"Scientologists At War" (documentary, Joseph Martin, Roast Beef Productions) - UK channel 4, 17 June

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    Seriously - who gives a fuck about these endless notices of your postings? Not me. Give it a rest. If you want to bump the thread just do it.
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    It's being rebroadcast throughout the week.

    Channel 4 - 9:00pm Mon, 17 Jun
    Channel 4 +1 - 10:00pm Mon, 17 Jun
    4seven - 1:10am Tue, 18 Jun
    4seven - 10:00pm Tue, 18 Jun
    Channel 4 - 11:40pm Wed, 19 Jun
    Channel 4 +1 - 12:40am Thu, 20 Jun
    4seven 1:35am - Thu, 20 Jun
    4seven 12:05am - Sun, 23 Jun
    4seven 9:00pm - Sun, 23 Jun
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  4. Anonymous Member

    The Scotsman:

    I wonder how many lawyers scrutinised every frame of Scientologists At War – no, not the original title of Battlefield Earth but Channel 4’s documentary film about trouble in the organisation. Given Scientology’s noted embrace of the courts, quite a few, I suspect, but there is still enough scandal here to entertain those whose idea of a good time is mocking Tom Cruise for actually believing in aliens as well as being paid to pretend to fight aliens.

    But the focus of the film is on those who, while they’ve left the Church of Scientology, haven’t given up on the tenets drawn up by former science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard: they are now calling themselves Independent Scientologists. They think that the first lot – Cruise’s pal David Miscavige and co – have lost the faith, not because of the aliens or for using e-meters to measure whether a person has been cleansed of spiritual hang-ups (available for sale on e-Bay), but for getting distracted from all that. In return, they’ve been dubbed heretics and “squirrels” – don’t ask.

    Then there’s the delightfully-named Marty Rathbun, once the Inspector General of the Church of Scientology’s Religious Technology Centre (which apparently meant enforcing registered trademarks and copyrights), but now the most notorious defector who dished the dirt claiming, among other things, that the leadership beat people up, spied on members and regularly got together to drink whisky and have a right old laugh at secret recordings of Tom Cruise’s most personal confessions.

    For an outsider, it’s almost impossible to know the truth (though one does come away feeling sorry for poor Tom), but there’s a peculiar fascination to the story, which takes in so many worldly elements: celebrity, money and the extraordinary life of the late Hubbard himself. Yet for all its strangeness, maybe the schism is the most normal thing about this new church – after all, every other religion has split at some time, hasn’t it?
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    Information cross-posted to MIke's blog, Marty's blog and Tony's blog with credit and link-backs to WWP.




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    Is there a copy on Youtube, Vimeo or something?
  7. RolandRB Member

    Second that. I want to see and hear what that scheming slimebag Ratbun has to say.
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    Comment on
  9. Anonymous Member

    Oh I do love being able to confront the scilons in the comments section- it is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but fun nonetheless!
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    It has to be broadcast first....

    The crew were still tweaking it last I heard. Hope they include Rinder in his 2004 appearance. He look teh ghey.
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    It will go up on 4oD after it's broadcast.
  12. fags with leet skills with FlashGot should rip the video from 4oD and re-upload it to woo tube and elsewhere like goddamn herpes I am willing to sacrifice a sock account or two as i make 6+ Google accounts on daily basis for sake of trolling and good ol' lulz and as a dirty European heathen I sadly do not have access to 4oD.
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    Doubt Flashgot would work on 4oD, but I'll try some experiments later today to see if I can get something sorted. One problem is that 4oD is linked into the YT system, so content recognition will b&hammer any video on upload.

    If I get you a video I hope you can do a job on it to get around the YT system. I'd go for RT also so everyone can get to see it.
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    I can handle the RT upload if you can get a capture.
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  15. I have concrete proof that the Psyches are behind all of this.

  16. Make no mistake - this film in its entirety will be uploaded and distributed and parodied and memed and laughed at for years.

    Just like the John Sweeney film.

