Scientology Club at Madera High North Campus

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by fieryQuantum, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. fieryQuantum Member

    Madera High started a scientology club this year, and they have already been no help to our budget or well-being. They have been milking the school's money supply dry to pay for the massive amounts of fundraising snacks, to pay for their bullshit classes. They did not participate in Homecoming, and due to their passive robbing of the school's money, almost got it cancelled entirely. I have done many protests alone, but nobody will support my message. I want to write a song and perform it in the talent show to further exploit them in front of a crowd, and I need some help with good lyrics. Something that will really hit them hard.
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. fieryQuantum Member

    It's plainly called The Scientology Club. Have they not updated it into the school site yet? Well then again, it IS a new club, so I suppose it makes sense.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Just perform any of Roz Cohn's songs from here:

    The ashtray one would be my recommendation :)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Is the club respecting the school's rules? Who runs the club? If the club is breaking any rules, and you have proof, you could bring it to the attention of the administration. For example, are they proselytizing for scientology at school, and is that allowed?

    Otherwise your most powerful countermeasure is to spread information. Learn all you can about the criminal convictions and abuses of the Scientology corporation and share what you have learned with anyone who will listen, be they students or teachers. Find allies who feel as strongly as you do about this and who will help you spread information.
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  6. fieryQuantum Member

    I would, but I'm kind of thinking more along the lines of an original song, I don't normally do covers when I perform, but I might reuse some lyrics in the songs.
  7. fieryQuantum Member

    One of the best ways I can think is to infiltrate and join the club to learn from the inside, but they are very aware of me and just take pictures of me all the fuckin' time, so I need someone to spy on them for me and feed me info that way. That's a lot more difficult than it sounds, but I think I can do it.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Be careful not to make anything up or to exaggerate anything, because if you do you may lose credibility. The Scientology corporation is such a creepy and bizarre bully that there is no need to make things up. If you are challenged on what you know, be prepared to back it up with links to reliable sources such as news articles, books, or firsthand reports.

    The ex-scientology kids website may be a good place to start looking for information that will resonate with high-school students.
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  9. fieryQuantum Member

    I am very credible in what I know, and I know how to get the big points out. I'm thinking of titling the song "Disconnected".
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Infiltrating the club is not a good idea. It could backfire. Scientology tries as hard as it can to make any critics look like they are criminals while portraying itself as a victim. All the information you could ever need about scientology is available on the internet. You time would be well-spent in learning all you can and sharing what you know.

    If they are taking pictures of you all the time, could that be considered stalking? The picture taking is a common tactic used to intimidate critics. You can see the cult taking pictures of protesters at almost every protest. search for "scientology protest" on youtube to see.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Considering how closely Scientology follows this forum, you can consider the club at your school already informed of this.
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  12. fieryQuantum Member

    I watched a LOT of anonsparrow, and he's the reason I found this site, so I know taking pictures of protesters to show cult members why we'rebad is a common practice.

    Thank you for the other advice, I will dig up as much as I can, even if I know plenty, enough is never enough.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Be prepared for blow-back if you publicly challenge the cult They play dirty. They may start a smear campaign against you accusing you of being a bigot at the very least. They may contact your parents, your teachers, and school administrators to complain about you. They will do all they can to intimidate you into silence.

    This is another reason why it is so important to be armed with the facts and never make things up. If you do get smeared you can defend yourself by pointing out that this is what the cult does to critics as a matter of policy. The more effective you become at exposing them, the harder they will try to keep you quiet.
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  14. fieryQuantum Member

    I am literally writing this down, for I need as much help and strategy as I can get, and I thank you. I planned on letting them smear me, as it is proof that it's policy and their own selfish defense technique. I also plan to bring up Disconnection and DM multiple times, along with showing that by calling people suppressive, you yourself are being suppressive.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I personally have found that the best strategy in letting people know about the cult is to go slowly and subtly. Most people don't want to be dragged into a long lecture about why the cult is bad. A soft gentle approach over time can be as effective as an outspoken one. When people are ready to hear more about it they will indicate interest, at which point you can give them as much information as they can handle. If you try to push too much information on them all at once too forcefully they may recoil and stop listening altogether.

