School shooting in CT

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paroxetine Samurai, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. anonymous612 Member

    I notice you haven't refuted the point. If you think there's no point to gun control laws because criminals won't pay them any attention, why do you think criminals will pay more attention to, for instance, laws against heroin?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Nope I did n
    Nope I did not say that. I just pointed out the obvious, that someone intent on killing you with a gun will do so regardless of the law. Never said nor implied abolishing all laws. In fact I am all for making it illegal for violent criminals to posses them but as you can see they don't care. All the more reason to not take guns away from people when there are violent criminals running around that don't care.
  3. Anonymous Member

    You forgot Heil Hitler too! Dumb ass foreigner
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    There are already laws making it illegal for them to have guns, making new laws to take guns away from non criminals won't stop criminals.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    You just get stupider and stupider.
    I wasn't trying to refute your point, jackass. I was pointing you how seriously you misread the the poster's point.
    So, twice now you've shown a serious lack of reading skills.
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Let us get back on track.
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  15. eddieVroom Member

    Funny how the guys who want this are the same ones who whine about paying taxes to cover any of this shit.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Beyond bureaucracy, the simplest solution would be to give all of our local police departments adequate funding for staff and training. Like the good old days when everyone knew their local officer and things were pretty civilized in general. Maybe that's a "Democrat" view on things, but i've seen it work pretty well , beyond stupid outer politics.
  17. Anonymous Member

    And what magic source of money do you think pays for this?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Silly boy, those guns were bought by individual people. No government needed at all.

    You want to rob me in order to protect me, How silly is that?
  19. anonymous612 Member

    Who exactly do you plan to have pay for your idea of putting armed guards in schools?
  20. eddieVroom Member

    ...or are you planning Back-to-School sales on Saturday Night Specials?
  21. Let's ARM children,problem solved.
  22. eddieVroom Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    Again, how many school massacres has America had with this ^^^ kind of mentality?

    Really working out for ya, ain't it!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but on Christmas night I sleep safe and sound without a gun in the house because my society doesn't need them, what's it like living so scared you need to have weapons around you all the time? What's it like living in a society where violence is not only ingrained but encouraged by your leaders? What's it like living in a society where an argument with a neighbour has a high possibility of ending in gunfire and death?

    What's it like living with the sort of mentality where lots of school kids get their heads blown off and you just think... Meh!
  25. Anonymous Member

    'twasn;t my idea but: the people who want the service, of course. If someone wants an armed guard, they pay for it.
    That was easy.
    Next question.
    But we wander far afield.

    Merry Christmas, Chanology.
    Let's remember a time when men refused to fight...The Christmas Truce
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  26. Anonymous Member

    There was a horrible school shooting in Connecticut, 26 people were killed.
    Guns did it! No! People did it! No guns did... (repeat)
    Sign this petition!
    Dox, bad dox, no dox, dox...(repeat)
    Second amendment is good! Second amendment is bad! (repeat)
    Americans are cunts and we are so much smarter (place username here).
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  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Not true at all. A complete stereotype.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Congratulations you just gave a completely ill informed emotional and circular argument.

    Except for those that are murdered with out them. I can assure you that anything you do to make you safer improves your condition. Your attitude is an insult to the millions of people had a need and used a gun last year to save their lives. I also sleep very well but will a gun. If someone breaks in to your home you go a head and reason with them, let them know how civilized you are, I am sure it will save your ass. If your government ever takes the few remaining rights you have left, be sure to debate it with your prison guards.LOL

    Again you are the one that is scared not me. You see yourself and your neighbors as savages that can't be trusted to protect themselves. Its people like you that set the standard and expectations of others to be nothing but victims.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Toy Guns for Tots
  30. Boris Korczak Member

    Since there are so many idiots with guns the only defense I have is to have a gun or two or three or...
    In a country where the Bible and gun possession is somehow joined at the hip for the redneck enjoyment the only solution not to get killed is to be armed and have the Bible amputated.
    What are the consequences? Stay away from my home, my family and my puppy-dog or there you might be able to experience the consequences.
    Happy New 2013 to all Anonymous. Down with psychopaths, killers, child molesters, thieves and other strange subhuman species including CO$ members.
    Stay safe.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    At the risk of saying the same thing others have already said:

    The problem is not the guns themselves.
    The problem is the violent nature of US society.
    Until this is changed, there will continue to be shootings of innocents.
  32. Anonymous Member

    True, true and unrelated. Gun CONTROL is needed to ban assault weapons. Gun control would include closing the gun show loophole.
    Just to be clear I support the Second Amendment right-to-carry-arms. The NRA blocks every kind of gun control including trigger locks, gun shows, mandatory gun lockers and they are not our friend.
    If you want to totally ban guns just think about stuff in post Hurricane Katrina. I'd keep my gun close. Pretty funny but I don't own a gun.
    If you want no gun control just work in an ER for a year. You'll change your mind.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Ban assault weapons? Guess what, the police would use assault weapons to enforce that ban, so what you are saying is "Some people should have assault weapons, while others shouldn't."

    Special snowflakes
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  34. Anonymous Member

    If you need to spend a year in an ER to reevaluate your stance on gun control, then you obviously haven't paid attention to what has happened in the last couple weeks.

    Shall we send the President of the NRA such a request? Probably would blow it off and say the ER needs more guns and blame violent games for the ER's existence.
  35. Anonymous Member

    medical history.
    "I was on the corner and 2 dudes I never seen before shot me!" (drug deal)
    "Ghagaga"(Adult male drunk in truck shoots self in head)
  36. Anonymous Member

    Did they die? Because nothing of value would be lost if they died.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Hello, God. I didn't know you posted here.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Lets see:

    A drug user/seller piece of shit. A drunk piece of shit...

    Yeah. My point still stands. Nothing of value lost...
  39. ...and nothing of value was delivered by Anonymous that day...
  40. Anonymous Member

    The cowboy/truck/hard likker/gun was particularly tragic because the families all said they were down but not hopeless. Temporary hopeless comes with too much alcohol.
    And no- drunks are not pieces of shit unless you refer to yourself.
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