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    Scientology in New Zealand research

    UPDATE: This thread is for information and research into the Scientology Organisation's presence and activities in New Zealand, and their various front organisations, several of which have recieved government funding.

    If you've got new information or suggestions, this is the place to put it. Our research into Narconon on Enturbulation has been mentioned in the Sunday Star Times (16/03) so feel welcome newcomers!

    There's a discussion thread for the current tax-exempt status of the "Church of Scientology of New Zealand Incorporated" here: We're gathering information about how they got it from the IRD, and whether it can be revoked.

    The list so far of Scientology-related organisations we know to be active in NZ (as of 21/03/08 )

    *World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). The business arm of Scientology; implicated in NZ fraud in 2002

    *Citizens Commision on Human Rights (CCHR). The anti-psychiatry and medication lobbying arm of Scientology

    *Youth for Human Rights (YHR or YfHR) - CCHR for kids, promotes Scientology and casts Hubbard as a humanitarian leader; not to be confused with other real youth human rights organisations

    *Narconon - drug addiction program using Scientology tech (for which they pay a licensing free), saunas and dangerously high levels of vitamins. Ngati Arohanui Trust in Auckland has been using the Narconon method; they have recieved govt funding in the past

    *Drug Free Ambassadors (DFA). Anti-drug program for children; pushes Scientology and LRH's debunked pseudoscientific theories of addiction. Has recieved govt funding to distribute booklets

    *Applied Scholastics - umbrella organisation for groups, schools etc using Scientology 'Study tech.' Three NZ listings on the official Applied Scholastics site; haven't been looked into much

    *We keep turning up more, so if there's any not listed that are active in NZ, post and I'll update!

    This thread is also for brainstorming suggestions and ideas on how New Zealanders can spread information about the Scientology Organisation and their activities to the general public and the media, effectively protest their harmful activities in New Zealand, and reach out to New Zealand Scientologists who are suffering because of their harmful policies. We're especially keen to hear from ex-Scientologists and long-term critics of Scientology in New Zealand. Information, ideas and suggestions are welcome; this is primarily a research thread so please stay on topic, guys.

    For a good introduction to NZ Scientology, especially the financial aspects, I suggest that you read the excellent 10/02/2008 Sunday Star Times article by Tony Wall. The full text can be found on the Sunday Star Times website here contains lots of background information on the Scientology organisation in New Zealand and includes juicy tidbits like a (former?) Scientologist's involvement with the Employment Relations Authority:

    WISE is also active in NZ:
    Mike Fenriss, the secretary of the "Church of Scientology of New Zealand Incorporated" admitted that they had a Scientology critic tailed when he visited New Zealand:
    Graham Berry is involved in the Los Angeles protests, and he's helping the LA Anons who are being fairgamed by the CoS.

    On the "church's" tax-exempt status:
    Scientology staff in New Zealand are exploited:
    There were protests held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on Saturday March 15, and in Auckland and Christchurch on the 10th of February. We're currently planning Reconnection-themed ones for April 12th - look in the Activism folder to get involved!

    There is a New Zealand-specific forum and back-up hub at
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Thanks for doing this, anonyrat. You totally rock!

    Will add info as soon as I have time. Unfortunately, I've been very busy with irl stuff the past couple of days.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Your post was a tl;dr for me.

    Don't know if it has been said anywhere yet, but I read in the newspaper that Scientology in NZ aren't a church, they are classified as a charity. I cbf typing all the other shit, I'll leave it there, so if anyone wants to investigate further, please do.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Why thank you. :D

    From another thread:
    Go here: and do a keyword search for "scientology." You'll get three listings:

    Number Name Register Status

    There's pdfs of CoS NZ annual financial statements 1998-2004 and annual accounts for 2006. The Chch mission dissolved and was struck off the register in 2002 - maybe due to the CoSNZ getting tax-exempt status? The Ellerslie one was struck off in 2000, I don't know why.

    Also search for dianetics:

    Number Name Register Status

    Struck off 5th August 2002; probably dissolved due to CoSNZ getting tax-exempt status.

    Now all we need is someone with a financial background who can tell us if there's anything interesting in there.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Is there a different classification for churches and charities in NZ? I wonder what the criteria are for being classified as a charity are in NZ as I'm sure the Co$ are breaking some of them
    EDIT: Found this:
    EDIT: Also this:
    I can't find the Church of Scientology on the charities register:
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    *** NOTE: Current info suggest the Ngati Arohanui Trust is largely defunct after Gary Wark left Scientology early 2000's ***

    Doing some poking. I sorta think we should move this thread.. tho I don't know where. I almost wonder if we need a "projects" forum...