    This is why your song idea is so excellent. You will be imparting information in an entertaining and gentle way. Hopefully people will spontaneously approach you to find out more.
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  16. I am astonished that any High School can support a club just for Scientology
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  17. Anonymous Member

    As the anon above said leading with humour and mild ridicule may win more interest. Something that has always been said here, is never protest alone. That is well worth keeping in mind, perhaps taking your time to gather a few likeminded individuals before courting some pretty damned determined and ruthless enemies.
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  18. fieryQuantum Member

    I have been looking into finding others to help, but as I stated before, nobody wishes to support me because of the topic Iprotest about, and they fear ridicule. Ridiculous, yes, but I can't change their minds, believeme I've tried. I seem to be the only one who understands why Scientology in our school is a bad idea, or at least the only one with the guts to protest.
  19. Random guy Member

    No, do not go into their meetings, do not try to go undercover. Scientologists believe anyone who stands against them are criminals. They will try to find what yoir cries are, and if you are unlucky, they will invent crimes (you're a criminal anyway, right? Inventing new crimes is merely while lies in their eyes). Trying to infiltrate is to ask for trouble.

    Since you are already known, you do not have the luxery of working anonymously against them. The best you can do is to inform everyone you can about whom you are up against. Start with your parents, your siblings and mates. The more who knows what's going on, the stronger your position. Make sure you back up your claims with documentation. While not likely, you may experience fair gaming ( ). Buy a cheap film camera and a sound recording device and keep it on ypou at all times. Keep a journal.

    Good luck, and feel free to come here to ask for documents and specifics.
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  20. fieryQuantum Member

    Thank you, I plan on it.

    I wil try to vlog at school as much as I can, they tend to ignore me and spy from a distance.

    They know my friends and family, believe me they do. My parents get calls from the Church and police knock on the door with complaints regularly.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Make sure your parents know precisely what its all about. they need to know what and who they are dealing with. The harassment they are receiving at the moment, is probably not stemming from high school Scientologists but from the adult Scientologists they have around them in their lives. It may get worse for all of you, and its important in that instance that you are all on the same page as to who is doing this and why.
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  22. fieryQuantum Member

    My parents say that it's not a big deal and their arrogance and childish acts will be their downfall, but they fail to grasp just exactly who they are. I know I should be way more concerned than I am, but they haven't made any big threats thus far.
  23. Anonymous Member

    sure op is no troll?
    in context with other stuff "My parents get calls from the Church and police knock on the door with complaints regularly." sounds a bit strange to me.
    If police knocked several times on the door, I'd be concerned.
  24. Woo Hah Member

    fieryQuantum, it would be most helpful if you could use your phone snap some photo evidence of The Scientology Club dox, fliers etc. and post it here.

    just sayin.
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  25. fieryQuantum Member

    Way ahead of you, it's 5 am and school's out for another week ,so I have to wait
  26. Woo Hah Member

    Um, how long is Christmas / New Year vacation in California?
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  27. Django Member

    Rock On, fQ...

    I'd suggest showing the South Park "Trapped In The Closet" episode to as many kids as you can ...
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  28. Random guy Member

    If your parents are fond of reading, buy them John Sweeny's "Church of Fear". It's a fairly small and easily read book, written by a well respected BBC journalist. These people you are up against are not your average high school bullies. The Internet has largely de-clawed the cult, but they can still bite.

    Use the internet actively. Make sure you know how to use proxies and 5 min, e-mail accounts to create socks. Make contacts and make sure you are not isolated socially or mentally. The cult is very good at what it does, but the Internet is our playground.
  29. fishypants Moderator

    Doesn't matter to me if he is. We can still educate and inform the lurkers.

    Good advice.

    OP - have you considered comic books? Should go down well with a high school audience.

    View attachment chapter_2_promo___disconnect___by_the_chanology_pa


    Also - someone above suggested South Park - the relevant episode is here:
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    Wait. What was that about paying for their classes?

