Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

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    Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    This thread is for anyone with first hand accounts about the horrors of Scientology.

    No threadshitting here please
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    Miscavige Tortures & Abuses His Followers/Staff

    Miscavige Tortures/Abuses His Followers/Staff

    Originally Posted By BlownForGood over at OCMB @ (It's long, but keep reading. The really sadistic stuff is toward the end)

    Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 12:13 pm Post subject: MUSICAL CHAIRS - INT BASE STYLE
    Subject description: IT JUST KEEPS COMING



    It was just another day in hell.

    We had been “restricted” to the CMO Int/WDC conference room for 2 months now. The basic R-factor (Reality Factor) was that until all org boards and postings for the Int Base, FB and Class V orgs were done, we were not allowed to leave. We had to sleep under our desks each night and food was brought in. We were allowed to go down to the Gold Estates Building for showers if we went down real early. We were not allowed to be around while other base staff were around.

    We were allowed to go to different areas of the Base, if it was regarding a specific COB order that had been issued. If we were to have been found to cross order COB in any way while we were in any areas, it was an immediate RPF assignment.

    For the most part there was nothing we could do. Anyone who had an external facing post was not allowed to send any traffic out. All telex lines and orders from the base were cut by COB. As all of the traffic coming from the base was cross ordering HIS strategies, he ordered no traffic be passed on by AVC to ANY orgs or management units. All of the internal facing posts were involved in the org boards and postings.
    The org boards and postings had been going on since the year 2000. Actually the New Years 2000 Event sealed the deal on these and was the flap of the century if you want to call that.

    Because the event had been ordered worked on since January of 1999, and nobody did anything on it until the end of September, it was a complete fiasco. Dave almost got speared to death by a college kid welding a 12 foot flag, his speech was written by him over night and he had no sleep before the event. All of the visuals that accompanied his speech were not ready and when he was reading his speech, pictures that had nothing to do with what he was saying were being projected on the screens behind him.

    The entire Event had to be re-done digitally after it was held live at the Sports Arena. This took 2 months to do over at least. The entire time this was being done, the continued statement of why the entire event had been a disaster was that NO ONE HAD A POST AND NO ONE AT THE INT BASE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING. That was in 2000

    It is now 2005 and we are locked up in the conference room. This is the latest in a series of “too grusesomes” meant to make people crack under the pressure and do something that COB has asked for.

    COB RTC (Dave Miscavige) asked for a lot of things in a day. If one someone were to keep track of everything things he asked for and typed them up, it would take them – Oh wait he has a staff of eight people that do this as their sole function!! They are:
    COB Secretary
    COB Communicator
    COB Sec for Correspondence
    COB Sec for Compliance
    COB Sec for Incoming Traffic
    COB Sec for Outgoing Traffic
    COB typist
    COB typist

    The record everything he says throughout the day and then turn those tapes into streams and streams of orders that get sent out in triplicate to anybody and everybody that has anything to do with any of them. These people then have to Method 9 word clear his orders before they can even do anything on them.

    There are over 2000 pages of transcripts that deal solely with the subject of getting the Int Base org boards and postings done!

    There are lists and lists of every single different possible personnel scenario that could be put into place at the Int Base. Does CMO Gold stay its own org? Does it get put in the Exec structure of Gold? Does it move into CMO Int? Does Annie Tidman stay the CO? If it goes to Gold then she can’t still be the head as her and Lisa Schroer don’t get along that well. Does it get moved across the property, does it stay in the 400’s buildings. All of these are taken into account for each org and all of the postings that are being done.

    For at least the last seven years, the org boards and posting have gone like this:
    All of the postings get worked out by a committee of whoever thinks they are the current exec structure in charge. They order the EstoS to draw up all of the charts and pictures of everybody so it can be seen who is where. Personnel files and experience data is rarely if ever used, this is a “who would I like to do what” drill that gets done by a few people. If the persons doing this drill don’t like you, it is likely you will end up on a post that sucks. Okay, so this takes at least a few weeks and the list is almost done. There are however a few WDC and higher exec posts like Gold Div heads that are still vacant. As nobody wants to do those posts as they know that they have a very high turnover rate, the whole thing stalls out and cannot be finished. Dave Miscavige calls a meeting and then all of these people that are doing the org boards and posting get hauled up to Building 50 or the WDC conference room for 9 hours to hear what people Dave thinks should be on what posts and which people he DOES NOT want on certain posts.

    After this meeting, they start over on the list and have to somehow put all of the pieces back they way Dave wants them and still be able to come up with a lists that makes sense. Add into this that they had to offload 5 people and 4 people blew since the last list was made. So now they have to someone get rid of some posts or name some people that are not even at the base to take these posts once they get to Int.

    Oh yeah, no new people can come to the Int base until the org boards and postings are done so no new personnel arrivals have gone to Int for nearly seven years. There have been over 500 offloads (getting fired & thrown out or moved to a poor org) though. You can leave out the backdoor, but no one can come in the front. (Cue all of the LRH references that talk about what it means when personnel lines are shut down.)

    Oh yeah, and for the rest of the things that are not allowed until all of the Int Base Org boards and postings are done. These apply ALL INT BASE STAFF unless otherwise noted:

    Meal breaks longer than 30 minutes
    Canteen privileges
    Getting Married
    Having rank (all Int Base staff were demoted to a rank of “Swamper” since the year 2000)
    Sea Org Day
    New Years
    Birthdays (except COB’s) bring on the gifts!
    Going home to berthing (if you are directly related to getting the postings or boards done)

    Okay, so now back to the main story here! We are locked up in the conference room and Dave is going to come down and meet with the key execs on the music studio. It has just been redone for the fourth time and Dave wants to go over what he found when walking through the Studio that afternoon.

    When one of these meetings happens, you have about 20 people who just go into a room and do not come out for hours on end. You will see COB come and goes as he pleases, but the people in the room do not leave, for nothing, no bathroom breaks, no snacks nothing. When Dave leaves or is going to be gone for a bit, sometimes they can duck into a nearby room, grab a protein bar, take a bathroom break and go right back into the room for fear that he will return while they are gone.

    No one is allowed to come into a meeting once Dave has entered the room. Once he is in the room, it is locked down so to speak. No one comes or goes unless he directs it.

    Today’s meeting will be at 3PM in the CIC conference room in CMO Int. This room holds about 20 people max and that is with about 10 sitting on one side of the table and the rest standing behind them or sitting in chairs in the room behind the ones sitting at the table. The other side of the table is for Dave. He usually sits at the table and has a set variety of things that have been placed there by his stewards before the meeting:

    Water (specific brand that only he drinks) No one would dare drink that same brand water!
    Protein bars
    Pack of Camel non-filter cigarettes
    Tape recorder (unless room is hardwired for recording which all Int Base conference rooms are)

    The attendants of this meeting are the CST guys, Russ Bellin and his staff that are running projects at the Base, CMO Int execs, and Gold Execs. Annie Tidman is there as she is directly running the Music Studio re-re-re-re-renovation and up-up-grade that is currently being done.

    COB (chairman of the board - David) comes in and immediately asks who has been into the studio lately. Of course only one or two people have and even they are probably lying, so he tells everybody to go and look at the main control room. The music studio is right next to CMO INT so it is a 30 second trip over there. The musicians are in there and they have a look of horror on their faces, obviously COB has been by there recently. They say he came in, asked some questions and left.

    We return to the CIC conference room. After a bunch of back and forth questions and guesses from us on what is wrong, we are told by Dave that the mix board was crooked and we all get sent back to the studio control room to see what he is talking about.

    Okay, back in the conference room he give us a lecture on mixing and how it’s done blah, blah, blah. He then asks for a copy of the “Queen’s Greatest Hits” CD to be brought down to the conference room. After it is brought down he plays the CD for us and tells us to listen. You have got to picture this. You have 20 people who probably don’t give a crap about Queen, have not eaten, are tired and exhausted do not care about mixing or at least are certainly not going to take away a whole lot in terms of learning about it today, but yet we listen…

    While Dave is playing the CD for us, I think during “Keep Yourself Alive” he suddenly becomes very happy and jumps up from the table. “I just had a great idea!” he says. He is the happiest any of us have seen him in months, almost in glee about this new idea that has popped into his head. He says that we should get something to eat, then get all of CMO Int rounded up and into the WDC conference room for a meeting in about an hour. He says to remove the table from the middle of the room and make sure that there are enough chairs for EVERY SINGLE PERSON to sit down. He is very clear to make sure we understand this part.

    The room has been cleared out. Now the WDC Conference room is much bigger than any other conference rooms on the base. It is basically two trailers put together with no walls or post to block Dave’s view of anyone on the meeting. That is why he likes meeting in this room, he can be close enough to the large amount of people in the meeting to read their reactions. Well, with the table cleared out, there is a lot of people now in the room. All CMO Int except for two Gold Execs. No one had a clue why we are there. We know that Dave was happy about some idea that he had come up while listening to a Queen album and other than that the meeting purpose is unknown. It is around 5:30PM.

    Dave shows up and talks about the org boards and postings, He also talks about how there have been over 500 people that have been musical chaired off post over the last 5 years. (He leaves out the part about most of them being as a result of his orders) He then asks a few people what musical chairs means. About 3 people answer with the Scientology definition of musical chairs, no one seems to know that it means something else. One guy from Programs says that it is a game. Dave has him explain the game to everybody.

    “Good. So you guys understand the game?” Dave asks. “Okay, well today we are all going to find out how the entirety of Scientology feels about you guys playing musical chairs with the posts of international Scientology orgs and the Int Base. We are going to play the game musical chairs, but with a twist. You are all going to walk around these chairs here, while the music plays, a chair will be removed, and whoever does not get a chair when the music stops, well, that person will be offloaded from the Int Base.”

    “Those are the rules and that is the game. Oh and the person who is left standing when all but one chair is pulled out will stay here and help me repost the base and get Scientology expanded. This is not a joke and I am not kidding. You guys have fucked with me (nice churchy talk, huh?) for the last time. I am going to find out right now and right here, who is the most determined to stay here.”

    You can imagine the horror on the faces in the room. There were about 70 people in the room and everybody knew that this was going to be a very cutthroat ordeal.

    And what did “offloaded” mean? There were so many definitions for this word at the Int Base that this was not so clear. To most this would mean that they were going to be given $500 put on a bus to the middle of nowhere and told to never come back. Some had the hope that it meant to a lower org maybe. To some it meant going to the RPF (prison camp) in ANZO, CANADA or AFRICA where no external trouble could be caused.

    There was a lot of fumbling around to get the chairs into a giant circle. Dave had the Cine Sec Gold (Federico Tisi) bring up a video camera so they whole thing could be videoed. This was going to be a major production!

    Dave played a few CDs. The Queen one did not work for what he was trying to do. “We are the Champions” was not the right message for this. “Mozart's Requiem Mass” was what I think he ended up using. How appropriate!

    Anyway, the first people to go were the usual suspects, the older, more reserved bunch. As people would leave the game, Dave had them lined up in one area of the room. He would jab comments at them and apologize for it having to end up like this. If the person was married or had a spouse in Gold, he would ask them why they had not thought about this before. “Is it real to you now?” he would ask.

    One guy, John Oldfield, was leaving the game. He was married to Megan Oldfield in Gold. She was a video editor and they had been married at least few years. John had tears running down his face. Dave asked him why he was crying. John said that he was going to miss Megan and that he did not want to have to leave like this. Dave said, “Well you never cried for me!”