    Anyway, the tl:dr version: Narconon Aotearoa (as it is known locally) seems to be involved or directs a trust which have been (I'm being generous) duped into using Narconon tech for their rehabilitation services. They are seemingly almost co-located and may share similar/same senior trustees? There was a death from a patient who got sick of the treatment, left, went mad and killed a young woman.

    Narconon Aotearoa
    Narconon New Zealand (Aotearoa)
    8 Hopetoun Street,
    New Zealand
    Phone: 64-9-376-3070,
    Fax: 64-9-376-1367

    Trustee types (1998) courtesy Anonyrat):
    - dr helen smith, trustee
    - Manureve Dimitrov, community worker
    - andrew stevens trustee
    - signatures witnessed by Aroha Bell, administrator
    - Elizabeth (Betty) Wark trustee

    On those People and others associated with NA
    - A (WARNING :xenu:!) trustee of Narconon Aotearoa, Lynnaire Liversedge
    - A (WARNING :xenu:!) trustee of Narconon Aotearoa, Andrew Stevens. This guy has possibly completed some courses with the Scilons. Haven't been able to dig up any more useful info about the guy. Lots of Andrew Stevens out there.
    - Betty Wark was the head of the trust listed below.

    Bad News for Narconon in NZ
    From that article it mentions:
    - Another worrying bit of trash from a scio site
    It's concerning that they had a bloody building donated to their efforts?!

    Ngati Arohanui Trust
    The trust mentioned in the info above, and formerly run by Betty Wark. NOTE! She seems like she was a really stand-up caring lady, if somewhat misled as to the real usefulness of the Narconon approach. She was well respected, so keep that in mind if you plan to list this elsewhere. Further, she was broadly interested in many religions and approaches, so I wouldn't post her as a Scilon. Others maybe tho...

    3 Hopetoun Street
    Auckland City
    Phone (09) 3761367

    Post Address:
    PO Box 47-379, Ponsonby, Auckland 1034
    Phone: 09 376 3070 Note - Same as NA
    Fax: 09 376 1366 Note - Same as NA

    - Some names:
    Ms Lil Noble, House Manager
    Ms Marina Sellars, Manager
    Ms Toni Taepa, Administration Manager

    - They have an OldFriends listing. Someone a member want to go check it out?

    - They have a government listing from a Family and Community Services website.

    - They were consulted (along with a lot of other people) by the Min. Commerce back in 1997. Freedom of Information Act about the meeting?

    - Some involvement with the Auckland Council? Nothing interesting on the Terry Dibble name.
    - Betty Wark died in 2001 but was a believer in the Narconon Approach. Here's a speech by Marina Sellars after Betty's death I think.
    - Ministry for Social and Economic Development finds them Approved residential social rehabilition program" back in 2003.

    - About Betty Wark and Marina Sellars (big PDF) saying they trained in being "Narconon councillors". The PDF is a thesis on Betty Wark's life. Here are a few choice quotes from page 242 on:

    Other: NZ Scilon spambotfarm webpages. Linked by other person for me :)
    Other: Why Narconon is bad.

    What Next?
    Well, this is a really tricky one people. The trust is well ingrained and may have had some success even. That being said, they have a pretty nasty murder associated with their name and the perp blaming crappy Narconon (well, of course he would, but even so..). Anonyrat says there was an investigation into the murder, but comments on a blog just spoke about the likelihood of the guy re-offending. Criticism of the treatment seems to play no part. I mean, imagine, you're a drug addict, and you go from your court case to LEGALLY MANDATED ATTENDANCE at a NA treatment centre? Damn... Anyway.

    Some other points:
    - They get people sent to them by the courts!
    - We need to scout that building.
    - I think I've run all names through the right searches, but you never can be sure. So feel free to poke at it too.
    - Who pays for the place trust's buildings?
    - Who pays for the courses? Govt? Courts when they send people there?
    - Are NA freeloading off Trust facilities and phone numbers paid for by us?
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    Narconon Aotearoa & Ngati Arohanui Trust


    Yeah, I think we need something like that! Some place to pool links, resources, info etc and organise who's looking into what. Somewhere to infodump and co-ordinate investigation efforts (though #nzraid works pretty well for that :D ). Maybe when comes back up we can get a projects forum there too, hint hint.

