Scientology in Colombia

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    Scientology in Colombia

    From: Div6 <>
    Subject: Special Activities on the Freewinds - Find Out About it Here!
    From: Mick Davies, D/CO D&E FSSO
    Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Dear Scientologist,

    I am inviting you to come to the Freewinds RIGHT NOW to participate in “The Tech of How to Clear Your Area RIGHT NOW! Convention”.

    You will get to personally participate in a Freewinds dissemination campaign. Right now we are directly involved in Clearing Colombia. You will literally drill dissemination tech and go out with Freewinds crew to disseminate to the people of this country. There is a huge carnival in Colombia where there will be a The Way to Happiness float, and where we are targeted to pass out 2,000,000 The Way to Happiness booklets working side by side with the policemen of Colombia . You could be a part of this!

    You will not only learn to give seminars, but you will also go out and set them up and deliver them to Colombian raw public. You have a real opportunity right now to be a part of this crusade and FSM as LRH intended. So far, in less than 2 weeks, 100 new public have walked into Bogota Org from these actions alone. Field groups are springing up everywhere and the people of Colombia want to know about Human Rights, Say No to Drugs and all the tech LRH has to offer.

    What’s lacking is the correct order of magnitude in the number of Scientologists who can assist in this tremendous reach from the spiritual beings of this country.

    The mission briefing: The Barranquilla Carnival festival occurs on the 23rd of February. This is one of the largest carnivals in the world.

    A very high official of this area is personally preparing a The Way to Happiness Float for this festival. He has requested 2 million The Way to Happiness booklets so that they can be distributed during this festival by the local police force.

    You can participate and be part of this historic event!

    If you have ever wondered what it will take to really safe point your area, if you ever wanted to know how to reach your community more broadly with LRH tech – come to the Freewinds in Cartagena and see it with your own eyes. Find out exactly how this is done, from the first contacts with Opinion Leaders, to use of the Tone Scale and PR Technology, to finding a ruin on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic – experience it and be part of it!

    Participate in one of the largest, fastest moving and most exciting dissemination efforts in our history, which is changing the destiny of an entire country!


    Mick Davies

    D/Commanding Officer for Delivery & Exchange

    Sign up Now!

    And come and be a part of this historic event!

    Contact your local Freewinds registrar or the Advance Scheduling Registrar at: (727) 445-4309 or email

    © 2009 CSFSSO. All Rights Reserved. OT, THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and FREEWINDS are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of Religious Technology Center , holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks. Freewinds Ship is registered in Panama .
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    re: Scientology in Colombia

    Just wanted to add....

    Colombia, not Columbia.
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    re: Scientology in Colombia

    oops I'll ask a mod to fix that, thanks
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    This is bad news.
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Not really. A typo on "Colombia" can be easily fixed :)
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Ahhh these fucking fucks... since they cant do well in Westernized Countries (US, Canada, UK, NZ, Australia) what we call white countries... now they are trying to prey upon the colored (developing nations that dont have immediate access to the internet) Basically these countries are still in 1960's in regards to communications.

    DC Fags... bombard the colombian embassy... there are religious fanatics that are equally bad or worse than FARC and narcoterrorists in their country.
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Am I the only one wondering how in Colombia?
    Or is Chavez really not as paranoid as I thought?
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    FARC versus Scientology, life would be much easier
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    2 million WTH. Let's see, that comes to what? $3.50 in printing costs and the rest is gravy?
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Facebook has loads of Scifag Colombia groups. You know what to do.
  12. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    ummm...Alvaro Uribe Velez?
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    But what % of banana pickers have a connection and a PC?

    I know a lot of Central Americans (mostly from El Salvidor and Guatamala) from work. Formal education, even grade school, is the exception. Many do not even know their own date of birth. They are not primitive they are stone-age. They aspire to be more like the Americans and westerners. They are perfect prey for CoS. Tourism and drugs mean there must be some money to be had.

    This is a very bad thing.
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    FARC, the Catholic church, local politicians (always looking for dirt on each other anyway) We are gonna have to PA someone to do this. We had a hard enough time getting our own data out of the Bahamas
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    -_- damnit, i have no fucking idea why i mixed up Colombia and Venezuela...

    fuck, chalk up another one to stupid americans.
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Richard Weigand, Snow White felon was involved early....

    Snow White Revisited

    From: Richard Weigand
    Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 15:07:35 -0500
    Message-Id: <>
    Subject: Re: TNX Welcome: Ric Poulin (...

    Dear Ric,

    Welcome to Tnx.

    Are you related to Paul Poulin? He's a long time Scn'ist from LA now working,
    if not living, in NY. We're old friends.

    I'm in Seattle but doing a lot of work in Colombia, South America, getting
    LRH tech into the gov't, miliatry, schools, police and big business there.
    Very exciting things going on in the country Scientologically.

    In Seattle my wife and I FSM for a living.


    Dick weigand
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    'cause it's a whole fucking country.
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    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    From: (Name withheld by request)
    Organization: Replay and Company UnLimited.
    X-Warning: This message was forwarded by an Anonymous Remailer.
    X-Comment: Replay does not necessarily approve of the contents of this posting.
    X-Comment: Please report inappropriate use to <>
    Subject: Rump-Church of Scientology Poised to Take Over Colombia!
    Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 07:14:45 +0000
    Message-ID: <>
    Lines: 509



    NEWSGROUP alt.religion.scientology


    The following submission to the private
    Scientology mailing list TNX-L is a real bombshell.
    We obtained it from our operatives who have tapped
    into this mailing list through an untraceable
    route. Several former Cof$ high-level people say
    this is VERY serious as Scientology has ulterior
    motives for their activities in Colombia, which
    will be described shortly.

    It all started with the Echavarria family of
    Colombia, a very powerful ruling family, converting
    over to Scientology a while back. It has now
    converted several top-level military and police,
    and this writing makes it plain that Scientology is
    attempting a takeover of the entire country's
    educational and economic infrastructure. The
    writer of this post is fairly high up in the Cof$
    hierarchy and so this is reliable.

    What would this mean? Several things. First,
    Colombia would become the conduit by which
    Scientology could launder their money free from
    scrutiny. Second, they would have connections to
    the lucrative drug trade and would probably double
    or even triple their world-wide operating budget
    with clear ramifications for the United States and
    Europe; they'd be able to up their legal
    harassment budget as well as step up their illegal
    harassment by utilizing their new organized crime
    connection . Third, it would be the first country
    where Scientology can try their "tech" at a large
    scale. If you think what happened to Allstate was
    bad, wait until you see what will happen in
    Colombia should Cof$ succeed in seizing control.
    The people of Colombia would suffer badly and
    live in a psycho-fascist totalitarian state the
    likes of which have not been seen since World War
    II. L. Ron Hubbard, who founded Cof$, was a great
    admirer of Adolf Hitler and organized his rump-
    Church around Gestapo principles.

    This must be resisted at all costs, or it will
    spell big trouble for the International community,
    for freedom loving people everywhere, and for the
    people of Colombia.

