Scientology = Child Abuse

Discussion in 'Media' started by RolandRB, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. This is almost reminiscent of the Children of God cult, of which River Phoenix was a famous victim.
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    The Wretched Lives of Sea Org Children

    The average Sea Org child aged 10 has a wretched life of poor schooling on Hubbard's educational nonsense, poor food, little sleep and usually in a crowded dormitory with other children. They see their parents hardly at all. After they finish their school hours they are expected to work another six hours for the cult, sometimes doing gruelling manual labor, and after that straight to bed. Of course, most of them will be too tired to learn much at school. They are supposed to stay at school until they are 16 years of age and then they get recruited straight into the Sea Org and work 15 hours a day and sometimes work a few days without any sleep. They are lucky if they are paid $50 a week. Many weeks they will be paid nothing. But it is better than their child's life so some quit school illegally before they are 16 to work full time for the cult. They are bullied and brainwashed cult slaves.

    If that isn't evil, as Rupert Murdoch suggested, then I don't know what is.

    But could it get any more evil

    Yes, it could.

    These children's parents, who they don't get the chance to see much, are brainwashed slaves of the cult and they will disconnect from their own children if their "Church" tells them to do so. And by disconnect it means they will never have anything to do with their children again. So their parents, who gave them a wretched life by joining the Sea Org and bringing them into it, may even stop all communication with their children. If the children fall out of favor with the cult after all they have contributed, then their parents will send their children away and stop loving them and their parents will not care what happens to them.

    This is what Scientology does to families on top of what it does to children.

    That is evil

    Read this story and know it:
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    As Katie Holmes bars Suri from Sea Org... the Sussex school whose pupils vanish at 16 to join Scientology’s secret elite - Evening Standard

    Holmes may have spared Suri a Scientology education — but what of the British teens at a private school just an hour from London shipped off to Sea Org? Joshi Herrmann reports from Greenfields.
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    Oh, this is good stuff!
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    Life in the Sea Org for children

    Published on 25 May 2012 by TheDarthXander

    Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology says COS disbanded the Cadet Org. Ex-members say it never went away. One thing is for sure: there are kids running around Flag in distinctive clothing with Sea Org members. First two clips filmed in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22, 2012, last two clips filmed Friday morning, May 25, 2012 around 9 a.m.

    Here is the breakdown of a typical week from an ex-Cadet Org member (with minor editing):

    We'd wake up around 6:30 AM on Mondays through Fridays. We had exactly half an hour to clean up the room and a higher rank cadet, security guard or Atalia herself would check the rooms up before we could go to breakfast.

    We had breakfast for a half an hour until 7:30 when we had to clean up. We'd get assigned places to clean. Some would get kitchen, dinning room, bathrooms, yard, pool cleaning, laundry cleaning, getting the courserooms ready, etc., then we had school from 8 AM till 11 AM. When we had break, we'd go up to the kitchen and snack something for free or otherwise had the canteen where we could buy a snack (all sugarless though, we could only have sugar from Friday night to Saturday night).

    11:15 back to school until 13:00 for lunch, which was a half an hour as well, then we had clean up till 14:00, where we'd go into the cadet room (sort of like a empty carpeted enclosed place where we'd do drillng such as naval marching techniques and briefing, kind of like the training you see in army movies). At 14:30 the bus would come and pick us up to go to the base (that's what we called the area of the FH, CB, Coachman, etc...) and do office work such as stuffing envelopes, organizing pay checks, working at the place where they print the policies (it's called mimmio and it's placed right up the street from the CB like a block and a half or so), etc.

    In earlier days we were only allowed to go to the base on rare occasions. That's why you read stories where cadets didn't see their parents for weeks and even months. We'd get assigned worksheets for jobs at the QI [previous location of Cadet Org; no longer owned by CoS] like painting, cleaning warehouses, cleaning dorms, trimming plants, stuff like that, all gardening and maintainance work. The going to base part started around 2003.

    We'd have dinner at 5PM with our parents at the base (this is as i said, applied since 2003, otherwise we'd have dinner at 7PM at the QI). We had school at night again from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. This was different school work because at night we only did Scientology studies, courses from delphi, true school, LRH courses, etc. Also SO courses like etiquete, grooming, cleaning, etc.

    We'd then have half an our to get ready for bed and lights off at ten o'clock.

    On Saturdays we had a simmilar arrangement as the normal SO staff, we'd have a day off every 2 weeks if we had our stats up, hopefully it was the same day as our parents libs day so we could spend the day with them (it almost never happened though). The kids that didn't have the day off would stay at the QI, have assignments through out the day and on the afternoons they'd have to white-glove their rooms (meaning we had to clean from top to bottom and leave it so clean a white glove would be passed around and not get a single stain). Saturday night was movie night for the cadets that weren't grounded for their stat-down, it was also hamburguer and hot dog day, sugar day and video game day, it was sort of like a day a week of beeing almost a normal kid...

    Sundays were no different from Saturdays except for the white glove part.
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    $cientology = Child Abuse
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    Hubbard sexually abused his daughter

    This is the claim made as you can read in the following link:!topic/nl.scientology/CSSfazaOjL0

    Add to that the undisputed account of Hubbard having a boy locked in the chain locker room of his ship then you can understand why children are subjected to so much abuse in Scientology, mentally, physically and sexually. Children are regarded as old thetans in little bodies by Scientologists. They regard children as "out-exchange" because they take more than they give so they are regarded as "out-ethics". Scientologists try to correct this by "putting ethics in" on children by putting them to use in any way they see fit, even if that means using them for sexual pleasure. They look up to L. Ron Hubbard as a perfect example of how to live, including how to treat children, and they feel they are being "ethical" and making spiritual progress by abusing children, as did Hubbard.

