Scientologists raising money for Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. xander meehan Member

    Thank You man for posting this. Here is my take on the whole deal. Bondi is without a doubt a knucklehead. Most people do not really understand why.
    Bondi always has been a good ass licker of Grease Ball Van Susterphuckerhead. Ole Greaseball;; Gretta Vansusterphucker head lives in clearwater.
    Ole Greasy Phuckbrain attempts to paint herself as a conservative. So does Bondi. Regardless of all the info brought out about Vansusterphuckerhead having conflicts of interest within the legal community by representing the Scieno's in Federal Tax Court with her braindead ambulance chasing husband John Cockhead Cole for their 501-c-3 disposition. The Government, IRS, and treasury were being represented by Mead Emory. Mead Emory was always a Scieno bone thug. He should have recused himself.
    I am sure you heard me rail about this many times previously. All you have to do is put all of the players together and put together a reasonable facsimile of truth and it paints a very bleak story.
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  2. -10

    Thanks Xander for not mentioning this one single time how you held Lisa in your arms when she was a baby. I'm so fucking grateful for all the times you did remind us though and for the next 20 million times that you'll see fit to post that vital piece of information here.
  3. xander meehan Member

    Everyone here should have gotten this clear years ago. Ole Grease Ball Gretta lives in Clearwater Florida, claims she is conservative (and isn't,) and no (as in zero) real genuine conservative) would ever be a Scieno, help the Scienos whatsoever, let alone involve themselves in such specious litigation as obtaining 501-c-3 status as a church or charity as did Greasy Gretta and her ambulance chasing husband John Cole.

    I would kindly ask that you leave this post here because every thing I have stated is an actual fact historically borne out by public record. Ole Barbi Bondi knows it as well.

    No. 2, Mead Emory has been dead for over ten years and was in fact the Assistant to the Director of the IRS under HillyBilly Cluckston, and represented the Federal Government in tax court in said litigation, another historical fact in the public records. No 3., Because Mead Emory was then at that time prior to his subsequent death and demise, as an adult , an lifelong Scientology Bone Thug using the Government as a weapon in his capacity as an employee of the IRS. All three of them should have been forced, as a matter of ;law, to recuse themselves from any participation in stated litigation. Why you may ask? Because of the glaring illegal, immoral, and unethical Breech Of Covenants, as required as an officer of the courts, to not engage in such grotesque conflicts of interest. Most especially in consideration of the Scienos past actions of breaking into government agencies to steal investigative materials against Scientology previously (operation Snow White.)

    No 3. Ole Greasy Gretta and her bonehead are nither one practicing TAX Attorneys. THIS WHOLE MESS was predicated on one thing. The year that Scientoology received their 501-c-3 status was the yeat Lisa was abducted from the Hospital and Murdered on Scientology Property. I am sure Ole Big Boobs Barbie Bondi has always known the truth.
  4. xander meehan Member

    Something I am sure that Bondi knew as did Greasy Gretta were the volumes information surrounding the Permanent lifetime trustees of the Religious Technology Corporation. Reed Slatkin, Stephen and his Brother Sherman Lenski, Lymon Spurlock (the Ole Man not his son,) and of course Leon Misterek. The whole lot all Scumbags.

    When the Internet first started roaring in the early 90's Reed Slatkin was the person behind all of the Securities Fraud regarding Earth Link. Two of the largest providers of Internet access were in fact at that time AOL and Earth Link. Slatkin went to prison behind his load of Bullshit.

    Ole Big Boobs Barbie Bondi shouldn't be raising money from Scienos yet has done so for years. She has always had the big hookup with Grease Ball Gretta soanning well over a decade.
  5. xander meehan Member

    To continue on this note... Fox News was always aware of Greasy Gretta's connection to Bondi, and the gigantic conflict of interest representeed in Tax court with Mead Emory. Talk about DEEP STATE BULLSHIT it doesn't get any deeper than this.

    For the casual observer, what needs to be fully recognized is the blatant fact that Lisa was just one of the internal murders within the Scieno's. There were others as Anonymous knows all to well. Not just the murders, but forced suicides, forced abductions, forced abortions, incarcerations by a private organization, brainwashing, wholesale tax fraud, kidnappings, nearly every criminal event or type an average person could think of, yet the government did nothing. This problem festered for years until Anonymous.
  6. xander meehan Member

    Even worse, there has never been a statute of limitations on Murder. What is Big Boobs Bondi 's position on this fact. Yet there has never been an investigation into Lisa's death. Not a real investigation, nor has there ever been a satisfactory explanation why the coroner's original findings were overturned, nor the Scieno's illegal acts of removing Lisa' from the care of the treating hospital. WTF, where is Bondi on this issue. This should have caused and released an outright plethora of investigations at both the state and federal level, and subsequent civil litigation's, and outright criminal civil rigthts litigation s
  7. Fuck off Xander and take this blatter about Lisa with you it's been wheeled out by you on every occasion to the point where we've grown sick at the very fucking sight of you.
  8. xander meehan Member

    Go Fuck Yourself You Dimwit Scieno... Learn to Read Buttfuck
  9. xander meehan Member