    A Very Concerned Citizen


    From: Dick Weigand
    Received: by
    ( id AA080770334; Mon, 17 Apr 1995 21:58:54 -0400
    Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 21:58:54 -0400
    Message-Id: <>
    Subject: Colombia Update

    Dear TNXers, Here's some Scn good news :

    (Here is an updated debrief of the activites in Colombia, So America. Since
    the original report we have started delivery of the BSM to 12,000 high school
    students, which is in progress at this time. We are delivering to the
    Military enmasse and to the Police. Many great results have been obtained
    and further delivery is being planned by these agencies. We have 7 other
    High Schools, 42 elementary schools, and an entire State's educational system
    in the country wanting LRH's educational tech. We are also consulting the
    biggest businesses in the Country as a means of financing the social reform
    efforts. The debrief is long, but interesting. DW 17 Ap 95)

    October 27, 1994

    This is a brief history of Scientology activities occurring in Colombia,
    South America over the past few years and resulting in some impressive recent


    Approximately 4 1/2 years ago Protectionism was thrown out of Colombia. The
    Governments of the past had Protectionism in as a means of controlling the
    economy. The result of Protectionism was a very high duty- as much as 400%
    on some products, if you wanted to buy something you had to buy Colombian.
    The other theory behind this was that it protected the jobs of the workers.
    It intended to create jobs by making it necessary to produce in the

    The actual effect was that companies only produced what was necessary for a
    low level of survival. The cost of products were high in relation to the
    wage base here. Because of the economic base companies found it hard to
    produce certain goods. An example is Hoescht, which is the Chemical company.
    I went to their factory in Cali, and saw equipment which was made back in
    the 1940s. The product manager told to me that during the Protectionism era
    they could not get in modern equipment because of the government rules and
    the cost of the duties. Now with The Opening which brought in competition
    they have to compete with world wide companies that have modern machines
    which have a higher quality product. One of the examples that he showed me
    was the packaging of the goods. It was done by hand. This takes much more
    time than having a machine do it.

    The Opening brought in outside influences. The country needed new ways in
    which to operate if it was to have a place in the world market. The result
    was the country had a chance to catch up with the rest of the world in the
    areas of economics, education and government. This created a "need of
    change" and a "demand for improvement" and new technology. This created a
    positive situation for us. This ground work plus our connection to the
    Echavarria family has opened the door for us. Our purpose is to fill that
    vacuum created, claiming as much ground as quickly as possible through the
    introduction of LRH technology to the government, military, police, education
    and business personnel . As our resources are minimal the most has to be
    made with the least.

    The businesses of Colombia realized that their work force could not "learn"
    fast enough the new Methodologies that were being introduced. Some
    attention went on to the quality of the school system. This is a major 'in'
    for LRH's study tech within the Educational system.

    As a result of this background we have been able to secure agreements with
    high ups in Government, Military, Police, Education and Business for the
    introduction of LRH tech. During the past administration I had excellent
    comm lines into the President's office. The President backed us through his P
    rivate Sec, which he had help us. The Private Sec helped us get appointments
    with some of the different Ministers.


    In 1993 I had a meeting with the Minister of Defense along with Enrique
    Garces Echavarria. At that meeting I was trying to get the Minister of
    Defense to back us in doing a WTH campaign there. At that time we gave him
    copies of POW, TWTH and the WIS book. He felt that at that time he could not
    have this campaign going because of the problems in the country. During this
    period of time there were a lot of car bombings going on and the drug lord
    Pablo Escobar was threatening to blow up the President's house and other
    government officials. In PT Pablo has since been found and killed, by the
    Military and the car bombings have stopped.

    The new Administration is now in. The New Minister of Defense, Fernando
    Botero, and I have a good comm line. Fernando was a Senator back in 1993
    when Enrique and I talked to him. Fernando loves TWTH and remembered the
    campaign that was done before. He did have some black PR from the times
    article, which I handled with him. We gave Fernando a leather copy of TWTH
    and copies of POW and the WIS book. We are in the process of getting another
    appointment with him to go over some other idea's and delivery to the Police
    and Military.

    This year while delivering a workshop at INCOLDA (Institute Colombiano de
    Administracion- the institute which I originally started with, back in 1992)
    two Military Officers were attending. One was General Gil, he loved the data
    from POW and the talk on Book One. I offered our services to him and the
    next week we delivered a similar work shop to his officers at their Base.
    This was the start of our relationship with the Military. The Military's
    main function is to handle the guerrilla's, terrorists, bombings,
    kidnappings' and drug smuggling. The handling of these things has improved
    over the past few years, but isn't yet under control.

    General Gil has received Book One auditing and recently said he felt a leader
    to be a true Leader must know LRH's data on ARC and Ethics Presence. The Gene
    ral is being promoted later this year to one of the top administrators in the
    Military. He wants all of his Officers trained on ARC and Ethics Presence as
    well as Book One!

    We have the General, a Colonel, a Major, 80 other Officers and 140 soldiers
    who have completed at least one of our workshops and are supportive of LRH's
    tech, so far. They control an estimated 200,000 troops in the units of:
    Recruitment, Cavalry, Logistics, Artillery and a Fighting Battalion.


    The Military has the space to deliver to 40 Officers at one time, but with
    the Military schools and auditoriums they have space for many more. The cost
    of the materials have been donated for this project in the past. The General
    is looking at ways to get this cost covered by the Military. Currently
    donation's are being solicited for the materials. We have a pack that is
    pending approval from WISE INT that consists of key issues from WISE
    materials. We have materials from the SHB to use in a workshop. Combined we
    can deliver, with current materials, to between 75-100 Military at one time.
    There are some scheduling problems, but they will work them out. The
    Military has named us as official Trainers, and Consultants by the issuance
    of an official Certificate.

    We plan to train Officers of the Military in how to deliver the SHB WORKSHOPS
    to the rest of the military, while we qual it. Set it up so that the
    training becomes a permanent part of their training program and new recruits
    are trained each year on LRH's tech.

    There are different units in the Military so there will be different training
    programs. Everybody gets study tech, Components of Understanding, and a
    Seminar on Dianetics. Depending on their posts, some will do the emotional
    tone scale, communication, how to resolve conflict, integrity and honesty,
    ethics and conditions, cause of suppression, tools for the work place, basics
    of organizing, targets and goals, investigations, fundamentals of public


    The Military trained on LRH tech enabling them to achieve the result of a
    country without insanity (the real enemy), without criminals
    (Mafia,Druglords) and without war (guerrillas and terrorists), where the able
    can prosper and honest being can have rights, and where man is free to rise
    to greater heights which are the aims of Scientology. To make this goal and
    target real for the officers and soldiers of the Military.


    General Gil is receiving his book one Auditing. It's more difficult with
    him, as each time there is some commotion in the country he has to get
    involved, but he loves his auditing, and the Auditor reports that he is a
    very theta guy and is getting great case gain.


    The Major in the Military got his book one auditing and just loves it. He
    had to get an operation on his nose for some reason. The auditor gave him
    some assists after the operation and the nose healed very quick, so much so
    that the doctor could not believe it. He is very happy with the auditing and
    can not believe how well it is going. He has been transferred to a new post,
    as the Commandant for a battalion. He has invited me to the front lines to
    deliver more of LRH tech to his soldiers. It is in the fields of Colombia
    where the guerrillas are. We are going to work out some PR for the military
    between them and the people that live there. The guerrillas have the PR
    position with the people in the area. We are going to show the Military how
    to correct up the false data the guerrillas have given the people. I also
    had an idea ,which he liked, to put LRH's study tech into the schools there.
    Here we will train some of the soldiers to help deliver the study tech. We
    will be going to the front lines in a couple of weeks or so to start this.


    We've started delivering to 400 policemen , from the Commissary Division, the
    Motivation and Leadership workshop, which is based on Problems of Work.
    Miguel, our M.D. staff member, is delivering to them at their place. He's
    doing them in small groups of 40-50 each and will complete the 400 in the
    next three weeks.


