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    Famous Jerry quotes:
    When looking for video of the Matt Laurer interview it seems there was a juicy one with Tom cruise, it's taken down. Does someone have a link?
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    Penn State spent $18 million on its response to the Jerry Sandusky scandal in the last chunk of 2013, pushing its bill for fines and legal fees to nearly $70 million, the university reported.

    The latest figures, updated Friday, show that Penn State spent $69,832,863 through Dec. 31 for work done by more than three dozen firms and in fines paid to the NCAA. That’s up from the $51.8 million the university shelled out through Aug. 31, the last time period for which Penn State provided an accounting of the numbers.

    Of the $18 million Penn State spent in those four months, $12 million, the largest chunk, went toward the fine imposed by the NCAA for the Sandusky scandal, according to the update on the university’s Progress website. The remaining $6 million went toward lawyer fees for a variety of legal expenses .

    Read more here:
    It's expensive to hide a crime.
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    State pension system defends seizure of Jerry Sandusky benefits

    Read more here:
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  10. Though it doesn't appear to be very clear, it does suggest that the $70,000,000- spent by the college- not one thin dime went to helping those who were molested by Sandusky.

    Seems immoral, evil, cowardly, shit-heads can apply to more people than Sandusky, in this case, if what I assumed is true.
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    If sers has its way, then it opens the door for a lot of trouble for "contractors"(people who "retire", collect retirement, and do "contract work" at the places that they retired from)

    I hope they win.
  12. I thought it was called a "reach-around" position.
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    oh u.jpg
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    In Sandusky pension fight, retirement system claims he was Penn State 'outreach' employee after retirement

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    They are investigating the investigation into the Sandusky case.
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    Thats the question. UPenn hired investigators, very good investigators, but it was a parallel investigation to the police and they were interested only in UPenn's culpability.
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    that is normal operating procedure.

    However, the state can always subpenoa those investigators for a criminal investigation, and they HAVE to testify, if they pull any shenanigans, like pleading the fifth, then they, or their company, would lose their license. Its a heavily regulated industry.


    if they did bring in a reputable outside investigator, you can ask the investigator what they found. You would be pleasantly surprised what they will tell people about their clients once the job is done and they have been paid.

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