Scientology = Child Abuse

Discussion in 'Media' started by RolandRB, Jul 1, 2012.

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    The current title is good. I need Google hits and the current thread title appears to work.

    If you Google:

    suri cruise scientology abuses

    .. then hopefully this thread appears on the first page. It does for me, at least.
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    well, ok then :)
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    Thread stickied. :)
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  6. Would you like to know what's inherently wrong with Scientology?...........

    Watch this video of Sea-Org kids on a routine day............

    The indoctrinated parents are 'on post' for 12 to 16 hours a day and their kids live and work together crammed into bunkbeds with 10 to a room, there may be one hour a day with parents and three hours 'family' time on Sunday provided that parents and kids are in good standing.

    The sad part is parents willingly go along with this abusive treatment in the name of 'clearing the planet'.

    This is all required, 'normal' family living in Hubbard's abusive, controlling Sea-Organisation.

    Most who watch this video would think about how horrible these overcrowded living and working conditions are for these kids and look into what can be done about this horrible treatment of children.

    A Scientologist on the other hand would categorically deny that such living conditions exist, look for a way to remove the video that threatens Ron's beloved 'religion' and go after the person filming as the bad guy and try to find dirt on them instead of showing proper concern for their very own children.

    Hubbard's abusive policies towards children constitute child abuse in and of themselves, imho and there's plenty more instances of Scientology child abuse including LRH personally involved.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse

    Scientology, it's a sickening abusive cult, a totalitarian, scamming, harassing group operating in the image of their leader, convicted fraud and child abuser, L. Ron Hubbard, his insane abusive policies and mind-numbing processing.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The Daily Crabbie: Katie Was Afraid Tom Would Ship Suri Off To Be In The Sea Org!!!!!!!

    L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up the Sea Org after smoking opium during an episode of McHale's Navy and now it's the super-secret elite ninja level 10 order of Scientology. Actually it's a bunch of closet cases dressing up in re-purposed Halloween costumes and floating around on a cruise ship that they pretend is a battleship but, shhh, don't tell them or you'll break their hearts. "No 'sailor,' that broom isn't a gun and that tiny Mexican fishing boat isn't the Japanese fleet. Jesus Christ are you retarded?" Oh fuck I shouldn't have said that. Now the Sea Org is going to send some dude who looks and sounds suspiciously like a member of the Love Boat cast to butt-rape me with a silver dildo. Drat.

    No seriously, the Sea Org is like the coolest level of Scientology. It's where they teach you the REAL hardcore bullshit. The stuff Hubbard scribbled down during the most insane of his schizophrenic episodes. Mormons read this shit and they're like "okay that might be going a tad far, L. Ron." This shit is fucked up is what I'm saying. It's so fucked up, Katie Holmes didn't want Suri having anything to do with it. When a member of a religion that thinks crackers are the body of their lord and wine is the blood of their lord and they kneel down in their most sacred spaces on their most sacred days and consume these in an act of symbolic cannibalism thinks your ideas are fucked? Your ideas are pretty fucked.

    Briefly, Tom was going to send Suri off for Sea Org training, and Katie didn't want anything to do with that shit. So she's divorcing him and doing her level best to make sure she gets sole custody. Suri's brain already knows enough crazy shit by Katie's reckoning. Well, she was exposed to Tom Cruise on an almost monthly basis for several years. And, the penis gummies thing. Not to mention the terrible emotional trauma associated with being hounded by the paparazzi every time you step out the door. It's gonna take years for Suri to work through that stuff. But, thankfully she'll have a wonderful support system behind her. The Catholic church. That ancient bastion of all that is good and pure. Pedophile central with a leader who's a Nazi. MUCH better than Scientology.
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    The unblinking stare of Scientologists

    One thing that stands out about Scientologists is their unblinking stare. In fact, they are trained as part of their "communication" skills is to stare at a person with unblinking eyes, though they never question this technique as being a useful tool for "communication". It is their first "training routine" called "TR-0" ("Training Routine Zero"). Even young children are trained in this and Suri will have already received training in this. Nobody knows but this could be a form of hypnosis making people obedient to the cult. And practised over many years it could be turning people into unquestioning slaves of the cult. L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology, was known in his early years as being a competent stage hypnotist.

    Suri Cruise might already be in a state of constant hypnotic trance through this "TR-0" that Tom has had her trained in. Suri has maybe been in a light trance for more than a year to ensure her future cooperation as a cult member.

    Search on TR-0 in the following page you can link to:
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  11. jensting Member

    Semantics indeed.

