Scientology as old Echoes in Postcards from Senility

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  1. and the youth tends to learn and remember...
    The nearness of Casa Hubbard and Anesthetic distributors in history

    Echo echo echoes

    The Author of Über Coca
    Has something in common with L Ron Hubbard since Hubbard adopted much of the ideas from his teacher Dr. Joseph C. Thomson who seems to know a lot of Freud's experiments at that time.

    Not mentioning the Anesthetic effects
    Sigmund Freud influences of Cocaine consumption today can hardly be overestimated someone wrote. But the most important effects Cocaine had on Science was the Anesthetic effects giving raise to series of local-anesthetics (Xylocaine ..) So the most important effects is hidden. Just as tunnel sight makes the world deeper - and my thumb is larger than the sun when it is in your eye. Perspective.

    This Association in Disassociation
    And to me Hubbard journey Dianetics and Scientology is all about his own reactivity which he never got read of. Just look how critics to him or scientology are threatened and threatened. Hubbard never got clear. But did write a story about it. To some parts it is a copy of what Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung was doing. And doing it to calm himself from his reactivity and this is in part the journey of Dianetics and Scientology. Scientology clearing Hubbard

    With one major part of teaching copied in, mostly into the sales.

    Deny your source, deny the reasons and selling a Anti reactivity cure as the hyper reactive salesman that cannot handle critics, A Major Diss as in Disassociation.

    And become the source and the holder of the major association. Not to forget the flow order.
    The E-meter was there and Carl Jung was highly interested in its effects. Hand on.

    12 minits into Dangerous

    The early E-meter by

    Transcript: A Dangerous Method: Psycho-Galvanometer / Jung & Freuds E-Meter
    NARRATOR: According to Sigmund Freud, we are all restricted from realizing our full potential due to repressed negative fears, dislikes, and resentments of our unconscious mind. This resonated with Carl Jung. He devised a method using the phenomenon of skin conductance to provide a scientific basis for Freud's ideas. Jung's published work, Studies in Word Analysis, presents his technique of reading a predetermined list of words to the patient, who is connected via hand electrodes to a psycho-galvanometer, a device which monitors changes in the electrical resistance of skin in response to their emotional state

    Is "A Dangerous Method" a Dangerous Movie? What makes Cronenberg's movie edifying, sexy and worth seeing

    Ok fuck of now & we have the copy right - Disconnect and obey

    Crack is not new and & Anesthesia is just like a dream so please take your sleep and then, be awake.

    Dependent ? Yes, how else could all this be possible?

    Cult dependency is the worst and Scientology hates the competition


    Joker and play

    Btv I got a postcard from the father of modern cocaine consumption today.

    A man whoa action Is hard to exaggerate when it comes to Cocaine situation today
    This is just a dealer & you know always demanding to win – just like into the filming of Berlin Alexanderplatz – Regi – and even in the poker-playing – demanding to win – If I cannot win – You have a problem – That you now know

    Hubbard made Pyongyang subway

    View attachment l-ron-hubbard-scientology-perfected-pyongyang-tunn
    The goodwill of symmetry


    Chemo demo

    Fly high & Good bye

    Crack in the head is nothing new


    Hubbard labeled Scientology as his work, when it came from history
    when removing the references he just showed that scientology was made by anonymous, as he abused.
  2. What did I just read
  3. The connection between
    Joe Tom Sun and Sigmund Freud is obvious strong already in 1924 when Imago by Sigmund Freud mention the works of him (Joseph Chessman Thompson). If now our Sir-Pent was Educating L Ron about what Sigmund and Jung was up-to during the time, he would have told about
    -The emotional memory of a reactive kind and how it can be measured
    -The Psycho Galvanic Test (E-Meter) Difference in word association test by timing the reaction.

    Joseph C. Thompson was probably deeper into relation with Sigmund Freud for
    some years earlier.The postcard from Freud gives the very same indication.

    Sigmund Freud postcard to Dr. Joe Tom Sun in Seattle (above)
    July 27, 1923
    Best thanks for your letter. And most of all for the charming photograph of the three graces (angels) on the Pacific Ocean.
    Yours dedicated,
    P.S. I have hardly any (or no) relations with Dr Stekel


    Always disassociates the references in order to be the source. LRH Stealing to heal LRH - But never became Clear - No one has -

    Most ideas stolen from psychology and Psychiatry as well as Psychotherapy
    But it is not until Hubbard gets refused he starts to hate psychiatry, since he has this strong reactive mind and scientology is just about himself curing himself in temporal reliefs. The reactive mind of Scientology is one of the strongest and directly inherited from the founder.

    Richard Semon the Mnemotic Engram

    The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory
    Where is forgetting Located?

    Thomspon could be the major mediator in the inspiration to Scientology by telling about how:
    1. Scientology arrived 1871 as an Utopian Spirituality: Universology expressed as Science by the laws of the Universe echo in
    2. The Memories of past events mnemotic correlates in Psycho galvanic responses or physics of mental activity from Freud & Jung
    3. A Personal Teacher in Science of fraudulent behavior
    Watching the movie Dangerous connection with the word association test combined to an early E-meter highlights a possibly deeper relation between Freud - Jung & Scientology.Joe Tom Sun was represented in Imago by Sigmund Freud and staff.