    There is another very salient point... Prior to Brag Greys Death after years in Hollywood it was well known in many circles that Ole Tommy Boy C had been stating that if Ole Arnold Swartz a negger was the Goobernator of Californiakazickastan... That Ole Tommy Boy should be the legitimate President of the United States. This is after the Scieno's had made a major push to force Scientology into the training regimes of the entire US Military. Talk about dodging a major Bullet.... Think about the implications of that... Tommy C as the President... With ole Hag Bert the Heebert David Miscavige being the actual Power behind the POTUS... calling the shots.... Having full Access to the NSA< CIA< FBI< DIS< and all of the other Alphabet Soup Agencies... What a Mess the average American would have faced..... The Bull shit with Greasy Gretta, John Cole, Mead Emory... let alone the permanent trustees of RTC and Scientology ... would have fully destroyed the US. The Tax Fraud implications alone from Hollywood Scum, and their rip off TAX Deductions alone would have wrecked the country...... Anonymous did GREAT JUSTICE for this country by standing up... Every American should give great thanks to Anonymous everyday for blasting the Scienos publicly.
  10. xander meehan Member

    Here is why your such a lousy FUCKER.... LISA was just ONE of the MURDERS... THERE were MANY MORE... LISA WAS JUST ONE...
    IF YOU WERE ACTUALLY HONEST you would stay on point about it... LISA was just one person among HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS that suffered...
    All the Bull Shit regarding BONDI is nothing more than a SYMPTOM of the far greater problem that we faced... The same problem WE FACE TODAY....

    YOU'RE Nothing but a PUNK BITCH... GET ME FAGGOT>>>>

  11. xander meehan Member

  12. Jesus Xander I thought you had more class than you're showing here right now. Evidently I'm very wrong and after reading back on your post I'm sickened by your choices of language.
    Any regard I may have held for you is gone , you're an embarrassment to the cause .
  13. xander meehan Member

    That in fact may be... Yet you seriously need to take personal stock and inventory, on what goes on here with the Scieno's that now perforate this board. Quite frankly, I do not care if someone is gay. I don't hold any aspirations of bashing on some one for their personal orientation whatsoever. Be very clear about it... I do NOT LIKE ASSHOLES that overtly condemn me for knowing LISA her entire DAMN LIFE... GET IT! I have personal friends of mine both queer and lesbian that would stand up and defend me, after knowing me for over 35 years, EVEN THOUGH I AM STRAIGHT!

    I will not tolerate these dufus attacking me for NO REASON WHATSOEVER!

    NO ONE has any right to tell me what to post NOR how to post! THIS IS MY TRUTH!

    The worst thing LISA ever did in her entire LIFE was to become SCIENO... It ultimately cost her everything, most importantly her own life. The bigger picture is that she was just one among-st many. Lisa was like my kid sister, whom as she grew up, we very seldom saw or heard from. I knew her mother FANNIE my entire fucking LIFE! Fannie's death, in the end will always bring me VERY GREAT PERSONAL SADNESS.

    For me it is Very Bitter yet very sweet, she was able to free her self in the end, at tremendous cost. Yet, the SWEETNESS is she no longer suffrs.Lisa will always be most sorely missed by me. MY PERSONAL MOST VICIOUS ANGER, is aimed at out GOVERNMENT, whom unilaterally stood by and DID NOTHING< FOR DECADES.
  14. There is a report that Pam Bondi is being considered as a permanent replacement for ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Tony Ortega has previously reported that Bondi appeared at a human rights event at Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel, and that Scientologists held a campaign fundraiser for Bondi.

    Fin Gomez is a CBS News White House Producer covering President Trump.

    @MajorCBS is Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News.


    My reply tweet:


    Links in my reply tweet in order:

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  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Just one more ethically tainted Cabinet member for a Trumps Admin. She will fit right in and be fired within 2 years for something that comes to light and causes a stink.
  16. Election Complaint Filed With DOJ Against Florida AG for 2013 Trump Foundation Contribution.

    ABC News: Election Complaint Filed With DOJ Against Florida AG for 2013 Trump Foundation Contribution

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Pam Bondi's fundraising group received a 2013 check from the Trump Foundation.

    A Democratic group affiliated with an anti-Trump super PAC filed a complaint with the Department of Justice on Wednesday night against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi for the $25,000 her re-election fundraising group accepted from the Trump Foundation in 2013.

    "We believe that Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General, and Donald Trump have violated federal voting laws including but not limited to bribery across state lines by way of a $25,000 campaign contribution from Trump to Bondi during her 2013 election by way of the Trump Foundation in return for AG Bondi dropping an investigation into Trump University. We ask the DOJ to investigate this matter," a complaint filed by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump reads.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  17. PainterofLite Member

  18. xander meehan Member

    Disambig... Is Bondi a REAL SCIENO?.... If she is,.... this is seriously fucked up! Some how I smell Greasy Gretta's involvement. If Bondi is Not Scieno, its still very clear that she'll take their money.... for whatever Reason!
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I don’t think Bondi is in Scientology
  20. xander meehan Member

    Thanks for responding. I would really like to like Bondi....BUT.... I always worry that she will never re open lisa and other peoples files regardless of how actionable the information is or would be.... hence I always feel like she is political click bait only...

    On another note since I just logged in.... whats up with the story about an asian person with a sword being shot in the head at a Scieno Church?
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