Scientology Fanfiction!

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    Scientology Fanfiction!

    Calling all Fan Fiction writers, readers and reccers/reviewers!

    As some of you already know, we're having a fanfic writing challenge for erotic Scientology slash fiction featuring Tom Cruise and David Miscavige on Enturb, started by the great XenuChan. Entries are due by the 15th of March; the thread for discussion and links to these stories is here: . Some great stuff has already been posted, so if that's your kind of thing, go check it out. Warning: all stories there feature graphic R or NC-17/R18 rated descriptions of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige getting it (seeing that's the entire point of the challenge). If you're underage in your country or think you might be offended, disturbed or extremely traumatised by that kinda thing, don't click it!

    Since graphic slash fic is really not everyone's cuppa tea, this thread is for general discussion, recommendations and posting (links only please) of Scientology fan fiction, in particular general fan fiction (fic in which romantic/sexual pairings are not included or are not a major focus). If you want to post links to your het or slash fic here, go ahead, but please state the pairing and rating! Offers to proofread or beta fanfics are also appreciated! :flowers:

    Fanfic of any length about both fictional characters and real people (RPF) is welcome, as any genre you can think of - adventure, angst, humour, biting satire, crossovers (the world need moar mudkipz fic), reflective pieces on religion or what it's like to escape from a cult, what it would be like if Operating Thetans really did have superpowers, Xenu ruled the Earth, or David Miscavige was a nice guy, the time that the Freewinds got Fair Gamed by pirate ninjas, the epic battle between the Church of Scientology and the Anonymous interstellar Marcabian Invasion fleet... go wild! And link us to it! Remember we are a vital part in the propaganda war between Anonymous and the CoS! :guyfawkes:

    I'd also love to see more discussion about our fandom - what IS Scientology fan fiction? Does reading and writing about it make us free speech activists, talented satirists or disturbingly depraved individuals? All three? Is it a natural outgrowth of Anonymous taking on the fight against CoS or is it all written by OSA plants to distract us from our mission? Is basing characterisation of top Scientologists & celebrities on tabloid reports the best way to go, or do we need moar leaked videos from the Freewinds? If I write enough hot romance fic about Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, will they find it and disconnect from Scientology to elope together? (please say yes!) :rage:

    As well as the fic in the other thread, I found some older stuff. In 2001, Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka from SomethingAwful wrote a fic simply entitled 'Scientology Fan Fiction' here This could be the earliest Scientology fanfiction in existence (aside from all that badfic L. Ron Hubbard wrote back in the day). Cory Doctorow from BoingBoing linked to it! ... -fict.html He says: "Scientology Fan Fiction! It's a sick old world, all right." :lrhcries:

    I then found a epic thread entitled ‘Unlock the powers of your mind’ at SomethingAwful here: ... did=293658. It’s stuffed full of ficcy goodness, with fic of several different kinds by Tirade, fsck and CaptainWinky. (Warning - some fic is porn and some is pretty sick :D )

    Scientology Fan Fiction writers, readers and reviewers, go go go! Do it for Xenu! :xenu: :anon:
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    Re: Scientology Fanfiction!

    Straw Hats VS. Scientology. Someone needs to do that!

    Is basing characterisation of top Scientologists & celebrities on tabloid reports the best way to go, or do we need moar leaked videos from the Freewinds?

    I suspect that we can write based on the tabloids, but mustn't wail when the canon contradicts! :lrhtalking:

    Oh! An epic in progress[/url:1p1qix4t]!
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    Re: Scientology Fanfiction!

    404-man, Revoltin' the Stars you say? Oh, wait. :D

    xenubarb, that is awesome! X3 *keeps reading*
    ETA- finished! That was fun. :>

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