    Oct 26th 1994 we received a call from the General in charge of all the Police
    in Colombia. I met with him and gave him a copy of the WTH. We discussed
    our program on Motivation and Leadership. He got real interested and ordered
    in another General who is in charge of training for the Police in whole
    country. The General briefed him on our activities, and he liked them. We
    went into the 2nd General's office to work out the logistics. Before going
    into the second office, we agreed to keep in communication on the various
    projects, and he is supporting us. I have a free line into him in case I
    need anything. The General in charge of training and I went over the
    different programs that could be used with the Police. He was interested in
    our Motivation and Leadership workshop and called in the Colonel In charge
    of Academic standards. I spent about 15 minutes getting the comm line in
    with her. I found out she is basically in charge of the training of the
    future Officers of the police at their police academies. She went over the
    Motivational program and the one on Communication and said these were the
    ones they needed to do.

    They both went through the WTH booklet. The General really liked it. The
    Colonel had questions about it being religious. When I asked her about it,
    she said it was similar to the ten commandments. I explained to her that it
    was specifically designed not to be a religious work, that the morals had
    started to go out with the separation of the Church and State. She was more
    interested in the other 2 programs and wanted to start on this immediately.
    We are only going to start 345 student police cadets on the 18th of Nov., for
    5 full days of POW and Communication (based on SHB) seminar. We will then
    work out the logs of getting all 6,000 officers in the country through the
    same training program. We are starting at the top and working our way down
    the Org board until all 102,000 police are gotten through some basic courses.
    This is a very rough idea, of course, with these numbers a whole program will
    have to be mocked up to make sure the goals and purposes are achieved. In
    fact, the General, told her to work out the funds for this project in next
    years budget. The funds will help pay for the materials.

    (Since the writing of this we have delivered the POW seminar to the Police
    Academy. They loved it. The Officer in charge is working out how to make it
    a permanent part of their training program and has asked us to help him with
    the 450 high schools and colleges he deals with.)


    Two days ago I closed two Colonels in charge of the 8,000 Metropolitan police
    on the Communication, PR, and the WTH programs. Because of the logistics we
    are not starting them all this year. But, we are doing a pilot of 50
    starting Nov. 15th. These are the street police. The Colonel in charge of
    training who I set the program up with started the Motivational and
    Leadership workshop on 27 Oct. Along with her there were 20 other Officers
    from the Military doing the same workshop.



    About 50% of the children of Colombia do not get to go to H.S. (6-11th
    grades- there is no Junior High School in Colombia) because there are not
    enough school buildings and not enough teachers. The teachers are paid very
    poorly and many moonlight to make ends meet. A State test called EFAS (we
    don't know the validity of it) shows the main problem with those children who
    get through school to have only a 5% ability to duplicate what they read. The
    students have to buy their own materials, but the can't afford new materials.
    Instead they buy hand-me-downs and photocopy's. The school system is so
    poor that they cannot afford hot water for showers after P.E. The upper and
    "middle" classes send their children to private schools.

    The average household income of the families from this area is about $400 a
    month. The average family has 3.5 children. They don't make enough to be
    taxed except by 'sales tax' There is not enough tax base to support more
    education by the present means of taxation. In the USA it is figured to cost
    $3000 per student per year to educate them. The average household income for
    the students going to public schools in Colombia in less than $5000 per year.
    The schools have very few dictionaries or materials for the classes. They
    provide a desk and a teacher and a piece of chalk, which the teachers hold
    onto to prevent loss. The teacher with an average of 6 years university
    education makes about $600 a month after 18 years in the system. The
    teachers have a very strong union which is trying to improve conditions and
    wages, but not so much the educational standards. The teaching methodology
    is psychology based, and is imported from Europe and the US.

    There is very little drug problem in the schools, but the older students do dr
    ink on the weekends. There are no gangs, and violence if any is a very rare
    occurrence, besides an occasional fight between students. Because of the
    lack of space in the school, the students line up after elementary school, to
    apply for admission to the High Schools. Most students want to learn and
    realize that it is a privilege to be in High School. The schools operate on
    2 sessions..morning and afternoon. At Kennedy H.S., the largest in Bogota,
    they have about 3500 students in the morning, and 3400 in the afternoon. The
    drop out rate is approximately 50%. The Principal states the reason for this
    is financial and family problems at home (we know different). The children
    find it necessary to enter the work force to help support themselves and
    their families.

    About 2 years ago, while doing a safe pointing project with the WIS book, and
    meeting with the different Ministers of Colombia, we had a conversation with
    the then Minister of Education. We brought him copies of WIS, the BSM, POW
    and the WTH. He showed some interest in the BSM and referred us to the
    terminal who was responsible for implementing new programs in the school
    system. A proposal was done up for a pilot program to deliver to 150 teachers
    and administrative personnel in the Dept. of Education. Because of
    administrative red tape, and even thou the program was approved, the actual
    starting never occurred. The original Minister of Education resigned as he
    was running for another office. The terminal we were working with was
    transferred, and the new terminal was very busy with the new Minister of
    Education. With our comm line to the Presidents office, and with his
    authorization, his private sec'y arranged for an appointment with a new
    terminal within the Ministry of Education. We met with him and asked how to
    get the program in. He recommended bypassing the Ministry and Sec'y of
    Education and go right to the schools. He gave us a list of all the schools
    in Colombia.

    One person was put on phoning the schools. He immediately got 12 schools
    interested. Promoting was stopped as we were exceeding the delivery capacity.
    The first school approached in person was Kennedy H.S. I brought the BSM
    and the POW and gave it to the Principal. I did the Dissem formula on him.
    He said, "This is what we need . Lets start it out in the Spanish dept." He
    brought in the Director of the Spanish Dept. and explained to him that we
    were going to educate all the Spanish teachers (39) and they in turn would
    educate the children. We started with these 39 teachers. We had major
    scheduling problems because of their work loads. There was some disagreement
    with the program. I went in and talked to the teachers individually and
    also sent Jackie De Lorenzo to talk to the teachers. She's bilingual. The
    basic found was the Director of the Spanish Dept., did not give them a proper
    R-factor on what we were doing or why, and there was a general dislike of the
    Director by the teachers. With the findings I talked to the Principal of the
    school. He was new at the school and hadn't realized the problems with the
    Spanish Dir. He personally took over the Program with the result that the
    teachers got more respect for it.

    Part of the debug , due to the teachers lack of time, was to directly deliver
    to the students while the teachers were finishing their BSMs. I then
    realized that with the number of students, this school has 6980, we lacked
    enough terminals for delivery. I found out that 11th graders are required to
    put in 80 hours a year in social programs. I asked the Director if there was
    anyway we could train some of these students to help us with the delivery at
    Kennedy and at the Elementary schools. He said "yes" and gave us 160
    students in the morning and another 160 in the afternoon. These students are
    in the 10th grade. This will enable us to train them up for delivery next
    year, when they are in the 11th grade. So we have 320 students for 1.5
    years, who will be part time staff in this social reform program. In January
    1995 we get another 320 10th graders, so we will have a continuing supply of
    staff to deliver LRH's tech into the different areas of Bogota. The
    principal has taken the extraordinary step of making sure the students who
    are on this pjt are not separated and not put onto other pjts without his
    approval, so this pjt does not get unmocked.

