Scientologist & CCHR Director Rizza Islam 'Rizza says...' Classic compilation thread

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. 519

    Also Smersh but I think that was his "secret" word for all of the above.
  2. praline Member

    God Damn it!!! Would someone PLEASE get their Thetans checked ... beat them into submission or whatever. I just heard on the news there is another suspected case in Washington DC. One of you haven't been getting your audits .... show of hands please.... who's thetans not behaving?!
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Hot stock tip:

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  4. praline Member

  5. Graphed the numbers of deaths & cases in Excel. Added a trend line beginning May 26th when reported deaths were about 200 & the number of cases was about 300. The trend lines are exponential with R^2 values of .9962 & .9946 respectively, so the trend line has so far been extremely accurate.
    Formula for deaths is: # of deaths = 54.153e^0.0229x
    Formula for cases is: # of cases = 84.291e^0.0241x
    Using the trend lines, predictions for Jan 31/2015 put deaths at about 58,000 & cases at about 142,000.
    Mind you, the WHO says they believe the numbers are actually 2.5x higher than the numbers they have, due to under reporting.
    Hoping some interventions blow these numbers all to shit. Nao.
  6. Too long I Did not read:

  7. Quentinanon Member

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  8. Scientology Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Director and World Literacy Crusade (WLC) International Ambassador Rizza Islam says plan is to "cull" "2 - 3 BILLION people!" "There is no natural disease called Ebola."

    The expertise of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) in the areas of medicine and medical science may be exemplified by the statements by its Director Rizza Islam concerning Ebola and public health.









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  9. afternon Member

    Here's some "expert advice" from "Final Call" "If we expect to live from what we eat, we must be sure that what we eat is masticated so perfectly well, until the stomach juices (which have no teeth), with its hot acid, can digest the food without too much work" -who needs Doctors when you have such amazingly insightful advice about eating?!
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  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Just when I thought the stupid had peaked.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I believe that this goes well beyond "stupid." I think it's right next door to psychosis and criminal insanity.
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  12. vaLLarrr Member

    Nation of Islam are only a few synapses away from ISIL
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  13. Anonymous Member

    At the level of a psychotic/psychopathic fundamentalism, I agree with you.
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Obviously he buys his suits at that NOI place: Mr Tall'n'Crazy.
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  16. Random guy Member

    Hm, whom would be the proper target of pooning for this bullox?
  17. praline Member

    That guy is CREEPY LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Arct1ch3art Member

  19. CarterUSP Member

    Damn that guy is tall.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, why the fuck isn't the motherfucker playing basketball? Too stupid?
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  21. CarterUSP Member

    He's so tall, that's why he can see the mothership. It was orbiting Saturn at the time.
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  22. Random guy Member

    You have to be really sloppy to be infected. Ebola transmits through body fluids, so unless you hug someone with a ranging fewer and violent diarrhoea bleeding from a number of body orifices, you're fairly safe. Not that vigilance in times like this is a bad thing, but Ebola coming to eat you cat is not likely to happen.
  23. praline Member

    But this lady in Spain (not to be confused with the rain in spain) caught it from her gloves. There are too many American docs and nurses who have gotten it in full tyvek . I don't believe the "really sloppy" part. I think its more of a "been around it vs not been around it" but it does live on surfaces. Lets take a tomato at the grocery store as an example. How do I know who touched that tomato before me? I can't be sure that someone who doesn't have ebola didn't touch it, right? I mean sure today I can be 99% positive no ebola has been near that tomato but if this thing spreads? If a few people in my community get exposed? What they? Can I be assured that nobody with ebola was fool ebough to go get their prescriptions (not knowing its ebola) and decide they need tomatoes for dinner? No matter how hard I try to stay away from anyone with the disease and "no touching" I can't be sure who has and has not touched the tomato. Yes, when I get home I wash it carefully and lovingly. I can even add a little bleach to the veggie wash. However the moment I picked it up I exposed myself.

    And that is why I am freaked out over this. Is this rational? Probably not. Ebola is extremely easy to catch.
  24. RolandRB Member

    Oh fuck, why not just sit back and let the cult bleed its own kind dry and then die itself whiel joining hands with this other UFO nut cult. Don't bother fighting the cult any more because it is in a powered nose dive in any case and it isn't possible to speed things up.
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  25. Hugh Bris Member

    yeah and won't we have egg on our faces when the spaceships come down and take the NOI and COS off to Target Two.

    We'll all be Left Behind.
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  26. Random guy Member

    Canned food, paraffin stove, barbed wire picket fence.
  27. praline Member

    Yup ~ trying not to get to that point. Some people are terrified of spiders, some snakes ~ for me its ebola :eek:
    Everyone has a not so rational fear of something. Its hard to call it a phobia as I assume everyone has a phobia of ebola and would freaked if next to someone who has it ;)

    My hubby, as a joke to tease me, stopped at the store the other night and bought me medical masks and rubber gloves. I was so happy at his romantic gesture. I hadn't realized he was making fun of me :p
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Did they pay "Bob" $35? I don't think so!
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  29. The Internet Member

    Alexandria Hubbard Corazon Aquino VIII --lolwut?

    Also, big ass tiara is big ass.
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