Schism! Fundamentalist KSW Wahhabi wing of Independent Scientology movement gets breakaway blog!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. fishypants Moderator

    TMBG fan?

  2. Anonymous Member

    Moonbats getting butthurt with other moonbats over moonbattery.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Is that was all the fuss is about?

    Geez. Just leave the title the way it is.

    You guys must be bored.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Some stats from the new blog, and an observation.
    And for the love of Xenu, who would make a "false report[] of a “schism” in the independent field?" :rolleyes:
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  5. Anonymous Member
  6. Malory Member

    I lost interest because it's a steaming pile of boring shite, but I'm sure their blog stats are expanding like never before.....millions of readers......opening up entries across the world.......launching ideal sub-domains......zzzzzz
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  7. Straight up and vertical, baby!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    People on Marty's blog notice the schism....
  9. Anonymous Member

    A housekeeping item concerning the new, fundamentalist KSW blog:
  10. Anonymous Member

    Some evidence that the purported fundamentalist strict KSW interpretation Wahhabi wing of IS is, um, in fact the fundamentalist strict KSW interpretation Wahhabi wing of IS:
  11. Anonymous Member

    New information on the Fundamentalist Strict KSW Wahhabi IS blog!

    New url:

    Stats as of today:
    New and improved Blog Roll!
    Interesting that they link to The Truth Rundown, but still don't link to Marty's site. I suspect that may mean something....

    But wait! Now at the bottom of the page!
    Marty's site is not a Tech site, it is a... whistle-blowing site.

    But The Truth Rundown is a Tech site?

    Got it. Complete duplication and conceptual understanding.

  12. Anonymous Member

    Very telling comments from the Fundamentalist Strict KSW Wahhabi IS blog:
    So now the Fundamentalist Strict KSW Wahhabi "Indies" are back to the HCO PL HOW TO DEFEAT VERBAL TECH CHECKLIST? confused24.gif duh.gif [IMG]

    Notice how Jim Logan quickly changes the subject from McMaster's allegation that Hubbard put a little deaf-mute girl in a chain locker for a week, and evidence to support that allegation, to McMaster's allegedly "disastrous" rendition of power processing? As if McMaster allegedly making some mistake with the "Tech" had anything to do with the allegation that Hubbard "chain-lockered" a little deaf-mute girl?

    Seriously, reading the entire thread is well-worth it to see how people then pile on McMasters.

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  13. Here's a source (one of many) for swenon's info from A Piece of Blue Sky

    Hana Whitfield also bears witness to Hubbard's cruelty on board the Apollo. They are credible eye-witnesses - unlike this bunch of tossers.

    Of course, if they had it in green on white from Hubbard himself, why then it would be sacred scripture, and mandatory to lock-up five year-old deaf-mute children until they got their ethics in, and you wouldn't hear a murmur of disapproval from this bunch - that would be entheta.

    Not to worry. The internet will collapse Lana and her chums into David Miscavige-levels of silence in a matter of weeks, I shouldn't wonder.

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  14. Neither these guys - who are identified by some with a Muslim name associated with terrorism - or Marty Rathbun (our new hero?), have admitted to Hubbard's criminal cruelty and abuse of children on the Scotman, renamed the Apollo.
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Random guy Member

    This little schism very nicely shows what happens when recent Xes try ti establish the same hogwash outside the mother cult. Sooner or later someone starts to think, and from then on it's splitting and splitting again into oblivion. This is why I don't worry overly about the indies.
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  17. Wahhabi.

    Neither the Steve Hall faction nor Marty Rathbun admit to Hubbard's child abuse.
  18. Anonymous Member

    People on Marty's blog take note. An example of one of many comments on Marty's blog worth reading. Simply scroll up from the below sample link.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    More recognition of The Great Schism on Marty's blog. I find it interesting that the consensus on Marty's blog now appears to be that those who refuse to critique LRH, or confront such criticism, are close-minded.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Damn it! Whoever is "trying to put something there that is not" better stop! fwwhistling.gif
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Hmmm, maybe the trouble maker has a point after all..... [IMG]
    Jeesh, where could Jan have gotten such an idea? fwwhistling.gif
  22. Anonymous Member

    And now the denials.....
  23. Anonymous Member
  24. Anonymous Member

    So.... who do we think THIS is referring to??????
  25. Thatcher Moderator

    Don't belief anything "The Oracle" says, writes or in other ways emits. This is a very confused person, as is evident from the postings over the years.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Yes, but he appears to be getting worse, does anyone else think he's perhaps becoming a bit unhinged?
  27. He seems to be handing out alot of cash to anybody who asks. I have my doubts whether its true. Should I email him and ask him for DOX?
  28. Thatcher Moderator

    AFAIK it's a she. If you email her, ask for a WWP donation too. :D
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  29. Done. Ill show all you bitches how to smooth talk a lady
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  30. rickybobby Member

    But... This got past moderation....
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  31. Thatcher Moderator

    hehe, good one!
  32. RightOn Member

    ask for cash!
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  33. RightOn Member

    Unhinged Scientologists..... hmmmmm, that almost never happens. *insert sarcasm*
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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    I am cross-posting this from the fundamentalist KSW Wahhabi IS blog for one reason. That reason is highlighted.
    Is it possible that the fundamentalist KSW Wahhabi wing of IS is becoming a tad less so?

  36. Anonymous Member

    Reconciliation of the relatively liberal wing of IS and the fundamentalist KSW wing of IS?

    I noticed that Steve "Thoughtful" Hall and Lana Mitchell have commented on Marty's blog for the first time (to my knowledge) since the Great IS Schism. Reconciliation?

    Steve "Thoughtful" Hall:

    Lana Mitchell:

    Is it significant that they first commented on an OP by Mike Rinder?

  37. Anonymous Member

    But wait again! Now at the bottom of the page Marty's blog no longer qualifies even as a "Whistle-blowing" site! To be fair, and not to omit data, [IMG] , Marty's site is still listed when one clicks the "Links" button at the top of the page. Marty's site has merely been cleansed from appearing anywhere on the iScientology Blog page itself.

  38. Anonymous Member

    Marty gives his opinion of the fundamentalist KSW Independent Scientology blog, iScientology Blog.

    I could place this under the ESMB thread for the particular Marty post it falls under, but believe it fits here best.

    In case there was any doubt, Marty gives his opinion of the fundamentalist KSW Independent Scientology blog, iScientology Blog, as follows:
  39. Anonymous Member

    Response to Marty giveing his opinion of the fundamentalist KSW IS blog

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