    To prove that he was not kidding, Dave had one of his staff go off and come back with actual airline tickets printed up with the people’s names on them. They were handed out to people that had been kicked from the game so far.

    As the amount of people was getting thinner, Dave started to let the music play longer. This went on for hours.

    When it got down to around 20 people, it started to get VERY physical. Mark Ingber and Mike Sutter actually destroyed a chair by pulling it from each other and fighting and punching each other to let go of it. Mark Ingber actually ripped the seat of the chair from the frame and sat down on it on the floor! That counted and Mike left the game!

    As the final people were weeding out, people were being thrown to the ground, pushed against walls and otherwise totally fighting for a chair. If you could imagine what it would be like if pro athletes played a game of musical chairs, that was what it was like for the last 15 or so people.

    It was very sad to watch. People, who were best friends for years, were throwing their best friend to the ground for a chance to get a seat in a chair. Most of the people who had lost were just made to stand there and wait. Wait and do nothing except wonder where you would end up, what would you do, who would you ever see again?

    Most of these people knew nothing else except for the Int Base. They had very little or no family, or at least they had not seen their family in so long, they did not even know if they could go to them.

    No one had credit cards, bank accounts, any more than 50 dollars to their name. Very few staff had driver’s licenses and fewer had vehicles. And even if they did have a vehicle, it either did not run or had been years since they had registered or insured it. How would they live, how would they even eat? What would their spouses think of them? Would they be told that they were an SP and never hear from their family or partner again?

    There were now around 70 people standing off in this big group. These people were now being referred to as the “Offload Group” by Dave. 50% had either been crying or were crying at this point. The other half might have even been happy to get the hell out of there or did not care enough either way to cry.

    The last 4 people were Greg Wilhere, Sue Wilhere, Mark Ingber and Lisa Schroer. Mark was literally thrown aside by Greg Wilhere. Lisa beat out Greg for a seat.

    Sue Wilhere and Lisa Schroer walked around a single chair for what seemed to be an eternity while Mozart rang out. Then the music stopped.

    The music stops and both of them fight for the single seat.

    As fate would have it, Lisa Schroer got the seat and Sue was sent to the side.

    “A deal is a deal,” Dave Miscavige says to Lisa, “you can stand next to me.”

    “The rest of you are not done yet. We still have to figure out where you will all end up going.”

    At this point Dave tells everybody to split up into groups of 7 and that no couples can be in any groups. So if both you and your spouse were in the room, you would have to go to different groups so that even once offloaded, you could not be together!

    The groups were split into seven separate groups. 10 people in seven groups of ten.

    Dave asked the first group where the thought that they should go. Of course none of them could agree on one place as there were 10 different people from 10 completely different places in the world. “Okay, I know how to solve this” Dave has Marj Habshied brought into the room from here office. Marj was working in ESI as the SO#1 I/C. People would right in to ED INT from orgs all over the planet and she would answer them for him. Most of the time he would not even see the responses or even care to read them. This went on for years. Anyway, Marj was fresh on DM’s mind from this flap that had recently come up, so she would decide the fate of ten people today.

    DM was also careful to make sure that everyone in the room knew that no one could tip Marj off to what was going on in the room. Everybody needed to put on a happy face and not say ONE SINGLE WORD to Marj when she came in.

    Marj walks into the room. Dave asked her if she knows a lot about the different Conts around the world and the state of the Scientology orgs in each. She said that she was very knowledgeable about this as she gets letters from all areas and knows which ones complain about what in each area. Dave asked her to tell him which one that she felt was the worst of all. She hemmed and hawed a bit, but eventually came up with Canada.

    Dave had someone sent off to fetch the Org photos binders for Canada that exist in the Landlord office. These photos were weekly updated binders of all orgs and Sea Org units in Canada.

    Marj was asked to wait by Dave until the photos arrived. Little did Marj know that she was actually deciding where ten people would end up going after being offloaded tonight.

    ]The photos arrive and sure enough there are pictures of black toilets crusted in filth, 15 beds in a single room at the CLO berthing, Showers with green mold on the tiles, etc. The photos were horrid. In the binder it had said that the CLO had been broken into just a week prior and that the CLO was behind on rent and the crew had not been paid in many weeks. The CLO was not making enough money to purchase food for the crew and some had been working on missions in the orgs so that they could get food and berthing money to support at least themselves.

    Dave asked Marj if she was sure that this is the Cont that she considered the worst of all. She agreed and was dismissed. As soon as she left the room and was out of earshot, Dave said that the first group would be going to Canada.

    Dave then asked the next group who they thought the most out ethics person on the base was, This person was brought up to the room and then their Cont was picked out.

    This went on for at least an hour, Dave reading out things about the Cont, showing the pictures around the room, making sure that everybody could see that any place they went was going to suck and that no matter what, the INT Base was a resort compared to any of these places.

    Now all Conts were picked.

    1. CANADA
    2. AFRICA
    3. ANZO
    4. PAC
    5. EAST US
    6. WUS
    7. CC INT

    The CC Int team was given their Cont by Dave. He had asked that he get to decide one Cont. CC Int did not seem like that bad an area compared to the rest. There had to be a catch. The team assigned to CC INT would be a cleaning team specifically and that is all that they could do. They were a cleaning team that was assigned to ONLY PUBLIC areas and Celeb areas. Dave said that if they were going to get to go to CC they should be able to get to see celebrities and that that he would make sure that they did. “Ashtrays, toilets, trash cans and Celebrities will be your life.“

    Just when everybody thought that the torture was over, Dave says “Well, you have got to have uniforms too”

    Dave then asked the CC INT team if they could think of someone who they thought was hip or cool. Becket Wells was brought up as a person that was up on the latest fashions and styles. “Good” Dave says, “get him up here.”

    Dave makes sure everyone knows that the same rules apply; NO ONE tells Becket what is happening or says anything to him at all. ONLY Dave is allowed to talk to him.

    Becket walks in and Dave tell him that we are all doing an exercise and that Dave wants him to pick out some uniform parts for some crew to wear. He asks Becket to describe the most hideous outfit that anyone would ever want to wear.

    The outfit would end up being:

    1. Pink running shoes
    2. White socks that went past the knee
    3. A huge Cowboy belt buckle
    4. Bright green short shorts
    5. A pirate shirt with 4 inch black buttons on the chest
    6. Fluorescent yellow waist pack
    7. Red Riding hood - hood

    “That is Hideous” Dave said and then thanked Becket for his help.

    As Becket left the room, Dave Miscavige turned to the CC Int team and said that that would be their uniform and that they had to wear it whenever they were in ANY public areas. He also specifically added that they could not EVER pick trash up with any sort of tool. It always hand to be handled with the hands, same with ashtrays, they were to dig the butts out with their bare hands and no tools could ever be used except in the case of toilets or urinals - they could use a sponge or greenies, but no gloves or extended brushes.

    Just when we thought it all was over and we could at least get off to out Conts. Dave asked that each group pick one person amongst themselves that everybody could agree was the worst of the pack. The most out ethics, most disliked whatever. The least liked person from each group was singled out. By this time, how could it get any worse?

    Dave said that each of these most disliked people would be writing the issue assigning one OTHER group to the Cont they were being sent to! And it would be signed COMMANDER.

    So Mark Ingber who was going to Canada, was writing the issue for the PAC group and it was going to be coming from COMMANDER MARK INGBER. This was being done for all the groups and everybody had an issue that was being written by someone who was also being offloaded, but just not to the same area!

    Each group had their issues written up by hand. Each group was then charged with getting the issues proofread, typed and copied and ready for distribution.

    Once all this was done. Dave gave everybody a final pep talk. He asked if anyone had anything to say. NO one did. He said that the buses would be ready to leave at 6AM. It was now 1AM. Each person would need to be ready to go and NO items would be going with them except for the clothes on their backs.

    Of course, anyone with spouses had already secured for the night, anyone who had friends, family, co-workers or people that they wanted to talk to before leaving were unable to be contacted. The buses would be long gone BEFORE any of these people would be coming in for post.

    All of the phones were ripped out of the room so that no calls could be made to other parts of the base where staff might be working late. All communication lines were cut. About 30 minutes after the meeting had ended, there were a few people saying how this was the “last chance people would have to make things right in their S.O. careers” and that “if they made the Conts expand, they probably would be able to come back to the Int Base one day far, far in the future.”

    An hour later, all the different groups had found their way back to their little space under a desk or in a chair and most people had gone to sleep for the night. Sobs and faint crying could be heard for hours throughout the room. If you were not crying yourself to sleep that night, someone else was doing the crying for you.


    The crew were rounded up and mustered. Change of plans. NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE! Turns out it is going to cost a fortune to fly all of these people all over the place and the logistics were not finalized on how everybody would be shipped off to the different Conts. Dave had called down late during the night and said that he was not willing to waste one money single cent of Church money dealing with the Int Base SPs

    Some people might end up going later in the day, and some might end up going that night providing everything was properly worked out.

    The day went by painfully slow. No one knew who was doing the logistics workouts and no one was leaving the “SP room”. It was just more torture, everyone waiting, but nothing they could do.

    Days would go by and nothing ever happened. Dave Miscavige actually ended up leaving the base and going off somewhere for a Legal Case and the whole thing sort of faded away. Everybody just assumed that whenever the logistics got worked out, they would get shipped off to their Cont and until then they would make the best of it.

    Later we would all find out that NO ONE HAD EVER WORKED OUT ANY FLIGHTS, COSTS, OR ANYTHING. It was all just one big pile of shit. Dave Miscavige never intended for anyone to leave, be offloaded to ANY Conts or wear ridiculous outfits while scrubbing urinals by hand. But he wanted us to all think that we were!

    More than TWO YEARS LATER, the SP ROOM, SP HALL or whatever you want to call it is filled with pretty much the same people that played Musical Chairs that one night. Those who could blow, did. Those who played it smart DID actually get offloaded to some Conts then blew from there. But there are still many left:

    1. Arbuckle, Mary – ex Typesetter I/T R Comps
    2. Bellin, Russ – ex CO CST
    3. Biggs (Knapmeyer), Alison – ex R Comps Programs Ops
    4. Blankenship, Angie – ex COB Project Ops, Local Programs Ops
    5. Bloomberg, Dave – ex MEI, ED ASI
    6. Bolstad, Pam – ex CO’s Comm CST
    7. Buglewicz, Pat Lawrence – ex Incomm Rep Int
    8. Cruzen, Richard Gilman – All–around man (has been Audio Prod Sec, Manufacturing Sec, R Comps Sec, CMU Sec,
    AVEI, RAV, etc.) most successful as Audio Mixer
    9. Greilich, Russ Lyle – ex LRH Lecture Mix I/C, Audio Prod Sec
    10. Hughes, Gregory Kenneth Snr. – ex Int Finance Dir, GIEI, WDC WISE
    11. Ingber, Liz – ex Admin Compiler, CO CMO Gold
    12. Ingber, Mark Allen – ex Admin Comps I/C R Comps, CO CMOI, WDC Pubs
    13. Jaramillo (Yager), Michelle Lynette – ex Book Editor RComps, Proofreading I/C, Port Captain CMOI, Snr
    14. Jentzsch, Heber – ex President CoS
    15. Koon, Susan Jane – ex Compilations Dir RComps (RTRC Dir)
    16. Lemmer, Kathy – ex CO Incomm, CO Gold
    17. Lemoine, Robert – ex Dir Maintenance & Policing Incomm Int
    18. Leserve, Guillaume – ex ED Int
    19. Light, Janet – ex President IASA
    20. Linson (DeVocht), Jenny – ex CO CMOI, CO CMO CW
    21. Mason, Aron – ex IMPR Scriptwriter, IMPR, Dir PR OSA I, Freedom Mag Editor OSA I
    22. Mithoff, Raymond H. – ex IG Tech, Snr C/S Int, Tech Compiler RComps
    23. Moresi, Bruno – ex Int Project 4th CST
    24. Reynolds, Wendell A. – ex Berthing Construction I/C, Int Finance Dir, CO Gold
    25. Rinder, Catherine Albertina – ex R Comps Tape Editor, Compiler, D/CO Prod CMOI
    26. Schless, Peter Harrison – ex Music Dir Gold, Freedom Medal Winner
    27. Schwartzgruber, Rita – ex ED Int, CO CMO IXU?
    28. Spurlock, Lyman Doyle jr. – ex Int Finance Dir, Building 36 Sanitation Engineer, RTC Legal man without a post title
    29. Starkey, Norman F – ex MCI Cleaner, AVC Aide, Trustee ASI
    30. Swartz, Fredric Samuel – ex Shrinkwrap Operator Dissem, GIEI
    31. Tisi (Feshback, Charbonneau), Katherine – ex Qual Sec Gold
    32. Trussell, Bert – ex Int Project 3rd CST
    33. Weiland, Kurt – ex CO OSA Int, CO CMOI
    34. Weinberg, Rena – ex ED ABLE Int, Freedom Medal Winner
    35. Wheelis, Michele – ex O/O CST
    36. Wilhere, Sue – ex Compilations Dir R Comps
    37. Willis, Tom – ex Dir R&D CST
    38. Vorm, Tom – ex D/CO Prod CST
    39. Yager, Marc A. – ex IMPR Events Execution Off,CO CMOI, D/CO Prod CMOI, IG Admin, Snr Messenger

    In my next post, I will tell exactly how to get a family member or friend out of the Int Base. How could I know? I have done it with three people so far and it works every time.

    Until next time…
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    Paulette Cooper's 15 Year Nightmare

    Paulette Cooper's 15 Year Nightmare

    The Scandal Behind the "Scandal of Scientology"
    What happened to the woman (me) who first blew the whistle on Scientology in a book titled "The Scandal of Scientology."

    I tell the whole story this year for the first time...

    The Scandal behind "The Scandal of Scientology"
    By Paulette Cooper

    You may not believe this, but you can write something that some group doesn’t approve of and then have a quarter of your life almost ruined. I know because it happened to me.

    I haven’t previously written about this from beginning to end because it’s still painful, but here goes. In 1968 I was a struggling New York freelance writer, searching for an investigative story that would make a difference. I was already used to controversy — and publicity — when a year earlier I had successfully stowed away on an ocean liner and wrote an article (and sold movie rights) about it that had appeared all over the world.

    But when I next decided to expose a then relatively unknown organization called Scientology (and the related Dianetics) I ended up arrested, facing 15 years in jail, had 19 lawsuits filed against me all over the world by Scientology, was the almost victim of a near murder, was the subject of 5 disgusting anonymous smear letters sent to my family and neighbors about me, and endured constant and continual harassment for almost 15 years.

    I had obtained a master’s degree in psychology and had studied comparative religion at Harvard for a summer. So I became interested in researching a newly-popular quasi-religious mental-health cult founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. I started by writing an article exposing Scientology for a prestigious English magazine, Harper/Queen, and expanded this into a book.

    In it, among other things, I stated that the crux of Scientology- their e-meter which they say acts like a lie detector-produced questionable results; that Hubbard had lied about his credentials; that Charles Manson had called himself a Scientologist; that some auditors had behaved improperly toward their "parishioners"; that some who left may have feared being blackmailed; that some defectors claimed that they had been psychologically damaged by Scientology, financially ripped-off, and/or harassed when they tried to leave or speak out.

    I got used to telephone death threats, harassing calls — and lawsuits.
    Strange people seemed to be trying to gain access to my apartment. Then, in the basement of my small building, I discovered alligator clips on my phone wires-likely the remnants of a phone tap.

    Next, my cousin- who was also short and slim like me— was in my apartment alone when a man arrived with a “flower delivery" for me. When she opened the door, the intruder pulled a gun out of the flowers and put it to her temple. Fortunately, the gun jammed, misfired or was empty. The man then began to choke her, and when she pulled away and screamed, he ran off. The police said afterward that they were mystified, because there appeared to be no motive for the attack.

    I quickly moved to a safer doorman building. But soon afterwards, 300 of my new neighbors received an anonymous smear letter about me, outrageously describing me as a part-time prostitute!

    Then, a few weeks later, I received a visit from a pompous FBI agent named Bruce Brotman. He said the spokesman for the Church of Scientology in New York, James Meisler, claimed to have received 2 anonymous bomb threats and named me as a likely suspect.

    I didn’t take it seriously until I was called to appear before a federal grand jury and was shocked to learn that I was the target (suspect). I had to hire a top law firm — I chose one headed by Charles Stillman—who required a $5,000 retainer on my meager freelance income. Little did I realize that they would ultimately cost me $28,000 (like $75,000 today) and they would unsuccessfully sue me after the case was over for even more money!

    Even worse, during the grand juryh, the prosecutor, John D. Gordon III, told me that if this Grand Jury decided that I had sent Scientology the 2 bomb threats, I faced 5 years in jail for each letter,5 more for perjury for denying it, and $15,000 in fines.

    He showed me the letters, and I truthfully testified that I had never touched or seen them before. Then Gordon dropped the real bomb. “Then how did your fingerprint get on one of them?” he asked.
    I was so shocked I think I momentarily lost consciousness, because the room turned upside down. I then rightly explained that Scientology could have obtained a blank piece of paper that I had touched, and typed threats on it afterwards.

    But Gordon was unconvinced. On May 9th, 1973, I was indicted on all 3 three counts by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. And 10 days later I was arrested, released on my own recognizance, and forbidden to leave the state without the court’s permission.

    For months, I could taste the anxiety in my throat. I was in a total panic. I could barely write, and my bills, especially legal ones, kept mounting. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day, popped Valium like M&Ms, and drank too much vodka.

    I worried obsessively about the possibility of going to jail. And about my career. I had been doing extremely well. I had 4 books out or about to come out and I wasn’t yet 30. But once this story came out at trial, what editor would give an assignment to a writer accused of sending bomb threats to the people she wrote about? I had wanted to be a writer since I was 8 years old, and my dream life was about to be over.

    I was also very concerned about my parents. They had adopted me from an orphanage in Belgium when I was 6, and I had always tried to make them proud of me. However, I knew they would soon be humiliated when the trial started. Especially since the sexual revolution was going on then, and young people were also experimenting with pot, considering horrifying by adults (and jurors no doubt!) in those days. As a single photogenic woman involved in a bizarre case, I knew I would become a page 1 scandal for the tabloids during the anticipated 3-week trial.

    I tried desperately to prevent a trial. made a writing barter arrangement with a private investigator, Anthony Pellicano-the same one in jail and in the news now — but he did nothing. I also volunteered to take lie-detector tests to prove my innocence. But they returned contradictory and inconclusive results, although not surprisingly, they did show me to be highly stressed.

    My state of mind got worse when the man I had been dating for a year and planned to marry, a lawyer named Bob Straus, left me. Most of my friends also stopped calling because I was so obsessed with the horrors that were happening that it was all I could talk (or think) about.

    Fortunately, an editor friend at the New York Times stuck by me and called me the night of my 30th birthday. She kept me on the phone for hours to stop me from continuing to take the entire bottle of Valium I admitted that I had started to take that evening to end it all.

    Another loyal friend was a new one, an understanding young man named Jerry Levin,a short smiling redhead, who moved in with me late that summer. Since I was too depressed to go out much, he did my errands and walked my dog Tiki while I compulsively watched the Watergate hearings.

    Occasionally, he would persuade me to go up to the rooftop pool with him at night when no one was there. He was a gutsy guy, and he would leap up to the 33-story high ledge and try to get me to join him. “You have to be brave if you’re going to take on those bastards,” he’d say.

    But I huddled below, a shadow of my former adventurous self.

    Toward the beginning of September, I was in such a bad state that I even became slightly suspicious of him. I questioned him, and he turned on me, saying I had become so totally paranoid that I no longer even trusted my closest friend. Then he too walked out of my life, leaving me alone to face the trial. Well, not quite. The lawyers wanted my parents to sit in the front row (to gain sympathy for me) — which upset me even more.

    The court date, October 31, 1973, was approaching. Then, a University Professor and researcher from Scotland, Dr. Roy Wallis, came to interview me. Earlier, he had interviewed others who had left Scientolog,y and one (L Ron Hubbard Jr., the son of the founder) was seemingly involved in my frame-up,

    Boastfully, he gave Roy a letter he wrote to his father, Hubbard Senior, saying he could "bring the enemy to their [sic] knees” - — and he suddenly purchased an expensive house right after I was indicted. Roy brought this and other information he had gathered on Scientology’s dirty tricks to Gordon, who had a growing file I had also given him on Scientology’s “fair game law”: That stated that an “‘enemy’ of Scientology”-such as me-”May be...injured by any means by any Scientologist...May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

    But no prosecutor wants to give up a high publicity case. And the Government doesn’t like to admit they are wrong once they arrest someone.

    So I started searching for a doctor to give me a truth-serum test. After months of barely eating, I weighed only 83 pounds by then, and my health had deteriorated from the stress. Doctors refused to do it, saying I could die from the anesthesia. But I didn’t care. I had decided to kill myself right before the trial rather than humiliate my parents (and myself) once the news stories came out.

    Finally, a neurologist, Dr. David Coddon of Mount Sinai Hospital, agreed, and after several hours of questioning me while I was out, he was so convinced I was innocent, that he said not only would he testify for me, but that he would chain himself to the courthouse steps if they proceeded with this case. (Just what I needed; more publicity!)

    On Halloween day, 1973, the government postponed — and ultimately canceled — the trial, agreeing to file a nolle prosequi. I went into therapy for a year, and the depression lifted somewhat. But the memories and pain remained. Furthermore, the threat of a trial and scandalous publicity remained over my head, because the government could still try me, and the press could still discover that I had been arrested for sending bomb threats and ruin me.

    So for four years, I was bitter—and broke—feeling that everything I had done was right and it had all come out so wrong. People continued to call me for help on Scientology (unaware of what I had just gone though,) and since no one else was doing anything or speaking out against them, I continued to. I worked (gratis) to help Scientology’s victims, which included those they were suing or who were suing them,

    So the Scientologists kept suing me, and never let up on the harassment. For example, when they found out I had seen a shrink, they broke into his offices and stole my records to find out what I had said during therapy—then sending excerpts about them to my friends and parents. Nice, eh?

    And then in July of 1977, I was shocked — and thrilled-to read front-page stories in the Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and in fact news papers all over the world that documents had just been found seizedd within the Scientology organizations revealing that they had once framed a writer critical of them — me.

    It seems the FBI had raided 3 Scientology offices and seized internal memos and “dirty trick” papers. I was so happy that at last I would be able to prove my innocence, which had become an obsession with me. But it took me 4 more frustrating years (during which time they sent more lawyers and unscrupulous private investigators against me ) before I finally saw those documents.

    And then, I finally reviewed the secret internal documents, which detailed some of the nasty stuff they had done not only to me but to anyone who had ever said or done anything against Scientology. As I later told Mike Wallace when I was on 60 Minutes, discussing the frame-up "Scientology turned out to be worse than anything I ever said or even imagined."