    In PT we have 40 students who are on the "TTC" and we are working out space
    to get the other 260 in and started. The 60 students are nearing completion
    of the BSM and will be going onto the SHB courses. The students are all up
    tone, have done a complete line of tests, and are there on their own
    determinism. We still haven't worked out the best utilization of the kids.
    One idea is to put the study and communication tech into the Elementary
    schools, and some will put study and communication tech into 6th through 8th
    grades in the different schools. They lack the altitude and ethics presence
    to deliver workshops to their peers. Another pjt will be to have them help
    in a different organization called ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar
    Familiar). This Institute is basically an organization working to help the
    family and is oriented towards small children. One of its major programs is
    a pre-school system which is run out of homes in different sections of the com
    munity for working mothers to put their children. This was the previous
    First Ladies idea. She wanted our help in training these mothers. The
    present time idea is to put in the assist and basic Child Dianetics tech with
    the pre-school mothers. But as we find out more of what is needed and wanted
    this could change.

    We started approximately 1800 of the Kennedy H.S. on the BSM workshop. More
    teachers in different Dept's have gotten interested in our help and have
    asked for help in debugging their students in different areas. Some of these
    teachers also teach at other schools, and have requested we go into those
    schools as well. This represents 15,000 additional students. With all the
    schools interested we have approximately 40,000 students. The Principal of
    Kennedy after seeing the results of this years program wants to have it
    implemented in all the schools in Colombia. He wants to be able to show the
    Principal's at their annual conference next year, the results from this
    program. He is an opinion leader in the system as the Principal of the
    largest school in Colombia, and , quite possibly, in South America.

    We have closed two High Schools in Bogota on delivering the Basic Study
    Manual to their students. The first of the two is Kennedy High with 6890
    students. The other is Tunal High with 5000 students. That is a total of
    11,980 students that are in the process of starting. At Tunal High we do not
    have the agreement to use the students as assistants, so we will use
    Kennedy's to help us with the delivery at Tunal , by using them to grade
    exercises over the mid-year holiday, which runs from 4 Nov. To 4 Feb..

    At Kennedy the teachers return 2 weeks earlier than their students so that
    they can receive training. This year we will be training all of them on the
    BSM at that time. This has the full backing and support of the Principal,
    who himself has done a couple of LRH's courses and loves the tech. He knows
    the program can't work if the teachers don't understand and apply the
    'methodology' standardly throughout the school.

    What we are proposing to these different area's (Education, Military and
    Police) is that we set up their training units. Which will in turn help us
    with their on going training. Even doing it at that rate we have 300
    teachers to train in 2 weeks in Jan 95, for Kennedy H.S. alone. Doing this
    in a workshop still requires that we have about 10 trained Sups who are,
    handling the teachers exclusively. We've got our hands full on this one.

    The Principal of Kennedy High has asked for our help with a project that has
    been dumped on him by the gov't. As I mentioned to you before, only 50% of
    the children graduating from Elementary school enter High School. This is
    due to lack of teachers. The real reasons for this in the future will have
    to be looked at so it can actually be debugged, but in the meantime Congress
    has passed a law in which the Elementary Schools will now teach 1st through
    9th grades, instead of 1st through 5th. This is 2 years short of the normal
    high school program. The think behind this is that a basic education can be
    done within this time.

    The Principal at Kennedy has been assigned the project of overseeing and
    guiding 42 Elementary schools in his vicinity with this new program. He has
    no idea how this is going to work, for the gov't has given no additional
    supplies, teachers or money for this. So, one of the bright ideas to handle
    this on a cope basis is to take all the 10th and 11th graders and train them
    on the BSM, the Communication Course, and have them help in the Elementary
    Schools during their 80 hours of community service in the 11th grade. The

    Principal also realized that the earlier the children learn how to learn or
    get LRH's study tech in, the less problems and the better the education they
    will receive down the line. The school system is now in its last couple
    weeks before its 3 month break and the Principal is PTP'd with getting
    everything ready for the end of the semester. We are going to meet sometime
    during the break, and I will get more data to handle this little project he
    has. The 42 schools have an estimated 67,000 students. We well get more
    reliable data when I meet with him again.

    So as you can see we have a real logs and delivery situation to work out in
    the very near future. It is kind of a relief that we have 3 months before
    the new school year, so we can regroup the troops. This Principal is a very
    theta being and easy to work with because he is willing and has not put any
    CI on the lines as far as getting the tech in. We are working with him on
    doing a PR campaign and our student assistants will be doing surveys on the
    students. And he is going to have us do surveys on the teachers so the tech
    is more easily acceptable and more importantly applied in the course room.

    Some of the teachers also come to study , along with the students, on their
    time off . Three of the teachers have commented that they can't believe
    these are the same students for they are really studying, learning and
    applying the material they are reading . They are very well behaved. One
    couldn't believe that when a group of 5 arrived late, the supervisor had them
    clean windows, and they didn't even argue about it. She went on for about 15
    minutes about how much change had occurred in them in such a short period of
    time, and she wanted the secret data on how this could occur in her course
    room. This same teacher is now bringing her own two children in to do the
    BSM and the Communication section out of the Handbook. Today, we had a
    teacher drive from a city outside of Bogota, which takes about 2.5 hours, to
    ask us if she could work with us full time, delivering Ron's tech, and is
    willing to leave her position in the school she is at now. So, the results
    are showing and increasing every week with the tech going in.

    Mike Edwards

    For more info contact: Dick Weigand , XXXX XXXXXXXXX Ave N., Seattle, WA
    98103, Voice: (206) XXX-XXXX Fax : (206) XXX-XXXX
  19. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    HOLY F**K!

    Does anyone have any more recent information or leaks?
  20. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Oh god damnit this is from 1995.

    Yeah, we need updated information to package this with. Media isn't interested in a 14 year-old E-mail unless it can be tied to things going on today.

    Time to get into research mode- what else can we figure out?
  21. OpThetXVI Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    From the old email - "Minister of Defense, Fernando Botero" : that would be this chap then?

    Fernando Botero Zea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  22. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    All that means is that they've found another public official to corrupt. We all know that the Scilons are ones to make outlandish claims in their e-mails (Seriously, you're all going down there on the Freewinds? Good luck with that.) but I'm willing to believe that they may very well have gotten a corrupt police official to help with lit distribution.

    And that sucks.
  23. parvent Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Gee, those are the same social strata dealing with our convicted felon scientologist Richard Weigand, from the same Echaverria political persuasion.

    He must have been charged close to after his dealings with "third party" Richard Weigand. (It's like the authorities had access to "Theta News Exchange.")

    When the religious missionary ship Freewinds reaches the Colombian harbor, take pictures and measure how high the ship sits in the water. Do the same before it leaves port, and compare how much cargo it took on. (The DEA won't do this, because they do dirty work for scientology).
  24. FUCK Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Bump this shit. This is very bad news.
  25. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Do we have ANY Anons in Columbia? Are there any anti-scientology or cult groups there we can get ahold of? It may be time to outsource a little.
  26. ocean12 Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    I am glad you made me look this up.

    The majority of the population (58%) is mestizo, or of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry. 20% is of European ancestry only, 14% mulatto (of mixed European and black African ancestry), 4% of black African ancestry only, and 3% zambo (of mixed Amerindian and black African ancestry). Pure indigenous Amerindians comprise only 1% of the population.[2] The overwhelming majority of Colombians speak Spanish (see also Colombian Spanish), but in total 101 languages are listed for Colombia in the Ethnologue database, of which 80 are spoken today as living languages.

    Come on comparing FARC with handing out way to happness books?--Really?

