Scientology fake cancer cures - quackery - fraudulent claims to cure cancer - Wendy Honnor

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Ada Fucking Lovelace, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Event is held inside Scientology Org.

    Part of the topics included in Wendy's list is how to audit the sick and dying.

    Scientology Orgs are prohibited from auditing terminal / dying pcs.

    To cover their asses, Orgs are supposed to send dying pcs to see a medical doctor, and are supposed to be refused auditing, per HCOBs. No, I can't remember which HCOBs off hand.

    Just something someone might be interested in.
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  2. RightOn Member

    "Part of the topics included in Wendy's list is how to audit the sick and dying."

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  3. LRH and Wendy Honnor: Quackers
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  4. anoninoob Member

    someone poon the California Department of Health and have them monitor the seminar. Fraud much Wendy?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    * bump * for Wendy Honnor's defection from Scientology Inc to Marty's Home-Cooked Scientology.
  6. Quentinanon Member

    It amazes me how people like Honnor can still believe in Hubbard's "we can cure cancer" drivel after dozens of well known scientologists have died from cancer. Let's see, Yvonne Jentzsch, who founded Celebrity Centre for Hubbard, died of brain cancer at the Fort Harrison in 1977. Attended during her final days by her daughters who were in the CMO. Hubbard could do nothing for her, despite violating his own policy about auditing terminally ill people.
    I remember many "OTs" who died from cancer, and many more still do.
  7. muldrake Member

    The late Hulda Clark, another cancer quack, had to flee the country and take up residence in Tijuana to operate her cancer fraud. Scientology cultist David J. Amrein was her "PR" person.

    In a bit of well deserved irony, she died of cancer.

    While I wouldn't wish cancer on many people, she is one who deserved it.

    Is Honnor just as vile? I don't know exactly what she's doing, but if she is selling snake oil in preference to legitimate treatment, she is nothing more than a murderer.

    (Morally, that is. Unfortunately, legally, it is merely a particularly reprehensible form of fraud or malpractice.)
  8. Diablo Member

    Fuck, they are so retarded!!!!!
  9. Wendy Honnor is now operating out of a cottage in Perth, Tasmania. She has finished writing her book on curing cancer, which she is now having proofread prior to launching it on a public that has no clue. She continues her "practice" using skype and still charges a fortune. She continues to join as many organisations as she possibly can, giving her ever increasing numbers of people to "analyse" and offer her services to. She attends every public gathering and even attends the funerals of perfect strangers. Her political plans continue. Anywhere there are people, there is Wendy.

    Perfectly creepy Wendy.

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