    Ngati Arohanui Trust is listed on the same street, at 3 Hopetoun Street.

    They're listed in the New Zealand Companies Office database maintained by the Ministry of Economic Developement - it's a really useful database by the way, for anyone interested in doing some digging into registered companies, trusts or incorporated societies and charities.

    Edited to add:
    Details of officers/trustees have not been provided. This information is optional.

    BUT, there is one file there, a pdf of this scanned application - now shared on rapidshare here. There is also a copy of the trust deed in the pdf. If someone feels like converting the scans to text or transcribing it, that would be great.

    Date Barcode Description File Size Available
    27-APR-1998 14:06:39 10020021851 Application To Incorporate A Company 257.4 Kb

    It has the names of four trustees who signed the application as witnesses. They are:

    Helen Smith, Chevalier Point, Doctor
    Andrew Stevens, Glenfield, Finance Director
    Manurere Dimitrov, Ponsonby, Community Worker
    Elizabeth Wark, Ponsonby, Community Worker
    signatures witnessed by Aroha Bell, Administrator
    dated 6th October 1997

    Andrew Stevens may be an OT3, so he's probably quite high up in Narconon/CoSNZ.

    I have a Busby Noble listed as chairman for the Ngati Arohanui Trust listed below; probably husband and wife.

    From the NZ govt companies register:
    There's pdfs from 2006, 2005 and 1993.

    Nice working with you, KiwiAnon! We should pool our efforts again :D Hopefully Tony Wall will be interested in this. I hope he or someone else from the Sunday Star Times decides to cover your 15/03 protest, Auckland Anons. :guyfawkes:
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Good work on digging up those more recent names. I can't find anything interesting on them :(
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    Press releases & wgtn protest location


    Has anyone sent Tony Wall a press release? I know KiwiAnon has a friend who's emailed him about the Narconon-Scientology-drug rehab program-murder connection, but has anyone contacted him about the 15/03 protests?

    If you have a draft press, please post it here on Enturb so we can concrit. That press release on indymedia has spelling mistakes and an overabundance of grammatical errors; pretty embarrassing for the anon who forgot to proof it first! I know CVAnony was writing one for the 15/03 protests, can you please post it here first for comments before you send it out? You also mentioned something about not being allowed to wear masks in public buildings; do you have a link for that?

    I'll let y'all know once Welly Anons have settled on a firm location for the protest; quite likely we'll meet at wgtn train station at 11am, do some flyering there, then head down to Manner/Cuba Malls. Or else assemble there at 11am, maybe on the corner of Manners in front of Burger King? Post your preferred option in the wgtn thread or email !
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    What about 3, where their front trust is? - Ok an auckfig informed me that #3 does look like a trust of some kind. So Narconon are lying about their location. Hmm.

    I'll be buzzing the council and other organisations soon to see if I can find out more.

    Meanwhile, here are some interesting links:
    - NZ Cult's page on Scientology's front orgs (I will be mailing 'em):
    - WARNING AIDS AIDS! Rehabilitate NZ The guy in charge of that silly site is a Scilon.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    New info on the Trust: ... pendix.asp
    I've mailed the Auckland City Council asking for info, as well as the Ministry of Social Development, Dept. Correction, Justice and Te Puna Kokiri.

    From annonyrat:
  13. Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    3 doesn't have any signs outside it. it looks just like an ordinary house. It's still in use as theirs plenty of cars behind it.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Thanks for the pro-tip. I want to establish a substantial pile of data before I take it anywhere.

    Interesting it's not signed in some way. Perhaps it's being discrete, which would make sense considering it's a drug treatment place. I'd be curious to give them a call and confirm that they really are active. I'm sure information could be gathered on some pretext.

    Oh, I also mailed the IRD to see if I could find out if Charities' and Trusts' financial records are public knowledge.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Some info that's not long been posted to clambake, which maybe of use to you Australians. :wink:

    Basically, Religous Technology Centre has let some fairly important Trademarks expire. They've also done this in Canada, and possibly other places that ppl are as yet unaware of.

    I suppose the obvious question is why?

    and the other one is can we make use of it?

