scamed out of freedom of speech and 80$

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I use to use a gpt site called , they started banning people from their forums for expressing their feelings of the admin, he was calling others idiots and was not helping them out so we started posting threads about how he is a horrible admin (danny on forums). Can some1 please help me with this issue? i lost 80$ for freedom of speech from their site and they wont pay me, not in their ToS that banishment means no pay. help plz?
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Why the fuck should I care that you got yourself banned from somewhere again?
  4. Anonymous Member

    because about 10 people got banned for freedom of expression, which we all should respect
  5. Anonymous Member

    what do you mean again? this is the first time ive ever been here
  6. Anonymous Member

    i think some1 should help him out, any volenteers?
  7. Anonymous Member

    did you give them $80 or did you earn the money - how did you earn the money?
  8. Anonymous Member

    its a "gpt" whci you do offers and get money... they banned me for saying what i thought of the main admin, then some1 told me it doesnt say in their ToS that banishment excludes pay, i asked them about it but they keep blocking me off/banning me from their site.... i cant get through to them... hoping some1 here can help
  9. Anonymous Member

    what kind of help do you need from us?
  10. Anonymous Member

    i need some1 to be able to get ahold of him any way neccessary and have him unban/pay us.... anything you can really do....
  11. Anonymous Member

    This will be my new 'Watched Tread'
  12. Anonymous Member

    Go to 4chan{dot}org - select the /r/ and they will help you.
  13. Anonymous Member

    This is something we made to show the public of this admins intentions.... most of the links were removed but about 4 of them still work

    austingost, a really active member of forums and PR, had received 1st place in the offer contest. He get's no warning, and is banned from PR and forums immediately.
    This pic shows two things. First, PSNMAN was banned for no reason, and danny makes a new account name called "psnmansux" so that it will show it in the Latest Member thing.
    Secondly, it shows that the most amt of users online was 433 on December 08, 2010. AHAHAHAH nice lie danny. There was nothing special on that day, and 433 users happened to log on in one day? yeah make up stuff more. If you look at the recent stats, it's never even gotten close to 100, let alone 400.
    PSNMAN being banned for no reason at all. If you look at his recent posts, it shows absolutely nothing that violates FORUM TOS.
    Rupam being banned, yet again for no reason at all.
    What PSNMAN said was 100% true. UMAD it's true danny?
    Yeah, how many times have you mentioned that someone on this site was an idiot? lolz. Instead of calling them an idiot, why don't you help them in a nice way?
    Here's a good one. Atleast he attempts to help the person nicely. i'm surprised you didn't call both of them idiots too.
    Maybe you should stop with you "your an idiot" posts too.
    Yeah, like you actually give people warnings. AHAHAHAHA. Good one.
    Yeah, goodjob danny. let's get rid of all our members.
    There are many more ,but too bad I can't find the good ones cause he removed most of the threads/posts.
  14. Anonymous Member

    the /r/? where is this exactly? i am at the page
  15. Anonymous Member

    Hack that gpt site?
  16. Anonymous Member

    found it srry
  17. Puppetmama Member

    Warn...or watch? Oooh I hate when this happens.
  18. Anonymous Member

    it wont let me submit it for some reason.... heres what i have
    Hello, im austingost and i use to use this gpt site called, Prizerebel. I was on the forums and i noticed the head admin, Danny, was talking down to new people and calling them "idiots" me and about 8 other people started posting in the forums how the admin treated his members badly, we all got banned from the forums, and site! I had 80$ in my acc there. Since its a gpt you do offers and get money. Someone told me to look at ToS that it doesnt say that being banned excludes your money. I am needing the assistance of someone to talk to the admin/do anything you can to help us get paid or get to the site ty :D
  19. Anonymous Member

    There's a guy who post with the name Herro, he should be able to help you.
  20. Anonymous Member

    do i need to post a pic?
  21. Anonymous Member

    alright i have it posted... do i get an email when some1 replys?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Oh my, this will not end well...
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Playstation? You stupid wankers have been whining at us for taking down your network (which we didn't) for weeks and you're hoping for sympathy?
  27. Anonymous Member

    thats just his name, he loves psn, he never said anything bad about anon
  28. Anonymous Member

    What makes you think anyone here can help you OP?
  29. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I am afraid you will not find much help here OP. If you were stuck in the Church of Scientology or had your internet shut down by some oppressive government we may be able to help. Google is your friend OP, keep looking and good luck.
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  30. 00anon00 Member

    I was told to come to you
  31. Anonymous Member

    Excuse me, sir, I honestly dislike your comment you have made. :(
    I'm a newbie here, and I know PSNMAN well, and no, he never blamed it on anonymous, he doesn't even know what the truth is, but he honestly likes your group. (We are anonymous, We are legion, We do not forget, we do not forget) <-- He loves that saying, I do too.
    Also what you did to that baptist church during on the radio or something was hilarious too, I am not in favor of hacking, nor am I a hacker, nor am I against it.
    But, he is just a person who likes PSN, according to him, he mainly named myself that, since he was there to mainly get PSN codes.

    When PSNMAN saw this comment, he told me to report it, because if he had came in himself, he would have ruined his identity.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry, I messed up the ending, I believe that I can't change the comment, but the last sentence was supposed to be:
    "When PSNMAN saw this comment, he told me to reply to it, because if he had came in himself, he would have ruined his identity. "
  33. Anonymous Member

    He was told to come to us.
  34. Loki's spawn Member

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