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  1. sceptical Member

    Quick question and maybe an obvious answer or a stupid question but is there any chance Scientologists come on here?

    I know they are told to avoid anything negative towards Scientology but will they have members who roles are to snoop about to find SP's?
  2. The answer is yes. They would love to shut all critics up if they only could.

    This awful cult does everything that they think will help them.
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  3. The Scientologists who are actually assigned to visit this place and observe conversations are from a branch of the managerial structure of the church known as the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) - basically, their legal affairs and intelligence (read "spying") operations. Do a little research on them if you want to know more about the Scientologists who are likely to be visiting and reading this forum on a frequent basis. If I recall correctly, all of OSA is Sea Org, the most dedicated and hard core of the bunch. For many of them, reading negative information about Scientology only reinforces their siege mentality and strengthens their resolve. They're often told that the negativity is a sign that Scientology is working, drawing forth the forces of evil to combat the good that Scientology must be doing. In any case, their observation activities of this and other forums are likely to be fairly well-organized, probably with the number of observers being limited to that necessary to do the job. For sites like WhyWeProtest, the activities of OSA go beyond just observation; since WWP allows guest posting, it is almost certain that OSA has used this feature to troll and interject messages into conversations that they would like to disrupt.

    Any other Scientologist who visits this forum does so against strict Church policy not to read anything on the Internet regarding Scientology that is not from the Church itself. As a result, visits from any other practicing Scientologists can be expected to be few and far between.
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  5. I forgot to mention that we also probably get visits from Independent Scientologists - folks who have left the official Church of Scientology to practice Scientology independently of it. Presumably, they can view whatever they want on the internet without fear of repercussions from CoS for doing so.

    Conversely, I know of at least one documented case of a woman being declared suppressive by CoS - meaning she would lose every relationship with every Scientologist she knew who wished to stay in CoS's good graces - simply for what she read on the internet and watched on TV.
  6. sceptical Member

    It amazes me they don't see the control being played out, many I've spoken to seem very interested in government conspiracy and happily discuss topics about what they believe really goes on in the back ground and then I just think then why wouldn't you look at your own religion!

    I'll be careful what I post on here then as there is some people that need help and if they get exposed then it could create a lot of conflict.
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  7. thesneakster Member

    Us Independent Scientologists don't give a flying fuck what David "Darth Midget" Miscavige and his minions have to say about where or whom with we may communicate.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  8. RightOn Member

    I find it ridiculous and very sad that some Indies are speaking out against Leah Reminin's docu-series.
    It speaks volumes about how the mindfuck continues.
    Anything against LRH = no KSW
    Even if this docu-series can help people not to join the COS or give people the courage to leave or to speak out.
    AND it may be influential in revoking their tax exemption which would really sink the COS.
    Which proves the mindfuck is just what it continues to be = brainwashed.
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  9. "with whom" - The preposition goes before the object of the preposition.
  10. thesneakster Member

    "Some Indies"? Specifically whom, please ?

    I'm a member of several Facebook Indie/Freezone groups and the vast majority of response there has been positive and laudatory.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  11. Here are. Or here're, but that's a very uncommon contraction.

  12. Would you like try a W and perhaps buy an E to complete the puzzle, Deluded Indie?

    My condolences on your poor education, not your fault, L. Ron Hubbard's bogus 'Tech' did not provide you a proper edumacation.

    WAKE UP and STOP promoting Hubbard's totally debunked SCAM for your own benefit, Hobson. His policies require the abuse of children. Promoting and selling fraud is a criminal offense.

    The Children's Security Check in and of itself is Child Abuse, imho and I don't see you renouncing ALL of Hubbard's abusive policies.

    Hubbard's insane relentless over-processing for decades has taken a serious toll on YOU and ALL Indies. You've been deluded and lied to for decades, you're not the only one.

    STOP perpetuating the LRH Mindfuck on others. Move On!


    Google: L. Ron Hubbard: Fraud
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard's Biography of LIES (All of it)
    Google: Child Abuse in Scientology
    Google: Independent Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard's Abusive Scam Continues.......
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  13. thesneakster Member

    OK, but what I asked for was specific names and from RightOn, since it is his claim.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  14. RightOn Member

    How the fuck do I know Sneaks?
    And it is NOT my claim originally. It was from what was posted on WWP from Twitter.
    It was posted on twitter by Scientopedio or whatever the fuck they call themselves. Go look at the post, maybe you can recognize the guy in the avatar from the link.

    EDITED: HA HA, I just saw the blown up pic, the avatar is actually Flubbard.
    So, its an Indie page on Twitter and they have been blocked on Twitter by Leah Remain according to their posts
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  15. CCX008 Member

  16. Glad to see that you speak for a larger group that identify as Independent Scientologists. Don't ever change, Hobson. Don't ever change.
  17. This "awful cult" may be watching you!
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  18. CCX008 Member

    and they are, not only that ..they are manipulating everybody and everything, brainwash !!
    Longtime Scientologist John Travolta has responded to Leah Remini's recent Scientology allegations, dismissing the former church member.
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  19. CCX008 Member

  20. sceptical Member

    Do most people on here know people in Scientology that they want to help get out or ex Scientologists or simply against Scientology?
  21. BLiP Member

    Its a mix, although most people here are not against Scientology per se so much as the abuses Scientology visits on its members and society generally.
  22. AquaMan Member

    Regarding the OP, yes at least some of them do read this forum.

    The planned January 2017 protest in Atlanta in particular got their attention, and they complained about the nearby Publix supermarket being mentioned as available for protester parking, hence the correction I posted a bit ago in the announcement thread.
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