Scientology, Child Slavery...My story

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by CommunicatorIC, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Scientology, Child Slavery.... My story

    Steph Keldani

    Published on Jun 18, 2015

    Bringing awareness to Child Slavery in Scientology. Children are known to be as young as 6 years old to be sent here. Worked as slaves. I was 12, and I am speaking out.
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  2. anon8109 Member

    This deserves its own thread.

    She says her mother is writing a book and that she plans to write one too.

    She was a child slave in the sea org, separated from her mother for over a year. She was submitted to brutal conditions, scrubbing a giant oven day after day, carrying heavy loads, forced to work all day long with not even a 5 minute break.

    She was denied proper schooling and never learned how to read beyond a very basic level.

    She had to escape out and due to the abuses and traumas she suffered developed psychological problems which she has been trying to heal with the help of psychiatrists.

    I hope someone can point her to a good lawyer. What Scientology did to her was criminal.
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  3. Incredulicide Member

    She also said it was about 15 years since she escaped.. statute of limitations :(
  4. RightOn Member

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  5. RightOn Member

    is there a statue of limitations for child labor?
    Her father molested her too? No limitation on that?
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  6. Incredulicide Member

    I guess the main sticking point is this:
    A lawyer could file a civil suit, which will of course be defended vigorously by Scientology, but for a criminal prosecution more than testimony is required, and they've had a decade and a half to bury that evidence :(
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  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Agree up thar ^^^

    I think this is often the case in CoS, they mess people up so badly it often is years before some folks get it together enough to speak out or even express their anger. Lots don't, and lots die (but of course 'they pulled it in'). Not 'stats' any of the membership will ever hear about until they have departed the demented rabbit-hole.
    Many who have left or escaped, whether born-in or fresh-meat off the street, are just happy to get on with their lives. Unfortunately for many of the kids who have been plunked into this nest of vampires, the road to recovery can be hell, a tonne of work, and years of therapy and education. The cult treatment of children in general, especially ones who have blithely ignorant parents who sign them over to the Sea Org. etc. (SO), because they are 'on course-blah-blah, allow uninterested/forced supervision by people of questionable skills and repute, to raise their 'big Thetans in little bodies' according to the 'scripture' of a drug-addled sociopath, is beyond pathetic, and makes me frikken pig-biting mad.
    This IS why!
    And this is why I will remain a person willing to slam this cult of stupidity, and its fuked- Flounder and supporters, every fucking chance I get. The truth is stranger than fiction, and scientology will always be way, way worse, than what folks imagine.

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  8. I wonder if her father is Joe Keldani, former Guardian's Office head of Narconon Canada. He is now on the ''enemies'' list but still drinks the woo that is Scientology.

    Her description of her father as an abusive parent somehow does not surprise me
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    She seems like a teenager but says she's been out for at least 15 years, leaving at age 15 or 16. ??? Anyway, it's great that she's out and talking -- and healthy. Let's hear it for the psychs! :)
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  10. Thank you for sharing.... Still don't understand why certain countries and UN Human rights council don't get it.
    Btw In Belgium the case continues:
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  12. sallysock Member

    Hey. Welcome here.
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    Welcome. I suggest you register an account, not using your real name. We want to talk with you and you should keep yourself anonymous.
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  14. sallysock Member

    Agree, but it's up to you. Posting under your own name can have consequences.
    Feel free to do as Dis suggested. Also an option is choosing an anon guest name (though with that you won't be able to receive private messages.)
    Anyway, take your time. It's good to see you here.
  15. Joe Keldani is her father, the rest is utter nonsense. He loved his family especially this innocent, gullible extremely trusting child, who was 12 at the time. He loved his children more than he loved life itself. He could have never done anything harmful to them! Prior to this when they lived with him as a family, they did not use or know cuss words, they didn't even know what a pop drink was. He gave them every convenience and hired special teachers to teach them. They had access to computers from the age of 3 months. He built them a 4500 square foot house where every child had her own washroom and bedroom, a music room with $35,000 worth of instruments. A ballet room and a room to study and one to hang out in. This was only one of three buildings on that property they had complete access to. Stephanie has grade 12 under her belt now, what in the hell do you mean she can't read or write. He paid for Royal Acadamy Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Royal Academy Piano from the age of 3 and financed every accessory for the hundred or so events they had, until they left him in 2002. The 2 older girls finished all their Ballet studies. They had Trained in Horsemanship both western and English and Stephanie won several 1st prizes at the local fair for horsemanship. There is a picture of her with the horse and the prize ribbon bowing to the camera at age 10. Their father abused them? Not in a million years! Maybe the Graffs would like to promote that idea as well as Scientology but It is insane to think so.

    What really happened.

    Her mother took this child and 2 other sisters into the SeaOrg Flag headquarters. Scientology staff did everything in their power to abuse her of being connected to her husband and the father of her children. Including placing her in seclusion for some days in a room under the Garage of the Fort Harrison! Joe Keldani was a maverick who did not agree with their money motivated trickery and crimes. He used whatever was workable in Scientology to build a Drug rehab program that became internationally renowned and produced hundreds of News paper, radio, TV interviews for his success with drug addicts and criminals. Scientology Awarded him Assistant Guardian of Narconon. A very high status mainly because he produced more good press than all of the Scientology combined due to his high success in Narconon; that is per their own world wide evaluation! They knew he would stand against such tactics so they fought him tooth and nail and separated him from his children and family.