    To conclude, do not doubt whether children in Scientology are being abused because..........

    Scientology = Child Abuse
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  14. Random guy Member

    The author of the post is apparently a Dutch former scientologist (or possibly early critic). I post the text here for reference:

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    What will Tom do to Suri to punish her.....

    .... for associating with a Suppressive Person (her mother)?

    How will Tom "put ethics in" on Suri for associating with a Suppressive Person who is hostile to Scientology?

    I hope Katie's bodyguards frisk him for weapons when he comes to see Suri in case he runs R2-45 on her.
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  16. RolandRB Member

    Note the thread title change so that it starts with...........

    Scientology = Child Abuse

    Little Suri is safe but hundreds of children are living wretched lives being abused and slaving for the cult. They get poor food and a worthless education. They get "ethics" and brainwashing every day until they become full time cult slaves themselves.

    Please keep up the "Scientology Child Abuse" flow so that we can free some of these children.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Err, wasn't Jeta the wife of Koos Moist Termite and complete nutter who audited Hubbard telepathically after he was dead?
  18. RolandRB Member

    The original author was William Barwell.
  19. Random guy Member

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    Babies dying in a nursery and not reported.

    Getting girls drunk and feeling down their bras.

    Getting off on drunk girls peeing on cars.

    Welcome to Scientology Child Abuse

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  21. RolandRB Member

    Life in the Sea Org for a child

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    A childhood in Scientology

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is one unmitigated evil after another. This thread contains part of the proof of this fact.
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    Choice's Scientology story

    (page 1 below - use link above for full story)
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    Scientology - Child Abuse and Labour Pt. 1

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  27. DeathHamster Member

    Yes, but he doesn't provide any real dox or sources.

    It's not that I find it hard to believe that Hubbard was a child abuser, but we need hunt down those sources now, while some involved are still alive.
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    I thought I would say that I have sent two emails to the child protection services in the East Grinstead area to complain about the abuse heaped on the Sea Org children there and..................................
    ........................................ they did not even bother to send me an acknowledgement.

    It seems like they are in bed with the cult there.

    The authorities do nothing. The government does nothing. You have child slavery in the UK and nobody can be bothered to do a thing. The public are outraged....... the authorities that represent their interests do nothing and instead bin all their complaints.

    Same as in other countries round the globe that call themselves "civilized".
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    Plastic surgery at such a young age, how sad.
  31. RolandRB Member

    Don't forget the babies! :)

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    I hope people find the time to read more of these stories of children in the Sea Org:

    And to think that the City of London Corporation gives then 270,000 GBP per year of our money in the form of charitable business rates relief for their "church" at 146 Queen Victoria Street, when the Charity Commission refused them charitable status.
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  34. RolandRB Member

    ^^ Call the City of London police and they will say thay had a great time at the Gala Dinner at St. Hill and they even have a photo of the wife taken with Tom Cruise's arm round her on display on the mantelpiece.
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  35. This is simply sick
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  36. RolandRB Member

    You are perfectly correct and we need to move over to this theme.

    Many years back it was me and Dave Bird who tried and succeeded to a large degree in ridiculing Scientology for its whacky beliefs and getting the public to do the same. Of course, that was never the important thing. But it alerted people and stopped people joining the cult and stopped children being attracted to it because it was so obviously stupid. But then people thought of it as a whacky UFO cult with stupid actors supporting it. It was an innoculation but not a cure. And that was good then because there were not going to be many people coming out and speaking about the abuses and being believed. But now things have changed. We got the coverage over Suri Cruise and the public started looking into the abuse of children angle. This is the angle we must use now. Scientology has never been about whacky UFO beliefs, it has always been about abuse and controlling people with child abuse being the central core.

    Scientology is a disgusting and sick philosophy with children being central to its systematic and institutional abuse. Scientology = Child Abuse. Now it the time to push that message home. It needs to be pushed home hard right at this point of time. I hope this thread will serve as the rallying point, plus there is something over at ESMB, but we are not getting enough hits. Only about 500 per day and dropping. But what we need are 1000 hits per day and rising. Somehow the message needs to be gotten out there and I hope with this thread as the rallying point to achieve getting the message out to the public broad and loud that.........

    Scientology = Child Abuse
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  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    It stands to reason: Hubbard wanted to control adults, and he came up with the absurd notion that children are the same as adults but just in smaller bodies, so why treat children with any more respect than he did adults?

    Questions for those who still don't "get it":

    * What safeguards exist in Scientology to prevent child abuse?

    * How is "child abuse" defined in Scientology?

    * What is the difference between an adult and a child, to a Scientologist?
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  38. Ron B DED Member

    From Scientology Admin Dictionary

    CHILDREN, 1. people who have not passed
    checksheets and have no paid posts in
    the Sea Org. (FO 760) 2. a child is one who
    cannot handle an org or ship post. He or she
    is not on payroll. (FO 1630)
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    The children in the sauna is disturbing. Surely to god they aren't feeding those children massive doses of niacin.
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