San Francisco Summer Raids 2011: THE DAILY RAEP

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Tangerine Member

    Hey, anonymous - I have seen the first raid video, and I understand what you mean about being providers of information. But, following that you find individuals like Balls, and funny people like Pogo Stick Guy. He's bouncing around on a pogo stick. Not exactly informative, but probably not viewed as a nuisance either. Then there were individuals who might have been seen as obnoxious, and might have caused people to walk on the other side of the street. All I'm saying is that since the first raid, the diversity of individual styles has continually evolved, devolved, and morphed. You never know what you'll see and hear from raid to raid. My suggestion is to come back; start raiding again and show your style. Maybe it'll catch on. Maybe everyone will be on pogo sticks. SF could use some of the old gang, so do it without expectations and do what you do.
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  2. amaX Member

    The lulz is most important and must not be forgotten. I facepalmed, the head cop laughed and walked off and even scientologists in their cars were laughing at the two guys who stripped down to nude body stockings while we protested Ron the Con's birthday.

    There's a stupid ordinance in Clearwater or we would chalk here.

    A Russian Sea Org female (who knew nothing about Anonymous) thought we were street performers and tried on one Anon's mask before giving Six an auditing session!

    We don't just educate the public. We also want to get the scientologists' attention to try and make them think outside of the brainwashing.

    Think of us as Cirque du Anonymes!
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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    also, everyone understands BALLS BALLS BALLS. I mean, I'M not holding that sign, but...

    even when we have flyers and signs and everything, some morons still come by and say, "Are you guys FOR Scientology or AGAINST Scientology?!" We need to keep in mind the literate people who act illiterate. And then there are the actual illiterate. ;)
  4. Anonymous Member

    Remember, Remember...


    6pm @ 701 Montgomery St. San Francisco

    Lisa McPherson Memorial Raid
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  5. slobeck Member

    Dude. You really need grow a sense of humor. The public,"strangers" as you call them, already know the cult is creepy, expensive, and dangerous. They already know Tom Cruise is a huge kawk sucker and a cultie. They know there are >9000 scandals in Scientology with more coming out each day. They know the cult is lying about it's numbers. They already laugh at the ridiculous and desperate (and expensive) TV ads. We're not alientating the public. They're ALREADY in on the joke. I imagine they have had somewhere around zero complaints from any passers by. They're prolly about as bothered as they would be if it were hop-scotch rather than lulzy messages.

    You're concern is unfounded and you sir, are a retard. But I suspect that you knew that since you posted anonymously.

    Oh and funny, it seems the only people I have noticed who think it's rude, are staff or public scilon suckers.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Remember, Remember...


    6pm to 10pm @ 701 Montgomery St. San Francisco

    Lisa McPherson Memorial Raid

    Monday December 5, 2011
  7. skeptic2girl Member





    Tulu & Luna! (aka "Tuna" :))
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  8. slobeck Member

    Wow. I'll bet like >9000 people came by and told you it was RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!!
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  9. For OT hopscotch, if you stand on I the II should be eight feed back from your head.
  10. amaX Member

    You charged accordingly for the hop scotching, right?
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Oh hai thar, pretty lady! I really miss Anmoy. I swear when he was reading from the Torah at his bar mitvah he was saying BALLS BALLS BALLS in Hebrew.

    Pogo Stick Guy was the original contact for Project Chanology in Sanfagcisco. He was the first anon I ever met. mehaphonebitch told him to cool it with the pogo stick. mega could be a real bitch sometimes.

    And we are Still Alive, Dauntless, Defiant, and Resolute. Relentless lulz faggotry and trolling have crashed the cult.

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  12. skeptic2girl Member

    As long as this thread is revived from this past Summer of Win, and as long as I'm going through my old videos doing the automatic Youtube stabilize that I hadn't known existed, I thought I'd re-post it -- I don't think it was in this thread, but a different post-game.

    It made me miss people who haven't been able to come in a while! AND it was from a double-raid day when Ci\/il, Squirrelbait and I had raided in Santa Rosa in the morning then took a break and went to SF in the evening.

    Funny when Civil mentions why Squirrel can't come -- she was wiped from the morning raid -- and moog's response! ;)

    I know people complain about the camera moving this way and that, but plx either close your eyes or:

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  13. lostatsea Member

    The "nude" anons were my favorite of all time. I still laugh my ass off every time I see a photo from that raid. Come back, Body-stocking Anons!
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  14. moarxenu Member

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  15. lostatsea Member

    Thank you. &lt;3
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  16. skeptic2girl Member

    The cool part is that *anyone* could come back as them, I guess - who would know?! (Love how the beige-colored spandexy shorts almost perfectly match the sunless Caucasian tint lol)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    It's only a couple steps removed from this:
  18. amaX Member

    The sergeant in charge that night just walked off laughing. These two were a riot. Six really got me with them. She came up and said I needed to okay something which is bullshit for any of us, so I knew it had to be good. They started stripping down to their birthday suits and then took out the Sharpie marker. First my jaw dropped and then I facepalmed and walked off laughing. Good times.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    That could be Lulu, ya know
  20. Anonymous Member

    Theoretically, yes!
    But when you like them and you talk about them a lot and you're excited, you end up saying their names together really fast (and for some reason the Tulu always goes before the Luna) it all gloms together and pretty soon you can chop up some celery, add some mayonnaise, mix it all together and spread between two slices of bread, you can create a delicious sandwich!
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  21. pewpew Member

    I'll be in the bay the 10th -1st if people want to raid day/night it up I'd be down.
    You bring the caek and music and I'll bring the tits and obnoxious amount of energy. Down?
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  22. skeptic2girl Member


    Help welcome back Tulu and Luna, our Santa Cruz fags!!


    Location: CLUB XENU SF @ 701 Montgomery St.

    Time: 5pm to 9pm



    THERE WILL BE GREBE*pew pew!!

    THERE WILL BE JOSH (we hope)


    *Xenu willing, but I meant pew pew
    ***BTW, attendance of Tulu and Luna is confirmed! :) :) :)
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  23. enthaeon Member

    ^^This^^ is Saturday, btw.
  24. skeptic2girl Member

    lol -- whoops!
    (will edit -- cut-and-pasted from "events" page for Dec. 10th)
  25. pewpew Member

  26. enthaeon Member

    Thursday Stat-Crash Surprise is always a local favorite ;)
  27. skeptic2girl Member

    did you get my pm? :)
  28. slobeck Member

    Sooo... this is also SantaCon on Saturday! Enturbulation followed by xmas revelry and drunkenness!
  29. Caprise Member

    We can legally spray em with water bottles and chapstick their cams still right?

    That's was a strang looking woman... ya'll be careful. She looked... interested... I'm just sayin'...

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  30. Will dew.
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  31. Caprise Member

    This is so cute... it makes me want to make a gallery of Anon. pix. People like passionate extreme people when they express themselves & make their points in non violent manners. This oddly as it sounds obviously shows alot of charactor. How do you do that with out showing your face... to start with?! :) Good on whoever these Anons are! Nice shoes!! I support ya mates! Question: It's come to my attention that the presently used Anon. mask is 1 that Walt Disney distributes. Since he's an elitest & personally I'd like to support the people's businesses over theirs if possible, are their any other distributers of the original Anon. mask to purchase from? Are their any other masks extremely closely looking like it?
  32. 915463631_d433d8d67d.jpg
  33. Anonymous Member

    It's Warner Brothers.
    Non-WB knock-offs available on ebay: though "complexion" of mask is different -- bright white, not yellowish white.

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