Scientology Fan-fiction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gumbo_DNA, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Gumbo_DNA Member

    Scientology Fan-fiction

    Hey, I got an idea that might make for some lulz.

    We all (or mostly all) know of how terrible and funny bad fan-fiction of anime and popular sci-fi series can be.

    All these people who are hardcore "Xenu" believers are probably just wondering what comes next in the series of books.

    Lets treat them to an awesome ending to this fictitious series by writing our own fan fictions! (What better way to debase their holy scriptures than with shitty fan fiction? heh heh)

    Ok, I got some ideas. Lets start with the following: XENU has escaped prison, Hubbard and Mscavige are actually XENU agents , collecting funds to re-awaken their dread lord, and Anon are the stelwart defenders of the Universe who keep XENU from hatching his nefarious plan by shutting down th Cults money making scheme, and end the plan to release XENU.

    Or something like that. Nothing makes eyes bleed harder than fan fiction. I want this to be as agonizing and nerd raging as possible for the $cios.

    Bonus points for:

    1. Making relationships between your dream couples. (Hubbard and XENU, bed partners?! Goes along with the slash fanfiction up higher in this board). Make it juicy!

    2. Adding in new exciting side characters, ret-cons, and memes.

    3. Adding in yourself as a new character (under the guide of ANON of course!) who just so happens to be the best friend/love interest of the story who magically appears, even though never mentioned as canon for the original books.

    If the $cios want science fiction, lets give it to them. I want their eyes to bleed from how terrible it is.

    If anyone remembers how bad Ranma 1/2, or Harry Potter Fan fiction is, you'll know what I'm talking about.
  2. Bumblefuck Member

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