Scientology Casting Notice

Discussion in 'Media' started by flunkforlaughing, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Scientology Casting Notice

    Casting Notice
    Project Name: Scientology Educational video
    Project Type: Industrial
    Rate/Compensation: Between $60-$100 depending on number of hours on the set
    Role: People in an organization
    Gender/Age/Ethnicities: Male or Female / 18 to 50 / All Ethnicities
    Description/Notice: We have various shots of people in an organization and at a business place


    Any Anons in the Los Angeles area want to be in a Scientology Educational Video? This casting notice was posted tonight on www. LACASTING. com. Perhaps they are filming for the HUGE Scientology TV advertising campaign that they announced recently.

    This would appeal to any Anons in the Los Angeles area who are in the entertainment business - hopefully already registered on that site. Unfortunately you have to pay a small fee to register on the site to see all of the casting notices. A friend of mine in the industry forwarded me the email. The casting call is real.

    And just by posting it here, now OSA can be all concerned and do extra screenings of all the actors and actresses they hire, because they will be paranoid that one of US will show up. You never know, do you OSA! Anons are everywhere!
  2. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Might be like their "Help wanted" signs

    Its a tarp
  3. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Sounds like something the Film Actor's Guild might want to see...
  4. Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    they're either making a bunch of them, or they're having trouble getting actresses for the one. About a month ago, a friend of mine almost ended up auditioning for one. She moved out to Cali to try and make it as an actress, and her mother had found info for an audition for her. Luckily, the day prior she and I had just gotten into a conversation about Scientology and how dangerous the cult is.
  5. 13Heathens Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Jesus fucking Christ, on a Popsicle stick, THINK PEOPLE!!

    This is verification that all those people in their fucking videos aren't even real scientologist. They're all paid actors praising the tech. Why the fuck are you guys all over this?! You can use this to fuck them hard over every damn "testimonial" they EVER had in one of their videos.

    PLEASE, tell me I'm not the only one that saw this angle?

    Some of the Trolls and lulzies need to beat this with the Fail-Hammer of doom!
  6. abattoir13 Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    I second your findings 13Heathens....pure fail on the cults behalf not even using there own "fallower's".....I think this is something that should be exploited publicly via the you tube and in fliers and such.
  7. the_cloak Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Just remember, if you get in, play the part, do what you are asked and don't fuck around. The whole point is getting inside and seeing the layouts and what is going on inside Gold. Remember, balls and nerves of steel need only apply.
  8. abattoir13 Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    and when they ask whats the name going to be on the check say your name is "Cash" and you don't mean ol' Johnny either. lmfao.
  9. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    can i finish my corned beef first?
  10. Re: Scientology Casting Notice

  11. 13Heathens Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    I refuse to comment on your digestive capability.
  12. kitfisto Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    i love it i love it i love it i love it
  13. Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Yea, but still. Some of the testimonials are real, from real Scientologists (Staff members mostly). It's hard to find actors/actresses this crazy:

    Okay, everybody who's going to the audition, practice these phrases:

    Woosh! I'm like floating. Whoah, what happened here?
    Oh my God. I'm reading this book outside of my body!
    I've gone exterior on these lectures.
    It's like - BANG! You're out and you know you're out and you ain't going anywhere but to the stars!
    It's like "Pseww!" right through the roof.
    Blow out win after blow out win after blow out win.
    It's going to have the most profound and massive impact on this planet!
    And your reality gets COMPLETELY blow out!
    It's like my duplication was increased like a million times!
    I could see those bogs and they just blew. It was so easy.
    All of the solutions to getting out of the traps are in those books.
    You're getting more and more Theta power to play the game of life.
    It's amazing information. It's like superhero information. It makes you OT.
    It melts and it flows and it goes right into you.
    I was able to get full conceptual understanding of this data.
    That was like - blew me so far...
    He's talking about all the secrets of the MEST universe, and I get it? I'm like, no way!
    It's given me the fastest Mercedes Benz car, that I can just press the accelerator and just go "Whoosh" and I'm gone.
    It was totally real to me that I had my own universe.
    Bang, bang, bang, things were blowing quicker. I was getting like immediate results.
    Boom Boom Boom. Non-stop.
  14. MsDweller Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    too bad they won't film in Clearwater. I see a lot of homeless that could use the cash.

    Oh, no wait, I don't see the homeless anymore.

  15. TheBitch Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Actually, I'm moar interested in seeing the msm cotton onto that fact. Consider, the only actual $cientololligists one sees in promo video / interviews / etc., are $cilebrities and high ranking staff. ALL of the rest of the people in the videos would appear to be hired actors.

    Ask yourself why? Who has a vested interest here, and of what type? There was an article about the $cileb Center somewhere out there the other day that was about how the place was actively used to recruit using a mystique of exclusivity and specialness among actors. Basically a super-adoration center designed to get young wannabes to wannabe members of the seekrit treehaus.

    tl/dr - why only $cilebrities in $cilon videos? why the rest are talent? someone pl0x splain to me. It's liek watching John Holmes and Linda Lovelace... the supporting cast are .......? See, nobody remembers they names!
  16. anyjane Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

  17. JFawkeson Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    "It teaches you why your heart is an alien testicle pumping space cum through your veins."

  18. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    That is an excellent video. The kid at .32 looks a lot like a young Tommy Davis.

    I wouldn't be surprised if COS used these cattle calls for both purposes.
  19. Giggles Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Anyone remember the movie "When Hell was in Session"?

    Morse Code Entheta Blinking for the WIN....LOL
    C - U - L - T
  20. Xenuphobe Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    Beware of situations where you have to share your Social Security number with any Scientology-related entity.

    I made that mistake myself a few years ago when I helped a friend with some work at their job, which turned out to be a WISE business.
  21. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Scientology Casting Notice

    No, they're all "residents" of Gold base now...

    I mean, to a homeless person, rice and beans is a banquet!

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