    I hope your not the real Leroy Jenkins I like him
  27. ocean12 Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    President of Venezuela?
  28. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Well, failed on this one:

    Need moar Anons in SA.
  29. Drunk Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Definitely, Argentina was our first big one, hopefully that will help spread the message in South America. Bogota has a Class V org, and although we are trying, we haven't been able to contact people in Colombia willing to bring the Anon message to the Scilons door steps over there. However, I do think is a matter of time before we do so. So far we are trying to get some Anons in Venezuela to follow Argentina's foot steps. We have our fingers crossed on that.

    Also, the cult is expanding in South America as their numbers and $$$ goes down in USA, Europe and Australia. This has its pros and cons for them. On one hand they have to reduce their prices so the local can afford them, on the other it will be a lot easier for them to bribe politicians and gain more influence.
  30. Schwabe Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

  31. pooks Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    From: Flag Service Org <>
    Subject: 10,000 on Solo NOTs Update! From Clive Rabey
    Date: Thursday, April 9, 2009


    COLUMBIA [sic]

    Part of the overall strategy of the 10,000 On or Through Solo NOTs campaign was to have Solo NOTs auditors auditing the level all over the globe. Right now there are 2 Scientologists from the Czech Republic who, within a few weeks, will become the first Solo NOTs auditors from that country!

    And now we have an OT V and a Clear who are both staying until they are on the level and who are both from the country of Columbia and will become the first on OT VII from that country.

  32. Re: Scientology in Colombia

    It is generally easier to bribe in thirld world countries (I used to work for an investment bank and the countries are occasionally ranked by an independant org and usually it's related to the wealth of the country) but I am dubious that it is easier for them to get influence in these countries. I suspect that in countries that have coups every now and then that leaders are very worried about people getting too much power.

    btw on the corruption rankings USA was disappointingly low something like 100th or 140th best practicies for corruption in the world.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Here are a bunch (12 or 13) of scio emails, all having something to do with Colombia.
    They should be arranged from oldest (1998) to newest (2005).

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Richard R. Byrd []
    Sent: Sunday, August 02, 1998 5:28 PM
    Subject: Re: TNX SOURCE: Quote of the Day: 1.5

    Thanks for continuing to do this. Great quotes too.

    I'm still in Cali Colombia. Doing well, I expect to be back about Friday.



    -----Original Message-----

    From: Richard LORE []
    Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 6:51 AM
    To: (long list)


    Hello! This E-mail is being sent to you to brief you on a NEW PIONEER ASSOCIATION that has been formed to create UNIVERSAL EXPANSION ON THIS PLANET!!

    The members are :

    CLAIRE GUIGNON - a Pioneer who has gone on SMI Missionary Projects to the Philippines and Medellin in Colombia. Known as "A SUPER GUNG-HO GIRL".

    RICHARD LORE - the Mission Holder of the Nice Mission and who has recently gotten Martinique Island opened with a Dianetics group and has gotten LRH materials for new Missions for Cannes, Martiques, Medellin, Albania and helped to get The Way To Happiness books to Macedonia and known as "A BIG GAMES MAKER".

    IGOR CVETKOVIC (half Bosnian, half Serbian and living in Taiwan) who is a Pioneer that has gone on SMI missionary projects to Nepal, Taiwan and other countries and known as "NO COUNTRY, ONLY ONE CODE MAKE SCIENTOLOGY EXPAND".

    For us the job of a Pioneer is a big game, a challenge planet wide where broad dissemination and expansion of Scientology can occur. We want to invest ourselves in the future of this planet with Scientology!

    We will keep you briefed on our products, good news etc. from the far flung countries of this planet. If you have any interest in going on a trip with us for total adventure, and get LRH's Technology known and applied, feel free to contact us!

    Our next project will be the grand opening of Cannes in the South of France. (French Riviera). We are going at the beginning of August.

    As our second big project, we are going to Tunisia in Africa. (note: you can see beautiful views of Tunisia in the last STAR WARS movie !!! Go to see it and you will have an idea of why we want to open up Tunisia. See for more accurate references the LRH Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape 375 "international City").

    Message from Claire : "When I first heard that SMI needed people to go out to exciting countries and open them up to Scientology, I felt like it was a dream come true. However, I was very nervous and felt that I needed to get a lot more Bridge done before I would be capable enough to pull off such a big job. ...

    ...Going there was a truly OT experience for me. Never did I wonder desperately what to do, I had the whole of SMI just a phone call away to
    back me up...

    ... It is an experience that I would recommend to any Scientologist with a sense of adventure and burning desire to help but I warn you, it is addictive, go once and the urge to go again will burn inside you until you just have to do it again and again and again!!! ..."

    * * * * *
    We would also like to especially acknowledge those people that helped the group to become a reality and contribute and make possible the future project that we are going for. Carole Thoburns, Philippe Lambert, Catherine Utheman, Maena Danion.

    * * * * *

    As LRH says in HCO PL 29 October 1959 Issue II,

    "If the combined power of all of us and all organizations were exerted as a shoulder to shoulder effort, we would take this planet just as we are and
    with no more than we know." LRH

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Sigal Adini []
    Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 4:01 PM
    To: Recipient list suppressed
    Subject: Voting Recommendations for Election, November 7th ,2000 - By Lucy and Rosser Cole, Los Angeles

    Dear Friends,
    I believe that it is VITAL that we all vote. Here is some information from
    Lucy and Rosser Cole who are active Scientologists in the LA area. I hope
    this provides you with data which will help in your decision.
    Lucy & Rosser Cole , 2000 Hill Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90041

    October 19, 2000
    Voting Recommendations for Election, November 7th , 2000

    Dear Friends,

    "In Vice President Al Gore's mind, nothing is riskier than letting
    taxpayers keep more of their money." Thus begins an article in the Los
    Angeles Daily Journal on October 3rd. This is one of the many reasons why
    I oppose Al Gore for President of the United States. He is a strong
    advocate of ever bigger government influencing and/or controlling more and
    more aspects of our lives. At a time when the government takes more of
    our, the taxpayers, money than at any time since World War II, Gore would
    only grant any form of tax relief to the "right people", i.e., people who
    do what he wants them to do (have young children or children in college,
    put money in government-controlled retirement funds, need help with health
    insurance, and don't make too much money.) One commentator called his tax
    cut plan "a whole bunch of government spending programs run by the
    Internal Revenue Service." (Note: when you hear any politician talk of
    "tax credits" or "tax incentives" or "targeted tax cuts," they are saying
    that they want to make our incredibly complex tax code even more

    Governor Bush, on the other hand, wants to simplify the tax code and make
    it easier for people to keep the money they have earned. A former governor
    of the Federal Reserve wrote, "the biggest economic and social problem in
    the tax code is what Gov. Bush calls the tollgate to the middle class.
    Working families supporting themselves on modest incomes find that much of
    any material progress they make is taken in taxes. A single mother with
    two children making $25,000 loses almost half of any raise she gets in
    taxes." Bush's tax plan would take many people in lower income brackets
    off the tax rolls altogether, giving them a chance to get ahead. He would
    also cut the marginal tax rates of 28% and 31% to 25%, which means that
    people in this bracket would work only 10 hours out of a 40-hour week for
    the federal government. The top bracket would be reduced to 33%, which
    means no one would work more than four months out of a year for the federal

    Gore's plans for Social Security, education, and medical care all rely on a
    bigger federal government taking care of us, whereas Bush's plans allow for
    smaller government, individual initiative and personal responsibility.
    Regarding Bush's background and roots, a Texas Democrat wrote in the New
    York Times, "In [Texans'] view freedom is so intertwined with individual
    risk that the two are almost indistinguishable at the core. I strongly
    resent the presumption of a bureaucracy that meddles in everyone's life
    instead of focusing on the few bad actors who live outside the social
    contract. Jefferson didn't write the Declaration of Independence, and
    Washington didn't cross the Delaware, so we could create a government to
    protect us from ourselves."