    For example, one series of documents 1976, was a plot of theirs called "Operation Freakout." to get me "incarcerated in a mental institution or jail or at least to hit her so hard that she drops her attacks” on Scientology.

    It seems that after the first frame-up—a plot they apparently called "Operation Dynamite"— had failed to imprison (or silence) me, they plotted again to make it look like I was making bomb threats against them and others with fake threats sounding eerily like the ’72 ones.

    But also in the documents was a strange diary someone wrote of what I did each day during the “frame-up” period, and how close I was to suicide. “Wouldn’t that be great for Scientology?” the person wrote

    Also in the documents was a strange diary someone wrote of what I did each day during the “frame-up” period, and how close I was to suicide. “Wouldn’t that be great for Scientology?” the person wrote.

    And then I realized the writer could only have been Jerry Levin. He must have been a Scientologist whom they sent to spy on me and help Scientology set me up. He and his friends, Paula Tyler and a woman calling herself Margie Shepherd (who may be Linda Kramer from Boston, who married and may be Linda Kobern), had been in and out of my old apartment back when the threats were sent. And they could have had access to paper on which Scientology could have obtained my fingerprint and then typed the threats

    And even now I still wonder: why did Jerry want me to go up on that ledge with him?

    If he had pushed me over, everyone would have simply assumed that in my depressed state of mind, and rather than face a trial, I had committed suicide. Operation Freakout indeed.

    A new grand jury in New York spent 3 years investigating my frame-up. Alas, the case went nowhere because the Scientologists refused to talk. One a Charles Batdorf, was even jailed for refusal to speak about my frame-up.

    But a simultaneous Washington, D.C., grand jury (and trial) ultimately jailed 11 Scientologists who were involved in wiretapping, infiltration and theft of government documents. Some had also been involved in the harassment and frame-up of me so I finally had some justice.. I also initiated my own legal actions against Scientology while they piled on more suits against me. In 1985, we reached an “amicable” settlement of all lawsuits.

    Indirectly, through the lawyer who handled this settlement, I became reacquainted with Paul Noble, a New York TV producer, whom I had dated when I was in my 20’s, long before this all happened. Paul and I have been very happily married for 19 years now. I went on to write 11 more books, win 6 writing awards (including 2 for "The Scandal of Scientology,") do some travel writing, and have a newspaper column on pets.

    True, it’s not as "glamorous" as the investigative reporting I did with Scientology, but at least dogs don’t harass and cats don’t sue.

    I also quit smoking, barely drink, and try to forget what happened. Try. But when I turn on the news or my e-mail, I’m often reminded of the years of torment I endured. Whenever I hear about litigation,or depositions, I remember the years (and money) I spent fighting the 19 lawsuits they filed against me from all over the world that I had to defend—not to mention undergoing 50 days of depositions.

    Or I read about something like prosecutor Nifong’s going after the innocent Duke soccer player and I am reminded of what it was like for an innocent person to be prosecuted. Me.

    Or someone will send me internal information, like an affidavit from a person who has left Scientology, e.g., Margery Wakefield. She swore that "The second murder that I heard planned was of Paulette Cooper, who had written a book critical of Scientology, and they were planning to shoot her...”

    Other names keep bringing me back as well. My useless private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, is all over the news. My former attorney Charles Stillman often defends high-publicity clients. like the Reverend Moon. Bob Straus, the boyfriend who left me, went on to head a large New York organization that investigates judges. John D. Gordon III is with the high profile law firm of Morgan Lewis.

    Bruce Brotman retired from the FBI and negative news stories appeared about him when, as head of security at Louisville Airport, he refused to go through the airport’s security system, reportedly saying, “I make the rules.”

    Dr. Roy Wallis committed suicide in 1990, blowing his brains out when his wife left him. Dr. David Coddon died in 2002. And while I’ve never heard further of James Meisler or Charles Batdorf, I heard that Jerry Levin-which I’m sure was not his real name-is still a Scientologist.

    I often wish I had never ever heard the word “Scientology,” but despite all that happened, I would still have done it all today, because no one else was speaking out against them and someone had to.

    (Now, thanks to the Internet, others are doing it) I would not have been capable of remaining quiet because I learned too many scary things and talked to too many people who were being hurt to turn my back on them.

    Sometimes, though, I get discouraged because Scientology gets so much publicity from people like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc. And I wonder whether it was worth wrecking my life when they seem so powerful again.

    But then I remind myself that I did reach and help a lot of people. My book sold 154,000 copies (legal actions and loss of income cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars) and each copy appears to have been read by many people. In addition, it’s now available free on the Internet in several languages.

    Finally, some of the people who read my book (or the story of what they did to me) on the Internet, also write to thank me, and that gives me satisfaction. My favorite was the man in his 50’s who e-mailed me to say that years ago, after learning the truth about Scientology from me, he left them, married, has 4 children (2 are twins) and now runs a computer company employing 40+ people. He wrote to tell me that he feels that I am responsible for his happiness.

    That reminded me of why I did what I did, and why we journalists do what we do: we try to tell the truth so that we can help others.
    Unfortunately, we sometimes pay a terrible price for it.

    Paulette Cooper
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    Emma's Liberation


    I want to thank some people.

    7 years ago in March I left Scientology. Since then I've gradually put my life back together, slowly dropped the indoctrination and done my best to counter the CoS and help those who have left the church.

    Today I went to a picket. It was something I never thought I'd do. A big part of that is the lack of critics here in Melbourne Australia, but even more than that I was scared.

    Today I had made up my mind not to go. I knew it would be a historic moment that I would miss. I knew I would be sorry I didn't go but I'd given myself enough excuses to make it right in my head to not go.

    Then I was standing in my livingroom, doing chores that had all of a sudden become important to do this day, when it occured to me that I was still scared of them and that was the real reason I didn't want to go. And that made me mad.

    So I got in my car and drove into town with my daughter.

    Initially I was just going to drive around the block honking my car horn in support. But when I got there I saw all these people who weren't afraid. Magically a car space appeared right out the front of the Org and I knew I was going to get out. As I filmed with my crappy camera with my daughter holding my hand something happened.

    I wasn't scared any more.

    This is a wonderful thing to happen to me. I was scared of them for 9 years in Scientology, and I've been scared of them for 7 years since leaving Scientology. 16 years is a long time to be frightened of a totalitarian group in this day & age in my country, Australia.

    So I want to thank every single person who, although perhaps scared themselves, speaks out against this cult.

    I want to thank the critics who have documented the crimes, written the stories, done the research and taken a stand.

    I want to thank Anonymous for having the amazing ability to, as a group (wdne) , listen & understand & change and arrange these peaceful protests that have liberated me personally from the hold Scientology had on me.

    I hope everyone who can physically make it, attends one of these protests. It was life changing for me, and I hope that it can be the start of a something that changes a whole lot more lives.

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    A Letter From the "Inside" - Not Free to Speak

    Okay, so today I was sent a message from someone who I KNOW is currently IN Scientology. This person has been in for at least 30 years, and is not likely getting out anytime soon on their own. This person works for a Scn company, has Scn freinds and has basically known nothing else their entire life. When this person sent me this message today it came as a complete shock to me. I was sure that they would be on the defensive about Anonymous and eager to find out what to do to stop them. Not the case.

    The person asked me if I could get a message to Anon. I guess they knew that I was not the dedicated Scientologists that I used to be. Well either way, I am posting their message here in full and un-edited. I have taken nothing out and I have not added anything. Needless to say, if this is a benchmark for what the average Scientologists is thinking, the end is nearer than than we could have ever hoped for.

    Again the message below is directed to Anonymous and is from a current member of the Church of Scientology. I did not write it, I am not saying that I am agreement with it or disagree with it, I am just forwarding it so that maybe it will be seen by Anonymous and they will then know what some cross section of Scientologists wish.

    I will say this, I think even the Scientogists have picked sides on this battle, and it's not David Miscavige's side!

    Until next time...

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    An Author Successfully Silenced

    Karen Pressley reveals what Scientology pulled to prevent her book from coming out.

    I authored Chasing After the Wind (Broadman and Holman Publishers) in 2001, my first story of my Scientology experiences. The publisher was threatened with a lawsuit by Church of Scientology officials if they released the book. B&H made the decision to pull the book from release at that time with great apologies to me.

    I was deeply disappointed that the publisher chose not to fight the fight for freedom of speech.

    In 2006, I was contracted by New Hope Publishers (Birmingham, AL) to write my story in an updated version of my earlier manuscript. I completed the book titled Escaping Scientology: An Insider's True Story. This book went into editorial production; the cover was designed and placed in for pre-sale targeted for February 2007 release. According to the New Hope sales manager, the book was their #1 requested item in their winter catalog of pre-sales.

    Evidently, the Church of Scientology once again felt too threatened by what could be exposed in this book to allow this story to make it into public hands.

    Elliott Abelson, Chief Legal Counsel for CSI (church of Scientology International), exerted enough influence over the publisher into believing they should not release the book. He lied to the New Hope publisher by saying that I had signed a covenant bond of confidentiality that, if violated, would make me culpable for a $500,000 fine, to which the publisher would be accountable.

    However, I had never signed such a bond! His claim was fabricated.

    I attested this to the publisher's legal department. Abelson's threat was nothing but a fabrication used to instill fear in the publisher and suppress the release of the book.

    As a note, Abelson wrote me a letter in 2005 demanding that I "cease and desist" from speaking out about Scientology's "confidential" matters.

    It was in this letter that he stated his threat: using a (fabricated) "$500,000 bond of confidentiality" against me which I had never signed, but which he claimed I signed, as leverage to keep me from exercising my freedom of speech.

    When I had first received that letter, I realized that one of his minions must have falsely reported to him about that bond; otherwise, how else would he get the idea to use this threat?

    Surely an attorney would not stoop to such greasy methods as fabricate a story and run the risk of being exposed for illegal behavior while practicing law. (How does a man like that sleep at night? I guess conscious is not an issue when you have enough money in your pocket...)

    I had never signed such a document. When I escaped from the Int Base in 1998, I never "routed out" of Scientology according to their required procedures. It is during that "routing out" process when a departing Sea Org member would be coerced into signing this $500,000 confidentiality bond, promising to not speak out to the media about their experiences or reveal any confidential nformation. I never routed out; I never signed that document.

    I'm not culpable to any bond of confidentiality to the Church of Scientology or anyone else. Anything I may have signed relevant to confidentiality during my Sea Org tenure were agreements saying I wouldn't reveal the confidential location of the base (which has since become public knowledge) ; nor would I reveal confidential information from celebrity auditing files.

    As a note, there was no legal representation for me during the time I signed those slips so I questioned their validity. I consulted an attorney in California and discovered that CSI could not hold a member to those agreements because they violate certain California labor laws about the types of agreements employers may and may not require their employees to sign or hold them responsible for!

    Publication of my story need not be concerned with this fabricated threat. No documents exist at CSI or anywhere else for which I can be fined or held culpable.

    Escaping Scientology: An Insider's True Story is still on (as of Jan. '08 ) and people email me from around the world asking when it is coming out. I'm currently speaking with some publishers about this project to decide the best way to release it. Watch this website for updated news.

    Meanwhile, I'm glad I had the opportunity to be interviewed for Andrew Morton's book and at least expose some important details about human rights issues as well as the insane conditions of the Scientology world.

