Sandy Sunday Vagina Monologues of David MAYOnaise

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by OhSah, May 28, 2011.

  1. OhSah Member

    David Mayo has a GIANT sandy vagina, an over-inflated self of importance for a guy who knows how to use a thesaurus to talk to people so he sounds important and educated (even if he's not). The long/short of David Mayonaise is he fought Scientology because he thought he was better than Hubbard - it turned out he was just as insane/stupid as Hubbard so Mayonaise took his ball and played somewhere else, away from all the awful people who could call him a jerk.

    Now David's back and Mark Rathbun thinks he might be the second coming of Zod - except he's really just the second coming of John McMaster but let's not worry about that now. Years ago while in exile from the Church and pretending to keep their money and be quiet (except not doing that quiet thing) David gave tons of lectures called "Sunday Talks". These Sunday talks outline what David (at that time) recollected was the history of the tech, the church, Ron and his involvement with all three. I fear that as Mayonaise becomes more and more vocal, he'll re-write his opinions of yester-year. So let's get David's opinions out in the open for all the hear so that we and more importantly HE never forgets them forever AND EVER.

    David Mayo's COMPLETE Sunday Talks
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  2. carsondude Member


    Almost 100% right. I'm impressed.

    Re: Years ago while in exile from the Church and pretending to keep their money and be quiet (except not doing that quiet thing) David gave tons of lectures called "Sunday Talks".

    [sequence wrong]

    He did the talks prior to the money. When they paid him off he did keep quiet ( till very recently ).
  3. OhSah Member

    Oh well, point is he sucks anyway.
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  4. Natter Bored Member

    David Mayo is a product of Scientology OT levels, with massive input from LRH.

    David has my sympathies.

    OP, pleeeeeese keep leaking this crap. It drives DM hopping mad, and shows how fucking idiotic Marty is.
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  5. carsondude Member

    Lol too shea
  6. OhSah Member

    If I wanted to tell you how idiotic Marty is I'd tell you the story about John Nunez and Marika James fucking/sucking each other and taking naked pics of each others bods then Marty got all pissed and told Marika to move back home with mommy/daddy and told John he had to get sec checked. FUCKING EH MARTY, John just wants to smoke weed bro! Shit did I just go there? Oh damn I did. DONT SEC CHECK ME BRO!!!
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  7. Natter Bored Member

    Please continue (half ack)
  8. pooks Member

    LOL! Moar!
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  9. OhSah Member

    Let's talk about opportunist Stacy Brooks. After Bob dies she begins writing to Marty quote:

    "From what I've read, most people are encouraging you to continue to speak out about DM's abuses. No one is in a better position to do so than you, that is for sure. But I wish you wouldn't. I wish you would concentrate on helping people by applying the tech with the same kind heart and compassion that you showed to me when we talked on the phone. You have a gift. You changed my life with just a little bit of 2wc."

    Marty passed their communication on to me because he thought it was prove something. Here's a snippet from an e-mail Marty sent to me quote:

    "Stacy just sent me a lovely communication full of high ARC and very high toned I thought that as someone who is on the fence about whether or not I can effect change in the lives of others might personally want to know that even someone like Stacy Brooks is able to forgive me, forget and move on with two-way communication.


    Here's my response to Marty:


    I think you're a snake and a opportunist you need to dig deeper into your soul and find what's really wrong with you. To be quite frank and by frank I mean brutally honest and mean - I'm not a fan of yours and never was I always thought you were a pencil necked little office manager who got promoted because he ran to the way-side crying to David and Merril and other various lunatic fringes who can't accept Hubbard was wrong; you're a bully at best a dope at the least. I hope Mike some day stops being a degenerate whack-a-do and leaves you on the way-side like everyone else did. So in quoting another awesome office manager like yourself - I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and ask you not e-mail me or call me anymore. Am I disconnecting from you? No, I just plan to ignore you - that's what ignoring people is called and this is how it works"
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  10. That was a nice Sunday morning tasty snack. Thanks.
  11. RightOn Member

  12. Tourniquet Member

    Mike Rinder has Stockholm Syndrome > Marty
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Next to Miscavige, Rathbun, and Rinder, Stacy Brooks is the most despicable cult figure.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Ignore tech works and it helps people.
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  15. rureal Member

    More truth to set us free. Fuck Marty, Mike, Stacy, and most of all 'David Miscarraige' of justice.

    May the lowest ranking RPF member become the new COB
  16. pooks Member

    Marry me!
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  17. OhSah Member

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  18. Zhent Member

    There seems to be a problem downloading
    Tech Does Not Equal Management.mp3
    (error downloading file)
  19. Zak McKracken Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Next to LRH,
    Miscavige, Rathbun, Rinder and Stacy are the most despicable cult figures,

    next to Stalin.
  21. Zhent Member

    It has been fixed.
  22. Ann O'Nymous Member

    You must be joking.
  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OK, I'm a Johnny-come-lately here (compared to most of you exes, at least), so I'm still learning about Sci-history. I do know a few things about Mayo, but not a lot. I did read a long thread over on ESMB where he started posting there recently.

    So here's my question, now that you know why I'm ignorant and need to ask it: are you attacking Mayo for who he was years ago? Is he still that same person? Are your comments serious or somewhat tongue-in-cheek? One thing Mayo made clear is that he is no longer a believer in "the tech".
  24. Anonymous Member

    The world is full of non-forgiving, bitter bitches, Johnny.
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So you're saying OP has the real sandy vag?
  26. Anonymous Member

    But you'll get free donuts!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Are u the Dunkin Donuts guy?
  28. OhSah Member

    Somebodys been reading RFW.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4
  30. Anonymous Member

    This is a truly quality post.
    Good read. thx. (and the title of the thread made me lol )
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 4 talk about Independent Scientologists (1985)
  33. Anonymous Member

    can we have a big file
    no yt links?
  34. Anonymous Member

    To know the specific reference, you must have been.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Somebody's been posting to RFW. OSA?
  36. tippytoe Member


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