    Gore is a proponent of Mental Health Parity. I consider this dangerous.
    Psychiatry's dictionary, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
    Disorders, has been criticized by medical and psychiatric experts as
    unreliable and unscientific. It characterizes many normal behaviors, such
    as coffee-drinking and childhood exuberance, as mental illnesses. The most
    prevalent form of mental health "treatment" today is psychiatric drugs,
    such as Prozac, Xanax, Zoloft, Ritalin, etc.-which have been the
    medications used by school yard murderers such as Kip Kinkel in Oregon, the
    lead Columbine shooter and most of the other tragic school killers. Many
    of the bizarre workplace and family murders in recent years have also been
    committed by people on psychiatric drugs. This fact has been mentioned in
    a few articles in the national press, but is not broadly known. However,
    if you read articles on these murders through to the end, you will find
    that the perpetrator was on "medication for depression" or a specific
    psychiatric drug. I believe that a President Gore would pour more federal
    money into such psychiatric treatments, which would make our schools and
    workplaces more dangerous.

    George W. Bush has spent six years governing the second-largest state in
    the Union, where he has worked well with both Democrats and Republicans.
    In my viewpoint, he is the best candidate for President.

    In the United States Senate race, I highly recommend Tom Campbell, a
    Republican with libertarian leanings. Campbell advocates replacing the
    federal income tax with a national sales tax, an idea I strongly support.
    Our current income tax system is incredibly wasteful, inefficient and
    unfair. Politicians like it because it allows them to give away benefits
    (tax breaks) to large donors or to those it considers the "right people."
    It takes trillions of dollars away from the American people, then gives the
    money to the programs the politicians deem to be best for us-or for them.
    The term "pork barrel" originated before the Civil War, when slaveholders
    would distribute salt pork to their slaves from huge barrels. This
    provides an interesting perspective on the income tax system…

    In an interview, Campbell said, "If the federal government does not collect
    data from the federal income tax, it tremendously enhances freedom.
    Government doesn't have to know about you. Whether you are paying alimony.
    Receiving alimony. How many children you have. Where your home is. Do
    you have a second home? Where your business or property is. All of that
    becomes irrelevant if they are not collecting personal income taxes." He
    has received the "Taxpayer Hero" award from Citizens Against Government
    Waste, and the highest rating from the National Taxpayers Union. His
    opponent, Dianne Feinstein, was rated as the biggest pork-barrel spender in
    the Senate in 1994, and came in second in that category last year.
    Campbell has also refused to take any special interest PAC [Political
    Action Committee] money.

    Another issue in which Campbell's ideas directly align with mine is his
    viewpoint that the War on Drugs is an extraordinarily expensive failure,
    and that the billions of dollars we are spending on locking up non-violent
    drug-users would be far better spent on rehabilitating them. He thinks the
    $1.3 billion dollars we are going to spend to get involved in Colombia's
    civil war-which has been going on for thirty-five years-has very real
    parallels to our tragic involvement in Vietnam, and is a mistake.

    Since the Department of Education was established in 1979, public education
    has been on a downward spiral. Campbell believes that the federal
    government should get out of education. He states, "The Constitution says
    nothing about a federal role in education , so I recommend that we step
    back, turn most K-12 decisions back over to the states, and let them decide
    how best to spend their funds."

    Tom Campbell has a background as law professor at Stanford University and
    Congressman from San Jose. I strongly recommend him for United States

    In the Los Angeles County District Attorney race, I recommend a vote for
    Steve Cooley. The incumbent, Gil Garcetti, has applied the "three strikes"
    law so stringently that many third-strike defendants have received life
    terms for petty offenses-a waste of human life and taxpayer money. He has
    been very slow in handling the fallout from the Rampart scandal in the Los
    Angeles Police Department, which has seriously undermined the credibility
    of the justice system in this county. Steve Cooley is a head deputy
    district attorney with a reputation for honesty, integrity, and effective
    hands-on management. He would inject some needed balance on three-strikes
    prosecutions by concentrating third-strike charges on violent and serious
    felonies. He's outspoken about the need to re-evaluate policy in light of
    the Rampart scandal. I plan to vote for Steve Cooley.

    I don't have the time or space to go into the races in smaller districts,
    but there are a few candidates I will mention briefly that I feel are the
    better choices:

    27th Congressional District: James Rogan (Burbank, Glendale, and most of
    California State Senate 19th District: Tom McClintock (Northridge)

    California State Assembly 43rd District: Craig Missakian (most of Burbank,
    Glendale, Los Feliz, Silverlake, and part of Hollywood)


    Proposition 32-Veterans' Bond Act of 2000. While I usually oppose bonds
    (which are governments' way to borrow money), I have no objections to this
    one. The state sells bonds, and uses the money to buy farms and homes,
    which are then re-sold to California veterans. As the vets pay off their
    mortgages, the money goes to pay off the bonds and to pay the
    administrative costs of the program. The program has been going on since
    1921 (with frequent renewals), without cost to the taxpayers. Vote Yes.

    Proposition 33-State Legislators' Retirement Plan. Constitutional
    Amendment. State legislators participate in Social Security and can invest
    in their own retirement accounts (IRA's), if they wish. Prior to 1990,
    they could also participate in the state Public Employees' Retirement
    System (PERS), which provides retirement benefits to a majority of state
    government workers. Proposition 140, passed by the voters in November
    1990, prohibited legislators from that time forward from earning any new
    retirement benefits, other than Social Security. The legislative reforms
    of Prop 140 were aimed at cutting the perks and breaking the influence of
    the career politicians. California taxpayers already pay the employer's
    share of Social Security and Medicare for state legislators. If state
    legislators were allowed to join PERS again, the taxpayers would be paying
    the employer's share of payroll taxes into two funds to pay for
    legislators' retirement. My viewpoint is that if a state legislator wants
    to increase his retirement plan, he can invest his own money in an IRA, as
    other citizens do. Vote No.

    Proposition 34-Campaign Contributions and Spending Limits. In today's
    society, the only way to get information to all citizens is through the
    mass media-radio, TV and newspaper ads, and mailings. This costs a lot of
    money. People who are already well-known, such as career politicians and
    celebrities, get a lot of media exposure for free because they are
    considered "newsworthy." When the campaign finance rules are "reformed,"
    as they were after Watergate in 1974, incumbents and the two major
    political parties find ways to make the new rules work for them. (When I
    worked for the Perot campaign in 1992, I became aware of the degree to
    which the election laws have been written to favor the Democrat and
    Republican parties, and exclude minor parties and their candidates.
    Witness the controversy this year over the fact that the Green Party and
    Reform Party candidates for President were excluded from the presidential
    debates.) Limiting the amount of money individuals and groups can give to
    candidates gives an additional edge to incumbents, who are already in the
    news and well-known, and helps to stack the deck against challengers and
    minor parties. I personally feel that all contribution limits should be
    abolished, and that the only true campaign finance reform is immediate
    disclosure on the internet of all donations. Voters can then see where a
    candidate's money is coming from, and make their own decisions as to
    whether this is a problem or not. Vote No.

    Proposition 35-Use of Private Contractors on Public Works Projects.
    Constitutional Amendment. This proposition would allow the state and local
    governments to hire private architects and engineers, instead of using only
    state employees. The state is about to embark on a large number of
    transportation projects. If it has to hire and train state workers to do
    all the work, it will be difficult to lay them off in a few years when the
    work is done. It makes much more sense to have the flexibility to use both
    state and private sector professionals. Vote Yes.