    Predictably, CSI is in a stew over Morton's book and, predictably, is threatening a lawsuit to St. Martin's Press. At least this book got printed and distributed and into public hands before CSI could stop it. Amazon link
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    What Happens to Children Inside Scientology

    My Experiences From Within the Cult Scientology
    By Sabrina

    1. Not allowed to see my mom but once a day when I was six. Was only permitted to see her at dinner for one hour.

    2. My mom was made to work 12 hour days and was only paid $50.00 a week and given room and board.

    3. I was made to live in a dorm at the age of six, separate from my mom or dad, with three other girls my age.

    4. I was made to believe from a very early age that Scientologist were the better than other people, and if you were not in it, you were not good enough.

    5. I was told to only tell my grandparents good things about myself when I visited, to not let on if I was behind in school, but just make them think I am a great student.

    6. Scientologists constantly refers to people outside of their 'religion" as "Wogs". A derogatory term used commonly by members in it.

    7. I was made to join staff when I was 14. I had to sign a billion year contract because of their beliefs in reincarnation.

    8. I had to stop attending school when I was 14, to join staff. I could only attend school one day a week on Sunday for about 10 hours.

    9. I was made to live in a two room apartment with seven other women when I was 14. Overcrowding is commonplace. I live like that for most of my seven years on staff.

    10. I had 30 minute lunches, breakfasts and dinners. If I was late back to work I would get in trouble.

    11. I was working 10 hour days, six days a week, from the age of 16. I was not getting paid overtime. I was only making $50.00 a week.

    12. The only time I would have off, was every other week, if my production was good enough. Sometimes I would go a month without even one day off.

    13. When I joined, I would not see my mom for days at a time. She lived in a different dorm than I did, and had a different eating schedule than me.

    14. At the age of 15 I was made to stay up until 12 pm every Thursday and Friday to attend Scientology meetings and clean their facilities with all the other staff.

    15. After Scientology events we were all assigned a number of books or tapes we were suppose to sell to the public. We had to make our quotas before we were allowed to go home. I started selling books when I was 15. Sometimes we had to call from lists we were given to make our quotas. Most of these lists were to Scientologist who were out of the state or out of the country.

    16. The staff was not aloud to eat the nice food put out for public after events. It was only for the public, we would get in trouble if we were caught eating it.

    17. The staff was not allowed to socialize with the public after events, only to sell books, we could not join them on the dance floor, or in the auditorium.

    18. The Hacienda (apartment complex where the staff live) is set up so that staff can not just get up and leave when they want to. The Premises is surrounded by a large gate and bushes so that people cannot see in easily. There are several cameras around the complex to keep an eye on the staff. There is a security guard at the front gate at all times to let people in and out. Staff may not leave without first explaining where they are going and what they are doing to the security guard.

    19. Sea Org staff are not allowed to own televisions, mine was confiscated when I was 14 or 15. Staff are not aloud to watch TV ever. Movies are only allowed on the weekend if you get approval to have time off. Movies are not allowed on weekdays.

    20. Most staff do not have cars or cell phones because it costs to much money to own them. If you have a car, you have to check with the security guard if you want to leave, if he is suspicious he will not let you leave.

    21. The only days staff are allowed to celebrate and dance together is the Christmas party and Beer and Cheese party. Twice a year. Don't ask, neither of these celebrations make much sense.

    22. I was forced to cut all ties with my dad when I was 15. He was declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology, and that meant I could no longer talk or associate myself with him at all.

    23. My mom died of cancer when I was 16. She was still on staff at the time, and she wrote in her will she wanted my brother and I assigned the guardians of Rusty and Linda Hilton, both on staff at Flag.

    24. Once I joined staff I could no longer visit my relatives or grandparents for even a weekend without prior approval. At times my once a year request was denied for whatever reason, or no one had the time to look at it.

    25. I was not allowed to socialize with anyone outside of the staff. If I did I was reported on and pulled in for questioning.

    26. I was put on the e-meter once a week, along with all the other staff, to see if I had a clean or dirty needle. Clean meant I was OK, dirty meant I was hiding something. If it was dirty I was pulled in for questioning, and made to write up stuff I thought I was hiding

    27. After each live success story we were suppose to stand up, clap, and say hip hip hooray three times to LRHs picture. This was daily. After each course completion in Scientology we had to tell everyone in our class our successes, once we were done we had to clap and say hip hooray to LRHs picture. His pictures are everywhere in their buildings. It was not optional you had to do it.

    28. I had to get a divorce while I was in Scientology because my husband wanted out, and I did not. I was actually not told he was leaving until the day he left. He didn't even tell me, I was told by someone who knew him. It is against their rules to speak or mention to anyone in Scientology you are leaving staff. If you do, you can get kicked out and never be able to talk to your friends in it again.

    29. When I finally decided I wanted to leave because I missed my ex husband too much, I was not allowed to just go. They made me work in the galley scrubbing pots and pans. They said I could not mention to anyone I wanted to leave, but everyone pretty much knew what I was doing. It took me three months of being separated from the group, all my friends, being put on the e-meter (lie detector) for two weeks straight and asked if I intend to contact my dad when I leave. I finally was aloud to leave, but was told I was moving to New Mexico to work for a Scientology school. I was told I could not return to Clearwater at all.

    30. They made me sign a 10,000.00 waiver, promising that I would never talk out about my experiences with Scientology. I had to sign it before they would let me leave.

    31. I was assigned handlers when I wanted to leave. I could not leave any of the buildings or walk outside without one of them. There are security guards assigned to each building, video cameras at each building entrance and exit, so if I wanted to leave without my handler, they would know.

    32. I returned to Clearwater about a year after they sent me away. I was approached by one of their security guards and asked what I was doing here. I was on a public street on my lunch break. I just ignored him and walked away. They still thought they could control me, even though I was no longer on staff.

    33. When my brother found out I was talking to my dad again, he refused to talk to me anymore. Now that I have associate myself with my dad, I am also declared, which means my brother can't talk to me.

    34. Once I left, my "legal guardians' have never contacted me or spoke to me, even before I was declared.

    35. I do not have one single friend I knew before I left Scientology (2002). They have all chosen to write me off because I no longer am a Sceintologist. Once I was declared, I was deleted from about 15 peoples myspace page. I did not delete them , they deleted me.

    36. I am not allowed to talk to my Scientology school or teachers. They will also no longer talk to me. Once I left staff, they no longer thought it necessary to associate themselves with me.

    37. I did not have a High School diploma when I left in 2002. I was 20 years old. Once I was married, they said I was now considered an adult and I no longer needed to attend school. I was only 17 when I married.

    38. I never learned to drive, I now have a car, but driving was something they did not think was necessary.
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    Lengths ex-Scientologists Go Through To Get Family Members Back

    In the last few months, I have perfected several surefire ways to get staff off of the Int Base. I have distilled all of these actions into one complete list.

    So far I have managed to get 3 people from the Int base from outside the Int Base using these methods.

    The best thing about the Int base is that they are VERY predictable and they have an INSANE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION LEAKS. All items I have tried, I have been able to get feedback from the Base and tweak until perfect.

    The other thing is that most of the government or city offices you will contact are relatively small and multiple cases of missing persons at one facility strikes a chord there. They will be more willing to assist you knowing that there are similar cases and that you are not related to the other callers in anyway.

    Considering all these points, we can get people out one by one. Here is what you can do:

    1. Call the Int Base and ask for the person you are trying to reach.
    323-960-3569 – if you get a machine - leave a message. The longer the better.

    2. Write to the person and ask them to phone you and tell you where they are. Ensure to ask about whether or not they are happy or being held against their will. Keep a copy of the letter.

    Attn: (Name of Missing Person)
    19625 Gilman Springs Rd
    Gilman Hot Springs, CA 92583-2100

    3. Call the Int Base again and ask for the person you are trying to reach.
    323-960-3569 – if you get a machine - leave a message. The longer the better.

    4. Write to the person again and ask them to phone you and tell you where they are. Ensure to ask about whether or not they are happy or being held against their will. Keep a copy of the letter.

    5. Call the Int Base again and ask for the person you are trying to reach.

    6. If after all of the above, you have not spoken with the person and still intend to get a hold of them, go to Step 7

    7. Call the local Hemet Sheriff and report that you have a relative, friend or acquaintance that has gone missing and you suspect that this person is at the Int Base being held against their will. Explain to them that you have written to them multiple times as well as phoned and even though you know the person is there, you cannot get a hold of them. Let them know that you are aware that their mail is being opened & read and that their phone calls out are being limited and when they are able to call out someone is on the other end listening in.

    450 E. Latham Street
    Hemet, CA 92543
    Phone: (951) 765-2400


    8. If they ask you to file a report, do so.

    9. Call the local San Jacinto Sheriff and report that you have a relative, friend or acquaintance that has gone missing and you suspect that this person is at the Int Base being held against their will. Explain to them that you have written to them multiple times as well as phoned and even though you know the person is there, you cannot get a hold of them. Let them know that you are aware that their mail is being opened & read and that their phone calls out are being limited and when they are able to call out someone is on the other end listening in.

    City of San Jacinto Police Department
    160 West Sixth Street
    San Jacinto, CA 92583

    10. If they ask you to file a report, do so.

    11. Call the local FBI office and report that you have a relative, friend or acquaintance that has gone missing and you suspect that this person is at the Int Base being held against their will. Explain to them that you have written to them multiple times as well as phoned and even though you know the person is there, you cannot get a hold of them. Let them know that you are aware that their mail is being opened & read and that their phone calls out are being limited and when they are able to call out someone is on the other end listening in.

    Riverside Resident Agency
    P.O. Box 5346
    Riverside, CA 92517
    3480 Vine Street
    Suite 200
    Riverside, CA 92507

    12. If they ask you to file a report, do so.

    13. Write to your local Congressman and report that you have a relative, friend or acquaintance that has gone missing and you suspect that this person is at the Int Base being held against their will. Explain to them that you have written to them multiple times as well as phoned and even though you know the person is there, you cannot get a hold of them. Let them know that you are aware that their mail is being opened & read and that their phone calls out are being limited and when they are able to call out someone is on the other end listening in.

    14. Call the Int Base again and inform them that you have done all of the above steps. Take the time to explain in detail that you have done all of the above steps and you will continue to write to people and contact the local authorities until they produce your relative or family member. Make sure that you tell them that you have filed verbal and written reports with several law enforcement agencies, federal authorities and that you intend to find your relative or friend. Explain to them that you have written to them multiple times as well as phoned and even though you know the person is there, you cannot get a hold of them. Let them know that you are aware that their mail is being opened & read and that their phone calls out are being limited and when they are able to call out someone is on the other end listening in.

    Phone: 323-960-3569

    Here is the best part, due to all of the attention that you have drawn to this staff member, they are now a “threat” to the Int Base AND THE CHURCH ITSELF!!!! Believe it or not, by your above actions, you have now caused them to NOT BE QUALIFIED TO BE AT THE INT BASE! They have to be gotten rid of – and quickly. They WILL BE OFFLOADED FROM THE INT BASE and sent to live somewhere well away from the Int base.

    If you have created enough of a stir, they will also NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER A LOCAL SCIENTOLOGY CHURCH or attend Church services in any way. They are not only PTS now, but a legal threat to have at a Church.

    This same exact process can be used at any level of the Church and you will be able to get any staff member you want expelled from the Church and back into your family again!

    “How will they get a hold of me?” you ask.

    Buy a domain name that is their name. Example:
    Simply list your email or contact info on the site and once they are out and get on the Internet, they will do the thing that every church staff member does once they get out and get on the Internet, they will Google themselves and end up on a site that is their name.

    Make sure that every member of your family anywhere has all of your latest contact info. Make sure that you let all of them know that if they get any calls from the person you are trying to get a hold of that you need to know.

