Scientology = Child Abuse

Discussion in 'Media' started by RolandRB, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Yes they are given lots of niacin, per L Ron Hubbard HCOBs on vitamin dosages. The Scientology Purification Rundown is delivered the same for both kids and adults.
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    On page 65 of his book, "Cult Children" ["Die Sektenkinder," Herder Verlag, 1996], Kurt-Helmut Eimuth wrote under "Scientology: Conquering the World with Children" the story of an eleven year old girl who had to be carried away from the "Purification Rundown."

    "She cried and, as she later told a doctor, had not been "in control of her body." She said she had "seen herself from above" and felt like "one who had died." The girl had her father to thank for this "out of body" experience. He is a member of Scientology. Every day he had dragged Dorothea and her brother, one year older than herself, to the Scientology center at Karlsruhe. That is where the children say they took courses and the "Purification Rundown." This torture consists of sweating in a sauna for from three to five hours while swallowing handfuls of vitamins. Finally their grandparents told a children's doctor. "The doctor determined that the girl, at such an age, was being cared for mentally and physically in a wholly inadequate manner."

    read more here:

    Yes, here is a group of children on the Purification Rundown, sweating in a sauna for hours a day.

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    The Purification Rundown involves toxic megadoses of niacin. It also requires participants to spend hours at a time in a sauna, which can also be dangerous.

    It is not uncommon for children to do the Purification Rundown (I have spoken with a Scientologist who told me she did it when she was three years old), and the effects could be especially hard on their young bodies.
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  5. anonamus Member

    Hubbard's definition would surely include:

    1) To deny a child auditing / sec checking
    2) Denying it the wonderful purif rundown
    3) Not using applied scholastics / "word clearing" to further brainwash educate the child
    4) Denying it to join the Sea Org at age 12 yrs. or younger and become a proud member of 'the most ethical group in the world'.

    And Miscavige's definition will probably not differ.
    Meh. Disgusting. Someone ought to tell the world about it. Oh wait.. That part is fortunately in progress!
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    To my knowledge, there is no definition for "child abuse" in Scientology's "sacred scriptures."
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  7. I was 9 years old when I did the Purif. I was on it for 2 weeks & did take high doses of vitamins, the niacin reactions were unbearable, as were the hours spent in the sauna with smelly sweaty men I didn't even know. I was on it for 2weeks.
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    This makes my heart sad.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Why wouldn't they?

    I mean, where is it in Scientology doctrine that says "Whoa, this Purif thing could be dangerous, and we should be careful about subjecting kids to it"? No, Mace Kingsley is all about selling "Life Repair" courses for children. (Repair after their experiences at the ranch?)

    Any actual dox that they have and do subject kids to massive doses of niacin should be 'pooned to the FDA and press.
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  10. Well I can't imagine why I needed to do it, what toxins could I have had in my body at that age? I'd never had an operation or even a paracetemol! I just feel numb about it - like I'm talking/writing about something somebody else experienced.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    There was no reason. You were a child. It was wrong for them to put you through that. What they did and continue to do to children is criminal.
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  12. anonamus Member

    Scientology = Criminal Child Abuse

    (Apart from also being a sinister money cooperation, with the goal to dominate the world,
    hiding their scam as a "religion").
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  13. I'm very grateful to all of you who protest against Scientology on behalf of people like me, who grew up in Scientology but find it hard to speak out about. Thank you.
  14. U R welcome Pooppy!
  15. I swear, in all my time on WWP and other sites, I don't believe I ever read (or if I did, I failed to understand) that children are being given the megadoses of Niacin and days/weeks in saunas on the so-called 'Purification Rundown'.