    Proposition 36-Drugs Probation and Treatment. This is an idea that is long
    overdue. It would require drug treatment and probation instead of prison
    for non-violent drug-users. (People making or selling drugs would still be
    considered criminals and incarcerated.) An estimated 36,000 people each
    year would go into drug rehabilitation programs instead of state prisons
    and county jails. State prison operating costs would be reduced by
    $200-250 million per year, state parole operating costs would be reduced by
    $25 million each year, and county jail costs would be reduced by $40
    million each year. Currently, violent criminals are being released because
    the prisons are so crowded with non-violent drug-users. This will stop.
    Most important of all, drug addicts can be turned into productive citizens
    who stop committing crimes to support their habits. In 1996, Arizona
    voters passed a similar initiative. Their Supreme Court reported millions
    of dollars in savings and a success rate of 61% in treating drug users in
    the first two years. The War on Drugs has been an incredibly expensive,
    abysmal failure. It's time to do something more effective. Vote Yes.

    Proposition 37-Fees and Taxes. Constitutional Amendment. Taxes-such as
    income, sales, and property taxes-are used to pay for general public
    services like education, transportation, and the courts. Regulatory fees
    pay for programs which regulate certain businesses to achieve particular
    public goals, e.g., smog check fees, restaurant fees to pay for health
    inspections, and fees on paint companies to pay for screening children for
    lead-poisoning. Currently, state taxes require a two-thirds approval of
    the legislature, but fees only require a majority vote. This proposition
    would require a two-thirds vote of the legislature before imposing new
    fees. (The proposition includes a similar change from a majority to
    two-thirds vote for fees imposed by local governments.) Future legislators
    could decide that we need a fee on disposable diapers to pay for the
    landfill space they use, or a fee on fatty foods to pay for a health
    program for people who eat them. All such fees, of course, are added on to
    the price that we, the consumers, pay for these products. If you've looked
    at your telephone or utility bill lately, you'll observe an outrageous
    number of fees and taxes that you already pay for each of those services.
    Government at all levels has an insatiable desire for more of your money,
    which it then uses to pay for special programs to buy the votes of various
    interest groups. Raising the requirement from a majority to a two-thirds
    vote makes it harder for politicians to levy special fees on businesses,
    which are then passed on to consumers. Vote Yes.

    Proposition 38-School Vouchers. Constitutional Amendment. Prop. 38 would
    give $4,000 per student per year to go to a private school of his/her
    choice. It would be available to all current public school students and
    all kindergarten students in the 2001-2002 school year. For all students
    currently in private schools, the scholarships would be phased in over four
    years. All current state and local laws regulating private schools would
    remain in effect, but any new state laws regulating private schools would
    require a three-fourths vote of the legislature. Any new local laws
    regulating private schools would require a two-thirds vote of the local
    government and a majority vote of the people in the affected area.
    Federal, state and local governments control almost 90% of American
    education. This education monopoly has allowed too many children to
    receive an inferior education at a high cost. Introducing competition and
    choice into the system will bring higher quality at less cost, as it has in
    all other areas of American enterprise. Vote Yes.

    Proposition 39-55% Local Vote on School Bonds. Constitutional Amendment
    This proposition would enable local school districts to raise property
    taxes for school repair and construction with just 55% of voters approval,
    instead of the 66% currently required. This is the same proposal that was
    defeated in the March, 2000 primary, with the exception that the required
    approval rate has been raised from 50% on the March ballot to 55% on the
    November ballot. At a time of unprecedented government surpluses, the
    government is trying to make it easier for it to take more of your money to
    put the state further in debt. Vote No.

    Hope this helps. Whatever your viewpoint, don't forget to vote on Tuesday,
    November 7th!

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Barbie Rivera []
    Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 6:59 PM
    Subject: [itheta-talk] TWTH/HELP Miami 9 August

    10 TWTH Books out
    93:36 tutor hours

    I thought I'd share some student wins this week! I have an 11 year old girl who was brought to me about 5 months ago with a horrible report of failing grades and hostile attitudes, with a request from the school to medicate. I was expecting black eye liner and multiple piercings, but instead a girl that resembles Alice from Alice in Wonderland arrived. I debugged the math and took her home-work from Fs to A+s, however, the teacher still failed her as she did not apply the NEW MATH prcedures..(blah-de-blah)..her mom took her out of school and enrolled her in full time tutoring. This girl is as close to a course admin as possible. She keeps the courseroom neat, copies forms when they are low, organizes the games etc. She even tutors 2 little girls that come to learn the alphabet and colors! Last week, she started her non-English Grandmother on a phonics program complete with drills and demos on a "checksheet" that she invented. Grandma finished her first section and Alessandra gave her stickers as a reward!

    My next student is a 12 year Colombian boy that was given special permission by his Colombian school to get full time ENGLISH tutroing for 8 weeks at HELP Miami. he was tutored by my bi-lingual son, Damon and Damon's friend.
    If you can picture 3 boys at a table for 4 hours, studying and making paper airplanes, studying and drawing pictures, giggling, studying etc. Quite wild to "control"! Plus I do not speak Spanish! Anyway, the boy DID get work done. He finished several phonics books and he worked on his math. I insisted that the boys speak English during game time (Monoply was his favorite). Anyway, he went back to his country in May. I got a comm from Juan Pablo's aunt and Juan Pablo was graded as top student in his entire school for his English/Grammar knowledge! He is so good that the teachers have him tutoring the other kids in English as part of their program!! I hope he gets special permission to come back this Spring! All for now.

    Love, Babs

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Jorge Rubiano []
    Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 10:03 AM
    Subject: DIANETICA

    Ven al espectacular evento
    del 52 aniversario de

    Vas a ver una flamante película que impulsará a millones de personas hacia arriba y la liberación de un libro por largo tiempo esperado en lengua hispana.



    -----Original Message-----

    Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 11:15 AM
    Name: Emmanuel Sevilla
    Address: [redacted]
    City: Caracas
    State: DF
    Zip: 1071
    Country: Venezuela
    Phone: [redacted]
    Email: [redacted]
    Sponsor_Name: John McCole
    Sponsor_Email: [redacted]
    Org: Miami and Venezuela

    About: I´ve been a scientologist since 1990, i work as an executive in a company established by some members of my family and right now we are expanding our business to Spain, USA, Colombia and probably Mexico. We have won the Admin Know-How award 3 years in a row, i´m in the middle of my pro-metering course and just finished my Grade I.

    -----Original Message-----

    Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 5:54 AM
    Name: Luis Echeverria
    Address: [redacted] Florida
    Org: Miami

    About: 23 year old Colombian male. Read Dianetics and never been the same since. I'm currently working on the Buffalo Org Renovations Project. I also have helped with the Miami Org renos. Like to see some pictures???

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Dave Kushin
    Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 9:39 PM
    Subject: [iTheta-Talk] Bogota - Colombia - St. Hill Size - KEY for the Planet

    The following is from my selectee - Emi Goldstein -
    who is from Bogota - Colombia - South America -
    and is also starting a mission in Tucson, Arizona -
    She has great purposes - please read the following
    and do what you can to help -


    I am Emi Goldstein from Bogota - Colombia - South America -
    looking for other Scientologists as big as you guys are.

    I'm working on my big game here to get Clear and Class IV.

    Right now I am on Grade II and the Pro Metering course.

    I´m looking for Scientologists who want to help with the New Bulding Project
    that is creating the Ideal Organization for South America.