    (would there be any interesting benefits if say WBM or some other proxy, was to take ownership themselves?) Don't know, but thought I'd pass it on anyway.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    We're finally gotting some coverage in the New Zealand press! And it's pretty positive. (crossposting this all over the place)

    The Victoria University student magazine Salient printed an article on Monday about Anonymous &CoS: "Revenge of the Nerds - The War Between 4chan & Scientology" by Conrad Reyners. It's on pg 40-41 in the 25th February edition if you have a hard copy or want to pick one up. The online version doesn't have pictures; I'll put my scanned copy up later. He used a number of Anonymous images, including the "OH FUCK - The internet is here" picture from the London protest. :) The discussion thread for this article is here: .

    If you liked/hated the article or want to educate Wellingtonians about Scientology and Anonymous you can send letters to the editor at or use the submission form here. Salient will print letters from pseudonyms (and just about anything short of libel), although they want a 'real' name and contact details. The term has just started so I'm sure they'd love to have some letters from local and international Anons to fill their pages! The letters deadline is Tuesday before 5pm; letters under 250 words preferred. :anon: You can also post comments on the website by using the form at the bottom of the article.

    It is a student magazine but it's read by a lot of people including the ones who are most likely to come out to the protests (students) and a fair number of academics. It was a fairly accurate and positive article. He was working to a deadline and some outdated assumptions (all Anonymous are g33ks from 4chan and SA who DDos)but he did have some nice things to say about us. Hopefully he can be convinced to come cover the Wellington protest :D

    Student media is a powerful outlet for getting our message out to those who are most likely to be keen. I suggest you contact the various student magazines from other NZ unis and polytechs. Mention the Salient & Sunday Star Times article and see if you can convince them to run an article or come to the protests. Write letters to the editor! A LOT of students will be interested and spread the word, even if they don't all show up to the protests.
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    Re: Press releases & wgtn protest location

    Hi. Sorry I haven't been here for a few days. I had posted the press release in the other thread, and I also mentioned that I had emailed Tony Wall a personal invitation to cover it. In case you didn't see it before, here is the text for comment/recommendations. It is being sent out NEXT WEEK. Almost forgot to mention that, per my conversations with council contact, masks cannot be worn on public transportation. I don't know about inside buildings or in areas other than Auckland.



    "Anonymous" Online Activists Unite Worldwide to Protest Church of Scientology”

    A group of online activists calling themselves Anonymous are preparing a worldwide protest on 15 March, 2008 against the Church of Scientology. Anonymous is protesting against the church's tax-exempt status, suppression of free speech and gross human rights abuses committed by the church. The Auckland protest will be held in two stages - from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm at Westfield CBD (across from the Britomart) and, from 1:- ? near the Church of Scientology offices in Panmure. Some protestors will undoubtedly remain in front of Westfield longer. In Wellington, the protest will begin at 11am at the train station and move from there to Manners/Cuba mall. The Christchurch protest will also begin at 11am, at the corner of Cashel St and High St.

    Anonymous formed from several online communities after the release of a YouTube video announcement ( and has even garnered support from former Scientologists. Operating without leaders, Anonymous organized their first protest in a matter of weeks and on February 10th, more than 7,500 masked people wordwide picketed peacefully at their local Scientology center. The only arrests made world-wide were three scientologists who allegedly attempted to assault protestors. Anonymous is expecting an even bigger turnout for the March protest and are encouraging members of the public to get involved as well.

    "In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights, the organization [of Scientology] over the years with its 'fair game' doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in the church whom it perceives as enemies" Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge said in the Gerry Armstrong case of June 1984. We cite cases such as the gruesome deaths of Scientologists Lisa McPherson and Noah Lottick as well as the stalking and harassment of several well known critics of the church such as journalist Paulette Cooper, Emmy award winning filmmaker Mark Bunker and former Scientologist of thirty years, Tory Christman as some of the major motivation behind the protest. Due to Scientology's well documented "fair game" harassment of critics and protesters, most Anonymous protesters donned masks at their first protest not only conceal their identity from revenge seeking Scientologists but as a sign of solidarity and to emphasize that it was the average, unnamed and unknown person that is too afraid to speak up. The masks will continue to be utilized.
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    I was just thinking...

    Since CO$ just bought the Whitecliff building in Grafton.. Maybe they're moving there hence the sale of no8.
  20. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Duh me - that's a good point. Were they ever based at number 8? I guess so since Narconon was based there.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Hi all. Initial mini-win?

    Got a reply from a govt. department in NZ. I would be more specific but I don't want to be. They haven't been involved with the trust (at least not in recent years) but the opportunity was about to come up. I sent a full and friendly email explaining the links between the Trust, Narconon Aotearoa and Scientology as well as information on the treatment used and links to further information.

