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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by BAAL, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Speaking to a baby like it's a human being is actually something respectable parenting resources support. By using real sentences and a normal tone, you're teaching the child how conversations work, and also getting them used to the words, rhythms, and patterns of your native language. Babies who get "baby talked" at tend to develop language skills slower than those who are talked to normally.

    Not saying Hubbard wasn't a dipshit and a terrible parent, let's just not assume that because he breathed oxygen that we should go and breathe carbon dioxide instead.
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  2. There's a book out by a couple of Harvard child development pros, I think the title's 'Teaching Your Baby To Read'. Not only did they encourage talking to your baby, but found that the children of the dumb ditzy mom-type who jumped around and clapped for her kid, over-exaggerated her enthusiasm at her baby's achievements and spoke to her baby in mommy-talk (over-extended syllables, over-enunciation... "Goooooooooood boy, yes you ARE! YAAAAY!" you get the idea) learned at twice the rate of the kids of the more reserved, smarter mothers who spoke to their babies like equals "Good, job son, I'm proud of you." *golf clap*

    I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say it's a combination of enthusiasm, consistency and speaking to your kid no matter how the style that gets the job done in the long run. *shrug*
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  3. BAAL Member

    or a spy...............
  4. anonymous612 Member

    ^I've never seen someone call OSAOSAOSA on their own post.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Baal is exceptionally good at lowering the bar for himself... and then failing to achieve that lowly new goal.
  6. Scientology Parenting.............Adult Children..........Athletic Scholarship.............Explicit Ambiguity........Jumbo Shrimp...........Scientology Ethics...........

    We still playin similar oxymorons???
  7. PeeTeaEssence Member

    30. "Artist/Painter"
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  8. Ironhead Member

    31. Pisces
  9. Anonymous Member

    given the hypothesis of doctrine that a baby is a spiritual being who is completely disoriented and in a total state of confusion, comforting words and reassurance make sense

    even without the Scientology theory, comforting words make sense
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  10. What do the busloads of pregnant Scientology Sea-orgers say at the abortion clinics?

    "We're not going to keep you. It's not so okay. You would make us downstat and decrease production. We would be demoted and thrown out of Sea-Org if we want to keep you. Sorry, We're not going to keep you?????"
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  11. Ogsonofgroo Member

    The whole thingy being nutz anyhow, I've oft wondered why and how the hierchy gets away with this policy in the first place, the thinking being, that if LRon was coming back, then you'd think they'd all be happy-la-la to haz a bunch of babies/newest meats etc., and, quite possibly, be the bearer of the the latest incarnation of their savior. (good christalrighty, imagine a parent having to deal with that blithering idiot for 16-18 years.... hide the poisons!) *puke*
    Doesn't seem to be working like that at all does it?
    For all these crazy moon-bats know, the old windbag Hisself has been trying to come back for a while, and them fuckers keep on aborting him (how's that for true justice), though it is more likely that the 'spirit of LRon' is twirling in the pits of karmatic hells and a mere shadow of his former pitiful Id is maybe inhabiting slugs, worms, and other minor baits.... and that's giving him more than he ever deserved imho.

    Come on scilons!

    FFS, has any single one of you ever come back lately?

    Bunch of bat-poopy stupids.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    One for Ogs...

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  13. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Dat was awesome Auntie, thanks :)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    forced abortion is wrong.

    if the rule is no pregnancy in the sea organization they should be fired if they become pregnant and not forced into abortion
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    or leave of absence
  17. Anonymous Member

    Or thrown off a ship just outside Bonaire along with the sewerage.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Lurk Moar
  19. Anonymous Member

    Well, for heaven's sake! Modern mothers smoke, and that makes milk musty. Sez Ron, in a less alliterative fashion.
  20. xenubarb Member

    ...or that Scilon airline pilot who postulated away the ice on his wings...before plopping plane and passengers in the drink off NYC.

    They should stick to things that won't harm innocent people when their "tech" kicks in. Like telemarketing, real estate clean-up, carpet sweeping, post cards. They seem to do well in the fields of easy money pursuits, less so in the professions.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Air Florida Flight 90 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "The pilot, Larry Wheaton, was an OT7. After the disaster, his widow tried to "donate" the insurance money to the cult, even though some of it belonged to her children. A court forced her to give it back in a lawsuit brought by an attorney who was appointed by the court to protect the interests of the children. I'm pretty sure the cult somehow figured out how to get their filthy paws on it later, though."
  22. Anonymous Member

    Most of us would probably not hire a Scientologist to be an airline pilot or knowingly fly in a plane piloted by one. In my case it would be due to their demonstration of extremely poor judgement. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the probable cause of the crash was pilot error.
  23. Herro Member

    Speak for yourself bigot. There's nothing to suggest his scientology beliefs had anything to do with that crash. Fuck off with your irrational hatred.
  24. PresidentShaw Member

    Requesting wordfilter for ''scientologist'' to ''nigger'' for every barbz post
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  25. Nick_Nolte Member

    That's a pretty fucking bigoted reason to not hire someone.
  26. Smurf Member

    Most of you, maybe. If the he/she was a qualified pilot, I'd have no issue flying in the same plane.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Not even if it was john travolta dressed as a sailor?
  28. Smurf Member

    From an old ESMB post (most links are outdated)..

