Scans of 1950 promo for Dianetics

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OTBT, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Scans of 1950 promo for Dianetics

    Strangelove for Science Fiction: Early Promotion for L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics

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    Re: Scans of 1950 promo for Dianetics

    Hmmn. Is that an Arian/Homo Novis cover pic?

    So what ever happened to the "pro and con" followup in the later editions?
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    Harlan Ellison mentioned Campbell in this interview:
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    "crazy as a thousand battlefields"
    What an awesome line.
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    Could be worked into some great picket signage, like, erm, 'LRon the Con~ Crazy as a thousand Battlefields!' Hell, it stands on its own too! (t-shirt anyone?)

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  8. Anonylemmi Member

    I want the tattoo. ;)
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    Ah, the reveries of 1950: When Dianetics was in full bloom | The Underground Bunker

    By Jeffrey Augustine, May 6, 2017


    Let’s start with a fun piece from October 1950:


    Eleanor Dove writhes in a Dianetics reverie while a photographer from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographs her ecstatic swoon. Under the control of a Dianetics auditor, Eleanor is re-experiencing engrams lodged in her reactive mind during a public demonstration.

    In the next demonstration we witness Thea Van Runkele being Dianetically processed during a two-hour ordeal. Her “professional auditor” is her husband and fellow Dianeticist Larry Van Runkele.


    During Thea’s trip back into childhood and into the “basic-basic” prenatal engrams she received in the womb, she too writhes in the agony of what surely must be the unspeakable things done to her as a fetus. Perhaps, as described in the pages of Dianetics, mother got out the knitting needles?

    Continued at

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