    If you have other family that are also trying to get this person out, have them do all of the above steps as well. Multiple people doing the same thing will make the process go faster, much faster.

    Or you can post their name on Operation Clambake and tell them to email you, or, or, or. One way or another, the person is going to know that you have been trying to get a hold of them and once they are out, chances are that they will contact you in some way.

    As people leave or blow from the Int Base, the list will be updated with the latest blows or offloads.
    If you see your family member on the list and see that they are out, you can start trying to track them down outside of the Church. In most cases they will at least contact some family members with their new freedom and you will be able to get in touch with them.

    This works every time. It takes persistence and dedication. If you want to save this person from additional years of “musical chairs” you will take the time to let people know you think they are being held there against their will.

    With more and more reports being filed and local law enforcement being contacted regarding these people, they will have no choice but to let these people go and get them off of the premises.

    Look at it this way, once they are offloaded from the church, you will have saved them from years of pain and heartache and gotten them worlds closer to living their life without the fear, torture and constant stress. They will have you to thank for getting them there and THEY WILL THANK YOU!

    Try it, it works.

    Until next time…
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  11. johnanchovie Member

    Alice, nineteen years old, and crippled

    I departed Scientology fifteen months ago, I am still finding my way out.

    I am posting this story here, I have put it in other places, but you people need to know, you people care, and you need to know why you care.

    I have no distance from this, I still cry whe nI think of her. It is not fair, it is not right. Judge for yourselves.

    I am in the rather privileged position of getting to spend some time with Prof. Steven Kent of the University of Alberta; he is an unusually decent fellow.

    We were discussing Gordon Melton’s 'expertise' - read whitewash - published circa 2001/2 - on an aspect of Scientology’s radical military wing, the Sea Organisation. They run their own prison or re-education’ camp, in theory it is not that different from the Cambodian Khmer Rouge system described graphically in David Putnam’s 1982 film The Killing Fields. The Scientology version is described as the RPF, Rehabilitation Project Force; one can be assigned to this at the whim of a certain cadre, Hubbard’s personal staff, or by an internal kangaroo court called a committee of evidence.

    I don’t know if you ever read this, but if you did, you will see that it reads like the RPF is a happy 'boy-scouts camping' adventure with a dose of Trappist meditative theory thrown in for good measure. I happened to be around when this whole scam was being put together; I know all the RPFer's interviewed, I know them very well and I know the conditions they lived under. Well, the two weeks or so running up to Melton's 'free access' interview with the RPF, they were all treated like kings, fed, briefed, drilled, given little or no work details, loads of kip, the whole shebang. Gordon certainly got a very good impression of the set up, unfortunately his critical thinking faculties had been somewhat subverted, possibly by the various enticements on offer by a few people in the Office of Special Affairs - Scientology’s equivalent of the old KGB - and the L. Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations office.

    I have been talking a lot about my 20 year Sea Organisation experiences with Steve. Memories were stirred up of course, one in particular came to mind, the horrific account of a girl I knew quite well. Three years in the Sea Organisation, brought up in the cult from childhood, a very intelligent young woman, highly conversant with Hubbard’s counselling techniques, and working as a public relations officer for a front line operation. She had, like any healthy young woman or man would, slept with a person she was deeply attracted to, but of course in the sexually repressive cult, this carries a rather severe penalty.

    Just twelve months or so after the Melton whitewash, Alice was assigned to the RPF. Her fiancé was sent to the RPF in another continent. Alice had some trouble with this, she decided to leave – One is not allowed to simply leave Scientology, one must ‘route out’ a process of extensive and intrusive vetting, ‘confessions’ – read interrogation – and signing of a number of non disclosure bonds.

    Alice was assigned to an even harsher regime called the RPF's RPF, this being an even grimmer version of the program she was already on. Six months on, and subjected to a course of daily intensive interrogations, she was still there, she saw little hope of an end to the process and so decided to kill herself.

    One afternoon I had just arrived back at Walsh Manor; I saw an ambulance, people in a tizz and running around. Alice had walked out of the RPF course room, gone to the workshop, found a tin of paint thinner, swallowed it and climbed up on top of the gym roof, a fifteen foot high structure surrounded by concrete. She jumped.

    Alice lived, she is crippled for life, her lower intestine is ruined and she had to have colostomy. She was a very attractive energetic nineteen year old at the time. OSA instructed all concerned to say that she had fallen down the steps; so that there would be no health and safety enquiry, I don't know how they explained the paint thinner to the medics.

    It all ended well, Alice was sent home, an invalid for life - but then, she is a Degraded Being is she not? - to be cared for by her mom, an OT V upstat Italian Scientologist and mom is certainly not saying anything to sully the lily white image of the Sea Org, her own eternity is at stake.

    There was no follow up by the authorities and Gordon Melton's rosy description of the RPF is still used internationally to show just what a wonderful organisation the Church of Scientology is.
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    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    from forum, a NEW exmember tells you about scientology:
    NEW 21 Feb PM

  15. pooks Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Stealing trash for OSA
    By Patty Pieniadz more
    1 March 2006
    Source: ... 9d2918f5f2


    It's been a long time since I stole some trash for the Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA). In Scientology, stealing trash is called the D line. Both the Guardian's Office (GO) and the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) liked to use euphemisms to rename those activities that tended to be shady or offensive to people outside of the shadowy world of Scientology. I worked for both. I was a member of the Guardian's office from 1979 to 1982 and held the post of Director of Rehabilitation, Social Coordination Bureau, New England (Boston org). For this post I was responsible for running, controlling, and managing, 2 Narconon's, the 2 Applied Scholastics and the 2 LRH-tech schools that were in the New England area.

    I also was a trusted OSA Invest (Intel) Volunteer for approximately 14 years.

    I performed many tasks for both the GO and OSA but to keep all the information manageable, I'm going to write different articles to explain specific actions performed by me.

    No doubt the Church of Scientology will deny this information and call me a liar and attempt to DA (Dead Agent) me, but I leave that decision up to you, the reader.

    The D line
    There was a written Guardian Order (policy for the Guardian's Office) about the use of euphemisms. A euphemism is an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive. Both the GO and OSA have a list of euphemisms or a code language that is used so that in case of a raid, or interception of written materials, the real meaning or real order is disguised. One euphemism was called the D line. The D line was not even known about by the other OSA staff, only the most trusted and the ones that had the security clearance to work for OSA's Department of Investigation knew about it. Instead of calling it what it really was, "stealing trash", they called it the D line.

    If the D line was ordered on someone, then you knew this person was considered to be a serious problem to the Church of Scientology.

    Just like everything else in Scientology, they have an exact tech on how do to do this. I never read an LRH policy on how to steal trash, but I was "hatted" by one of the very best OSA ops (operatives), Mary Frances Newey, who at the time was the Invest Director of OSA Boston. She went by the nick of "MF".

    I'm not exactly sure when MF started working for OSA but I would guess it was around 1989 or 1990. Even though I am a Scientology Clear and OT III, I lack the perfect recall that goes with those levels. So unless I say so, I'm going to be estimating the dates.

    I did all kind of shady ops (operations) for the Church of Scientology on the request of both Mary Frances Newey and Tony Chrambanis, but for this article I will discuss stealing Steve Hassan's trash.

    Steve Hassan is absolutely hated by The Church of Scientology and they consider him one of the top SP's that must be "exposed".

    I had been doing volunteer work with OSA Invest Boston for 4 or 5 years and was very trusted because at that time, I was completely brainwashed by the Scientology indoctrination. That means pretty much did what I was told without question. However I did in fact question a few of the operations they wanted me to do, but more about that later.

    I truly believed that the sneaky activities I was involved in for the Church were for the "greatest good" and that people like Steve Hassan were evil people and trying to stop the expansion of Scientology due to their horrific crimes against humanity. I completely justified my behavior in Scientology and while working with OSA because I felt I was one of the good guys, trying to expose one of the bad guys. I was a true believer that happily went along with any and all things sanctioned by the C of S or LRH, and I was completely trusted.

    Steve was a target of Scientology's practice of Fair Game because he had the effrontery to write a book on cult mind control practices and included Scientology in his list of cults. He was also involved in "deprogramming" or "exit counseling" people who wanted to leave Scientology.

    This completely freaked out the C of S and they wanted Steve Hassan's crimes found and exposed. Scientologist firmly believe that anyone that attacks or speaks badly about the Church of Scientology, it's Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and especially of it's current leader David Miscavige, or it's members has hidden crimes that must be found and exposed. One way of finding these crimes is steal their trash to find their "comm lines".

    When Scientology considers you to be an enemy and wants to find your "comm lines" they will do whatever it takes to find out who you are connected to and they want to know who you know so they can go to your friends, family or associates and find out if anyone is upset with you and willing to give them dirt on you. They also like to steal your trash because trash will have such things such as credit card information, banking records, phone records, bills, letters or correspondence from groups you might belong to. It's endless. The idea is to steal your trash and use any information found to further harass you into silence.

    I would estimate that I started stealing Steve's trash in 1990 or 91 for a total of 10 times. When I wasn't stealing trash with Mary Frances, she would do it on own or send a man named Fred Perkins to get it. I never stole trash alone but to steal trash "100 % standardly" you really needed two people.

    Steve lived in an apartment in Somerville, Mass. which was only a 10 or 15 minute drive from the Boston Org. It was one of those old 6 family type apartments, 3 stories tall with 2 apartments on each floor. It was a nice working class neighborhood, full of families with kids.

    I was told by MF that what we were doing was perfectly legal and that her bosses at OSA Int, had checked with an attorney to ensure that we were not breaking the law. Per MF, as long as the trash is on a public side walk and not on private property, we could take it. But if it was in trash cans or dumpster on private property we could not take it.

    Mary Frances had already contacted Somerville City Hall and found out what day trash was picked up on Steve's street. The plan was to steal the trash at 2 or 3 in the morning when everyone was asleep.

    MF explained to me that she kept green, black and white trash bags, all of different sizes, in the trunk of her car with several different color twisty ties. The "tech" was to drive by Steven's house to make sure the trash was sitting in a barrel on the side walk and then to notice what size and color trash bags were being used and what color twisty tie was used or if it was just tied in a knot.

    After sizing up Steve's garbage, we would leave the area and go steal someone else's trash (not Steve's) and throw it in the trunk of the car. This new anonymous trash was then bagged up in one of the many available trash bags in MF's trunk with the correct color, size and accompanying twisty tie so as to duplicate the Steve's trash. The idea was that if Steve left his house in the morning, prior to the trash being picked up by the city trucks, then he would see the same trash that he took out the night before and would not suspect we were stealing it.

    So MF and I would do some work at the org, filing reports in the OSA files, until it was late enough to go do some trash stealing. MF would drive and I don't remember if she did things like muddy up her license plate or possibly remove the bulb that showed her license plate but it seems she may have, and then we were off to Somerville for some well done trash stealing time.

    We'd drive by, look at the trash, size it up, and go steal someone else's trash, fix it up so it looked like Steve Hassan's trash and then return to make the switch.

    First we would park a few house down from Steve's and check that all the houses around him had their lights off and that the street was quiet and without any party goers or people walking around. This being a working class neighborhood and trash being picked up on a week day night, we never ran into any problems.

    Sometimes MF would drive and sometimes I would drive and whoever was the passenger would get out to make the switch. We'd have to steal at least two or three bags because it the trash barrel that Steve used was also used by others in the building and occasionally we would get the wrong trash.

    When we were ready, MF would pull up in front of Steve's house, and I would jump out and make the switch and throw the trash in the back seat of the car and then get the hell out of there.