    Are they doing fund-raising events to pay Scientology to do classes in school? And how are they managing to dodge the problem of religion in school?

    It might be worth checking the Madera High (and school board) rules for clubs.
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  31. anon33 Member

    No worries. As soon as the club officially appears on the net, it's as good as closed. Help them to update the school website or ask the student newspaper to write an article for them. I don't believe they have enough people there to start a club.
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  32. fieryQuantum Member

    The school has to allow this club to stay. We have Campus Awakening and the Jewish Association, so if we didn't allow this club to be made, we'd get some judgment by parents, regardless of how bad the cult is.
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  33. wolfbane Member

    In that case, your best bet is to stick to the old adage "follow the money"

    Your initial post mentions that the club has been milking the school's money supply for various things. Each "club" should be treated to their fair share of any sort budget for those groups. And if there is favoritism going on, then somebody with the school's administration should be held accountable.

    Things worth knowing to find a legit way to either expose or put a stop to this:

    Who is the adviser/teacher/administrator in charge of the club?

    Can we tie known Scientology affiliations to the adult in charge of it?

    What is the school's policies governing these clubs and what activities are allowed within a club?

    How is money appropriated for club activities and where does it come from?

    Are they recruiting students who are not from scientologist families to join the club? If so, how?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Oh yes, I spotted the Awakening thing but can't go back to that page again. In that case, equal opportunity rules and the school deserves them.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    And where does it go to? If the money appropriated and money raised in school by activities goes to an outside group (for courses?) then it's probably being used as a profit center by Scientology as well as attempted recruiting.

    I'm suspicious that this group was able to pop up out of nowhere and is suddenly sucking down so much club money that main events like Homecoming are almost cancelled. How many students are actually involved in this group and who manages the allocation of club funds?
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  36. The Internet Member

    Scientology. Vacuuming Jewgolds everywhere like a huge fucking vacuum.
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  37. DeathHamster Member

    If they'd just stick to mission of planting seeds of recruitment, but they're so cash-crazy these days. I'd love to know what those courses are about and why they suck so much money. The Way to Happiness booklets? (Which cost 14 cents to print.)
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  38. fieryQuantum Member

    The way clubs work, is that a teacher is chosen to supervise, but has no control over what the club does. The club founder(a student) is the one who runs everything, and the person who runs this club advertises it, making it seem like a paradise, gathering recruits. There are 44 members at this time, and they seem to stay around there, thankfully. They're planning to preform a play at the talent show, telling the story of scientology. They make it seem like a mystical fairy tale, not as ridiculous as the actual story sounds.

    I have speculated for a long time Scientology's link to the school administration. The superintendent of the district's son is the founder, so he might have a huge link to the money issues.

    I believe in total they have used about $67,000 combined, which isn't as much as you might think, since this estimate is split between 44 people, and we ALL know how much money Scientology costs.

    The reason it's costing so much is because they're paying for the actual classes that legit Scientology freaks buy to get to OT 8.
  39. wolfbane Member

    I can find no Scientology links on the Superintendent's name.

    And I think we need to see some dox on the club's advertising since it isn't listed on the school's website. Or some kind of proof.

    A play for a talent show is one thing, but the allegation of money being spent on courses seems far-fetched. Not saying it isn't happening fQ, just that this does not fit the usual cult playbook of using the front groups (TWTH, YFHR, Drug-free marshalls, etc) to infiltrate the public sector where kids are involved. Those methods are fairly well proven, so it's hard to believe their doing something new that is this big and we haven't heard of it before.
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  40. fieryQuantum Member

    That's what confuses me.

    I have known the superintendent of MUSD since I was a preschooler, and he never showed any signs of following the cult in any way. If this is linked to him at all, it means that he either keeps it a secret, or he's a new member and nobody knows yet.

    I know proof is relevant, but as stated earlier, I'm still on vacation until next week. I plan on taking pictures of fliers, and some of the members who are taking pics of me as well.

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