    This is so important for the country – Colombia -
    to get LRH’s Tech out fast and broadly HERE
    because of all the suppresion and drug problems we need to resolve.

    This totally aligns with the postulates of the Wake Up Call!

    We want Bogota - Colombia to be the ideal organization for South America.

    We think we can count on the BEST Scientologists to HELP.

    With YOUR help (ANY HELP) we CAN make it!

    Read the letter below which explains all about the project -

    Ml, Emi Goldstein

    Dear Scientologist:
    Hi, I am writing you because we need your help urgently !!!
    As a Scientologist in the upper band of The Bridge,
    I know you are aware about the importance for you
    in making available LRH’s Tech for everybody in the world.
    You would probably know, in the 2003 LRH birthday event,
    Bogota org was named as one of the orgs in the planet
    that will reach the Saint Hill size
    and be the ideal org to lead the field in Latin America.
    We are actually involved in the action to buy a new building
    to make this postulate real and we are short of time.
    This project has been developed following the same succesful pattern
    experienced in making real Tampa, Johanesburg, Buffalo,
    and San Francisco orgs.
    Now is Bogota time and this project is top priority.
    Such is the importance of this Org
    that Continental management has here an S.O. project
    that is recruiting the best Scientologists of the area to be org staff.
    You can see that this is not just a MEST project
    but a project that would create an Org just as LRH wanted –
    an Ideal Org.

    However, we have just a week to complete the payment
    to purchase the new building
    and 1 million US dollars are still needed now.
    Regarding the fact that the release of the upper part of The Bridge
    depends on orgs reaching Saint Hill size
    and our responsibility on Planetary Clearing,
    it is in the interest of every Scientologist in the world
    to be involved in this project.
    Helping with this project, you will be helping
    in the establishment of a permanent base
    that will create a better world.
    This is a 4th dynamic activity and that’s why we are contacting you.
    “Your donation is supporting the greatest hope that Man has ever had
    and the Churches and people vital to its survival and increase.
    “Your donation does what it takes to get the job done”
    “Thank you”
    --L. Ron Hubbard

    From The auditor, 1970
    What Your Donations Buy

    Any donations will be appreciated.
    Much Love,

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Jorge Rubiano
    Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 11:17 AM
    Subject: [Main-List] From J Rubiano in Bogota,Colombia South America handling NE

    Dear friends:

    I have been a member of Super Theta but I never introduce myself and I guess this is a good opportunity to do it.

    May name is Jorge Rubiano I live in Bogotá, Colombia South America where we have an expanding org. I am also a dentist and I have been on the Church for the last 15 years. I just came from Clearwater after finishing the 3 special rundowns having spectacular wins.

    I am actually working in 2 important projects for me and that is the reason I am mailing this to you.

    First, as I am a green card holder, I am getting the license to practice dentistry in California so I can put a second dental clinic to work in esthetics dentistry that is my field, and I can continue working in the US near to an advanced org. So if you know some dentist that could be interested in joining me in establishing a new dental clinic or to work with I would appreciate the comm. line.

    On the other hand, I am interested in coming out of NE in 2D finding a person interested in moving up being actively in services in the Church, a person that lives in the US and could join me in Colombia while I develop this plan about establishing myself in there, for any person interested I have an open line through this email address.

    So I am happy to be with you and I will continue reading your communications!!!!

    My email address is

    Best ARC
    Jorge :eek:))))

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Jorge Rubiano
    Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 4:57 PM
    Subject: [Main-List] From Jorge Rubiano in Colombia Souhtamerica

    In regards that I am interested in coming out of NE in 2D finding a person interested in moving up being actively in services in the Church, and a person that lives in the US and could join me in Colombia while I develop this plan about establishing myself in the US, you can see my bio in the free spirit singles under the name of latinot.

    Thanks :eek:)))))


    -----Original Message-----

    From: Jorge Rubiano
    Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 6:14 PM
    Subject: [Main-List] From Jorge Rubiano Dentist Bogota,Colombia South America

    Hi Super Thetans !!!!!

    In regards the interest shown from some of you about my work as a dentist, I would like to give you some reality in regards what is dentistry in Colombia

    Any dental treatment of good quality could be 70% less expensive in my office or in any dental office in Colombia than any good dental office in the US. Why is that? handwork is very cheap in South America.

    I have treated several patients, that came here and have their teeth fully repaired with the best up dated techniques and including, fun time, tickets, hotel etc, what they pay is by far less expensive than any place in the US.

    Near to my office there is an org, several hotels, and here there is a very nice and safe environment. Bogotá, that is the main city has a flight time of 3 hours from Miami, shorter that the route LA- MIA. Airport is 20 minutes away from my office.

    Quality of professional services is much better in South America than Central America I have been visited by patients form Clearwater, London, LA, Miami and NY with excellent results

    Any questions please write to me at :

    Jorge Rubiano DDS
    Esthetic dentistry

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Jorge Rubiano
    Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 5:18 PM
    Subject: [Main-List] FRom Jorge Rubiano in Colombia South America handlingNE in 2D

    Dear Friends:

    First of all thank you very much for the ideas support and incoming messages regarding my interest in handling NE in 2D.

    I would like to give some more data about myself rearding this intention. I am a 45 years old dentist, I have a succesful dental practice that is going to be in phase 2 in the next months. My plan is to set up another clinic in California when I get the license there next year.

    During this process I am on training and shortly I will finish my level 4 also I will start the OT levels briefly.

    I went divorced several years ago and that was fully handled and actually I just did the 3 special rundowns very happily, as I am permanent resident in the US, I plan to stablish in the future near to an advanced org to make more confortable to continue the services.

    I am afamily oriented person like children although I dont have any of my own.

    I like ethics to the most and as a succesful person in 3D I also enjoy admin training

    It will be very nice to continue receiving your comms !!!!

    Jorge :eek:))))

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Jorge Rubiano
    Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 5:22 PM
    Subject: [Main-List] From Jorge Rubiano dentist in Bogota, Colombia

    Hello !!!

    Thank you for your last communications !!!!

    I really enjoyed helping so many people into dental and medical matters, as I expressed Colombia and my dental office are very good options to dental care regarding the quality of services and comparing the price for the same quality

    As I expressed it is very easy to come here regarding a 3 hours flight time, 70% cheaper prices for the best quality on treatments, hotels and facilities and al so an org just 5 blocks away.

    Let me know how else I can help you !!!

    Jorge Rubiano
    Dentist :eek:))))
  35. Vered Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    I had an acquaintance who was getting her OT8 on the Freewinds in December 2008. They were in Cartagena, Colombia and had everyone on the boat off of their courses and disseminating "The Way to Happiness" to all local law enforcement (and handing them out on the streets for that matter). She said that the "General" (some Colombian Militia type) met with the guys on the ship and will be handing out The Way to Happiness to all military personnel.

    They're obviously keeping up the work in that part of the world...sigh.
  36. Drunk Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    I'm sure that "General" received a nice $$$ reward from the scilons
  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Even worse, it might not be the case... Corruption is not the only way to get what you want.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Money changing hands is not the only way to corrupt a public official, just FYI.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientology in Colombia

    Pardon the thread necrophilia.

    General Gil was probably Carlos Julio Gil Colorado.

    Interesting thing is HE HAD BEEN DEAD for a couple of months when Dick Weigand wrote this report.

    $50 MILLONES POR ASESINOS DEL GENERAL GIL COLORADO - Archivo - Archivo Digital de Noticias de Colombia y el Mundo desde 1.990 -

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