    This is sheer insanity, and cannot be allowed to continue. Children are much more vulnerable than the adult victims of Narconon. I'd like to have a cosy chat with any MD who sanctions this.
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  16. I don't know why, but that reminded me of the video to "Do the Evolution" by Pearl Jam. That is all.
  17. Christ. I can't believe I'd forgotten about the Purification Rundown. The niacin levels in Stage 2 alone are close to what people are prescribed for hyperlipidemia, and that's with the oversight of a doctor. Somehow, I doubt their niacin was the slow release variety in common use. A lot of focus is placed on the B vitamins' danger, but I haven't read much discussion on these boards about the dangers of overconsumption of other fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin C, fuck it. Your kidneys will eliminate whatever you don't use, though that much acidity may cause or aggravate an ulcer. The upper Stage 1 levels of Vitamin A are also unsafe for adults, and the stage 3 levels of Vitamin E are unsafe for adults. While the more reasonable, if only by comparison, levels of vitamin E may seem less harmful, vitamin E can counteract vitamin K, causing problems with clotting. I don't think I need to connect the dots on how quickly that can get very bad. If anything, overuse of the B vitamins has the lowest potential for long-term harm, although those can be bad. That said, especially in the case of Narconon and similar CoS fronts, they're doing this to people who are already in poor physical shape. How many have died or become permanently disabled because of this that we don't know about?
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  18. thewayup Member

    Has Tony O ever focused on the angle of children in the Purification Rundown and the niacin/vitamins?
    If not, this would be a good time.

    Just thinking out aloud here, but if it came to a ruling by a country's medical board that this practice was illegal (if only to children) -and subsequently shut down- then that would plug a large entrance to people being funelled into scientology?
  19. Ron B DED Member

    Paragraphs work and they help people...

    The vitamin table is only half of it. Here is the mineral table. Also need to drink cold-pressed vegetable oil.


    more descriptions and the HCOB are in this thread

    I had to do the Purif 3 times, total of around 6 months. You literally take handfuls of vitamins daily. David Love posted a picture somewhere of the 20 or 30 vitamin and mineral pills you end up taking daily. Maybe someone can find and post that picture here.

    Yes, little kids take the same massive amounts of vitamins and minerals that adults take.
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  20. RolandRB Member

    They are! Those kids are on the Purif!
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  21. RolandRB Member

    It would. It is illegal under EU law but only France and Belgian actually bothers to apply these laws.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    this vid is an oldie but a goodie
    It contains some actual photos from kids doing a Christmas display in Clearwater by Tillman Hauser.
    Some look like they are on the RPF. Or all?
    Some photos were used just for poetic license too. The explantaion is in the notes with the vid.

    The looks on their faces are very telling. Some of them look very unhealthy.

    Very sad and beautiful vid
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  23. I left out the fact that the levels I've referenced are unsafe for adults. For children, and smaller adults for that matter, the Stage 1 numbers for all of them are grossly unsafe. A good analogy would be giving two adults 3 pints of beer: one a 1.8 m tall male who weighs around 100 kilos, and the other a 1.5 m tall female who weighs around 50 kilos. Assuming both have tolerances within the norms for their age, weight, and sex, who will be more severely impaired?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Crossposting, for clear evidence of kids on Scientology Purification Rundown



    Grade Chart

    Who gets auditing at Mace Kingsley?

    Babies, children, teens, young adults and adult family members.

    Mace Kingsley delivers the Bridge from Purif through NED up to Clear!

    We are the only Field Group where all our completions go through Flag, which is located a mile away. All attestations are done at Flag after their Qualifications Division ensures it was delivered 100% standardly.

    In addition in delivering the Purif, Grades, NED and FPRD, Mace Kingsley also specializes in Method One, the Happiness Rundown and the Drug Rundown.

    Here is what Ron says about the Bridge:

    “The Bridge is a term originating in Dianetic days to symbolize travel from unknowingness to revelation. It itself is based on the mystic’s Abyss allegory wherein a wide, deep chasm is seen to separate a lower state of existence and a higher plateau of perfection; many attempting to attain the higher plateau do not, but fall instead into the abyss. We conceive Scientology as a bridge between the lower and higher state, a thing hitherto lacking.”

    “There are vistas never dreamed of, there are joys never even known, there are glories no past glory ever surpassed. These wait for you but only if you accept my legacy and help bring these things about.”

    - L. Ron Hubbard

    "I don't have to do what my reactive mind says!"

    “It made me have a big smile on my face! My reactive mind is getting pushed out of my head. I can’t stop thinking of how happy I am!

