Schism! Fundamentalist KSW Wahhabi wing of Independent Scientology movement gets breakaway blog!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The Great Schism continues! Marty has a new competitor! The fundamentalist, strict KSW interpretation, Wahhabi wing of Independent Scientology (IS) has a breakaway blog!

    The schism is between: (1) Marty, Mike and the (at least relatively) liberal wing of IS; versus (2) Tom Martiniano, Steve "Thoughtful" Hall, Jim Logan, and the fundamentalist, strict KSW interpretation, Wahhabi wing of IS.

    As of 26 January 2013, it appeared that at least Steve "Thoughtful" Hall and Jim Logan had made a clean break from Marty, Mike and the liberal wing of IS. See:

    Well, the fundamentalist, strict KSW interpretation, Wahhabi wing of IS has created a breakaway blog:

    iScientology Blog

    Significantly, the iScientologyBlog Blog Roll does NOT link to Marty's site: It appears the purpose of the new blog is to provide a truly safe place to talk about the tech:
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    The nuttiest of the nutbags now have their own hangout.
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  3. RightOn Member

    Hubbard = truth? that's a good one
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Do Ya think they might take Gern with them? :)
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  5. Moonbats getting butthurt with other moonbats over moonbattery.
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  6. RightOn Member

    so they are just calling themselves Idependent Scientologists and that is it?
    well that's boring
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  7. wolfbane Member

    Good grief, the drama llamas are stampeding in that thread.
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  8. RightOn Member

    443 comments and a wall of crap I don't understand
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  9. Well, if that ain't the rootinest, tootinest standardest snake-oil west of the Pecos...where a homo is free to be a novis, an' a SP is still Fair Game. Gimme that ole-time LRH, minus the semi-colons, and none o yer Gautama bu'shit.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I see that Michael Moore has joined the fundamentalist strict KSW Wahhabi wing of IS:

    Opening the door to freedom

    To my initial surprise, Mark Shreffler has also joined the fundamentalist strict KSW Wahhabi wing of IS. I was surprised for two reasons. First, Shreffler strikes me as a smart and successful guy. Secondly, Shreffler announced his independence on Marty's blog.

    In any event, Shreffler's post is more interesting. In it he directly addresses those who are concerned about the strict interpretation and implementation of KSW by trotting out the "it is only true if it is true for you" line, plus a nice personal LRH anecdote.

    My Personal Lesson from Ron Hubbard
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Now that Mahty world has officially fractured, might I be bold enough to suggest we stop stroking Rathbun's over inflated ego by having a subforum named after him. And possibly consider renaming this subforum "Independent Scientology"

    That way we can continue keeping all the indie crap in one place, even when it's not about what is happening on Mahty's blog.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I'm down with that.

    Besides it's fun to watch them yell "splitters!" at each other.
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  13. Thatcher Moderator

    I shall proceed that request to the powers that be. Any funnier name suggestions than "Independent Scientology"? "Hubbard-Hussites"? "Indie-a-go-go"? "Freedom of idiocy"? Or my favorite "Logan's Heroes"? :D
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  14. Anonymous Member

    "ML, Squirrel Style, 2.1"
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  15. AnyOldName Member

    Other than the Assoc. of Prof.IS, Friends of LRH & Mary Sue Hubbard all the other sites are credited to Steve Hall. He is self-promoting. Hall set up the iScientology Website a while back and Marty was lukewarm. He has photos of M&M, Karen#1 and a few others. Wonder if he'll purge them now?

    Frankly, I find Hall & Co more annoying than M&M and gang. At least M&M could be evolving and deprogramming. The others are stuck in total cult mindfuck.
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  16. And the issue of the forceful disconnection of Logan's wife by Marty years ago still simmers away.

    I knew he wasn't over that
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  17. RightOn Member

    I still like the Windies
    like I said before they are full of hot air parroting Hubbard
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  18. Anonymous Member

    If we want something funnier, I like "Indie-a-go-go." Funny, but also at least remotely identifiable with Independent Scientology.
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  19. Puppetmama Member

    What fun! I hope they do something lulzworthy soon. I'm getting bored waiting for Jenna's book release.
  20. AnyOldName Member

    Kool-aid Kids
  21. Anonymous Member

    Logan's Rundowns
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Marty's Moonbats...
  23. amaX Member

  24. Mr. Magoo Member

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  25. LMAO

    Catch phrase "We know nothing"
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Mark Shreffler was a successful hashish dealer back in the early 1970's, exporting the stuff from Afghanistan and Northern India through France. He got out of that business when he was recruited into scientology at the London Org. Looks to me like Mark just changed the product he was using and distributing from hashish to scientology. I don't think that is so smart.
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  27. You have to give credit to Steve Hall. He puts Marty nicely in his place:

    Thoughtful | January 26, 2013 at 6:18 pm | Reply

    [...] You were like a bomb dog trained to sniff out explosives and all the while you had a clicking radioactive Atomic Bomb strapped to your own back and you never smelled it? And finally it exploded and destroyed the entire Church and thousands of lives. Hundreds of people DIED — not metaphorically, but in reality, from cancer and accidents due to out tech and PTSness. The problem wasn’t “policy” the problem was IG Ethics RTC never understood his own hat and never wore his own hat to root out the one actual subversive destroying everything. Instead, you helped DM subvert the entire Church.

    On the day you left in 2004, you took with you the worst record of any ethics terminal in the history of Scientology. Every one one of your “accomplishments” helped empower DM. You were the absolute WORST ethics terminal in the history of Scientology. Instead of getting in ethics, you put ethics OUT in every way possible. DM was the worst SP in the history of Scientology. That makes you the #2 worst SP in the history of Scientology… until 2009. [...]
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  28. Malory Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Squirrel's Nest
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Why would Marty want to peel off the KSW gang? No one is more KSW than Marty and Mike - perhaps they're just a bit more clever about hiding it, I guess. The so-called schism, I suggest, was a no-brainer, really. After the tsunami of entheta, which is still rolling in, the M&M Show had to distance itself from the "extremists" to maintain media credibility while it mocks-up the kinder, gentler mind fuck to give credibility to the religious cloaking. The real question is whether or not its pan-determined. Have the Hall/Logan faction agreed to stick with trying to salvage escapees while M&M Show runs the front-of-house operation? Whatever, there's something up. Scientology creates retards, but not necessarily stupid ones and this little kerfuffle has the smell of caper all over it.
  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    RonRoid Ragers
    Schizoid Schismatics
    Ron's Raging Roids
  33. Anonymous Member

    Technically speaking, the Independents, the FreeZone, the Free Zone, Ron's Org, etc, etc, etc, all come under Squirrel.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    And arguably so does the CoS. Basically, every Scientologist who isn't Hubbard is a squirrel.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    IT'S A TARP!
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  36. RightOn Member

    maybe they should call themselves
  37. Oh yes, please call it "Squirrel's Nest". It would be simply hilarious to use the official "Church" language to group them under the term "squirrel".
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  38. Malory Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    Another vote for "Squirrel's Nest".

  40. Perhaps the disgruntled NOI 'Corporate Scientology' members might be interested in jumping into the fray led by this man, William Mahmoud Ahmasothetaahmanutjob of the NOI Indies and his mesmerizing blue and gold tie that caves in all suppression.......

    Hello Sparrow, well-played Good Sir Knight
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