Saudis would let Israeli jets fly over kingdom on Iran mission

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. CurtMonash Member

    What genius thought it would be helpful to leak/plant that story?
  2. in the last hour i have seen mention of israeli subs and planes, they only let out what they want out.. sounds like some psych games starting up lol
  3. yes and Ahmadi is a porn star on weekends lol
  4. just let this piece of shit of a topic die by not responding to it.

    i know i know i am responding right now. but it is at the top of the list at the moment. so screw it.

  5. dont worry little buddy, they would not hit civilian targets, but the may hit the nuke facility and with any luck ahmadis house lol
  6. Any Iranian who accepts that Israel strike the nuke facility is a traitor.
  7. seriously, i would not worry about it..

    i think if nothing else image factor would keep Israeli air strikes from happening, i mean a air strike by Israel would only inflame Israel/middle east relations..

    now the USA or British would not surprise me one bit..
  8. Visionary Member

    I highly doubt anyone is striking anything in Iran anytime soon (except maybe someone in the government, lol). This would be the worst time to do something like that, and it would honestly be a miracle for Ahmadinejad. It would divert attention from the protests and the crackdowns and piss off everyone.

    (That said, it could be that this is being leaked as a way to scare people in Iran and get them angrier at Ahmadi's foreign policy of insulting everyone else. Not so sure of the merits of such an idea however.)
  9. ZackZero Member

    If you're going to make such an allegation of Iranian countrymen that may see a strike on the nuclear facility as the only viable option, then provide a decent basis for it.

    Troll rating: 0/10. No points provided for effort, as there is none.
  10. I didn't, that was a response to foreign interference, RichardCranium, who seemed to look at it as a something easy for the Iranians to accept.

  11. Negative Ghost rider!! i said from the very 1st post it was
  12. If the Israeli Government starts getting belligerent, it would be obvious to me that they WANT Ahmadinejad with all his open rhetoric to stay. With Israel's behavior lately, though, I don't think I would protest about sanctions against the Israeli government. I wonder if the mere threat of sanctions against Israel's government would put them in line and help let situations play out peacefully.

    See how dangerous this whole "Iran Election" issue and potential meeting of civilizations could be to Dividers on any side, who rely on division and mistrust to stay in power? Give hardliners in governments who have no qualms about hurting others NO basis to bash each other to cause conflict.
  13. Vee Member

    Launch PHOTOSHOP Missiles, in 3...2....1....go
  14. Geraldanthro Member

    ha ha lol rof, genius.

    The only way Israeli would strike is if abberjonny was getting close to
    testing a nuke.

    And I agree it would take a tremendous amount of prep,
    and proofs... before strike.

    Follow up: story suspect quotes source "The Sunday Times "
    and provides no link. I didn't find any story for this in The Sunday Times ,
    but was only cursory look.

  15. sanction Israel?

    Ahmadinejad plans to wipe them off the map by his own words, says the holacaust is a lie eventhough they slaughtered about 6 million people.. and repeats every chance he gets!

    and you want sanctions on Israel?

    if you want Israel to calm itself, you need to ship out that measly mouth weasel Ahmadinejad!!
  16. Vee Member

  17. Watch this:
    [ame=]Truth in History - The Holocaust Lie Exposed (By David Irving)[/ame]
  18. Son you are very misguided..

    the Holocaust happened..
  19. Vee Member

  20. Israel sadly has decided that it's in their best interests for the protests to fail.

    If they suceed Amadjarhead is removed yet they keep their nuclear program.

    Without the "Big Bad Jarhead" to provide fear, it would be harder to push for them to stop.

    If need be the protesters need to mention that Israel should mind their own business.
    No hate just a nice "Buzz off", it would further destroy the whole "It's the west's fault!!!1" story as well.

  21. you watched the video very fast, interesting.

    it happened just like that, with typing "the Holocaust happened"
  22. I normally wouldn't defend the man, but he never said "wipe Israel off the map". It was just propaganda made by the media to invoke war with Iran. Watch this video:

    And if you don't believe the video, as a speaker of Farsi, he never said that.
  23. Hechicera Member


    Except for some on the right, there is no support in the U.S. for letting Israel bomb Iran's nuclear projects. The right is not in favor now, so they have less influence.

