Scientology Begging!

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, May 27, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I have had a scilon facebook account for months that I have been harvesting and aiding Scientologists to and we have all beem talking bouts OT powhaz to each other. This evening I recieved this :

    "Hello! My name is Tatiana, I'm from Russia, Moscow. May be you will surprise that I wrote you a message, but I did it only by one reason: I REALLY NEED MONEY! It's stupidity that I never wrote before and start to communicate because of that reason, but I think much better to be honest with you. If you can help me - it's great! If not - no problem!
    I ask you as a BIG THETAN, and I know that you are the BIG THETAN!!! So, I think you want to ask me - for what purpose and how much? I will explain.
    Just in a few weeks we, Scientologists, must to open an Ideal Org in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is really special city, because condition of that area influence on all Near East. And, as you know, this is very disturbed region because of war between Arabes and Israelies. That's why International Management decided to prepare Basics on Arabic on the occasion of opening an Ideal Org (on Hebrew we have all the materials). We haven't enought Arab-Scientologists to translate all the materials in time - that's why SO was forced to employ company that can translate these materials. But we need to pay for this service - and that's why I need money. You see - it is very important, it's act on your 4th Dynamik and, of course, it will help you to be more CAUSE in this MEST-universe. I need barely 2500$ and I'm sure that you are man with GREAT ABILITY TO HAVE! We need to be fast to finish that cycle! It need to be done as soon as possible, (an ideal scene - right now!), we have no time to think. And you see - I need your decision NOW! If you want to help me, please, write me an sms on the phone +7 926 371 28 08 and we will come to an agreement how I can pay it back. Thank you for your patience and attention to me!

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Why did that make me laugh?
  3. Anonymous Member

    drugs, mental instability, who knows?
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  4. Puppetmama Member

    This is sad.
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Scilons doin it rong. Here is the correct begging tech:

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Tatiana is also a tutor for Applied Scholastics in Moscow..

    "The unique technique that allows to cope with any learning difficulties, increases the interest to the topic, will allow children in the future on their own to prevent any failure in school and have a unique, not imposed by a teacher, look at things. Experience 5 years. Lesson - 120 minutes (2 academic hours). Price - 2000 rubles. For those who decided to try - a free demonstration of their parents.


    City: Moscow
    Location: South-Western
    Phone: 8-926-371-28-08
    (Ran through Google translator)репетиторство/
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  7. Wow - awesome confront. Put the doggie treats - ALL of them - in the bag right now.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Do they even realize how closely they resemble Nigerian email scams? Also:
    ..signs you're in a cult much?
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  9. slobeck Member

    I'll bet we can, Tatiana, I bet we can. Or rather we could. If I wasn't a raging cawk whore.

    But that aside, It would be terrible to text anything to that number from a disposable cell. So awful that you should just put it out of your mind and not do under any circumstances. Besides there would most definitely not be even a single lol in it for you. Not one.
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. this guy looks like he's ready for the COS..
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  12. Natter Bored Member

    Stupid scilon.

    Flooding Tel Aviv with The Way To Happiness hsrdcover books will solve this crisis once and for all.

    I propose that Dear Leader David Miscavige give a stirring speech at the United Nations General Assembly, providing verifiable documentation of the TWTH proven crime reduction rates, lower incidences of drug abuse, massive increase of teens hugging their Mommies for no reason, and massive expansion of glitter and butterflies and unicorns.

    If we give every potential suicide bomber a copy of The Way To Happiness, Scientology will make a lot of money. And that makes DM very happy.

    Please send your cash donations to your nearest org by Thursday at 2 PM. Top 10 money makers get a 10% discount on 2 week Freewinds personal enhancement journey to Colombia, and will receive a free Louis Vuitton suitcase with special locks, to bring back to the US (opening suitcase prior to airline check-in not allowed).
  13. xenubarb Member

    Tch, poor girl.
  14. DeathHamster Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    "Hi I'm Tatiana the last surviving member of the Romanov family and due to some unfortunate circumstances I find myself low on monetary funds. The Russian government has promised to repay my due inheritance but that will not be for a few months yet. If you will send me some money to help get me through the next few month I promise to pay you back ( with interest ). If you do contribute to help me out you will be allowed a 1 hour free shopping trip in the Hermitage. Not only would you have helped me out but this will help you decorate your dreary home with some of the finest art work the world has ever seen. The more you donate the better chance you will have of obtaining a signed piece by the world renown artist Ted Stourton"

    Thank you

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  16. but... ted stourton is a horrible artist.
  17. AnonLover Member

    Tatiana begging for tel aviv ideal org donos on May 27

    Hareetz broke the news of the plots involving bombs, arsonists & mobsters + scientology ideal org building sabotage in tel aviv on May 17

    Perhaps Tatiana didnt get the memo they aint nowhere close to having an ideal org done due to demolition FAIL?

    heh. lulz!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    You are a primitive with no taste in Art.
  19. i can teach a paraplegic semi retarded monkey to do better art than ted with a blindfold on.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Prove it!
  21. Anonymous Member

    OMG!!!! This is brilliant. I mean of course another option is that she is one of those Russian girls [or not even girls] pretending to be in love with you so that you will send her money, i.e Russian scheme.
    However, it is absolutely true that they don't have Arab Scientologists in Israel. Scientology created this front group in Israel called Organization for the Security and Thriving in the Middle East. They've been trying to reach out to the Arab population of Israel [Israeli Arabs that have Israeli citizenship, not Palestinians in Gaza or West Bank]. They really haven't had much success with that population.
    IMHO for various reasons - Scientology is successful in secular and a bit nuts Tel Aviv, where to be fair the Hari Krishnas are also popular. Arab society is more traditional, more religios and wants nothing to do with Scientology. Plus, the Arab population would welcome an organization that would GIVE them money, rather than take it.
    As for the new Jaffa Org - we all know that Gur Finkelstein made sure that it won't get open any time soon, hehe.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't there a Scientology school just recently raided and closed down in Russia?
  23. Anonymous Member

    This might be a dumb question, but you all know who Tatiana Romanov was, right?
  24. Anonymous Member

    I think that's part of the joke.
  25. Is it a bad sign that when you read the OP you the first thing you thought of was "How do I impersonate a Scilon on Facebook? I'd love the lulz of talking to real Scis!!! I bet I could convince them I'm enthusiasm.
  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    With TommyDavisTommyDavis under cover on secret mission lately, we obviously needed a new leader. It was really white of Gur to step up like this.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Good. I didn't read the thread lol.
  28. Wanna come over to my place so I can teach ya

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