    I hope to get an interesting reply!
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    +1 internet to you! Nice work, keep us posted. :)
  23. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Hi guys. I have some more information. I'm not sure how much I should reveal, partly because I don't want to give OSA a chance to counter-inform the groups I've contacted, but also because I'm reluctant to be too aggressive against the trust when I'm not 100% sure they are teh evil. And I think we should be sure before we Black PR them, OSA stylee.

    But first, the news:
    - Have had contact with three different agencies now.
    - One has taken my extensive notes and put them "on record". This is 3 months before funding rounds come up, and they had asked NAT to apply, so it might make a difference.
    - One has had some dealings and funding in the past, but not much. I've gotten into direct contact with the person who handles funding requests.
    - One organisation is treating this as an official information act request and will, therefore, provide all and any info in due course.
    - I've established contact with the guy at and he is interested in this thread, Scilon front orgs and any other info we gather. I hope to chat with him further and see if he has any info he would like to share.
    - Information I've received is that back in 2002 the trust had one paid staff member, four members (?) and five volunteers.
    - Information I've received indicates they have/had a facility on Waiheke Island?

    BUT! The big problem, as I see it, is that a lot of info on the Ngati Arohanui Trust is a few years old. We know where they are (thanks scouts), we have web listings of them sharing the same number as Narconon. We know they've shared the same staff, and have mentioned Narconon, Scientology and Hubbard in speeches. We know they've used Narconon approaches in the past, but we don't have:
    - A list of current staff and, therefore, no evidence of current Scilon 'ownership'.
    - Evidence of current treatment techniques.
    - Evidence of current funding, spending, activities. None were on record with one group I spoke to.

    I'd really like to get to the bottom of some of those questions before I get too carried away. I will continue to research, but I might need some help on this one folks. People willing to call up on some pretext and gather snippets of info would be gold. Or any other ideas?
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    THE WINRAR AM ME! Got this back from a group which has previously been involved with funding the Trust to various minor degrees (a few thousand here and there for sports gear, helping to fund an admin position etc).

    This is from the guy who advises on funding for this particular organisation!

    I sent him a reply saying thanks for his time and I'm aware an email like mine (previous one was loooong) could come as a bit of a surprise, but that I was glad he saw it as important as well. I also promised to try and conduct more research so as to gather evidence of ongoing and current associations between the Trust and Scientology. THIS IS WHERE WE'RE A BIT STUCK, PEOPLE :) ... I know some folks are working on it from a social engineering angle but any more work anyone can do, contacts you can nudge, would be appreciated. We're coordinating a little via IRC, poke me for more info on that if you think you can contribute.

    edit: It goes without saying that if we have info on other Auckland-based front orgs this guy would love to hear about it. So, lets pile on!
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    yay!!!!! :cheers:
  26. anonyrat Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    I wanted to bold the whole thing!This is fricking EPIC! Next time the Trust or Narconon comes aknocking for some cash, they'll have a few hard questions to answer. :lrhcries: :rage: +9000 internets for you and a few for me and the other NZ anons who collaborated on research & scouting. (Am I allowed to give myself internets?) :p

    Speaking of other Scientology front orgs in NZ, I realised I hadn't looked into their 'war on psychiatry' front org CCHR or "Citizen's Commision on Human Rights." The SST article says they claim they don't funnel their money overseas, they spend it locally on 'anti-drug programs' - read NARCONON and 'exposing the "truth" about psychiatry.'

    So I did a google search and turned up a couple of links:

    Warning: Scilon site:
    Their front page is a poster - text reproduced here in full for those who don't want to give CCHR their traffic:
    Auckland anons may already know about this, but I didn't. I kind've hope they're still around in Oct just so we can picket them!There doen't seem to be any other pages on the site - is there a quick way to tell if there are?

    [Edited to add that my compadres have informed me that this was held last year. I had a feeling it was, but they should really update their site. Incompetent scilons :twisted: ]

    Contact details for CCHR from Sci site:
    They also get a mention on, which is funded by the Auckland Health Board and looks pretty legit: "The Council for Mental Well Being Regional Consumer Network is an organisation run by and for consumers within the Wider Auckland and Northland Regions. The aim of CMWB Regional Consumer Network is to promote networking among consumer and provider based organisations so that consumers are able to access a range of information and services that will enable them to be empowered and to manage their personal well-being."