    Several years ago, church members persuaded a Florida woman to turn over a workers compensation settlement she received after the death of her husband, Larry M. Wheaton, who left behind two children, ages 3 and 7. He was the pilot of an Air Florida jet that plunged into the Potomac River after it had departed Washington, D.C.'s National Airport in 1982. The Wheatons were longtime church members. The money was supposed to go into Wheaton’s estate to pay off any debts and at least part was supposed to be safeguarded until the couple’s two sons, Eli, 2, and Joshua, 8, turn 18.

    Court records show Mrs. Wheaton got $300,000 on June 8, 1982, and the next day spent $299,400 this way:

    □ $90,000 went to the Church of Scientology for church expansion.
    □ $42,000 to the sect’s Library Donation Service, which places books about Scientology in public libraries
    □ $8,000 to the building fund of the Learning Academy, a Scientology school in Miami.
    □ $5,000 in gifts to Church of Scientology ministers.
    □ $150,000 invested with MSR Inc., a Dade County firm owned by a Scientologist named Robert Almblad.
    □ $10,000 in a certificate of deposit.
    □ $4,000 for credit card debts left by her husband.

    Joanne Wheaton said in an interview with The Herald that her lawyers never told her the workers’ compensation money wasn’t hers to spend. “The funds I donated to the church were not supposed to have been donated,” she said. “It was a little flub on the part of one of the attorneys. I had not advised that by law, it had to go into the estate.”

    Former Florida Attorney General Robert Shevin, appointed by the probate judge, filed suit Wednesday on behalf of Mrs. Wheaton and her two sons seeking return of the $150,000 invested in MSR and punitive damages. The various entities of the Church of Scientology are not named. Shevin wrote them a letter threatening to sue, and $145,400 was returned.

    The sect also excommunicated Almblad and another Scientologist, Kenneth McFarlane, who was the sect’s deputy commander of international expansion at the time. Shevin says in the suit that both men coerced Mrs. Wheaton to give away the money. Mrs. Wheaton also gave the sect at least $75,000 of her husband’s insurance policy. But since the policy was not a probatable asset, she was entitled to give that away.

    ** Robert Almblad was not "ex-communicated".. he eventually blew 20+ years later.

    Robert's son, Jay, owns the Tarpon Springs home that Mike Rinder & his housemates rent.

    Joanne Wheaton remains a Scilon and remarried Richard Yared. They live in Cleawater. The sons she tried to rip off, Eli & Joshua were raised in the cult but don't seem to be active.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. these people are so stupid im sure they'd find a way to use telemarketing, real estate clean up, carpet sweeping and postcards to accidentally all of humanity out of existence.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    True that but with the old-news article comes some rather dazzling photos of these scientology "parents."

    Rough & Ready Lisa Marie Presley

  33. Smurf Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Title of this thread is an oxymoron.

    Clients of the Scientology corporation are taught how to neglect their kids and to put the company first. The company promises parents eternal salvation; it claims that your children are not really yours but immortal reincarnated souls, and that the greatest good demands you give all your money to the company, not to your children. And don't forget that when they reach 15 or so it's time to hand them over to the seaorg as slave labor, custodial rights and all.

    The role of a parent pretty much ends after the silent birth, the malnourishing with barley water. Off the kids are shipped into daycare warehouses run by untrained teenagers, followed by the denial of a proper education at Scientology-run schools with after-school spent working for Scientology.

    Child abuse and neglect is rampant in Scientology, but the koolaid drinkers don't want to see it.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Readin' my mind. Hope the kids get real help. and justice. Oh, and in cases of abuse and crimes, kids, well, you know how to write up reports very well. Police like that exact place, date, time, event stuff. Do It.
  36. Anonymous Member

    If I was hiring a pilot I wouldn't hire one who had demonstrated gross poor judgement.
  37. The Heretic Member

    I have trouble connecting the dots here. What has his alleged "poor judgement" to do with Scientology?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    To me being a Scientologist who gives them money is a demonstration of poor judgement.
  39. lostatsea Member

    I thought I'd heard most of the stories out there, but this is the first time I've read this one. This depresses the hell out of me. $300,000 basically given away overnight to the cult, and stolen from young children. What a fucking waste. :(

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