Scariest info I've come across so far

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by UnAnonymous1, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. anonbris Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    ok, reality check, i have just watched every second of the video.

    Many questions come up, the main one is why does anyone think this techno babble is a religion?

    SECURITY CHECKS!!!!!! for a religio WTF? with all religions in the world they dont distract from reality stating info from 750000000000000000000000000000000000 years ago, anyone, everyone from a young age knows the earth has has some form of beings on it a short while.

    This video proves beyong a doubt that people like Tom, John and Will must be wacko to think that this is a religion.

    fight it, kill it, but dont let it go on, its just a brain fucked idiot talking shit (about the same as the video showed)

    yeah man 50g hdd 4g ram force feedback with wifi bluetooth and blueray, lcd and triple mons, i'm nearly ot9 all i need is a chip under my skin and a plug in the back of my head, just waiting for hi def VR, hey with all this fucking geek talk i just started my own fuckin religion,,,, send $39.99 to find out what the fuck i was talking about.

    Geeze this David M guy needs taking down, BIG time
  2. nonanonono Member

    Re: Scariest info I've come across so far

    I made it through all the videos and I am reading Lonesome Squirrel. Even if only a fraction of the Fishman stuff is true it is still beyond expression how crazy and cruel it all is.

    Someone already mentioned wondering whatever happened to this guy. I can't find anything past the mid-90s. What did happen to him? And is that really him in that car commercial audition ad thing?
  3. Dunvegan Member

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