San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

    From J. Swift:

    Is San Jacinto, California slated to become another Clearwater, Florida, i.e. a town dominated by the Cult of Scientology? I say yes, and here are some points to consider:

    1. Gold Base is on unincorporated land in Riverside County. This forces Gold Base to go to the County Board of Supervisors for help. California's "Sunshine Laws" force almost all political matters into open session with public comments.

    2. Four of five San Jacinto city council members are under indictment by Jeff Stone cabal member Rod Pacheco:

    3. Scilons would like to run for those seats and take over the city government of San Jacinto in order to enact laws that favor Gold Base. Gold Base would have a virtually blank check if it made the rules.

    4. Scilons cannot run for San Jacinto political seats because Gold Base is not in San Jacinto.

    5. The proposed annexation by San Jacinto of unincorporated land in Riverside County brings Gold Base into the San Jacinto. This allows a Scilon-led city government to gain political power and to close Gilman Springs Road -- assuming that it is not closed sooner by Stone-backed lackeys.

    5A. News story on the upcoming Feb 25 meeting to discuss annexation:

    5B. There is a trailer park in the area considered for annex: What Scilon do we know who owns trailer parks?

    6. I have shaded in what I think the proposed annex is in orange.

    7. When we look at that corner of San Jacinto in yellow with the "orange annex" we see what I call the Stone Chickenhead because it looks like a chicken's head. I name the Chickenhead in honor of Jeff Stone who is a chicken with a beak that is Scientology!

    Talks on the Stone Chickenhead are set for Feb 25 in San Jacinto. How many Scilons will be in the room?

    San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater? - Ex Scientologist Message Board
  2. TinyDancer Member

    Re: San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

    This is not a bad theory. We need to be vigilant to research all contenders to replace the four indictees.
  3. Sponge Member

    Re: San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

    This is an extension of what was already posted in the road closure thread isn't it?

    Also, fix those posters links in the OP:
    Four San Jacinto city council members, five others accused of corruption | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

    San Jacinto asks for annexation hearing to be postponed | Riverside County | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

    From the pe article above:
    Get that? North to the river, not beyond it. Additionally, the cults Moon Base is North West of all this anyway so it looks more likely that it will not bring it into any potentially gerrymandered and corrupted political control (well, not any more than it already is under Riverside County control). Please ensure you get the basic facts of the geography right if you want to avoid piling theories on theories. It looks logical to set your border to a natural delineating feature such as river, not fuzz it off beyond it. Why don't you just get the official plans?

    Having said that, as a general rule, it is worth watching political happenings in the region where the cult has garnered excessive favour.
  4. J. Swift Member

    Re: San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

    Logical boundaries in California? Surely you jest. California is heavily gerrymandered to give Democrats control of the state senate and house. What is proposed vs what is ultimately set in concrete are two different things. I am researching but am interested in the Feb 25 meeting. In view of CoS' formal request to close GSR, the San Jacinto proposed annex may need to be reconsidered by county planners in terms of emergency services. What happens to police, fire, and other first responders if GSR is closed? How does this affect a proposed annex? Does it expand a proposed annex or cause the request to be denied?

  5. Sponge Member

    Re: San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

    I appreciate all those factors too. Just sayin that you need to get your physical and political geography right if you are going to use it to theorise a sequence of possible events based on it.

    So, what would help would be a) an official map of proposed annexing/border changes rather than an interpretation of it and b) minutes of the meetings in which this is discussed in order that c) you can get a handle on whether anything has been officially agreed on (or the points of contention), real or tacit, between Riverside county and San Jacinto city.
  6. J. Swift Member

    Re: San Jacinto, California: The New Clearwater?

    I understand the need for data. Here is another piece of information. The map below shows the City of San Jacinto's Sphere of Inlfuence (SOI). It can be viewed online at:

    An SOI is a legal status defined as:


    Like the E-Meter, San Jacinto's SOI does nothing in and of itself. Unlike the E-Meter, San Jacinto's SOI has legal status that, theoretically at least, shows a future in which Gilman Springs and Gold Base become a part of San Jacinto.

    BTW, can a mod merge this thread as suggested?


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