Scientology angers Mayor over land deal

Discussion in 'Media' started by Triumph, May 20, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    St Pete Times
    Clearwater mayor irked as Pinellas County sells downtown parcels to Church of Scientology
    read article here
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  2. Smurf Member

    It'll only be a matter of time before the political power base in Clearwater is solely comprised of Scilons.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Good. Lets scilons keep spending money buying property. Soon, Clearwater will be a garrison town for Sea Org.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Soon they will have to change the name from clearwater to clamwater .
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  5. vaLLarrr Member

    Aye, wall it in, let the disgusting scilon creatures wallow in their own shit.

    It's not like anyone cares anymore. Let them have Clearwater, let the dumb sect have everything, and watch them kill themselves.

    I don't believe there's a Scientologist alive that really and truly wants a world ruled by Scientology.

    They know it's bullshit, they prefer to just run away from reality. This is how cults develop.

    L Ron Hubbard was the ultimate coward.
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  6. Sponge Member

    Then wall it all off, top it with razor wire and call it Gold Base 2.


    Anyone know if the city is actually getting the fines off the cult?
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Sponge Member

    Where they will pray twice a day, aligning with source, by sticking their heads up their own asses.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    And Clearwater takes another step to being nothing but a ghost town full of glassy-eyed zombie morons.
  11. Anonymous Member

    real estate seems like a risk-free investment if you are patient and never have to pay taxes.

    can they flat-out speculate, let land appreciate , sell it at a profit?
  12. Triumph Member

    for the property to appreciate takes up keep repairs and renovations..and depends on the upkeep of your neighbors property

    roads,sewers,sanitation,sidewalks,water and utilities and city services the cult pays very little in Taxes to support the infrastructure...the surrounding businesses and homes pick up the tab for that

    all those TAX fee Structures the cult keeps sucking up...drain the hell out of the TAX base.

    it is not a great environment to open and run a profitable business..all that real estate inflates everyone else's taxes..

    it is not like the city can offer Tax abatements for New business to locate with in the city..they can't afford to give anyone a tax break...

    it's a slow death....its urban blight without obvious signs of blight..
  13. LocalSP Member

    Scientology doesn't have to pay the fines until the building is complete. So I expect that it will never be finished.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Needs more poons in the comments.
  15. amaX Member

    Let's look at this another way. We know that the big bucks Sci's are super pissed that the Super Power Building isn't finished. They're angry. The few that are left are snarling that the building WILL be done this year. Now the cult has bought up these properties. Good. Let them waste more of the culties' money and piss them off further. $6.7 million? Good. Waste millions. I love it. Spend more. No one goes downtown anyway. Clearwater is spread out over a large expanse. The only place that's infested with Sci's is downtown.

    I think it would be hilarious if they started building another monstrosity auditorium while the Super Power Building remains unfinished!

    This is actually funny and makes my day. I'm also lol'ing that Hibbard is pissed at the cult. He should be pissed at himself. He was instrumental in making sure that the gorgeous and historical Calvary Baptist Church with it's one-of-a-kind dome was sold and then razed to the ground to build an eyesore tower of condo's and shops that remains mostly uninhabited. Hibbard was mayor AND a member of Calvary Baptist when the deal went down. Disgusting.
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  16. Smurf Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if the cult sues the city to have the fines tossed out.
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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Are there any wrong ways to finish that sentence?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    David Miscavige
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I hope the spikes face inward.
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  20. amaX Member

    They might not fare as well in court as they used to.

    For one thing the citizens of Clearwater are still smarting from this:

    And let's remember that this happened in December of last year:

    And if the cult can afford $6.7 million for five new buildings in the downtown area then they can afford their daily fines for not having the monstrosity finished, right?

    Hoping so much that the Super Power/Mecca Building/New Flag Building is done, done, done.
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  21. RightOn Member

    They already own way too much land. And to think they origianally snuck in under an assumed name and look what they have done to Clearwater. I am surprised more citizens do not pool together and speak out. Or is it due to fear?

    I think a postcard with a vintage look of Clearwater with shooped in Sea Orgers with zombie eyes can be the new add campaign for Clearwater :(
    "Come To Clearwater and Get Clear"
  22. Smurf Member

    When I lived in Clearwater, it was a mixture of hopelessness to do anything constructive about it or the residents respected the rights of the Scilons to be a bunch of crazy loons. But, most residents that don't have to be in the downtown area for business or work, rarely go there anymore unless they're heading to Clearwater Beach. The Scilons have really destroyed the life of the downtown area.
  23. Optimisticate Member

    Clearwater is like an apple. Rotting from the inside out.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

  26. greebly Member

    keep buying real estate ty
  27. Random guy Member

    Won't the administration have to do something sooner or later to secure the towns finances?
  28. Anonymous Member

    What administration would you be talking about?
  29. Too bad Clearwater should pass a law to the effect that a business is unable to purchase new property if they owe back taxes. Hit the cult where it hurts. The wallet.

    Edit: Forgive me... business should say, corporation. Religious or secular.
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  30. amaX Member

    Let's put this into perspective here.

    Here's a simplistic map that will show you the approximation of cult owned buildings in the whole of Clearwater:


    This is a map of Pinellas Co. with Clearwater highlighted in RED. Clearwater stretches from the intracoastal area of Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico all the way across the St. Petersburg peninsula to Old Tampa Bay.