    “Sessions can actually HELP you! It helps your reactive mind go down instead of up. Having this auditing was very nice and I never have to worry about anything. I don’t have to do what my reactive mind says!”

    - R. M. 7 years old

    "It's so amazing how the Purification Rundown changed my life"

    “I feel awesome! Lately I’ve been feeling like a different person. It’s so amazing how the Purification Rundown changed my life. Before I started the Purification Rundown I was so depressed, my life was falling apart, nothing mattered to me. But since the Purification Rundown I’m like a new person. I feel so happy, truly happy! I smile and I mean it. Also my relationship with my parents has improved so much. We’re in communication now and it’s awesome. I feel so great! I am so alert and my memory has improved so much. We’re in communication now and it’s awesome. I feel so great! I am so alert and my memory has improved so much! Before I felt stupid and couldn’t remember the last word I had said. I am so aware of my last word I had said. I am so aware of my surroundings and most of all happy, I am truly happy!”

    - C.M. 17 years old

    Go Clear at Mace Kingsley! Contact us now for more info – email: or call +1(727) 442-3922

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  25. anonamus Member

    They are incouraged to write a good 'success story'.
    Or else they have to do purif all over again.
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  26. The only thing the CoS has ever "cleared" are the bank accounts of their victims.
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  27. anonamus Member

    "Oh, but what are a few hundred K$ compared to your guaranteed immortality?"
    -One of the ways the hard selling scientologists try to lure you into buying their shitscam.
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  28. My long term goal is to have my bones turn to dust, and then, a few billion years from now, for my constituent atoms to contribute ever so slightly to the increased metallic content of the dying ember that is our Sun. Better yet, I'd like the more interesting elements that were once in my body to be spewed off into the interstellar medium where they may become something else. Still, I'll be long, long dead by then, so I won't be in a position to care.
  29. I'm not a doctor or other medical professional, but I keep myself appraised of basic information on that field. Even the stage 1 of the vitamins and minerals listed are not anything I would inflict on a child or anyone else I love unless instructed and given a damned good explanation by a medical professional, except for vitamin C.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    L. Ron Hubbard lays out specific dosages. This applies to adults and children.


    In the piloting and development of the Purification Rundown, the most effective
    handling for this was found to be starting the person on the following:

    Vitamin A—approximately 5000 IU per day.

    Vitamin B Complex—approximately 2 caps per day. Ensure the Vitamin B2 and
    B6 are balanced (approximately the same amount of each).

    Vitamin B1—special additional amounts of B1 are required, 250-500 mg or
    greater daily, depending on the amount of niacin given.

    Vitamin C—250-1000 mg daily, depending upon the person’s tolerance. (As
    Vitamin C can cause stomach problems or diarrhea, each person’s tolerance must be
    worked out.)

    Vitamin C has to be increased in proportion to the niacin given. Records exist
    wherein Vitamin C has become so deficient in a drug user that he used up tens of
    thousands of milligrams per day before he began to eliminate any. Vitamin C deficiencies
    result in scurvy. “Live C” from raw onions or raw potatoes is sometimes
    necessary in addition to synthetic C and were the traditional remedies for scurvy.

    Vitamin D—approximately 400 IU daily.

    Vitamin E—approximately 800 IU daily.

    Niacin—100 mg daily to begin.

    It is then increased gradiently to as high as 5000 mg. Particularly B1 and C have
    to keep pace with it as it is increased in dosage.

    Cal-Mag—one glass daily, at least.

    Multi-Minerals—(a balanced combination of minerals).

    These would then be increased proportionately according to need and/or niacin
    increase as the person progressed on the rundown.