    These Roast Beef guys are good, Oscar nominees no less.

    So I expect big things tomorrow night.

    Make sure to take screengrabs and copies of the $cientology butthurt in comments where possible after this show is screened.

    The UK press and blogs will be crawling with Ronbots to defend Slappy Miscavige & the RTC.

    Good viewing figures on this show will mean more clam/scam investigations in future.

    Up here at the helm of the Starship Marcab, we look down at your planet with great hope.

    The SP that is David Miscavige is a source of irritation to Source. His Venusian Majesty has a headache. Those express trains don't help.

    Only can host these videos without the suppressive Miscavige using wog law to remove them from our enthetanets.

    In Xemu's name, make it so.
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    Thanks for the reminder!
  18. Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013: Day 3
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tonight on Channel 4: “Scientologists at War” « The Underground Bunker

    Meet director Joseph Martin and producer Danielle Clark, the young duo behind tonight’s 1-hour documentary on the UK’s Channel 4, “Scientologists at War.”

    The program is part of Channel 4′s “First Cut” series, which features the work of up-and-coming talent in documentary film making.

    We ran into Martin and Clark at the home of Marty Rathbun while we were writing about Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, two former Scientology private eyes.

    The third member of their team was Michael Simkin, a veteran filmmaker whose work has taken him around the globe.

    The three of them asked us to get involved with the project, and we spent some time with them in Los Angeles, Houston, and in New York. Even then — last fall — they were getting threat letters from Scientology attorneys, who were accusing them of not trying to get the church’s side of things. The truth was, just about every day, we saw Simkin trying to get through to church officials to arrange interviews or tours, to no avail.

    We hear that Channel 4 has continued to fend off an onslaught of sound and fury from Scientology’s attorneys, but it hasn’t stopped the airing of the program, which is scheduled for 9 pm tonight in the UK.

    More at

    Also, from the TV listings section of The Guardian:

    Scientologists At War, 9 pm, Channel 4

    It might be argued that all religious schisms are futile, akin to arguing over which type of cheese the Moon is made from. But there seems something especially silly about such a fracture within Scientology, as risible a magnum of snake oil as has ever been sold. This documentary introduces the upstart Judean People's Front of this scenario, the Independent Scientology movement, launched by former Scientologists displeased with church leader David Miscavige. Likely to amuse connoisseurs of human gullibility.

    - Andrew Mueller
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  20. SOJOA Member

    Hard to take this seriously when its produced by "Roast Beef Productions"
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    Needs horseradish.
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    From the comments section on channel4, lol

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  25. Horseradish Member

    In the UK, can also be watched live at:

    I find C4 live online does not work on Mac OS X > Chrome
    Fine on Firefox, by downloading current version of Flash with the links provided.
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  28. Horseradish Member

    He he. I love Urban75. Full of codgers who still think they are anarchists. And journalists after a story.
  29. Horseradish Member

  30. Horseradish Member

    OMG, Squirrels!!!
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  31. fishypants Moderator

    Bump. Starting now.

    Marty says he's the anvil that will break all hammers.

    Docu looks to be rather Marty-heavy. But still, good to see this kind of thing on mainstream TV.
  32. fishypants Moderator

    OT III, Xenu, etc.

    Damn it, I've got pneumonia now!
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    7 min in and there's the xenu story
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  34. wolfbane Member

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  35. fishypants Moderator

    The "church" denies that disconnection exists.

    Here's TO now.
  36. fishypants Moderator

    Wow! TO's disembodied head!
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  37. fishypants Moderator

    OSA tactics, "noisy investigations", smear campaigns. IRS and religious recognition.

    Coming up after the break: Tom Cruise
  38. Horseradish Member

    Loved the artist's impressions.
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  39. fishypants Moderator

    Watch out for the disembodied head of Tony Ortega.
  40. Horseradish Member

    So far
    a victim of Marty (who he?)
    Plently of Tony O interpretation
    Miscavige on stage announcing victory against the IRS
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