    There was support in the U.S. for Obama negotiating with Ahmadinejad. But now that most in the U.S. see Ahmadinejad as having blood on his hands, that is gone. So, Obama won't be able to negotiate, and eventually Israel will lose patience. Israel never listens to the U.S. anyway, Israel takes their money, but ignores the U.S.'s advice.

    Israel wants to be 100% certain Iran won't have nukes. Bombing it is the best way to be sure. Obama can't easily negotiate anymore, so that "threat" to bombing is gone. Israel is not stupid and will inflame tensions so it is more likely Ahmadinejad will stay in power. Especially now, with the election discredited, and Ahmadinejad hated in the west for the crack-downs, Israel has the best position.

    Ahmadinejad is a gift to Israel.
  24. Ahamadi-fag would like nothing better than to get everyone in Iran scared of an Israeli strike, so that they would forget about this stolen election and unite behind him. He's probably the bitch that started this story up. Had a few of his bitches call the Israeli paper with some bullshit story because he knew that if they reported it it would work to scare Iranians that much better.

    I call bullshit. Look at who benefits from this. He does. No one else. Just him. By the fruit you shall know the tree.
  25. Hirundininae Member

    he stands to benefit - as does Bibi's young administration needing to 'look tough' and Saudi Arabia too. Its a three-way happy party. Can't think of anyone else who would benefit though... (Lockheed?)
  26. Hechicera Member

    Re: Lockheed
    Ah, defense contractors on the right in the US, but ..

    There have been local demonstrations in the US in places where some defense contractors wanted to build new training facilities. Many times this caused them not to be able to build new facilities here. There is broad support to cut weapons spending and focus more government budget on fixing economy and energy needs. The U.S. has dams, wind, solar, coal, nuclear and it's own oil for energy. They just need more plants and facilities.

    Many in the regular military want to win Afghanistan and then go home. They have had long wars and are not done. I do not think there could be support from people for entering a third unless there is a serious attack on U.S. territory. We can leave arguing whether the U.S. can win anything in Afghanistan to another thread. But, they will be busy there trying this for now.

    Defense contractors may have started in the U.S., but they are moving, the most notorious to Dubai. A British defense contractor moved there recently also.

    U.S. wants a stable Iran so it can get out of Afghanistan faster. People do not want jobs helping costly wars, they want jobs to make more food and power so the U.S. buys less. The government debt here is bad, and even those on the right that like tanks and planes and wars think we need to fix the debt now.

    Ahmadinejad or Mousavi winning was no problem for the U.S. But, the disputed election and the blood in the streets is a problem. Again, now Ahmadinejad has blood on his hands no one will want to negotiate with him. Had Mousavi been declared winner, or Karroubi or Rezaee even, and had Ahmadinejad been the one who said "No, that was rigged", then if it were Ahmadinejad supporters who were arrested, and beaten and killed in the streets, the people here would have not wanted Obama to negotiate with who ever did that either.

    I wonder what EU nations positions will be on negotiation now.

    So, winners are Israel, Saudi's and Dubai.

  27. you do realize that when you spew this garbage that companies like Haliburton have offices in almost every town in the central USA and are not going anywhere..

    in some places they are the largest employer..

    simply moving a office to Dubai means nothing except they need someone close to the current large jobs..

    Hechicera, you seem to be a expert on all things US military and political so how much time did you serve in the US military Hechicera?

    Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) is a US-based oilfield services corporation with international operations in more than 70 countries.

    It is based in 1401 McKinney Street in Downtown Houston, Texas, in the United States.[4] U.S. office locations are also in Anchorage, Alaska; Bakersfield, California; Denver, Colorado; Lafayette, Louisiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Halliburton recently opened a second headquarters in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, in March 2007, where Chairman and CEO David J. Lesar will work and reside, "to Focus [the] Company’s Eastern Hemisphere Growth."[5] Corporate offices will remain in Houston and the company will remain incorporated in the United States.[6][7][8] The company will consider Houston and Dubai as dual headquarters. Halliburton plans to move its headquarters to another site in Houston by 2012.[9]

    Take the Tinfoil hat off now..
  28. Swarm Theory Member

    This thread is off topic...

    News for Israel and maybe Saudi Arabia.

    Not news for Iran since there is no report of Israeli aircraft in Iranian airspace.

    Inflammatable post is fail.

  29. Hechicera Member

    I went to college on the G.I. bill as the child of a deceased disabled vet. My father, a marine, was killed in uniform. Then, I was adopted by another disabled vet who later died of his injuries. A neighbor who was a Colonel in the Army and retired CIA did his best to take care of me after that, but he also died when I was fairly young. So I guess I'm a double or triple? war orphan.