    I don't suppose any of TC's other kids are in the so-called Sea Org, the paramilitary wing of the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology? David Miscavige would love to have a trophy member - and we know he likes to treat the children of L Ron Hubbard (who were in the Sea Org if they did not leave) badly.

    Best Regards

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  14. Kibbles n BTs Member

    L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, defines children :

    "Children are people who have not passed checksheets and have no paid posts in the Sea Org."

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Scribd link:

    2010 Child Abuse within Scientology


    1 Children at Risk
    In this section the age & demographic of at risk children, how they are placed at risk from recruitment into “The Sea Organisation” & how their education may suffer during long stays abroad.

    2 During Stays Abroad
    Recruits are often moved abroad to to make contact with parents difficult or impossible.

    3 Ethics & Fear in the Sea Organisation
    Similar in nature to East Germany's Stasi Secret Police, The Ethics departmentis universally feared throughout Scientology & The Sea Organisation. Policy & implementation explained, including the immunities granted by Scientology to sex crimes committed by certain members.

    4 Child Abuse in the Sea Organisation
    Education and recreational activities do not exist inside the Sea Organisation; instead children are put to work as an adult performing manual labour and long hours, the remainder of their time being brainwashed.

    5 Sexual Abuse in the Sea Organisation & Scientology
    The Case of Gabriel Williams, Scientology High Flyer & Registered Sex Offender. Statement from victims husband, police reports and court documents relating to this case.

    Appendix 1
    L Ron Hubbard's World Hierarchy chart, which shows him at the Top, followed by Scientologists through the unelightened masses to the very bottom where he places medical professionals, police, FBI & government. This document reflects the current mindset of every Scientologist, it may well go some way to explain their continuing disregard for all laws & their criminal behaviour.
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    I think we need a single mascot shoop for this thread. Just the one high quality shoop. I have the idea. There should be two photos/shoops. One image of Suri looking very happy and underneath it the word "THIS". Then underneath that a few lines down the "or", then underneath that more lines down, Suri's face on a pointing screaming invasion of the bodysnatchers girl and underneath that the word "T-H-A-A-A-A-A-T !!!!". Suitably spaced so you have to scroll down for the second picture and caption.
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  19. RolandRB Member

    Is it true that children younger than 16 can be recruired into the elite Sea Org and sign a billion year contract? Scientology spokespeople say no. Others disagree from experience.!!!!!

    A common route fo a child is for them to be members of the CMO (Commodore's Messenger Organization) until they are 16 years old. The CMO was started by Founder L. Ron Hubbard to act as messengers for his orders and as personal servants.

    A few months later, Diana upset her father in some way. Hubbard reeled off a long reprimand to the messenger on duty, adding at the end of it: 'OK, go and spit in Diana's face.' The messenger was a little dark-eyed girl called Jill Goodman, thirteen years old. She ran along the deck to Diana's office, burst in, spat in her face with unerring accuracy and began shouting her message as Diana let out a scream of fury.

    Several former members of the CMO have given full and shocking accounts of their time with Hubbard. In addition to carrying messages, Messengers looked after all the Commodore's personal needs. Teenage girls (right) wearing white hot pants would put out his clothes for him, prepare his shower, dress him, change the music on his tape recorder, light his cigarettes, even catch the ash as it fell. The CMO Household Unit would rinse Hubbard's washing seven and later as many as seventeen times to rid it of the vaguest hint of the smell of soap. There was a Messenger on "watch" twenty-four hours a day to attend to his slightest whim.
  20. RolandRB Member

    Will the judge favor Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise in the custody battle?

    We won't know at this stage but Scientology has a history of removing judges from court cases where things are not going in their favor.
  21. Etain Member

    Am doing the twitter thing to spread The-Chanology-Papers. Hitting people that mention Scientology as a cause and have LOTS of followers. Fingers crossed, cause this comic has been shown to help people understand.
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  22. exOT8Michael Member

    Child abuse in Scientology and the Sea Org are not myths, but everyday realities that give a life of slavery to the cult from a young age. It should be made impossible for children to be so recruited and enslaved. Suri must not be assimilated into Scientology like some kind of possession or sacrifice. It is HER LIFE to choose what she wants to do with it when she is old enough to know all her options.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I posted those. The JPG is indeed details, highlighted from the USCIS pdf file, found here:
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  25. Kibbles n BTs Member

    The Sea Org – They’re coming for your children

    In the Middle Ages, families would often give a child to the church, to become a priest or a nun. It was considered a mark of piety.

    Many Scientologists have given sons and daughters to their Church – their children have joined the Sea Org. They are proud of their Sea Org children and, yes, it doesn’t hurt the parents’ Eligibility.

