Scientology at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 18-19, 2015

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    This weekend, your chance to chat with Scientology booksellers!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, April 17, 2015

    Thanks to the tipster who sent in these photos of the booths being set up for this weekend’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. If you get the chance, stop on by and ask how sales are!

    Continued here:

    There are two photos in the above article. Booth 192 is marked Celebrity Centre Dianetics, and booth 133 says Galaxy Press.

    There's more about the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books here:

    There's a 2010 thread about the cult at the festival here:
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sneaky, sneaky Scientology

    By Tony Ortega, April 23, 2017


    We received this from one of our readers:

    My husband and I were sitting to eat snacks at the LA Festival of Books when a man with a clipboard approached us. He asked us if we would be willing to fill out a survey for a publishing company. My husband said yes, so the man gave us both surveys and pens. As I started to fill it out my husband asked him, “Is this in reference to fictional characters?” to which the man replied, “Yes, I believe so. I’m just helping them get these surveys out.”

    As you can see in the picture, I was moving right along until I hit…”High confront.” Hmmmm. I asked the man, “Is this publishing company related to Scientology?” He replied, “It’s a local publisher.” Double hmmmmmm. I again asked, “Related to L. Ron Hubbard, right?” He sighed a little and said, “Yes, Galaxy Press.” I stopped, folded the survey up, and politely said, “I’m not going to be finishing that, sorry.”

    My husband was wrapped up in his survey, and I didn’t want to make this man go “High confront” on me so I just sat there. Then the man said, “What gave it away?” I pointed to the item and said, “High confront…the rest of the world doesn’t talk like that.” I was expecting him to do anything, from giving me the silent treatment to demanding to know what my crimes are, but surprisingly he started to make small talk with me that was completely unrelated to anything Scientology-related. This reaction made me think that perhaps he wasn’t a Scientologist, and really was just helping a Scientologist friend out with this task. It was pleasant and went on until my husband finished his survey, and gave it to the man who then walked away. I explained what happened to my husband who said, “Shit, did I put my contact information on that thing?” Luckily, he didn’t.

    And as far as this survey being about a fictional character? I don’t think so. All items sound like ways Scientologists would describe old Elron.


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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Clearing the planet, one pamphlet at a time

    By Tony Ortega, May 21, 2017


    Our thanks to the reader in Los Angeles who sent us some really fine photos of Scientology “body routers” on the streets of Los Angeles trying, desperately, to find new victims, er, customers, uh, spiritual seekers. Whatever.

    We’re seeing some great facial expressions here. What do they suggest to you?





    More at
  4. MIB

    Please "Flash Picket" at 12:00(noon) or 6pm-7pm M-S
    1308 L Ron Hubbard way, CA 90029

    These are the times when the victims go outside for a minute.

    Freedom of Speech and Religion
    Where is Shelley Miscavige?
    Medical? / Social Security? (Sea Org)

    Ron Miscavige - Book
    Jenna Miscavige - Book
    L Ron Hubbard jr. - Book
    Quentan Hubbard - Suicide
    Mary Sue Hubbard - Prison
    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
    Where is Heber Jentzsch?
    What happened to Alexander Jentzsch?
    Who killed Kyle Brennan in Clearwater?
    I didn't join Scientology to stop Freedom of Speech (this makes them think about why they joined)
    Idle Orgs, buying Real Estate for David Miscavige. Where is a Clear, where is an OT?
    Find out both sides, and decide for yourself - Youtube Scientology - Google Scientology
    Under what circumstances will Scientology not help you? (no money or questioning the church)
    Scientology Pro Abortion / Anit-Gay / and fights Freedom of speech.
    Calls in bomb-threats to this day. Has been for 40 years.
    Is it okay for a Sea Org member to assault people?
    David Miscavige assaulted 30 people with witnesses. Why is he still in the Sea Org?
    Why not have a 20 or 40 year contract? A Billion year contract is unenforceable! It's a Fake Contract.
    Wikipedia say the Sea Org does not exist as an Organization. Are you in the Sea org?

    Your Rights: You have the Right to Assembly / Freedom of Speech

    Block ingress or egress of parishioners or staff.
    Do not harass staff or public. Noise Pollution / Harassment / Menacing / Intimidation
    This group is seasoned;Will Lie, Distract, and have you arrested to the best of their ability.
    Be warned, Only the Determined need apply. They hire Talon Security, ex Sheriff (plain clothing)
    P.I. License #18180

    Best Practices:
    Bring a camera to film your actions as well as theirs.
    Bring a friend to support you as a witness.
    Stand at the bottom of the street in front of the cafe and across the street from AOLA.
    Run a conversation between you and your friend, which covers the contents of your signs and what you would like to draw attention to in Scientology.

    please repost this on your social media, or appropriate forum

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