    The GREEN dot is an approximation of the cult's ownership of buildings in the downtown area. The green dot may be the only one you're going to be able to see on this map...

    There's an ORANGE YELLOW dot right above the GREEN dot that represents the three old hotels the cult keeps just north of downtown.

    There's a tinier GRAY dot that represents two or three other hotels the cult owns just east of the downtown area.

    Then there's just the teeniest little BLUISH dot that represents Hacienda Gardens and Sherwood Gardens. Both of these old apartment complexes are used for Sea Org berthing. Grunt Sea Org live at Hacienda Gardens and higher ranking Sea Org live at Sherwood Gardens. Sherwood Gardens SO are allowed to have beater cars, bicycles, and beat up motorcycles.

    Downtown Clearwater also boasts the Pinellas Co. Court House. No one ever really wants to go there.

    Downtown Clearwater actually did remain a shopping destination for the men and women living in the Island Estates and Carlouel Estates areas of Clearwater Beach even after the cult moved to town. They used to travel across the old causeway bridge and shop. There were a couple of very chi-chi women's dress shops and one men's shop along with Stein Mart. Old Calvary Baptist Church was very active and had a child day care center. All of these places are now gone because of Project Normandy. The last proverbial straw was the re-routing of beach traffic from Cleveland St. to Court St. The places to shop were not for your lower to middle income customers.

    So, downtown Clearwater hasn't really been a destination for most people for a long time. It's just been someplace to drive through to get to the beaches.

    However, there are some bright spots downtown:
    The beautiful pink Presby Church still boasts a large congregation and their bells still peal out everyday even though the cult tried to legally get them to stop ringing the bells.
    The Royalty Theater (part of Ruth Eckerd Hall) has been having lots of events.
    Coachman Park still has major events that are attended by thousands of non-Sci's. We recently protested on a Saturday when Coachman was having a Snoop Dogg concert. I don't think it's legal for me to write out some of the things that were yelled from cars that day...
    And you never can tell when Clearwater Anons are going to roll into town.

    The rest of Clearwater has white sand beaches, malls, movie theaters, the Phillies Spring training at Brighthouse Field, cruises, golf courses, skate parks, public pools that are OPEN, restaurants, and every little touristy thing your heart desires except a theme park, but we let Tampa and Orlando handle those nasty things.
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  31. RightOn Member

    ^^^^ still too much untaxed real estate.
  32. Anonymous Member


    Thanks, that image help put things in perspective.
  33. amaX Member

    I agree that any real estate they own that goes untaxed is too much, but there's a serious problem with people believing that the cult dominates the whole of Clearwater. It's simply not true.
  34. RightOn Member

    I am guilty of thinking this myself.
    But if a lot of people think this, wouldn't that be a good thing and obvioulsy bad thing for COS? In other words, it may scare people enough to take action and make sure that it doesn't happen in their town?
  35. BLiP Member

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  36. amaX Member

    Scientology doesn't do well unless they're in or near a larger metropolitan area. Bullshit doesn't play well in rural and smalltown America. Most people who aren't familiar with Scientology at all think of it as something akin to Mormonism or at least think of it as a freakish cult. (For instance, Rep. Dan Burke D-Chicago who almost got duped by Nancy Cartwright thought that.) The Scilebritards give the cult legitimacy.

    Having people think that Scientology dominates Clearwater works to scare people who live in towns close to us. Tampa/Yborg residents are angry and a little frightened that the cult has turned their eye toward them because they're right across the Bay from us.

    But the people in Ocala think it's super cool that John Travolta lives there. They're too far away for Clearwater cult history to have an impact. They're most probably not going to be joining in droves up Ocala way, but they're also not going to care about running them out of town as long as it's one tiny building in the downtown area. Travolta will continue to throw money their way every now and then and Ocala will be successfully whored out.

    What I would actually like is for the people on this site to understand that the cult doesn't own all of Clearwater. It's a big, ole spread out town with lots to do besides roll through Crazy Cult Town.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Mormonism bullshit plays well in many small towns in the great basin area of the US.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Those among us that may sometimes question the relative danger of a "goofy space alien cult" vs other protest worthy threats in the world weren't fortunate/unfortunate enough to have witnessed Project Normandy in action.

    There's no limit to the danger that a loony cult with goals of world domination, armed with large sums of tax free cash can pose upon any community anywhere in the world at any time, particularly when allowed to operate quietly in the shadows.

    In the past 3+ years, Anonymous (and others too) have done much to help them spend those cash reserves, limit the acquisition of additional income and most importantly shine a very bright light into every dark corner these predators lurk in.

    In time, tax strapped governments, city, county, state, and federal will see through the religious cloaking and come to recognize the harm that has been caused by allowing this business with no viable product to offer that provides no value to the communities in which it operates the advantages of tax exempt status.

    Downtown Clearwater will be free again.
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  39. amaX Member

    Mormonism plays well, but Scientology does not.
  40. amaX Member

    I hope you see this... Peter Mansell=Head OSAFlagot recently held a meeting where he revealed that there are only 1,000 active Scientologists in the Tampa Bay area. :D
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