    L Ron Hubbard as
    the born copy cat.

    JOE TOM SUN: Symbolism in the
    analytic Review. Vol. X, N° 2, April

    Die vorliegende Schrift enthält einen
    Versuch, die Ergebnisse der Psychoanalyse
    auf den symbolischen Gehalt der chinesi-
    schen Schrift anzuwenden. Der Verfasser
    äußert die Meinung, nfr ein ausgezeich-
    neter Kenner der chinesischen Schrift
    und Sprache, der sich auch mit den
    Lehren der Psychoanalyse vertraut ge-
    macht habe, könne dieser Aufgabe ge-
    recht werden.

    Die chinesische Schrift ist auf eine
    Denkweise begründet, welche uns an die
    primitiven Formen des menschlichen Den-
    kens erinnert. Die ursprünglichsten chinesi-
    schen Schriftzeichen sind Bilder zur Dar-
    stellung von Gegenständen. Zur Bezeich-
    nung von abstrakten Wörtern, Adjek-
    tiven usw. wurden später „Ideogramme"
    erfunden, die meist aus zweien der ur-
    sprünglichen Bilder zusammengesetzt sind.
    Beispielsweise wird das Wort „gut" dar-
    gestellt durch Kombination der Zeichen

    Chinese written language. Psycho-
    für „Frau" und „Kind"; mit anderen
    Worten: das Verhältnis der Mutter zum
    Kinde gibt der Vorstellung der Güte ihren

    Hier kann auf die weitere Entwicklung
    der chinesischen Schrift und auf die zahl-
    reichen interessanten Beispiele der Sym-
    bolik, welche in den Schriftzeichen ent-
    halten ist, nicht näher eingegangen wer-
    den. Für jeden aber, der sich für die
    Äußerungen des primitiven Denkens inter-
    essiert, bildet die vorliegende kleine Mit-
    teilung eine Fundgrube an Material. Üb-
    rigens sei bemerkt, daß bereits vor län-
    gerer Zeit in der Berliner Psychoanalyti-
    schen Vereinigung von Rohr ein Vortrag
    gehalten wurde, der zum gleichen Thema
    wichtige Beiträge brachte und in sehr
    erfolgreicher Weise die Erfahrungen der
    Psychoanalyse für das Verständnis der
    chinesischen Schrift nutzbar machte.

    Dr. K. Abraham (Berlin).
    Page 228


    The Bridge
    Noone knows what it is when entering

    Now you are on Lafayette Ronald Hubbards road and he wants to rule

    - He will define it -

    You are the playing card
    View attachment scientology-drug-rehab-narconon-jpg-w-685-jpg.2686
    He is the Joker and not joking
    Heavy into narcotics and booze from time to time
    Selling the other side in the vision

    This Association Disassociation
    Disassociating This Association

    get a grip
    from opposition in dimensional sides
    the vision in division
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  5. There is only a single post of a one way communication… 1923

    Thompson was asking Freud about his relation to dr Stekel, the most probably reason would by principle be something dr stekel have done lately, that in some way made sense to him. Something that most likely was in opposition to Freud ..

    · Stekel W. (1922). The Homosexual Neuroses
    · Stekel W. (1922). Bi-sexual love; the homosexual neurosis
    · Stekel W. (1922). Sex and dreams; the language of dreams

    Something with a sexual nature might have interested Joseph C. Thompson, it might be strictly private since the letter from Thompson to Freud is not public at all. That could say something or nothing at all.

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    In search of Perfection

    Measuring ... Hmmmm, yes that could be
  8. A young poor man went out searching for gold (with rain whipping in the forehead
    as a part of crying in the rain)
    -He found nothing
    So he let his projection become the truth & started to tell the one he thought would be listening.

    The heavy density of having nothing as a heightened fact - Becomes the Opposite -
    in the market report

    All He wanted peace from his own hyper reactivity - He could not really take critics from himself or even worse others. Because he became hyper-reactive in many ways
    So Dianetics and Scientology inherited his Hyper reactive core - and baptized the lacking ability to face critics as SP and PTS with a amplified sense of defined know-how into the unquestionable chain.

    A young sensitive man broker than ever in the search for gold
    Started to sell the story of how he found gold and glory
    He found Gold on his and his wife's backyard


    Uniquely as the selling point USP
    He started to selling the Rock solid tectonics as Tech & it is just like the gold he never found

    Just as the gold he never found when he came home again more broke than ever, he started to sell the mother-load – and mining the instrumentals

    Tooth-loss as the action core - Unbelievable fantastic
    The perspective from his lost tooth now..!n Perspective - Perplex in anatomy lex
    – His bad health was sold as the sharply things of anyone's loss
    – when they saw saw
    - A lost tooth became Excalibur, now see it from the perspective of LRH Tooth, dead.
    – and finding out how the master teeth got out of the perspective, by the very magics of this story. Only-

    This primary opposition in this association in Disassociation – does never happens –

    - Then we just echo it in the reverb - again and a gain -
    Core through the bone & the core in design
    or decor in design

    Thum in the index finger to get a grip
    So Holding the
    Association of disassociation & the invisible yoyo spin cannot read
    Anonymous until missed and found

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