Scientolgy Gold base news

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by anonymouslemur, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Scientolgy Gold base news

    i am sorry this is so long but its worth the read i promise.

    i have always known of Anonymous's fight against Scientology but until recently have not given it much thought. however i am more than willing to join the fight seeing as the fervor is dieing down and we cannot accept defeat.

    however i am here for another reason.
    i used to live in Hemet CA, where Co$ Gold Base is located. for those of you who don't know its basically the big kahuna of Scientology operations.
    i recently visited my home town for the holidays and was presented with some alarming news.

    Co$ Gold base is located on a road called Gillman Springs, its an off shoot from another road called Lambs canyon, which turns into Sanderson. well Gillman Springs road runs right down the middle of the operation, like literally smack dab down the center, to remedy this they have built a tunnel that leads under the road and between each building, (don't ask me how i know this but i do). well even before Anonymous declared war people have been harassing them down that road, i for one actually attempted to TP the front gates with some friends and actually succeeded, it wasnt much of a job however because we only had around 30 seconds to work before we could hear people running and flashlights turning on. :) that was a hell of a long time ago. but besides that kind of thing people have always honked their horns and what not just to piss them off. so ever since they first bought the land they have been trying to buy the road from the City of Hemet. well here's where things get good.

    the City of Hemet has never let them buy the land because the road leads to a bunch of houses and an Indian reservation and its a good short cut to the other side of town. however with the current economic crisis and the housing market dive (which has been especially brutal to Hemet,my dads a real estate agent and hes been doing around 3-4 house repossessions a day) they have been buying up every last house in the surrounding area and now own a huge amount of the surrounding area. also the local Indians have not been on good terms with the City of Hemet and access to the Reservation is no longer a priority of City halls. so with the Indians thrown to the side, and the fact that no one really lives over on that side of town any more the city of Hemet has never been more willing to sell the land. but heres the deal sealer. the City of Hemet has been working on a huge building project to try to give the town some life, its going to be a huge mall/ shopping center at the corner of the Ramona Expressway and Sanderson. and to make this happen they are going to accept an offer from Co$ to build them a new highway leading to and from the shopping center as well as all the road work involving the new shopping center.

    now heres the kicker, if Co$ does this City of Hemet will give them the road and the land rights effectively sealing off the entire area from the rest of the town, all residents left will have to spend an extra 10-15 minutes getting home and Co$ will gain the advantage regarding seclusion. they will have effectively created a massive multi acre base that is sealed from the public at every angle as well as sealing off access to multiple hiking and recreation areas. no doubt they will turn this into a completley walled city.

    not only is this completley disgusting on every level its proof of Co$'s influence over governing bodies and the legal system by means of money manipulation and greased palms. this has offended me to no end and i don't mean to let this happen if i can help it. but sadly i found the movement to be slightly stale and dead, besides this forum, everything else i have found regarding protesting and the mission has been old, forgotten and nothing but a memory that gives people lulz. this to is unacceptable.

    im here to ask for advice and to discuss this issue. also if you like i have many a story to offer up to Anon regarding Co$'s antics over the years, which involves building a pirate ship naked and snipers in the hills. both true stories.

    any way, ill just leave this here . . . .
  2. SPock Puppet Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    It would be good business for Anons to open a dialogue with the Indian tribe, as they will be most impacted by this. They probably have a lot of horror stories that we need to hear and they could benifit tremendously by discovering this site. Might be worth a solid fliering mission.
  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    First, that road is STATE Highway 79, so the state must give approval too, no? Second, the state in the last few years built a new bridge just east of Scientology's property. I doubt that they would build that bridge just in time to sell it to a private concern. So I don't think this issue is as dire as you might think.
  4. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Sounds crazy enough to be true. Question is whether the deal has been decided or not - if it is, it should be public record, I'd think?

    It'd be a typical Scientology folly to volunteer to build a road. I'm no civil engineer but I do know building proper roads is a quite expensive job. It'd be typical of them to underestimate the costs. Do you think they have the competence in-house to do a proper estimate? I wouldn't think so. Would they contact a 'wog' construction company for an estimate? Doubtful. I bet they're simply assuming it's a lot easier than it actually is, and that with their Slave Org workers they can 'make it go right' for little cost.

