Saudis would let Israeli jets fly over kingdom on Iran mission

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. yea i agree with that as well...
  2. Hechicera Member

    They are less mercenary, and more back-end logistics too. Perhaps. And if they do a good job, instead of a bad job for ten times as much money as the military could do it for, all while hiring people as soon as the military trained them .. no problem. Of course, for security reasons, some would feel better if that expertise were in uniform, not contract, but that is an off-topic discussion.

    And, since I didn't want my not mentioning it to be seen as disagreement:
    I do not dispute that those serving will go and fight when called. Several local young men I know, friends of my kids that were often in my house and that just graduated, have enlisted this summer.

    But, I will point out this. I'm not sure how much this is done now, but some career military would not vote. Their job was to do, not decide. However, it would be foolish for politicians to not realize that after three tours of duty ... their wife does vote! Iraq has produced many injured, and the VA is not in good shape right now. Those family members vote too. Fort Bragg is in Fayetteville, NC. They have had a lot of folks doing three tours out of there, and many coming back injured. The county is Cumberland. Guess one of the counties going heavily for Obama in NC? Obama won the county Fort Bragg is in by a wider margin than he won the state capitol county (Cumberland - 59% Obama, Wake - 57%). Here.

    So, when I refer to will, and political pressure, this is what I mean. Absolutely no tin foil, people won't fight if called crap.

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