Scientologist mounted ‘vicious character attack’ on ex-member

Discussion in 'Media' started by furball, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    After a landmark court case, Scientology watchers should be celebrating, not sniping

    By Jon Atack, The Underground Bunker, November 25, 2017


    In all the recent sound and fury, little attention has been paid to Pete Griffiths’ landmark achievement against active Scientologists in the Irish courts.

    Back in the day, I was consulted in more than 150 legal actions and often tried to bring the 1972 “unclean hands” Hubbard v. Vosper ruling into those cases. I was never once successful, because whichever division of Scientology was represented would distance itself from the hundreds of organizations that are part of the corporate monolith.

    But now, because of Pete’s precedent, if any Scientologist or Scientology organization wants to sue in Ireland, it will probably have to show that it does so with “clean hands.” Diligent research of policy shows that, like Lady Macbeth, Scientology’s hands are uncleanable: The “scriptures” order unconscionable behavior at every turn. Hubbard’s Responsibilities of Leaders alone proves that point, but litigants should dig out my General Report on Scientology, which was used successfully in a number of cases, and lists the Scientology publications that should be submitted in any court case.

    I’m horrified (though not surprised) by the subsequent assault on Pete, given that he has gone through the trauma of three years of litigation – one of the most insidious uses of torture in our society – and won a significant victory. I was ten years in court, and, eventually, legal costs bankrupted me, although only the first case was ever tried (and we won that one). I cannot begin to explain how stressful litigation is to those who have only seen it on TV. Those who have not suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous litigation should think twice before criticizing him.

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  2. Where is this flaming of Pete taking place? Facebook? ESMB? Forgive my confusion because I have not seen an assault on Pete since the conclusion of this court case, but I presume that is because I do not know where to look for it.

    If it's open season on someone who is Anti-Scn, then they deserve a callout thread here so we can join in the fun, right? JK
  4. TorontosRoot Member

  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ex scientologist to protest outside church's Merrion Square offices | Dublin Live

    The High Court lifted an injunction preventing ex-scientologists from picketing the church's premises


    An ex-scientologist is to protest outside the controversial church's national affairs office on Merrion Square this Saturday.

    Pete Griffiths says he "was conned for twenty years" until a similar protest in 2008 led to a “penny-dropping moment” that saw him desert Scientology.

    The High Court last week lifted an injunction forbidding Griffiths or his "servants or agents or any person acting in concert" with him from picketing Church of Scientology premises.

    Now Griffiths plans to demonstrate outside the Church of Scientology's Dublin 2 offices in the hope that his protest might help others "to see that they have been duped".

    Griffiths, who heads up the Ex-Scientologists Ireland group, said today: "I'm keen to resume regular protests of the Scientologists' premises after defeating their court injunction.

    "While I’m opposed to the Scientology organisation’s fraud and abuses, I see Scientologists as victims deserving of sympathy and understanding.

    "I was conned for twenty years until such a protest opened my eyes to the enormity of the deceit."

    At the weekend, author and well-known ex church member Jon Atack described the successful appeal as a "landmark achievement against active Scientologists in the Irish courts".

    Griffiths added that the goal of Saturday's protest, which will take place from 11am, "is to inform the general public, and if possible, to reach the existing membership in the hopes that they too will eventually come to see that they have been duped".

    A new Church of Scientology opened in Firhouse last month, while their offices in leafy Merrion Square opened a year ago.

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  6. Malory Member

    You mean like the way McGhee stormed into her work shouting his head off?

    Or the way he boasted about constantly sending her texts?

    Or laughing about sending stuff to her through the post while he was waiting for the court case to be heard?
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  7. TorontosRoot Member

    Is any of that proven? Then again, while I don't condone what anyone does to borderline, John really did good behind the scenes.
  8. Malory Member

    Proven? Like the video he posted of it himself?

    As for the rest he posted it on the Facebook group you're an admin of? Root, you've never challenged any of his behaviour - I was the only one who had the balls to do so and he was pretty quick to inform me that you admins were backing him and thought I was just crazy.

    It's a pity you weren't so quick to demand evidence when his friends were libelling me in your group.

    The only thing he did behind the scenes was spread lies, cause trouble and threaten other critics with physical violence.
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    That part I don't condone and was not aware of, then again I don't get involved with the drama. Yes, it is madness, he has his problems, like everyone else has too.

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