    Scientology Drug Bulletins (including the full version of the Purification Rundown) available here:

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  31. RolandRB Member

    At the moment, with ESMB added, this topic is only getting 438 hits a day and dropping. I think it needs to be 1000+ hits a day and rising for it to catch on and make enough difference so that the children trapped in Scientology can be spared the abuses heaped upon them. As OG, I do not have a clue as to increasing readership but some Anons out there will know how to do this so please do it.
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  32. Etain Member

    Will tweet this thread again.
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  33. RolandRB Member

    ^^ like scienos giving "touch assists" to babies! :(
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  34. RolandRB Member

    Please, please get the message out to people that "Scientology = Child Abuse". Tweet it or whatever spreads it. They are just following their philosophy and they think they are being "ethical" but the philosophy is evil! The underlying assumption is that children are freeloaders sucking money off their parents that prevents them getting "up the Bridge to Total Freedom". This philosophy was written by L. Ron Hubbard who used to take his wife on bumpy rides to abort his wife's babies and developed "coat hanger tech" to insert metal to abort them. Hubbard's philosophy is evil and especially towards children.

    Because children are considered by Scientologists to be "out exchange" and "out ethics" they are treated like criminals. This is why they are put to work within the Church at 10 years old and made to join the Sea Org at 16 years old. They are being made to pay their debt. Some Scientologists will sexually abuse them when they are younger to get payback or "fair exchange".

    We have a brief opportunity to get the message out to the broad population as to what is going on. It is a shame that the Suri Cruise thing was settled so quickly because all we needed was two more weeks to bring Scientology down with the Press on our side and especially Rupert Murdoch. Now we have lost our champions but we must attack all the same and get the message out to a world that does not care to listen. And all the while, there are hundreds, if not thousands of children suffering in the cult through being physically, mentally, emotionally and even sexually abused through the evil philosophy of Scientology.

    We need to get the message out there so that when the public thinks of "Scientology" they think that........
    Scientology = Child Abuse
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  35. RolandRB Member

    Child Abuse Systemic in Scientology, Victim Testified

    Monday, November 07, 2005

    Child Abuse Systemic in Scientology, Victim Testified

    Zoe Woodcraft, became involved with Scientology's Sea Organization when she was just two years old.

    Zoe's mother joined the Sea Org while doing services at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and moved the entire family from England to the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater. Thus Zoe, her seven-year-old sister Astra and 15-year-old brother (who also joined the Sea Org at this time) were thrust into the regimented, controlled environment of Scientology's paramilitary Sea Organization.

    Zoe's wrote an affidavit through which we learn what it is really like for children raised in the Sea Org. Zoe was raised by other Sea Org members who were assigned to be nannies. Often these "nannies" were children not much older than she. Zoe was housed far from her parents in sometimes filthy, cockroach-ridden and dilapidated buildings. Her only education was from Scientology "course supervisors" with no educational qualifications other than training in the Scientology method of learning. For years she was housed at the "Cadet Org" on a remote ranch in California, where the children were completely cut off from the outside world. As Zoe put it, "This ranch was hours away from normal civilization. In the year plus that I lived there we never went into town for a field trip; never went to a movie, shopping or anything. We were totally isolated."

    As Zoe grew older she was pressed by Sea Org personnel to sign her own billion-year contract and dedicate her entire life to the Sea Org. The inducements were many -- a few dollars more a week in pay, better living quarters, more time off. Zoe, however, was not persuaded, thanks in part to the influence of her father and her sister Astra, who were by that time both out of the Sea Org. As the quality of her life in the Sea Org continued to decline, Zoe finally requested permission to leave so she could join her father and sister, who were living in California.
    When Zoe made known her desire to leave, she was subjected to nearly a year of punishment and repeated attempts to persuade or coerce her into staying. She was kicked out of her dorm and forced to sleep on the floor in her mother's bedroom. She was told she was "out ethics" and forced to do "ethics handlings." Her handlers showed Zoe newspaper articles about gruesome crimes and warned her that the outside world was a horrible and dangerous place in which to live. Her motives were continually questioned. Didn't she want to "save the planet through Scientology?" Those who had been her comrades for years shunned her and Sea Org officials placed her on a treadmill of endless assignments that had to be completed before they would allow her to leave.

    In early 2000, Zoe's father flew from California to Clearwater, Florida to help his daughter escape. Since that time, Zoe has struggled to overcome her experiences in Scientology and to make up for the years of sub-standard education she was subjected to in the Sea Org. She attends a public high school in California and is quickly catching up with her new friends. She and Astra have both had to learn to live without their mother, grandmother and brother, all Sea Org members who now refuse to communicate with them.
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