Sarawak government is DDOSing opposition website, so infos uploaded to Facebook

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The website owner of Sarawak Report in Malaysia is Clare Rewcastle, the Sarawak-born sister-in-law of former British prime minister Gordon Brown.

    Elections in Sarawak are next week, April 16. is still being DDOSed by the government. Massive collection of dox on that site, exposing billions of dollars of corruption by government. Huge files of scans of hard dox proving corruption.

    An FBI building in Seattle the USA is owned by the government in Sarawak. FBI chased away Sarawak protesters last month.

    (Taib is the name of the Chief Minister of Sarawak, No. 1 person in charge of the state for 30 years.)

    (BN is the ruling coalition, Barisan National)
  2. none given Member

    I don't even know how I feel about this. A small but legit gov't using those kinds of tricks?
    True, they are trying to silence opponents and thats a bad thing right there but the fact that they are using DDOS instead of bullets puts them pretty low on the "assholes that need to be dealth with" list.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I love this site. It never fails to point me at interesting stories.
    Thanks OP.
  4. Anonymous Member

    DDOS attacks by the government is still ongoing. Another big opposition news site was also DDOSed for the last couple days.

    Malaysia's ruling coalition resorting to cyber attacks, threats and intimidations

    More in the link above.

    These are the 2 big opposition websites being DDOSed

    Malaysiakini is a paid subscription news site. I have a paid subscription, but cannot access the site, it's been 100% down in the last couple days.

    Even though the Malaysiakini website is DDOSed, you can see their huge photo collection on Picasa

    Sarawak state election are on Saturday. DDOS is expected to stop after the elections.

    Unless there is widespread election fraud, it is expected that the ruling coalition will lose its 50 year 2/3 majority. Opposition rallies have attendance 3 to 5 times bigger than pro-government rallies.
  5. Anonymous Member

    AFP picked up the DDOS story.

    Malaysiakini is the number 1 local news portal in Malaysia. It is a subscription service, although headlines and some content is free to non-subscribers.

    Alternate local online news sites
  6. Anonymous Member


    Malaysiakini down, hit by cyber attacks

    more news articles about this DDOS attack
  7. Anonymous Member

    Most people probably aren't interested in this, but I'm posting updates anyway, until this is over. Admins might be interested, perhaps. No, in my opinion, this is not off topic for this sub forum.

    This is clearly the work of the government DDOSing opposition news websites.

    In response to the non-stop DDOS, the admins have made all their news content free, posting articles on Wordpress and Facebook.

    Remember, this is a paid subscription website, subscription is roughly USD $5 month.

    End result of the DDOS is eventually more people will read their articles.

    DDOS will probably stop after the elections this Saturday.
  8. Anonymous Member

    tl;dr . Unrelenting DDOS, expanding to attacks on new servers in the USA, and hacks against Wordpress

  9. Anonymous Member

    Are there any additional mirror sites?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    PAS is one of the main opposition political parties, mostly conservative Muslims. Harakahdaily is their newspaper. The online version is now being DDOSed. Sarawak state elections are tomorrow (Saturday 16th)

    Harakahdaily moved the site, but despite the report below, it appears the new site was hacked already, I can't access it at

    Latest DDOS report from other source


    BN’s cyber-attacks designed to ‘rig’ the Sarawak polls
  12. hushpuppy Member

    ITT much copy pasta
  13. Anonymous Member

    OK, understood.

    Elections are tomorrow. Cell phone networks are disrupted in the state.

    More in link
  14. Anonymous Member

    Unofficial results of election, ruling party maintains 2/3 majority, although the opposition parties make significant inroads.

    DDOS of opposition websites continues, but mirror sites were set up to deflect the DDOS attempts.

    Elections were peaceful, no reports of violence. Widespread reports of vote fraud, but even if some voting results get overtunred, it will not be enough to oust the ruling party or deny the ruling party it's 50 year reign of 2/3 majority.

    The ruling party is more accustomed to 95% majority for 50 years. Now they are down to around 70%.

    Urban areas with internet access voted leaning toward opposition canditates.

    Rural voters, with no internet (many with no running water or electricity in the Borneo jungle) voted the ruling party, no opposition at all. Lots of reports of poor voters getting paid cash to vote for the ruling party.

    Unless there are any more significant developments, this should be my last update in this thread.
  15. ishitbrix Member

    something must be done. is there an #opmalaysia????

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