School Bans Book due to "Hacker Culture"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andy Downs, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Andy Downs Member

    Ok.....So to regress into Goodwin's Theory

    The Third Reich lives in public schools again to ban books.
  2. anon8109 Member

    The school board should fire the principal and find one who isn't afraid to teach students how to think for themselves and not blindly follow authority.
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  3. White Tara Global Moderator

    oh FFS chicken little the sky is falling, don't let them read profanity, whatever you do! :rolleyes:
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  4. Andy Downs Member

    The end of critical thinking has arrived.

    I went to a private "Christian High School"
    We were required to take a Bible Class each year to graduate.

    This place was as uptight as you could possibly imagine.
    Yet, we had a debate on the movie : The Last Temptation of Christ
    Simply for critical thinking skills.

    I had fun during that one :)
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  5. RavenEyes Member

    There has always been a long list of banned books in every school district. I bet studies show those books get read more by kids than any of the other books. No one needs to get fired FFS.

    Chill the fuck out and know what you're talking about before you go spouting off at the mouth. Most books deemed classics were at some point banned. Teachers know it. Principals know it. Librarians know it. Most adults know it.

    It's the fucking PARENTS that insist on the damn banned list...yeah, YOUR parents.Maybe they should/should have been fired. It has nothing to do with critical thinking skills.It's all about ignorance and fear.

    Stick with one authority group to hate, Andy Downs. We got enough shooting going on today alone. I don't want any librarians shot on my watch because you're freaking out about your damn Christian school. First you're FBI hating, then you're OMG SABU, and now this? Are you just a hater? fuck - go read a BANNED BOOK and get over yourself for one blessed least you weren't shot in your dreaded ZOMGCHRISTIAN school, were you.
  6. Andy Downs Member


    However you are right.
    I should embrace government agencies who use illegal methods to kill innocent people
    I should embrace the culture of governments and corporations hiding and or destroying information that proves these deeds
    I should embrace the culture of censorship

    Then I can be just like you
    Then I will be a whole person
    Thank you for setting me straight
  7. Andy Downs Member

    On the other hand why don't you start a site called
    Invite Ann to be a moderator
  8. Yay! I'd sign up for that site. All I have to do is fuck and drink and smoke and shitpost...oh wait...
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  9. I read his book about Disneyworld and some short fiction. He is a good author and censoring his stuff will make kids everywhere read it just to see that there was nothing to fear and prove adults in authori-TAH! are paper tigers and lie all the time. It's a win either way.
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  10. RavenEyes Member

    Sorry, Andy. I was being a bitch. It was right after the school shootings. I'm sorry you were the target.

    Did you know Charlotte's Web was banned? Ridiculous. The Giving Tree, too. There are so many banned classics that I took it upon myself years ago to buy and read to my kids every banned kids book to my children to foul up their minds. They're now college graduates with better jobs than mine and they're working to make this world a better place. I feel like I did my place to pretend I went against the Harper Valley PTA.
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  11. Ann O'Nymous Member

    The book was not banned from the school. Learn to make precise claims. It helps with your street creds.

    I was a mod on WWP for a long time and cannot take a new task for the time being. Thanks for proposing.

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