Scientology Counter-Picketing Techniques

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonInMass, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. AnonInMass Member

    Scientology Counter-Picketing Techniques

    Didn't see this thread yet, and wanted to get one going.

    We know and have proof that Scientologists:

    Counter Protest.

    What else do they do that we need to be aware of? Is there anything we haven't been accounting for? Are there variants of each technique we should address?
  2. Dubber Member

  3. Atomosk Member

    Expect everything and anything from these guys. If you don't want handlers yelling in your face, be a less active protester, rooting from the back. If you have a short temper, don't even get near handlers. If you see a protester getting bullbaited and harassed, keep your camera on them. If the guy tries to get physical, you'll have evidence. For incidents like that, it's good to have 2 different angles on it.

    And don't forget, you're under no obligation to acknowledge them. No matter what they say, just don't say a word, and hopefully they'll go away or move on to someone else.
  4. overseanon Member

    I imagine people around the person being bull baited and that person in particular should just TURN AROUND and stand like that until they'll get bored and notice it doesn't work. Plus if you're not being spit on your face - it's less likely you will be successfully baited.
  5. SmellDriver Member


    "Lure with bait; Strike with chaos." These are the words of Master Sun-Tzu from his masterpiece, "The Art of War". The time-honored lessons in this manual have been tested in battle, and the army who employs them has the advantage. Scientology would lure us with bait, and strike at us wih chaos. We must not take the lure. Stay cool.

    The advice given in this thead is sound. "There are battles not to fight," wrote Sun-Tzu. If you feel yourself being lured, walk away. I have no doubt it will happen to me, as I tend to be short-tempered when confronted with lies.

    To victory!
  6. Apalled Member

    sorry to be the wet blanket here-- but i really am expecting this to be minor chaos. the freaks can easily read all of these messages. im sure they will act to disrupt protests.

    i listened to the CBC radio segement (from another thread) and wasnt impressed with those two. i HOPE thats not representative of ANON. yea yea, i know, i know, ANON is "everyone yet no one".

    i just pray there arent any testosterone-fueled frat boys there who fly off the handle. but then, the good advice has been dispensed here. no one can claim they havent been tutored in dealing w/ the freaks.

    ok-- i feel better just typing that. stay calm. get the message out. hit the cult where it hurts.
  7. AnonInMass Member

    I'm thinking of preparing valentines SPECIFICALLY FOR bull-baiters.
    In my head, I see Anon in a suit, smiling, holding a sign in one hand and a Valentine in the other, with and Scientologist screaming.

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