scientologists wearing masks

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by eee, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. eee Member

    scientologists wearing masks

    What if there are a flood of scientologists wearing guy masks who start having pro-nazi and kkk signs? What would be the best way to handle something like this?

    I'm thinking of this situation because of the recent sale of 200 masks in LA to a "fraternity". There's a slight chance something weird might be going on and we should figure out how to deal with it in advance.
  2. Spot Member

    Re: scientologists wearing masks



    Anyone refusing to give the password, follow 'em around with a sign that says "shhh! undercover scientologist!" with an arrow pointing at them. Everyone else POLITELY engage scientologist and tell them we're here to help, etc, etc.
  3. P_P Member

    Re: scientologists wearing masks

    There have been several posts about this already. Use the search function!

    If such a thing happens; STAY cool, call the police. They will perfectly know how to handle it. It's not up to us to deal with such fools.
  4. the_cloak Member

    Among anon, these people look as out of place as a fur convention attendee in a shower room. Even with masks on.

    Believe me, they will not be able to blend in at all. They don't get the jokes, they don't understand the memes. They don't behave like normal people. They are dysfunctional and totally tied to the "tech" and the scilon way of talking. These people have been programmed and they will act like people who have had their life and will sucked out of them. 5 seconds of convo will tell you that. If they keep their mouths shut, then they will stand out from their sullen silence.

    So yeah. We have little to worry about. If they decide to go on a masked rampage, it will quickly come out that it isn't us. Even the cops can tell the difference between us and them. Read the statements that a clearwater lt. made to one of the posters. It's over in general or breaking. Speaks volumes if they can easily spot the difference. Not a dig at the cops, they don't know anon culture yet they can see the difference.

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