Scientology Contest - Win an Extension Course

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by SeenTheLight, May 22, 2011.

  1. SeenTheLight Member

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  2. Smurf Member

    The problem with the "extension" courses is that there are tests that need to be graded, in-person, at the local org, whereby, you will be regged to death to

    Another sick attempt by the cult to recruit.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Keep up the good work op.
  4. amaX Member

    Welcome to Tampa, Florida! Scientology's first Ideal Civilization! First Tampa----then the WORLD!
  5. Anonymous Member

    Fishing for fresh marketing angles as their brand fails globally?
  6. Anonymous Member

    ......I have a twisted sense of humor!
  7. is easier when I hand over my free will and all my money to other people.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Change "other people" to "Scientology" and you will automatically be a winner!

  9. Anonymous Member

    Guys, we should totally NOT bombard Mr. Merwin (more like Lesswin, amirite?) with bogus emails contest entries. It would NOT be cool or funny to fill up his inbox with more emails than he possibly has time to read. It would also NOT be cool to fill those emails with entheta about scientology, especially if he has to open each and every one to see if it's from a scientologist trying to win the prize.

    So guys, let's NOT do any of that. Just sayin'.
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  10. RolandRB Member


    Just to stress the above.
  11. RolandRB Member

    I like Scientology because I am a moron and a weakling with money who looks to any dubiously popular source to tell me how to live my life.
  12. Anonymous Member

    But... but... but....the letter does sign off with:
  13. Anonymous Member

    Don't "contests" have serious legal rules covering them? Like, for example, when something of monetqry value is "won", TAXES need to be paid, (unearned income or something similar)?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Should the IRS be informed of this?
  15. basil Member

    I guess we should hide the email address too in case web scrapers find it here and harvest the email address to add to their spam list.

    Perhaps we should put Anthea Pennis forward because doesn't everybody like a Pennis extension?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, in the interests of Internet Ecology, we probably should attend to those things that the spam bots like to harvest. When should we attend to the task, next month sometime?
  17. Anonymous Member

    ...its resistance only makes my penis harder.

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