Scientology Donor Bob Duggan's Company Makes $975 Million Deal With Johnson & Johnson/Janssen

Discussion in 'Media' started by Harold Hinkubah, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Bob Duggan was listed as the largest donor to Super Power in the recent St. Petersburg Times article:
  2. Anonymous Member

    It's baffling that someone so business savvy can fall for Hubbard's con.
  3. 00anon00 Member

    I blame society.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I blame Hubbard.
  5. Smurf Member

    Not really. Some cults attract alot of wealthy people. The Baghwan Shree Rajneeh had alot of very wealthy, educated followers. Business savvy doesn't equate for emotional stability in people's lives. Insecurity has alot to do with it.
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  6. They do it for the giant trophies from the little person, Bob and Trish Duggan:
    Photo Enhancement by FreakE420
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Maybe Bob is so filthy rich, he doesn't care about dropping millions in the cult. He's very charismatic...

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Right. We'll be charging them, too.
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  9. NCSP Member

    And insecurity can drive people to succeed in business, entertainment, etc.

    Not to mention the kid gloves with which VIPs are treated in Scientology.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Reaching such a high level of success in the business world presumably takes sharp critical thinking skills, and a no nonsense approach. I guess he does not put these same thinking skills to use in his personal life, allowing himself to be uncritical about Hubbard's woo because he trusts the people feeding it to him, and values his relationships with them. Even if he ever realized that it's a con, he probably would hesitate leaving it since he would be subject to disconnection and fair game.
  12. Squirrel King Member

    Suprisingly "businessmen" of this type are built upon parroting, compliance and following expectations. In other words, not critical thinking. Perfect fodder for the cult that wants to make them "more effective".
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  13. Sponge Member

    They have a hard-on for things presented as a "formula".
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  14. grebe Member

    Holy fuck.

    UCSB, I am dissapoint. But maybe you are getting a new Duggan School of Something or other out of your friendship with Mr. Rich Scientologist, who doesn't know that social sciences have existed for a very long time now, and that the authority of evidence may provide a path toward peace, while the authority of personal intuition leads to caste systems and endless warfare.
  15. Triumph Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    BTW if you have this:
    Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
    Dump it
  17. I wonder if Johnson & Johnson/Janssen realize that some of the money they are paying to Pharmacyclics/Duggan will probably end up being donated to Scientology?

    Our employers are supporting the enemy?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if Scientology will realize that this man not only supports psychiatric abuse, but is actively promoting and enabling it?
    Shocking, that ethics are being ignored, to the point where obvious SPs are infiltrating and co-opting the entire Church!

    what would elron do? :<

    (besides pinks & grays)
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    I think I'd dump it just for the name. I'd prefer a surgeon who uses tests, knowledge and skills rather one who uses intuition and takes a stab at it.
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  20. greebly Member

    Mr. Duggan who I'm sure is a nice guy made the bulk of his money from the merger with ISRG da vinci vs Zeus.

    Some more history for you.

    Not sure how well Mr Wang did but i think duggans chunk was near 20%.

    Secondly as mentioned back in March the cyclics was banking on it's 4 phase drugs.

    One of them is recieving $150m upfront payment the remaining 825 is based on trial result performance.

    Not the best deal for Pharmacyclics but as it was running out of cash it is a much needed boost.

    Very interesting in the videos he mentions the old CISCO routers, did not think he was involved in that, I guess Bill Yeager would know more about it, someone ask him.

    DARPA was mainly interested in da vinci rather than the Zeus robotic system so suprised they had not heard or thought of Zeus first.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    The cult has a history of ignoring these sort of pesky contradictions when it comes to the larger cash cows. For them, I imagine, big donations are seen as a form of pennance.
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  22. I agree and I haven't found anything about him investing in psychiatric medications or anything related to psychiatry.

  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    View attachment its-a-wonderful-life-party-scene-1209-lg-44717161.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Possibly the biggest pharmaceutical scam eva? I would like someone to review the research. This needs to get in the news, nao!
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist and Pharmacyclics CEO, Bob Duggan was Reed Slatkins mentor

    Scientologist Operating Thetan VIII Rainer Ramses Erdtmann is vice president of Pharmacyclics.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  29. xenubarb Member

    Test it on Tommy Davis' wife Jessica. Oh wait, she opted for auditing instead of medicine. Never mind.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Janssen is a corp that cares only about $$$. They produce a product that is readily available, "on the street", that is 100 times more potent than morphine, that is easily "worked up".

    One might say: "Meh, so what. It's a good high." Yeh, it is, but most opioid users don't have the knowledge, or equipment, to measure substances that is orders of magnitude greater than their skills at working other narcotic analgesics.

    Granted, most here won't care, or some might even derive pleasure in the death of an addict(your fucked in the membrane!), but there are many intelligent people that survive, addiction and go on to very productive lives.

    Google " fentanyl fatalities". Janssen produces a dangerous product thats only place is in controlled clinical settings.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Scientology pulls another Slatkin. Unbelievable!
  34. RightOn Member

  35. Quentinanon Member

    No. It's just about money.
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  36. Quentinanon Member

    I think Duggan does employ some critical thinking in his profession. However, Hubbard cleverly learned to exploit certain cognitive errors in people and the one most common in scientologists is misattribution. For example, Bob Duggan learned early in his scientology affiliation that you need lots of money to do scientology. He also felt a little better after some auditing or TRs. What Hubbard did was indoctrinate his marks that people get "more able" after auditing and auditing would not exist if he did not "develop" it. So, if you have a win, you are supposed to "thank LRH" in a success story, or clap to his picture or bust statue. In other words, if it weren't for Hubbard, your ability would not have improved. Thus, the attribution error is not only encouraged, it is coerced. Duggan believes that he owes his improvement to Hubbard, rather than the fact that he was the one who did most of the work in session and paid for it. Since Duggan's demand for money went up after he was recruited into scientology, he misattributes his increased income to scientology when all that occurred was that his demand for money increased and his actions went in accordance with that demand. If Duggan were to employ some cognitive therapy on himself to challenge his beliefs in attribution, it might go something like this:"Does Hubbard promise I will become a better investor if I do scientology? No. Do other scientologists acquire the same abilities at investment that I do? No. Do any non-scientologists make profitable investments like me? Yes." Then, cause and effect does not exist between scientology and the ability to make a high return on investments. The idea is to employ critical thinking to things that you believe result from scientology. Those who stay in scientology suspend their critical thinking about scientology.
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