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  1. greebly Member

    Looking for some more research insight into this document.

    It's old but it lists names associated with it and they signed or supported this. It goes back to the days of the Nancy Reagan campaign and how that:

    Just Say No


    Say no to Drugs

    2 different things.

    My point is without getting too moontbatty, is how folks perhaps could be misled by a document thinking they are supporting a good cause which may not be the one they thought of at the time.

    This is a simply a history lesson and collection of old stuff.

    And the simple question did the names below actually sign this document, hoping they were supporting a good cause everyone can agree on.

    Information so far:


    Below is the document I find interesting.


    Wall of text Ocr:

    A Sampling of Indivudals From the Hollywood Community Who Have Signed the Honor Roll:
    Tom Selleck ("Magriurn, P.I.") Karen Black (Actress)
    John Travolta (Actor) Paul Winfield (played Martin Luther King)
    Donald O’Connor (Actor) Jeff Pomerantz (Actor)
    Priscilla Presley ("Dallas") Veronica Hamel ("Hill Street Blues")
    Lisa Presley (daughter of Elvis and Prescilla) Joe Spano ("I·Iill Street Blues")
    Kate Capshow (star of"Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom") James B. Sikking (“Hill Street Blues")
    Robert Wise (Director) Joan Van Ark ("KnoLs Landing")
    David L Wolper (Producer) Jameson Parker ("Simon & Simon")
    Stephen J, Cannell (Producer) The Producers of "Miarni Vice," "Cagney & Lacey," "Matlock,"
    Telly Savalas (Actor) "I·Ieart ofthe City," "Family Ties," "Sweet Surrender."
    David Puttnam, Chairman and Chief` Executive Ofhcer Ed Asnor (Actor), Past President, Screen Actors Guild of America
    Columbia Piwtres Senior Vice President, Lorimar
    Robert Wise, President Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciencw Senior Vice President, Universal
    Richard Frank, President, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Vice President & Head of` Talent., Universal
    President, Walt Disney Studios President, Hollywood Chamber of` Commerce
    Patty Duke (Actress), President, Screen Actors Guild of America Gary Lieberthol, Chairman ofthe Board, Embassy Communications
    Johnny Mathis Chick Corea
    Paul Williams Burt Bacharach
    ’l`helrna Houston Mike Love (“Beach Boys")
    Henry Mancini Bmce Wilson ("Beach Boys")
    Members of “Southside Johnny" Bruce Johnston ("Beach Boys")
    Mcmbus of "Alice Cooper" Tico Torres ("Bon Jovi” Rock Group)
    A Sampling of the British Individuals VVho Have Joined the Hollywood Community and Signed the Honor Roll:
    Lord Laurence Olivier Andrew Lloyd Webber ("Cats", “Evita")
    Derek Jacobi ("I, Claudius") Alan Bates ("Zorba, the Greek")
    Michael Palin ("Monty Python") Tom Courtney ("Doctor Zhivago")
    Jolm Hurt ("'l'he Elephant Ma.n“)
    Billy Ocean Dave Clark
    Bob Geldof (Live Aid) Cliff Richard
    John Disley ("Dire Straits") Bill Wyman (“Rolling Stones")
    "Curt" (“Tears for Pears") Precious Wilson (Pop Singer)
    John Entwhistle (“'l`he Who") Errol Brown ("Hot Chocolate")
    The Following Persons of Power and Inlluence Have Signed the Honor Roll:
    Her Royal Highness, Princess Christina of Swedm
    Ingvar Carlsson, Prime Minister of Sweden
    Lady Porther, Leader, Westiminister Council in London


    If anyone has some history on it or can confirm some of the names above great else ignore and carry on.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Does this include alcohol, tobacco & sugar?
  3. greebly Member

    I never take sugar with my coffee or tea!
  4. Smurf Member

    The Hollywood Says " No To Drugs Campaign Honor Roll" project was spearheaded by Jeff Pomerantz and Maureen O'Keefe. Pooks would be a great source on Maureen as Pooks introduced Maureen to the cult and Maureen was godmother to Pook's son.

    Mark Bunker interviewed Maureen during the Lisa McPherson Trust period regarding Jesse Prince's alleged use of drugs. The OSAbot in the striped shirt behind Maureen filming Mark is Neil O'Reilly (aka Joe Neal).

    The Honor Roll was a scheme to get celebrities to voice their support for drug prevention and the cult was able to latch on indirectly to "Just Say No to Drugs" campaign by President Reagan's wife, Nancy. Because Jeff Pomerantz was a relatively well-known TV actor during that period, he was able to use that to induce the celeb community to sign on to the campaign...

    The Honor Roll was short-lived when the media (and celebrities involved) got wind that Scientology was using the Honor Roll to assert the celebrities therein supported the cult.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. greebly Member

    As I mentioned quite interested as did Jeff simply go around and get these folks to sign something?

    As the "Just Say no" campaign(Not SNTD) was heavily supported in the UK, but they also signed this honor roll?
  7. Smurf Member

    It was a campaign that received alot of publicity and an invite to the White House from Nancy Reagan. An appeal went out and celebrities signed their names to it. It's not that big of deal. Celebrities sign their names to all sorts of causes when they think the exposure & publicity of the effort is going to further their careers & fan base, especially when the effort is recognized by the U.S. President & his wife.

    March 31, 1992 - Soap Opera Weekly - 1 page feature with Jeff Pomerantz of General Hospital on “just say no to drugs” with Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan.
  8. xenubarb Member it's NOT "know two drugs!"

    Fuuu-I been doin it rong!
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  9. veravendetter Member

    WTF! You said you were sure that was the recommendation! I'm going to check it myself the next time an important directive is issued.
  10. CarltonBANKS Member

    scilons do LOVE their nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. I mean they binge on those niggas like there's no tomorrow. (But they're legal, so they must be 100% safe)
  11. vaLLarrr Member

    Vistaril is also legal.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Vistaril has to be prescribed by a doctor. Cigarettes and alcohol do not.
  13. Intelligence Member

    They ^^^^^ sure do love their Nicotine. These three are Executive Directors at Narconon Trois-Rivieres
    and all are Scilons. Sue Cubbs can sure suck on that filter,..., LOL. :)

  14. Does anyone know what that address is?
    8345 SUNSET BL W), LOS ANGELES; CA 90028

    It shows up on my google for like the 5th entry. That's not big blue is it?

    In anycase just to clarify:

    "Just Say No"= Legit from Nancy Reagan etc.

    Say No to Drugs = Scilon piggy backing.

    Just checking again, but when was this made? Was this made during the legit campaign or is this a modern thing. Either way, it's a shitty knock off of the Government program. Kinda like how :

    Dianetics is "a Shitty knock off of" Pyschiatry
    Battlefield Earh " Sci if
    Golden Era " Hollywood productions
    You know what.... I'm gonna stop there. THis list will get out of control if I keep it up for too long.
  15. greebly Member

  16. pooks Member

    Nice work greebly. Smurf has posted all of the information on this "caper". This is just another classic
    Scn failed "PR caper" to make Scn look as if celebrities and "important people" are supporting them when in
    fact, if the celebs and vips knew they were endorsing a Scn related project they'd have said, "No fucking way".

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