    Her father did everything he could to get them out after realizing a tiny little bit of what the ruling class in Scientology was doing to his family. He was given orders to go from Flag in Florida to LA headquarters and not come within 10 miles of where his children were. He gave them over $56,000US for security checks they demanded to be done on him and spent hundreds of thousands, every penny he had, waiting and attempting to get them out.
    Her mother, Pamela Graff, gave him an ultimatum that if he didn't follow their instructions she would divorce him and take away the children, that there were three men at Flag she loved more than she loved him. By then he cared little about her but wanted to know how the children were doing, while a few Scientology staff fed the kids lies and black PR about their father.

    The mother hid from Joe, the father, the extreme mistreatment of 2 of the children because she knew he would have never stood for that BS and would have tore Flag down brick by brick. In fact, the middle daughter, he later found out went into a coma for a few weeks and her mother felt no need to visit her she was too busy with her Scientology studies.

    The younger daughter, Stephanie, would only be allowed to talk to her father for a minute or 2 once every 2 to 3 weeks from Florida to LA. She would cry so hard he couldn't understand what the poor little child was saying! The mother would say it's nothing just some little thing and that she was doing really well, not to interfere or else he wouldn't see them anymore!
    After months of this and doing everything they demanded he was successful in his dire complaints to get the children to LA where he and the mother did some very superficial counseling.

    The mother at this point had offended the church and due to her husband's aggressive stance and possible heavy attacks on the church, she decided to leave.

    She tricked her husband by pretending everything is ok, went back to Flag in Florida and packed up all their belongings and scurried off to A town near Alaska where her parents live. Her father was the Mayor there for many years and the RCMP police bent the laws to accommodate him and keep the father away for some years. They were born again Christians and detested the father, Narconon, any connection to Scientology, even though he had attended private Christian schools for more than 15 years of his life but had later paid little attention to Christianity or any religion. The grandfather owned a Harley Davidson Shop and had Stephanie work there. You want to know where the drugs and profanity came from. You need to look no further. The Grafs never liked the father and always showed/sometimes hid very venomous intentions. You want to know how this innocent child got the idea that her father abused her. Look no further!!!!

    The court system not only drained any money the father got his hands on, several tens of thousands, but only spent 15 minutes on the children issue and 4 years of litigation as to where the money went!
    A justice system that is mostly deviant. Only one judge out of the dozen or so judges asked about reconciliation! He had to learn Paralegal and join a law firm writing a computer program for them to pay for the endless legal bills. Was there any benefit, NO!
    During the litigation over the money, the mother had the children accuse him of attempting to kill little Stephanie. He had inadvertently spotted her entering a house that was known to be drug dealers and where 10 or 15 of these young hoodlums stayed. He confronted them but when they picked up bats he left. This was the attempted murder of his innocent child. It was a ploy on her part to get him arrested to stop his constant proof that she was lying and twisting the truth in court.

    He was not able to get back in touch with any of his children for 12 years. Now the other two girls are back communicating with their dad and realize that most of the garbage about him is Lies and hate and they detest the source of it.
    The story is actually far worse than appears here but you get the idea!

    Ask yourselves who were the kids better off with, Their mother and her family or the life they had with their dad!
  16. One more thing, lest you believe the maternal family are benevolent and did the right thing.
    Who in the world would promote the lie that the father attempted to kill his most innocent child as the grafs did in the court action! What scar does that leave in the child's mind? That was the only thing that was on his mind when the grafs convinced the kids to sign this insanity and charges brought up to the police. The father attempted to get by the watch dogs and to tell his children that it was ok to say what they did, that it wasn't their fault, no harm will come of it, not to worry, and that their father loved them. Who would do that to their child, destroy their security in a loving caring father!!!!! Wouldn't it destroy their life? After some months of stress under the police thumb, they dropped the obvious lies that were simple to disprove!

    Recently the father discovered that one of the other daughters who wants to remain anonymous for emotional sanity, career, and social reasons was constantly abused of the idea that she would do well in University. To drop the silly idea of a University education and just go out and find a job! After all, her father, despite the fact that he has more than 12 years of post secondary studies in Math/Physics, electronics/ computer technology, and robotics, must be quite stupid especially compared to the maternal grandparents who have a combined education of less than high school. That was their actual stated view to him, after all he wasn't born again! After years of abuse by everyone in the Graf family including the aunt and their mother the child went on and majored in a strong science course in a well known University. She is now in her 3rd year of post graduate studies and has consistently achieved the highest marks possible in the three different Universities she is attending for every year she attended.
    When she recently moved to the city her mother lives in she again became very ill and when her mother had to leave town she became better. Do I wonder why? It is right in anyone's face who cares to look and not listen to utter nonsense and fabricated "truths"! All these actions against the father justify, for others, why they committed such atrocities on him!

    Who has destroyed this family? Was it just misguided Scientology staff or them and the great Grafs!

    One further point. I am not by any means defending Scientology, but I need to say that most public and staff have absolutely no idea what is going on! Scientology administration has long been co-opted in my learned opinion and has become a suppressive group!
    The last thing to say is that I fear for Stephanie's life in this life style she has chosen with drugs and no one to really turn to for true compassion and caring. She needs her father's love, his knowledge, and willingness to help in any way she feels comfortable with, a belief that he is there for her no matter what happens. Comments supporting Pam's assault on him only makes things worse for this young innocent child. The drugs she is now using have deprived her of seeing the real truth, through the lies and innuendos and what her heart really tells her. When they were growing up their dad would carry 2 of them at a time everywhere they went, Restaurants, shopping, out for walks, to the movies, etc.. because that's what they wanted. He loved them beyond what most fathers understand! It is hard to imagine what someone like him went through when his kids were turned against him! They gave meaning to his life! The Christian Grafs and their misguided daughter, the mother, couldn't have struck the knife blade any deeper than they did.
  17. Am rereading after coffee
    Right now I confused by all the pronouns
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    Child custody battle?

  19. If I may offer some clarification:


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