    I am the only member of my generation in my family, male or female to not serve, this includes siblings and all cousins. I was born with congenital deformities and could not pass the physical. My grandfathers both served in WWII. Many family members have been in military intelligence, uncle and brother most recently. Every male in my family going back three generations has served. A (female) cousin just got back from Iraq. My college roomate's son just shipped out to Afghanistan.

    So, yes, you are right *I* never served. I am the one cripple in a family who serves to a man, and now to a woman. And my whole community is like this. We are not members of the elite, that's for sure.

    Attacking the messenger because you do not like the message is poor form in logic, and far off the mark in this case.

    BMW is a German company. It has offices all over the world, and a huge plant in South Carolina (U.S.). But it is headquartered in Germany, and is a German company. Haliburton opening an office in Dubai would have been snooze worthy. Haliburton moving their headquarters there is not.

    The U.S. will receive no taxes from them, and will have no regulatory oversight of their operations. So defense contract spending by Israel or the Saudi's really does not help the average person in the U.S. at all, nor do they have any control. Since the U.A.E. is considered in the Saudi sphere of influence, I stand by my conclusions.

    It is not just Haliburton. Blackwater (now Xe) has had difficulty expanding sites outside of here NC. And here they were raided by firearms inspectors and are being generally harassed. I know since cases against them are usually heard in courts in my county, and reported locally. Here is the local paper's Blackwater watch area: Raleigh News and Observer .

    The U.S. military is tired of cleaning up their messes.
  30. We appreciate your families service first of all, secondly Xe formerly blackwater is under scrutiny for obvious reasons and i would imagine you know why, they were a farce from the get go!

    Haliburton has not been on much better grounds over the years but they are into so many things it is unreal, they started in Oklahoma and still have a very large footprint in Oklahoma and Texas and will not be going anywhere anytime soon, but they are so large that when they conduct business it is almost a diplomatic affair which should explain the Dubai office.. Dubai is building non stop on Oil money..

    The company will consider Houston and Dubai as dual headquarters..

    For Haliburton to move their whole operation to Dubai would sign a death warrant for them.. it just will not happen, you are not thinking about the massive reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan in infrastructure such as Government buildings,Power plants,Communications etc.. another honey pot of companies like Haliburton,Bechtol,Manhatan and numerous new players..

    they are there because the money and the US are there, plain and simple..

    I also apologize if i offended you, there seem to be a lot of conspiracy theorists and lots of young people saying the military morale is low etc..
    having served myself i can say that the US forces will fight where ever asked whenever asked, sure Iraq was somewhat misrepresented but they did topple a harsh dictator and most i know are very proud of that..

    with the Iran videos etc and obvious desire to be free I do not think the military would wobble one bit if asked to serve in iran, but as most i do not see this happening anytime soon..

    but i would not at anytime count out surgical strikes on leaders or nuke facilities..EVER!

    this is all just opinion on my part though..
  31. Hechicera Member

    Agreed to part of that.

    The only reason for the "dual office" in Houston is to still be at the teat of military contracts, but then claim when sued or taxed or regulated that the Dubai office handles that. Blackwater is spinning off new companies as fast they can set up the paperwork too. Dodging taxes, lawsuits and regulations is a large part of their maneuvering right now.

    My pertinent response would be the last line of my previous post.

    The views I post here reflect more rank and file, low rank officer, not politician or general and up views. I should note that. There is huge pressure to have these contractors regulated as strongly as the regular military or the regular government building agencies (like USAID agency for post-war rebuilding which was gutted under Bush). I suspect people I know and people like Rumsfeld don't agree on a few things.
  32. i think what we are seeing is a new bundle of American private companies moving in and providing more competition for the huge companies like Haliburton etc..

    Haliburton took a hit with Cheney and a few other occurences and it cost them..

    but companies like Shaw The Shaw Group Inc. and Mantech ManTech International Corporation and thousands of others like them are providing better services for better prices and driving the Haliburtons and Bechtols back to bid processes and off the United States teets..
  33. FWIW, the Halliburton Dubai move was done for taxation purposes. Like a lot of big multi-nationals it's happy to bleed the U.S. Treasury, but it feels no obligation to the U.S. itself.

    Halliburton's Dubai Move Sparks Outcry - CBS News

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