    But there’s a darker side of Sea Org recruitment, recently the subject of a thread on Ex-Scientologist Message Board. Here are some of the stories that were posted.

    1. “I had two very good friends who were mothers of 13 year old girls. Both of them were presented with a scenario where Sea Org Recruiters had contacted their minor children directly to get them interested in quitting school and joining the Sea Org. By the time their parents heard about it, the kids had already signed. The parents were desperate. They were told – in one case by David Miscavige himself – that the kids would stay in Los Angeles and they could be visited any time. In both cases the kids were shipped off to Flag in Florida and one even went to Europe to work in the RTC. These mothers were desperate, and had been threatened with declare if they interfered.”

    / more in the link
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  26. RolandRB Member

    Those highlighted details are good. If possible then please copy and paste the post into this thread, making sure there is a link to the full document somewhere. This is exactly what is needed at this time (i.e. that it is possible for a 6 year old to be consigned to the Sea Org). That it comes from a court case makes it all the more important.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Children in Scientology and the Sea Organization


    1 . Children are mature "thetans"

    2 . Left unsupervised

    3 . Dormitories and communal living

    4 . Not much sympathy and nurturing

    5 . Industrial strength child-care

    6 . Medical treatment

    7 . Two weeks sauna

    8 . "Hard Sell": Recruitment into the Sea-Org

    9 . Unlawfully overworked

    10 . Penal discipline: The "Rehabilitation Project Force"

    11 . Schooling is minimal

    12 . Sexual abuse

    13 . "Thetans" don't have families

    14 . Aftermath: Physical and emotional trauma

    15 . References
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Let's not forget Mace Kingsley ranch kids, raped and abused by Wally Hanks, which the cult covered up.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Child Labour Camp in Australia
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  33. RolandRB Member

    From following the links above, it seems that 6 years old seems to be the age to join Scientology. I guess Tom Cruise, as a proud father, wanted his daughter Suri to step up to her responsibilities. I don't know why it took another two years for the boy above to sign his billion year Sea Org contract at the age of 8 years old.

    Did I say 16 years old? Maybe I should have. That's when they say you are eligible to join the Sea Org. 16. Not 6 years old, when some children actually do join.
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    If any journalist is looking for an outspoken 'scientologist mother' they might like to contact the gormless Anna Koska who defended the cult in 2008 on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show. She was arguing against Tony as he desperately tried to get his step daughter Becky out of the Scientology Cult.
    The cult was using Anna Koska - she is a foolish, rich, paying public member of scientology. A long as she keeps donating and calls radio shows for scientology PR, it's unlikely the cult will pressurise her children into the Sea Org. She's too useful to them spouting rubbish on the radio:

    discussed in this thread:

    ANNA KOSKA: I am, but first and foremost I'm a mother, and I suppose the reason I'm calling up is because it's amazing how often this subject comes up. And I - like every - like every parent I want my children to follow their own chosen course in life, safely and independently of other people's prejudices - and ignorances. And having never been brainwashed or coerced or encouraged to study Scientology I feel very safe in at least knowing this organisation is one that doesn't - does allow me to make up my own mind, and choose my own path. Be it as an active Scientologist or just as importantly as a member of society.

    JEREMY VINE: OK. So Anna, why is it that we keep hearing this kind of thing about Scientology?

    (1:36:45) ANNA KOSKA: I haven't got a clue. I think it's probably a fascination for the public, and anything they can illuminate on and make a - a brilliantly fantastical story on, it's what the public like to hear. They like a little bit of gossip, they like to hear (unintelligible: "about a celebrity attached"?), they like a little of titbit to (unintelligible: "mull on in their head"?). And I think ultimately this - this issue of brainwashing you can come across in many walks of life, and ultimately it's down to the individual. It's down to the individual to choose which path they take, it sounds -

    ANNA KOSKA: - very airy-fairy I know, but, be it Scientology, be it "I wanna be a bus conductor", whatever it is. And there's always going to be somebody out there who's going to knock them on the head and say, "Hah! You shouldn't be doing this" or "You should be doing this so let's do it much more obsessively." I think it's the obsessive nature of an individual rather than the organisation they're representing -

    JEREMY VINE: Alright, thank you -

    ANNA KOSKA: - which you're looking at.
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    This went so wrong, I had to post it...

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Picking up the 'kids are old thetans in young bodies' thread: an auditing babies pamphlet.

    Also via Sharone Stainforth at:

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  39. Shelly Miscavige
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    pauvre petite aidons les !!

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