    We were not allowed to bring the trash back to the org as that would be "out security" and could possibly put the org "at risk". So we would go back to MF's apartment at 304 Newbury Street in Boston and sort through the trash there.

    We'd put on those big yellow latex gloves because picking through trash was so incredibly gross and we didn't want to touch the stuff.

    We were looking for mail, notes, anything in writing. What mags he subscribed to, what kind of junk mail he got, any phone numbers written down, anything at all that would give us more "comm lines" that we could go after and harass him with.

    Once the trash was completely gone through we would discard the trash that did not include any information on Steve by getting rid of it in some else's trash can and keep the stuff that may have information on it that would need further follow up.

    Each piece of kept trash would have to be cleaned off, and sorted through and then labeled and indexed. The originals of the "usable" trash were of course not kept but anything good would be copied and sent with the index to OSA US/INT.

    OSA US/INT would analyze the trash sent to them and if anything was found that could be used to further investigate and harass Steve, they would send down orders on what to do next.

    I imagine Steve Hassan will be sent a copy of this after it is webbed and I'd like to publicly apologize to you Steve. I hope you will understand that when I did this, I really thought I was helping "mankind's only hope" and was truly blinded by my indoctrination. It was a despicable act, and one that is probably being perpetrated on me now but these very same people.

    I hope you will forgive me and know that I am writing this article and will write many more in the hopes of exposing this vile cult.

    Patty Pieniadz

    more at
  16. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Looks like theres a new website of a former member named "Ruth Lorenzen".

    think its new because it was mentioned recently in a post on alt.religion.scientology in a way that made it seem like a new page. judging from content its at least 2007.

    some excerpts from some sub-URLs. i believe the amount of quoting is fair use, if not feel free to delete it.

    "ill tell you how i got a strange call from a town called belleair":

  17. freemelb Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Sydney SO, 2003. Food is prepared in Glebe (the AO galley). Sent to the Base in Dundas (1hr) and the CLO in the city (20min). Chicken one night, and due to utterly shitty conditions it is undercooked. (Galley conditions were repulsive; food dropped on the floor, buying mouldy food to save money, etc.)

    The entire RPF (who are isolated), the RPF commander, and the Chief Steward (Sam Jefford) got salmonella poisoning (one woman got two weeks in hospital). Spread to a further 200 people; this is about half the Australian/NZ Sea Org.
    Naturally the health authorities got severely alarmed when they started getting hundreds of salmonella-test samples from the same addresses.

    They lied, and told the authorities that the Base was the point of cooking; its galley was moderately better off than the AO. OSA ran out and got the inspection requirements, and the kitchen was more or less completely overhauled and brought up to standards in a matter of days - by pulling the RPF, EPF and CLO crew all to get everything clean; buying new kitchen equipment and more or less tossing ALL the old stuff. The final checklist went down and everything was sorted bare minutes before the inspectors arrived, and they passed - the true nature of the poisonings was never public.
    (Naturally, things went back to the way they were before just a few months later.)

    Not to mention the sexual abuse and coercive abortion. But those are not good stories to tell.
  18. legionarewe Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    On the contrary, those are exactly the stories that need to be told. For great justice.
  19. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    YouTube - RTC Invasion USA

    Above this is my office in an unused bedroom of my home in Arlington Virginia
    It is 1995, A saturday morning at 9:30...there was a knock at the door..

    Who is there.

    US Marshals we have a warrant to search the premises...

    Whole story of this RAID and lawsuit was in many papers...

    Newsday LINK The Net: Copyright or Free Press? < start here has links at bottom to coverage below
    alt.scientology.war- Dec 1995 Wired Magazine
    Scientology's war against its critics and the Truth - Washington Post Dec 1994
    Scientology's Funny Photos Jan 4, 2000 Reliable Source Column, The Washington Post ( Known as The Man with no Head ]
    CNN on the Lerma Raid 1995
    American Jurist Magazine - 1995 Scientology's War upon its Critics
    Skeptics Society 1995
    Hush-Hush Money - westworld - About the 9-12 million for silence
    Hunting Rabbits, Serving Spam The Net Under Seige - Westword - 1995
    Church in Cyberspace Its Sacred Writ Is on the Net. Its Lawyers Are on the Case. August 19, 1995 - The Lerma Raid - Washington Post
    Scientology's Expensive Wisdom now comes free - NY Times 1995 - No Epidemic has been reported
    Arnie Lerma and others on Radio Shows and Fox News Oreilly and others LINK
    Pasadena Weekly - Debunking Scientology 2005 -

    This is from today This is from the Central Maine Morning Sentinel, about Judge Leonie Brinkema receiving the Morton A. Brody Distinguished Judicial Service Award.from Colby College; the article mentions her presiding over the Co$ vs. Arnie Lerma/Washington Post case. The complete article is at:

    WATERVILLE Terrorist trial didn't faze judge Colby honors federal judge who presided over case of Sept. 11 attacks conspirator
  20. adhocrat Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    This seems to be the place to post my stories, but what i have are more vignettes, looks at little snippets of my life in the cult.

    To start, late one Dec Sunday afternoon, 6 months after i had started in scientology, I was getting ready to leave the org, I had just finished class. GI-the person who regged me and became my scilon guide, me asked to talk to me.

    Now understand, the reason I got in was I was emotionally vulnerable, and the church love bombed me. So I was ready to accept that they really did like me.

    GI and i talked, and after a while I realized she wanted me to join staff. I was flattered, as it was more evidence of how much they liked me. But I was saying no. And i kept saying no for a couple hours.

    I brought up money a lot, and they kept assuring me I'd make as much as I was then. I was doing OK, but I had my doubts about that, but they kept saying "No problem."

    A point to mention, it is hard for me to be rude, but GI didn't care from rude. But it trapped me, because i couldn't just walk away. At one point I went to the car to get my cigarettes, and I was having a debate with myself--
    Wise Guy: Get the fuck out of here. This cannot end well.
    Friendless son of a bitch: Yeah, but dude, they like me.

    So, I agreed in principle. It had been 3 hours of this by then.

    Then it turned out they wanted me to go tomorrow, quit my job, pick up and leave, RIGHT NOW< for your best after another 3 hours--6 straight hours of tag team hard sell..

    I did it. I flew to LA.
    And there were plenty of nasty surprises waiting there

    OH FUCK.
  21. Silver Scream Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    There is a scion who won't leave me alone. He always asks me why I am on this site...I tell him it is for research for Philosophy class at the college. That jack*ss bought it, so I'm happy! And sometimes, I will play "Stupid" to him. :roll: I tell this man, "I don't know what you're talking about, I just want to do my research. Leave me to doit!" Often times I ask this guy about his cult and I'll play along and say that his "religion" sounds interesting. It does sound interesting. Interestingly stupid! :lol: That b*st*rd!!! :ffs: What a moron!
  22. me57 Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    i have been without computer service for a while whatever happened to formerly in
  23. RedHeron Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Someone told me to post my experience, which wasn't really much, but it was enough to piss me off. So, here goes:

    Sometime this past April (the first two weeks, it was before tax day for sure, as I always wait until the last possible minute to file returns), I had my children with me at the city public library. A scion came in, and I politely held the doors open so they could (not knowing, of course, what I was in for or who this person was... I was merely showing common courtesy). She started by telling me how beautiful my kids were (and they still are), and then talking about philosophical stuff. Being a philosophical type, I took the bait. After stepping off the elevator, we kept talking and this person followed me to a chair, where I had to rest.

    I'm disabled. Fibromyalgia sucks, but there is no known cause or cure. And, I've been in a flare-up since September of last year (my first major one, which has caused me to file for disability). This person, upon learning that I was in pain, told me that I could overcome my condition by learning how to control my body with my mind. I've heard some whoppers, and I actually do believe in the mind's power to heal, but this person just didn't know WTF she was talking about. The drivel that was presented sounded more like Hollywood-style psychic phenomena than anything real or practical.

    And then she started in on how a book she had read had changed her life, and she invited me to read "Dianetics". When I declined, she implied that a case could be made to have my children taken away from me on the grounds that I'm disabled--a veiled threat which is patently untrue (my grandfather was a lawyer). I can't begin to explain how pissed off that makes me, that they would stoop to the low of using my children to make me afraid.

    I told this woman to take her book and leave in no uncertain terms (if not those exact terms--I'm not 100% sure that was all I said, but I think it was). I also mentioned that anyone who used fear tactics to try to illicit a decision was an enemy of the people in general. I told her that if she wanted an enemy, she could continue talking.

    She retreated.

    That's about it, and I wanted someone to hear this kind of tactic. It was vile and offensive. Anyone who uses children as pawns deserves scorn. I'm also the kind of personality who just won't let those who threaten the innocence of others go unanswered. That's what drove me here. But I have to wonder how many people fell for the fear tactics. I began researching 2 months ago. I believe that this is the only recourse.
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    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Great story. Scientology is it's own worse enemies. They have only one recourse in their "tech" and it what you experienced.
  25. annouk Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Hi all,

    I'm new here, and thought to give a brief explanation as to why I've joined. I've never been involved with the Co$, but I have/had a good friend (let's just call her Betty) from college who got sucked into it. I remember sitting in a cafe with her, across the street from a freaky scientology center, making fun of it, etc. A couple years pass, of which she had a hard time with...she got married young, had a hard marriage, started searching for a new religion (she was Catholic), changed jobs, miscarried. During that time we lost contact, but heard from a mutual friend that Betty started to go to these night seminars in scientology, and that these seminars turned into day courses...I asked mutual friend how Betty could get off of work to go to these, and was told her boss was a scientologist, and many of her co-workers were as well. Then mutual friend and I got really concerned as Betty started to do these weird 'exercises' at the local scientology center where she would run on a track for a v long time, then take a large amount of vitamins, and then go into a sauna for hours...Betty said she could feel all bad past experiences leave her body in the sauna and just 'go away'. Then, before she divorced her 1st husband, they moved down to Florida for what she said was for HIS job...looking back on the situation, I no longer believe that as they moved to Orlando, which is close to Clearwater. Then she really got involved in Co$, left her job and took one with them. She no longer recognized mutual friend's voice on the phone, and became v hard to contact. Then her brother died, and she took the money she inherited from him and gave it all to them. Afterwards, she and her 1st husband divorced, and bam! The day the divorce is final, she gets asked out by a 'random man' that turns out to be a fellow scientologist in the 'church'. Then, and this is odd, she calls up mutual friend and tells her she's going to live in a same sex dormitory (that she has to pay for) and spend her days studying the texts and working for them...that was 4 or so years ago! I found out through the grapevine that she married the scientologist, but that she's still living in the same sex dorm. Every now and then mutual friend gets a call from Betty from what sounds like a payphone, and mutual friend swears it sounds like someone is right next to Betty listening in on the conversation.

    It just makes me sick to see what scientology did to my former friend, and I don't want her to waste her life in this cult. I don't want her to wake up at 50 or 60 and see that she wasted her life.
  26. Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Most of the stories on this thread are long. Makes sense. Scientology almost always is a long story. I have a hard time reading them because it just stirs up emotions that I'd rather not have.

    I posted my long story on "Clambake" years ago. By the time I wrote everything there was on the subject; I lost interest in posting on critic sites. I joined this site because I play pranks on my local org and the sense of humor of this site jives with my sense of the absurd. The OSA doesn't "get" my jokes.

    There's a lot I've forgotten about Scientology but the one thing I still remember was the fanatical self-righteousness of a true "unreasonable" staff member. Reading these posts brings back all the other stuff I forgot. More importantly, it moves me to distribute even more flyers and play even more pranks on orgs.

