Scientology field day?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by K_J, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Re: Scientology field day?

    hmmm well it's not entirely surprising, but it does seem like something the Scinos can take WAY out of context. I do know for a fact however that prozac does work, my mother's proof of that. More importantly though, many doctors and Psychiatrists/Psychologists often state that the best way to cure depression is a combination of prescription and therapy. This is because the talking and getting things off your chest and other parts of therapy helps deal with part of the emotional and mental troubles while the medication is meant to take care of the parts the therapy can't. Or so I've been told.
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    Re: Scientology field day?

    I actually dont agree that drugs are the right way most of the time... but to just attack psychiatry in general is just stupid (no offence to any freezoners lurking, its just my opinion)
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    Re: Scientology field day?

    i think that of course over medicating is stupid, many big drug companys only care about profit (it is after all illegal for them to NOT get the best profits for the shareholders) and yes giving ritalin to kids willynilly is stupid and dangerous. On the other hand i think that people that want or need drugs should have access to them (including drugs which are currently illegal) and people that want to understand the world and self based of psycho analysis should be able to do that, people who want to question those beliefs and practices should be able to.

    For years i have spoken out online against psycho analytic hypocrisy, stupidity, etc - i have posted on forums, told Freudians that i think Freud was an egotistical nut job (only partly true), etc, etc. --- Can you guess how many times i've been 'handled' or 'bullbated' or called 'fair game' or an 'SP' - Thats right NONE.

    All of the videos i've ever seen about psychiatry talk about it in an open and honest way, if someone disagrees they form an argument based around the points raised and present it for debate. I've read the DSM, i've read peer reviewed journals and even watched videos of balls in Vienna! I read autobiographys, biographys, case notes, novels and poems from professionals, patents, parents and grandkids (Freud lol;) --- Can you guess how many of them document strange men following them shortly after publication? How many of them got sued and threatened? NONE.

    As much as Co$ like to paint pschs as evil, i have yet to find a secret police or information network running to the core of psychiatry - however a quick visit to the RTC webpage and a scan read of what sort of info they want scientologists to send them (info on anyone doing anything that may negatively affect scientology - first one that springs to mind) is more than enough to prove who's the dictatorship wannabes.

    I'm not doing this to defend psychiatry and i'm CERTAINLY not doing this to defend big pharma - I'M DOING THIS BECAUSE SCIENTOLOGY IS DANGEROUS AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.
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    Re: Scientology field day?

    They've been citing this guy's work for years. He's no shill, just a scientist.

    The Co$ will make mileage of this but it changes nothing as far as the Co$ vendetta against their competition goes. They are NOT pro-choice on this matter as you guys know.

    This is the full article; ... ed.0050045

    It does not mean that anti-depressants "don't work". Most likely it means one or both of these connected things;

    1) Mild-moderate depression is physiologically different to severe depression.
    2) Anti-depressants are WAY over-prescribed (especially in the US) skewing the results.

    There does seem to be reporting bias going on with the pharma companies (holding back the negative studies) - it may be that effectiveness has been over-emphasised in the past, and even that these drugs aren't (for most people) worth the cost/side-effects. That's the worst-case.

    Meta-analyses can give misleading results, and the media is prone to thinking that each new study is the definitive one. So yes, this suggests that anti-depressants are no good for a lot of people. I think we knew that already, didn't we? Just because that overlaps with ONE of the Co$s supposed gripes, doesn't mean they're right overall. Far from it.

    PS It's pretty ironic that the most discredited part of psychiatry is Freudian psychoanalysis. WHICH DIANETICS WAS BASED ON!
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    I was on effexor...a mild antidepressant (if you can call any drug like it mild)...I hated it, but I have to credit it with stabilizing me enough so that therapy could do some good. I was only on it a few months, but the therapy in the meantime gave me the tools to cope without any drugs. Just some personal emperical evidence.
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    Re: Scientology field day?

    Scions are not concerned about the pill popping society, whether or not that's a problem is another discussion. What they want to do is replace EVERYthing with THEIR way of doing things
  8. tokumei9k Member

    Re: Scientology field day?'s kind of sad that adherents to $cn dogma appear to know nothing of stuff like CBT[/url:34bd92tz]: psych-"tech" which kicks Dianetics' ass (without the added side-effects of emptying your bank account and leaving your innermost secrets in the hands of a criminal organization).
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    Re: Scientology field day?

    Though many Anonymous disagree with Scientology's stance on Psychiatry and Psychology, it is the crimes and human rights abuses of Scientology that are at issue.

    (forgive me Godwin) The Nazis may have been right about the central bankers, but this did not "help the Nazi cause."

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