Scientologists at your work

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CyberTech, Feb 11, 2008.


Do you suffer at work for not being a CoS member?

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  1. CyberTech Member

    Scientologists at your work

    My question is simple, do you or anyone you know work for a company that has been infiltrated by the CoS?

    I am starting to get more and more suspicious (very difficult to find proof) that the company I work for is riddled with CoS supporters.
    In the past 6 months, 4 of my collegues have been 'made redundant' or forced into resignation when they have started questioning the integrity of a couple of the managers in reference to favouritism. And when I say collegues, I'm talking about people in my smallish group of sys. admins (about 6 people in the group).

    This is a global (multinational) company based in the US (I work in the Australian head office) with offices in the US, Australia, Europe, Asia and Russia.

    The company is also one of the largest publishing companies in the world, so it would make sense that the CoS would focus on publishers to produce the CoS's biggest money maker - books.

    So, if anyone else feels like they work for a CoS controlled company and that they cant get their voice heard at work because of that, let us know.
  2. 1) the CoS owns their own book factories

    2) perhaps the management has become polluted by Hubbard Management Tech, but I doubt it until you are required to attend "classes"

    3) more likely just a big company with pointy haired bosses beyond clueless
  3. Well seeing I work in a guitar shop with an old man and an athiest, no CoS problems at my workplace.
  4. Unlisted Member

    Re: Scientologists at your work

    This sounds like any other big corporation I'm sorry to say, maybe you should contact your union about your worries, though speaking out probably will result in a beehive of bs they can probably offer you some good advice about what you can do to improve your work situation.
  5. Apalled Member

    i think the only time that would be a problem is if youre working in the entertainment industry with the likes of jenna elfman, leah remini, or that one other screaming banshee of a bitch whose name escapes me now.

    one thing is consistent-- prminent scientologists are in careers relating to the humanities (the arts, sociology, creative writing, that sort of thing).

    except for a FEW doctors, you dont find scieno freaks within engineering (huzzah! :D ) or other technical related fields. just sayin'.
  6. CyberTech Member

    Thanks for your thoughts but, in my case at least, there is more to it than a heightened sense of paranoia. I have witnessed many examples of discrimination within the company that reek of the CoS. Even some of the openly discussed concepts here are blatantly derived from the CoS teachings.

    Also, in reference to the CoS owning their own 'book factories', I assume you're referring to New Era Publications and Bridge Publications who are the officially sanctioned CoS publishers for the fiction and non-fiction works of L. Ron Hubbard, however they dont make any claim to producing the training manuals and other, non-mainstream publications for the CoS. Remember, L. Ron Hubbard books (both fiction and non-fiction) are available readily for anyone to purchase. They are generally not CoS books, but generic self help books aimed at "recruiting" non-Cos-members to their organisation.

    So, what about the manuals? The journals? The scientific publications that make specific reference to CoS principles? Who publishes those?
  7. CyberTech Member

    According to the infamous Time Magazine cover story published in May 1991...
    Many of the group's followers have been accused of committing financial scams, while the church is busy attracting the unwary through a wide array of front groups in such businesses as publishing, consulting, health care and even remedial education.

    This leads me to believe that the CoS is much more prolific than you seem willing to accept. Remember, this is from 1991 and in the following 16 years the CoS has grown exponentially across the world.

    I'm not asking for fixes to my problem, I'm trying to educate people to the potential for CoS members to infiltrate large organisations with the sole aim of growth and recruitment. In this case, it appears that this aim involves stiffling those who object to the CoS in the same way that we have all seen happening in the mainstream media and is one of the biggest reasons for the uprising of Anonymous.
  8. Delta Member

    How does $cientologist know what machines and computers is?
  9. I did not favoritize the YouTube where David MisCaviage shows the International Association of Scientology that their 2 book factories publish everything (not just the pulp fiction). Hopefully someone else did and can show it to you.

    This is not to say Scientology does not infiltrate other businesses, just that they didn't infiltrate yours for the purpose of access to publishing

    Here is a little bit about how they infiltrate businesses: ... nterprises
  10. CyberTech Member

    Thanks for that. I have been hunting for months to find out who publishes the remainder of the CoS material without any luck. As with most things CoS, getting simple information like that is like getting blood from a stone.

    I'm in the process of compiling a list of companies that have connections to the CoS and it would help (and be interesting) to hear 'first hand' reports from people who work (or used to work) for these companies.

    Its not in my best interests to release the list so far, but rest assured that there are many more companies with some sort of association (either directly or indirectly) with the CoS. And so far, I have been only concentrating on Australian companies and companies that operate in Australia but are owned by overseas interests.
  11. I found the YouTube of their in-house publishing.
    wasn't looking for it then suddenly there it was & I remembered this thread

    then couldn't find the thread, not a first

    anyhow this convergence is complete, for me anyhow
  12. Wolf Member

    I work in a clinical neuropsychology lab. No Co$ there. :lol:
  13. NotAffiliated Member

    What evidence do you have that Scientology has grown exponentially?
  14. Anon81608 Member

    My boss has 2 L Ron Hubbard books: Basic Study Manual, and Speaking From Experience. But she also has every other self help or management book known to man.

    \/\/\/\/ Haha, yeah, she is very easily manipulated.
  15. Apalled Member

    she must be easily manipulative. sleep with her, get secrets....


  16. seebs Member

    Has the CoS actually grown? I would guess that their growth is being hampered hugely by widespread internet access. Anyone who wants to find stuff out can find it out.

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