks by people in the cult. Oddly, it is a common-sense measure that has been in place since forever.

    Thank you SO much for your giving to this project - I have hopes that it'll be spectacular!
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  39. grebe Member

    And more frequently, false accusations to the police.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    The grim camera lady might be Cindy Feshbach, wife of Joe Feshbach, the guy who figured out how to combine short selling with OSA type black PR to make a killing in the stock market.


    If I had nearly more money than God, I don't think I'd waste my time creeping out a few protesters on a street corner.

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