    But I'm sorry I just can't give you my account. It's too painfull for me to write it again.

    Merry Christmas Have a Happy New Year
  27. Twisters, how to handle them?

    Hi, my grandmother told me that in Australia her family joined scientiology in
    1958, except for her.
    In 1968 she took her family to New Zealand because they felt scared and i suppose got sick to death of moving around Australia, due to my grandfathers job.

    I have been here in Australia for 10 years, and in that time I have had criminal stalking and reputation destruction regularly, which has left me feeling powerless to say the least, now more knowledgeable about the 'rulers' (as my ex called them, before they left to relationship permanently).

    The worst of it, was this year (2009).
    Although going back to 2005 or so, by that tiem I had the police take my work mates and myself away for questioning as well as in other times I have had physical abuse done to me at work by other staff and people in cars making funny gesters ( which I have thought for years is just that, but i think its a little more). So there has been an ongoing pattern, although I have heard that Australian are good bullies, I think there is a lot more going on.

    Anyway last year like the year before i tried to do teritiary study. Anyhow during my hoilday to the usa, and on line I applied for a business administration course, at the local Broadmeadows, Melbourne, Victoria, tafe.
    Oh boy, after weeks of abuse from the teachers and students I left. But instead of it staying in the classroom, it was in the shopping malls and anywhere in my local area. The general pattern would be, I would see a glint in someone eyes, then they would be on the phone and often then say on the phone' oh shes here' etc.. then within a 10 minute period, then the little nazis of all different nationalities and religious would turn up in generally groups of 2- 3 - 4 and walk past you and say ' your crazy' you fag 'oh she loves you' 'they love you, but why' 'talk to the hand' 'theres that that bitch' and point etc... etc..

    I learnt to tolerate the behaviour, as at that point it was once every few days. However then 2009 came, I had just sold my house in Kinglake in 2008, hence the big hoilday in the states, and i saw an add in the local paper, from the Australian Human Rights Commission, and thought I better at least say something about the Tafe. Especially because i was concerned at something else going on, since my friend in Kinglake told me that she had paid for some of a course and the government paid the rest and she had been locked up by a rebirthing centre for two days and it was a nightmare. So my social conscience thought more about the tafe course and what i should be doing to help the youth in my community, not just to hide away, which is what i have been doing for such a long time and ignoring it.

    Well, then reporting the behaviour of the tafe and the students to the Human Rights Commission turned out terrible, then the behaviour got so bad from June-September 2009. People trying to drive me off the road, and the big family across the road, which have now gone were 'yelling', strangers would throw things at my car once a fortnight or near my car especially on the freeway like hedge trimmers, axis, etc... the new neighbours, yelling abuses for most of the day or calling out ( at least I thought it was them and now they are not there ), sometimes people smashing glass bottles onto the grass lawn outside my home and yelling threats etc.. Lot and lots of strange alcoholic and mentally difficient people walking past and verbalising profanities at each other and to the fence etc... which we do have in our area, but it was really every day, a few time of the day, instead of twice a week.
    I talked to my friend across the road and she confirmed my witnessing accounts of the behaviour of the new neighbours and the mentally loud etc..

    On top of that, about the same time, one day two two casual staff, threatened my life etc.. and the one that I had most of the shift with kept screaming at me and calling me 'a red and communist' etc... and threatening me, he even got a self made DVD, which he was good at making and played it for 2 hour slots with endless red rooster chicken adds(like mc donalds). Talk about my head spining. I finished up earlier, with the approval of the managers, by claiming I was very sick.

    I never went back to a private workplace again, beside about one shift, at another work site, and the shoulder injury i received from a workmate a year before seemed to be getting worser, with the stress. So i thought thats it, if i take as much time off as i can afford, work only in public places.
    Then the public places became battle zones, just as well my clients had braindamage, because what went on in the public places was unbelieveable, pointing, yelling, saying weird things. I only worked once a week at that point and had to psych myself up for it and when I went out will friend, hardly anything happened, rather funny.

    I did some volunteer work then and at the end of the term, one of the workers told me practically that the Hume city council had some explaining to do, after a worker had told all of the volunteers and parents that that I had a mental illness that morning. I thought maybe the council was working with the property developers in the area, it all seemed odd???

    About 6 weeks ago, Oct/Nov 09, i wrote the a Minister of Parliament, I think like a Senator? and sent a copy almost like it to the Press ( very nervous due their media owners being sc)
    I also spoke to my mum, who i don't really know that well, due to the parents divorce, but she got defensive and accusing me that I was a spy and that i had regularly gone to doctors for a mental health problem.
    What... never once.
    Then I got really nervous thinking about the last time i had visited her and refused to eat her soup due to my dogs behaviour and left straighaway and how mad she had got and as i left that day, an ambulance arrived at her house. It all seemed very scarey especially as she was going on 'Alice and Wonderland' and all weird.

    But NOW things are alot better, i am on occasions still getting the odd strange comment by a stranger (twice a week), and that could happen to be a normal crazy, but it is nothing like having a whole bloody forestic unit after you, and life seems peaceful. So far, there has been no strange car behaviour and major incidents.
    The only one thing that I think, is that i really thought when this blue sports car with no top, refused to move over and let me into a lane, all the way down a major road, only last week, that the lady in the passeagers seat, was the lady from alnon, because I remembered a news video recently where she was defending sc funding and her sc membership. That was strange, and we eventually crossed over then she yelled out 'Your vicious, what you have done to your mother'.
    The last time i spoke to my mother she told me that she had had enough of me, rather strange considering i really did nothing wrong while my half sister i haven't heard from her and are glad since i think she might be in the loop??

    Anyway I think there is a fair game policy. i think they are, little evil knomes.

    Although i'm glad to be alive and know the truth!! What they were planning for me and maybe for my other family members in New Zealand, oh boy. I hope they are ok.

    Take care Anonymous, and don't become like them, look what i went through (you might get a person working against the org) and don't stalk incase it is the various people you should be helping, so be careful .

    And Don't get lazy with those masks. Put them on!!! The running things!!! It really isn't a game!!!Well for them it is!!

    I don't want anyone going through what i have gone through and now my life is now partly poverty and isolation.
    Imagine every course of study, every work site eventually, every street eventually, even eventually as many as your contacts as possible ( at least 3 of mine are now home).

    Signing out,

  28. LocalSP Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    ^ Whoa^
  29. WTF Member

    Re: Twisters, how to handle them?

    You should seek out "FormerlyIN". Sounds like you have an interesting existence.
  30. randomanon Member

    Re: Twisters, how to handle them?

    You must be great in bed, because your crazy and crazy chicks are good in bed.
  31. Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Excuse me, Mr in the bed, you really don't know much yet. I used to be young like you.

    So when you have your friends all sitting at a coffee shop, an hour away from your home, with strangers walking past, as they leave their table, going on about someone being nuts and being pretty direct about it, and your friends all freaked out telling you to find someone to do something about it, even claiming that they are thinking its an old workmate, the lady who made up a story to the police, and your friends are making comments to the effect that they can't go anywhere without them being there, it would certainly concern you. And guess what there isn't anywhere to sort it out. chook!
  32. Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Thank you Redheron, the more people like you that tell their stories, the better. Thank you!
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    Doesn't anyone ask themselves ( and law enforcement!) Why anyone should have to go through all this just to get out of something they volantarily got into and now WANT TO GET OUT OF??? This very criminal organization imprisons people ! I think even the claim of "brainwashing " is just part of their con. NOBODY wants to be abused, tortured, misused and robbed! This organization is nothing more than a bunch of crazy criminals who steal from and use EVERYONE!
    Including their so called MEMBERS!!:mad:
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  34. anonyweird Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    They use children as slave labor and worse
  35. exOT8Michael Member

  36. moarxenu Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Scientology First-hand accounts mega-thread

    In 1977 I was a runaway who went to the SO complex in LA searching for a friend who had joined there through recruiters who came to a Scientology company on a regular basis.

    Instead, I was kept in a room with a recruiter for many hours until I signed a billion year contract (without parental consent or knowledge of said contract) and continually reassured my friend was happy and wanted to be there.

    I was put on the EPF (Estates Project Force), which is the training regimen routine for new SO members. I knew Jesse Prince while he was on the RPF there (he taught me how to do walls) as well as a number of now loved ex's. The complex was under renovations.

    Because I was small, I was soon assigned to cleaning the filthy ceiling vents, which were loaded with fiberglass. I had exposed arms, legs and face. I itched every day. I could barely fit through some of these vents and had nothing but an electric lightbulb to see. Sometimes I got stuck and was alone, and that was terrifying. I had burns all over my arms from trying to manipulate the light around in small spaces.

    When I got out to see daylight after weeks of this, I was so blinded by the light I could not see anything outside but light. My night vision has been terrible ever since.

    One meeting (muster) we were briefed that the children were short of nannies and asked who would volunteer to be a nanny. I volunteered, though my friends insisted this was a bad idea.

    I was assigned duty in a tiny one-bedroom apartment on Melrose Avenue in LA (a formerly owned building of the C of S) with the only windows blocked by a next door apartment. I had just under 30 children under 3 years old in my care. There were wall to wall cribs in the one main room with just enough space to squeeze between the cribs to walk. There was a small play area big enough for about 10 children to sit with another crib with a very sickly child in it in the other room. There was a small kitchen, where about 8 high chairs could be fit at a time for a feeding. A woman briefed me quickly on how to feed the children, clean (and badly - she showed me to use BLEACH on the cribs, but the children actually often sucked on the edges) how to change diapers and where to get barley formula. In other words, I was not trained. I didn't know about diaper rashes, nutritional and emotional or other needs. I didn't know all the reasons a child might cry. I didn't know anything but the barest babysitting basics. She promptly left for over a month and I was left with these children in my care, including one extremely ill child that was too weak to pick up his bottle.

    I was told the reason they were so short staffed is several perverts had been nannies and recently been discovered so taken off (but they were still in the SO and no charges were laid against them). At the time, I knew the names of two from seeing issues on their removals.

    At that time, the children were in that one bedroom apartment night and day. They did not get outside, they did not get in sunlight. Parents did not bring their children home, but they had 45 minutes a day (which some included with their 40 min dinner) to see their children.

    I was expressly instructed to only feed the sick child a banana and barley formula mixture in his bottle and nothing else. I did what I was told, I knew nothing else about children. My shift was about 8 hrs, then another nanny covered it after me the other 16 hrs.

    The sick child nearly died at that time. He got so sick, that I went to the local clinic and pretended to be his mother and not speak English to get him antibiotics. The doctor gave him a shot and some antibiotics and expressly told me the child would die without the antibiotics.

    The Scientology MLO (Medical Liaison Officer) found the antibiotics in my nursery shortly after I returned and flushed them down the sink despite my yelling and warning her that the doctor said he would die without them. I knew her name. Some day I will remember it, I am sure, but right now I don't.

    The following day, when I came to work, the child was barely breathing. I held him close and cuddled him and did the only thing I could do - I prayed with all my heart that this child would not die. I thought "we need your mother here. We need your mother here." Miracle of miracles, his mother showed up, after being on "mission" and away from him for months. Yelling at me! I quieted her down, handed her the child, told her to go immediately to the hospital and run red lights. She hesitated. I let her know how sick he was. She got him to the Children's hospital in time, from what I heard, and left staff shortly after that.

    And that is just my first year in that evil place that abuses and neglects children.

    Much of this story has been included in my previous speeches.

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