    Which is also why Scientology doesn't seem to have _ever_ managed to build _anything_ under-budget, on-time and up-to-code. If I were Hemet, I'd be very concerned about CoS living up to their part of the bargain.

    Then, of course, there's the insanity of wanting to expand their 'Gold base', now that it allegedly has fewer people there than ever. But it'd be true-to-form for Miscaviage I guess.
  5. noname99 Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    very interesting - us west coast anons will no doubt be very interested in this ... when they wake up in a few hours time - thanks for the info - and tell us more stories about Gold!
  6. Swede Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Wouldn't any request to buy land like that show up in public records. It should be real easy to confirm. Until that's done....dox n stuff.
  7. firebug Member

  8. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news


    Hwy 79 Realignment

  9. firebug Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    San Jacinto Gateway, Inland Empire, New California Construction

    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Bedtime Story #5

  10. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    I thought of the exact same thing. Here's a Riverside report on the event:

    This article has a pic of the aftermath: San Jacinto River levee extension being designed | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

    However, one wonders how one would "pop a hole" in the "riverbed" (sandbag wall? wall created by backhoes?) and not get washed away by the water rushing through. But I digress.

    The issue at hand is the re-routing of hwy 79. If const isn't set to begin until 2011, Anons have a new deadline.
  11. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    whoa, what the hell happened to the thread? half the comments are gone.
  12. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    The server bit the dust from what I can gather, and was restored from a backup.... hence there would have been a load of more recent posts that were not archived.
  13. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    I noticed that too
  14. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news


    Does your dad know the name of the corporation/entity buying up these properties? That would be a really helpful lead.

    Any time Scientology purchases crap while trying to fly under the radar, they set-up an innocuous sounding corporation to act as a cut-out.

    I'd be amazed if they're doing this under a name identifiable as Scientology.

    Examples: "Building Management Services", "Southern Land Development and Leasing Corp", "United Churches of Florida", etc.
  15. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    i can ask him, hes not real internet savvy, let alone computer savvy for that matter but he might know. if not he has access to the national Real Estate network that keeps track of every property transaction in America virtually, its the place where real estate agents can download the key passwords to the vacant house door boxes and stuff. i might be able to talk him out of his password and do some digging.
  16. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    if its not backed up im going to add some cliff notes here for the new readers.

    Co$ is trading roads with the city of Hemet to shut off Gold base from the surrounding area.

    we could possibly get the Soboba Indians on our side to help with stopping this but they are a bunch of wild animals that are extremely dangerous, so if anyone wants to contact them do NOT go there in person! write a letter, or make a phone call. trust me on this.

    here is a rough rendition of the land that will be gained by Co$ if they get the road closed. it is not exact and i exaggerated slightly but i hope it gets the point across.
  17. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Dig if you can. What's needed here is the name of a corporation or person(s) that have been sucking up properties around Gold.
  18. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    >>"pop a hole"

    It just has to be a small breach. Over the course of a few minutes
    the weight of the water rushing through will open the break trying
    to relieve the back pressure of the river. No idea. Probably took
    20 minutes to fail.
    So ends the story of the little clam that took his finger out of the dyke.
  19. Shinythings Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    mmm what would Mary Demoss (Panton) say about this?

  20. mrfyde Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Also gone I think was the request of any possible documentation.

    I know thats gona be tuff. But we don't want to do anything that might accidentally help the cult get what they want.

    I had a half joking post about trying to get the location of the mall switched to the other side of town and built on the land occupied by GOLD. with Eminent Domain laws however discarded them because they would actually pay the cult for their land.

