Scientology Boston selling Alexandra Hotel to buy Allston office complex

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    Church of Scientology purchases new headquarters in Allston for $15 million | The Boston Globe

    The New England branch of the Church of Scientology will move its headquarters to Allston after purchasing a large office complex near the Massachusetts Turnpike.

    The local Scientologists have purchased the office building at 212-214 Lincoln Street and several surrounding properties for $15 million, church spokesman Kevin Hall confirmed.

    “It gives us a stable place where we can help people with our services while not having to be in the real estate business anymore,” Hall said.

    Hall said the church has not settled on a move-in date yet, but would likely need time to design changes to the interior. It is currently leasing temporary space in Quincy.

    In November, the local Church of Scientology listed for sale the historic Hotel Alexandra in the South End, which it had bought in 2008 and promised to renovate into a new headquarters. The improvements never materialized, in part because the church struggled to sell its longtime former headquarters on Beacon Street in the Back Bay. The proceeds of that sale had been intended to fund the renovation of the Alexandra.

    The Alexandra has not yet been sold, but interest in the property is high, according the church and its real estate lawyer.

    An abortive effort by the New England Scientologists to rent space in the Newmarket industrial area of Boston last year ended in a lawsuit, with the landlord accusing the church of repeatedly revising the terms of its lease.

    Hall said the church would work with the Allston buildings’ existing tenants “to make them happy,” but could not say whether they would be allowed to remain.

    Hall said the church had borrowed some of the $15 million from the International Church of Scientology, which typically requires its regional chapters to be financially independent. The New England group will pay back the central church with the proceeds of the Alexandra sale, he said.


    New England Church of Scientology purchases new $15m headquarters in Boston neighborhood
    • The regional branch will be located at an office complex in Allston
    • Move comes a month after the church put up the Hotel Alexandra for sale
    • Church purchased the historic hotel in 2008 and had hoped to renovate it
    • But it struggled to sell a longtime base that was meant to fund the remodel
    • Finally sold the property in 2013 but for $2million below asking price
    Continued here:

    Church of Scientology Buys New Allston Headquarters for $15 Million

    Report: Church of Scientology moving New England headquarters to Allston Rock City

    UPDATE 1:46 p.m.: A new Facebook group titled Allstonians Against Scientology has already been formed.

    The previous thread is here:

    Boston: Alexandra Hotel to be saved by Church of Scientology
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    Church of Scientology moving local headquarters to Allston neighborhood of Boston | Boston Business Journal


    The Church of Scientology Boston is moving its headquarters to Allston from a temporary office in Quincy.

    The church on Dec. 14 acquired a 71,580-square-foot office at 214 Lincoln St., a 3,840-square-foot building at 218 Lincoln St. and a 12,640-square-foot building at 226 Lincoln St. for a combined $15 million, Suffolk County deeds shows. The seller was Philip DeNormandie of Boston-based real estate development firm DeNormandie Cos.

    The buildings house a variety of tenants with varying lease lengths, but the eventual plan is to empty out the buildings and convert the larger of the three into the church’s Boston headquarters, said Marc LaCasse, a real estate attorney who advised the church on the acquisition.

    Continued here:
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Why did they buy those two other buildings? Were they part of a package deal?
  4. anon8109 Member

    Interesting detail. I thought that money flowing "downlines" was forbidden. Typically if an org needs help and can't raise the money locally isn't the scientology corporation's typical modus operandi to raise money from donors at other locales rather than to take it out of Miscavige's accounts?
  5. BigBeard Member

    It looks like they purchased everything on the block with the main building. The 226 Lincoln facility is a warehouse with a live in office for the caretaker/security. According to the listing for that building there are 12 registered sex offenders living within 1 mile, most within 1/2 mile, of the building. There have also been 13 foreclosures within 1 mile of the building. Real affluent neighborhood. Not a lot of parking either. Traffic noise from I-90 will be nice too. Especially during the rush hours.

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  6. Looks distinctly wonky to me. Is this the Leaning Box of Boston, by any chance?
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    After years of delays, Scientologists agree to sell historic Alexandra Hotel

    By Dan Adams, The Boston Globe, July 31, 2017


    After nearly a decade of inaction and delays, the Boston chapter of the Church of Scientology has agreed to sell the Hotel Alexandra in the South End to a developer, giving neighbors hope that the boarded-up landmark could be finally restored to its former splendor.

    The prospective buyer of the 142-year-old Alexandra, at the corner of Washington Street and Massachusetts Avenue, is Eric Hoagland, the son of CVS Pharmacy founder Ralph Hoagland.

    Celebrated by preservationists for its unique Gothic-style ornamentation and colorful sandstone facade, the Alexandra was once a posh home for wealthy Bostonians. But the building has been mostly vacant for decades, a neglected eyesore that looked increasingly out of place as gentrification swept through the neighborhood.

    The younger Hoagland, whose Common Management Group manages several residential properties in Cambridge, confirmed that his company had signed a contract to purchase the Alexandra and a neighboring parcel. But he declined to detail its terms or his plans, saying he was still assessing “how to approach this property,” and cautioned it could take a year for the deal to close.

    “Common Management is delighted to have the opportunity to redevelop the iconic Alexandra building,” Hoagland said in a statement. “Like so many of the residents who have patiently waited for this building to be brought back to life, we see its beauty and promise, and very much look forward to engaging with our neighbors and other stakeholders to restore this property.”

    Bob Minnocci, who helps lead the Worcester Square Area Neighborhood Association, said neighbors are open to various uses for the dilapidated property, including a hotel or residences.

    “The community would love — love — to see that building refurbished,” he said. “It’s been an eyesore for years and years, and a waste of very valuable space. But in the right hands, it could be beautiful.”

    The Scientologists bought the Alexandra and a historic brownstone next door dubbed the “Ivory Bean” for $4.5 million in 2008, saying the properties would be extensively renovated and replace a building on Beacon Street in the Back Bay as their headquarters.

    But the church’s hopes were never realized. In 2011, the Scientologists were forced to demolish the Ivory Bean building after bricks from the crumbling facade fell onto the sidewalk. Meanwhile, the group struggled to raise the $17 million necessary for restoration of the Alexandra, and then concluded the building was too small for its needs.

    The Scientologists listed the building for sale in December 2014. As time dragged on without a buyer, some neighbors pressed the city to take the property by eminent domain. Even now, some are skeptical the sale to Hoagland will actually close.

    Continued at
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    Alexandra Hotel redevelopment could start in early 2020 September 5, 2019, Tom Acitelli, Curbed Boston

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