scientology crime fighter? yeah, right.

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon8109, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. anon8109 Member

    In this video, written about by Tony Ortega,

    a police officer claims that the scientology corporation helped the police "solve many crimes". What exactly did he mean by that? Since when does the cult help solve crimes? Was the officer just talking nonsense or is there more to it?

    Ortega attributed this to the cult's usual practice of "safepointing", that is presenting a facade to local authorities and community leaders of being benevolent, usually through front groups. Maybe the officer misspoke and meant to say "preventing crime" as the cult claims to do by distributing its "Way To Happiness" pamphlets?

    But if the officer wasn't mistaken, there is also the possibility that there is more going on than simply "safepointing". The cult is also notorious for using the police and courts to harass and destroy anyone that gets in the way of their profit margin. If there were some way to investigate exactly which crimes scientology helped the Hemet county sheriff solve, if any, that just might be the thread that unravels some newsworthy scandal of scientology malfeasance.
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    Waiting for the next claim:
    "Mafia helps police solve many crimes"
  3. When you shout "What are your crimes".enough times someone is bound to confess.
  4. BigBeard Member

    Some punks drove by 'Gold' shooting guns in the air a while back. $cientology got the car's plate number, using their cameras that monitor everybody driving by on a public road, and gave it to the PD. Arrests followed.

    Aside from that??

  5. It's easy to con a con.
  6. It's easy to con a con.
  7. Anonymous Member

    i hereby declare i am leaving this group due to its harm to other people in society. i intend therefore to join a better group. one which helps people mentally and spirtually with their lives.

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