    However if we can get real estate companies interested in the land that GOLD base is on they might be able to put pressure on law enforcement. The land under gold could be seized and sold by the city cheap for something that can create more jobs and taxpayers could be put in its place. (was a very long shot)

    But mostly we need dox.
  21. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    injuns need a new casino closer to town

    in a castle looking bldg would be ideal
  22. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Well there is this thing called the MLS..I will use some resources to search this area, The MLS is the online database that all realtors use to buy/sell property. There may be a record on who bought/ sold properties in that area. If a Real Estate Broker (not an agent) listed those properties, then we are Gold!
  23. SASAnon Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Who owns that Golf course next to the Gold Base? Isn't that the Soboba Country Club Golf course? Gilman Hot Springs road has been there forever. I think it will still continue to be there. The realignment project for SR79 is to connect I-15 to I-10. There's still plenty of room to accellerate on that onramp to Lambs Canyon.
  24. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    I am ignorant about this, Are you saying that the neighbors to Gold Base may or may not have an interest in staying in business? Soboba Country Club Golf course...I are confused. Has any one contacted Soboba Country Club Golf course
  25. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    yeah that was the website i was talking about.
  26. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    news . . .

    my dad is going to look up the name of the company thats been buying houses near Gold for me. he said hes also going to get me some addresses of houses that he knows has been bought by Co$ and he said hes going to see if he cant stop by City hall to get some info on the owners of all the land around Gold, because he said it was public record.

    also he cant give me his MLS password to do searching myself because you have to have the little key code hooked up to download the new password every day. so i guess that's out.
  27. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    U & Dad. Be careful. Very careful. The cult is full of nasty little pricks that
    can and will try and screw you both. It is about the only thing they do
    1. Be discrete
    2. Get a new sock. 4 or 5 places can give you an email accnt w/o ref to
    a real one.
    3. "anonymously" suggest things under sock
    4. Keep anonymouslemur and use for fun and pro$it.

    If you queer their realestate deals they will be pissed and come lookin'.

    & thanks for all the info & support. Hopefully the cult will fold and your
    Dad can make some bucks when the fire sale starts.
  28. MrNiceNice Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    ^^^Uhgg U Betchum^^^
    perfect local/setup
    gonna need a week or two for the shamans to clear out all the
    bad juju/creepy*creepy.
  29. NotBobMinton Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    The Cult owns the golf course & property. The public had access to the golf course as a PR effort to win over the community.

    Now that the cult is firmly wedged into that community, they no longer need to provide the luxury.
  30. Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Thread Necromancy!!!!!

    ive been kind of a fail fag for a while so this may have been posted up already (if its a repost fuck you im lazy)

    but check it. you guys demanded sauce i couldn't provide, but now i can.

    The Valley Chronicle > News
  31. subgenius Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Oh shi--
  33. Smurf Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    It will only be a matter of time before we hear Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone leading the rallying cry to support the road closures, even moreso, if he wins the State Senate seat he is pursuing.
  34. xenubarb Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    He has to win San Diego County to win the senate. Ain't gonna happen. Wherever he campaigns in SD, we will be there, educating the folk and spreading the word about Stone's turning a blind eye to the abuses at Gold Base on his watch.

    Human trafficking.
    Coerced abortions.
    Slave wages.

    We're quite ready to proceed. Just need that Stone to roll on down here! It's on!
  35. Smurf Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    Jeff Hawkins, the ex-Scilon who Catherine Fraser was forced to divorce to appease Miscavige posted this on OCMB:

    "Closing the road is an outstanding "COB Order" to the Port Captain Gold. When Ken Hoden was Port Captain, he tried for years to get the road closed, unsuccessfully. He was eventually RPFed.

    The order has now been "re-logged" to Cathy Fraser and so she will be trying various strategies to get it done - I am sure she's under pressure from "COB's Office."
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    This is the true folly, if anyone believes this. CoS always, always, always promises, and many people believe them because they're not used to people blatantly lying to them.

    They've been building a building in Clearwater for 10 years. In my city they bought an ideal org building, and it's standing empty for over 2 years, and they rent space for their school they claimed would triple in size, which has been the same size over 5 years.

    They always, always say whatever they want if it gets them what they want.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    I'm fairly sure, in normal places at least, the new road would have to be built prior to the old one getting closed.
  38. XenuPhobic Member

  39. bAnon Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    I so hope Slappy slaps down the millions necessary to build a new road as the article says would be necessary. Fantastic footbullet in the making.
  40. nowout Member

    Re: Scientolgy Gold base news

    This still might be a good idea - there used to be buses bringing down gamblers to the Soboba Indian casino on weekends down this road. The casino probably would not want closure.

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