    CCHR is listed on their front page as an organisation to contact to make complaints:
    I wonder if they are aware of CCHR's Scientology mission. Maybe we should drop them a line and ask if they really want to be encouraging mental health consumers to contact a organisation which has declared 'war on psychiatry' for help.

    Saving the best til last, I've found Ivette, the Chairperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in NZ.
    This is her public Myspace page:

    (my bolding)
    Ivette lists Scientology and CCHR in her interests, mentions studying Dianetics a lot, and lives in Auckland. Her profile says she 24 but her blog heading says she's nearly 30. There are four Ivettes listed on the Scientology directory

    She doesn't sound very happy though if you read her blog :( "I really hate this. I have too much to do and so little time to myself [...] I volunteer so much, I'm handling 2 jobs at work right now, [..] I have absolutely no idea why so many people need my time right now." I wonder if her CCHR position is paid or voluntary.

    I started feeling really sorry for her and I was hesitating about posting this link, despite it a public site and the 3rd result in google for CCHR NZ, until I read her post about Heath Ledger's death:
    She also recommends using vitamins.

    People have died after using Scientology's treatments for mental health problems.

    To quote Ivette again, "How many people have to die… before for people start putting two and two together?"

    I do agree with what I think Ivette was trying to say with this:
    Anyone want to do some more digging into CCHR in New Zealand? How much do they actually do here, and do they recieve government funding in any way? I'm feeling really angry right now. People can believe what they want, but don't screw around with seriously ill people and their right to get treatment.
  27. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Great find mate. I think you should get hold of that health unit right away and ask them about their involvement with CCHR NZ and then inform them of the truth behind this dangerous org.

    I've got my hands full with NAT at the moment, but anything you can dig up will go to my new contact and the wider community and is bound to be of interest!
  28. anonyrat Member

    CCHR address, and get married Scientology style!

    CCHR: Waging war on psychiatry in NZ since 1976!

    Their physical office as registered on the govt. Companies Office database:
    No details of officers/trustees are provided. There are pdfs of annual financial statements/annual accounts from 2001-2007. It looks like they handle a fair amount of money.

    I found a 2007 article quoting "Citizens Commission on Human Rights executive director Steve Green" Steve Green is a Scientologist. The article also also featured comments by Dr Helen Smith, who is also a Scientologist and a trustee of Narconon Aotearoa. Ivette Salame, the current chair of CCHR, notes on her blog that she is friends with both of them; she's from a South American family who moved to the States when she was a kid "to get more knowledge about Scientology." She spent some time growing up in Clearwater, Florida (the belly of the beast). She may or may not be be related to Marcos Salame, an OT8. She's pretty dedicated to her Scientology church and no, I don't think she gets paid for working for CCHR. :xenu:
    She sounds like a really nice person on her blog, if very misguided about mental health professionals; people, remember we are dealing with real human beings here. Most Scientologists are probably good people who want to help the world. Anyone who approaches a Scientologist for conversation, remember that and try to treat them with compassion and respect. (Unless they really piss you off or are using foreign children for slave labour.) Even David Miscavige has feelings. Probably mostly paranoia, fear and anger at the moment, but still. :rage:

    Any Auck anons want to continue their stellar Scilon site scouting and check out the Queen St place?

    And more fun Sci-facts! If any anons want to get married, CoS can hook ya up!

    DIA marriage celebrants

    I dare someone to ring up Mike Ferriss, the man who sets PIs on Scilon critics, and ask him to marry you. Do it for Xenu! :secret: :flowers:

    Edited to add: Found this 2005 NZ Lawyer article about the Lake Alice Hospital settlement

    "CCHR is a subsidiary of the virulently anti-psychiatry Church of Scientology." Nice to see that in print. Now we just need to remind the rest of the world. :)
  29. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Nice work, good find mate! It will be interesting to see how active they are really.
  30. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    I passed on the CCHR info to a government contact and received this in reply:

    What's that sound? O yes, it's the sound of Scientology NZ's funds drying up :)
  31. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Title search on 3 Hopetoun Street

    Any thoughts? Housing NZ? Someone else for me to contact I think...
  32. Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    So it's a state house?
  33. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Went to the old Christchurch address 5 Rapiki St, it's a gated house in Cashmere hills. It seems doubtful that this could ever be a church.

    The broadhead address doen't appear to exist anywhere in Canterbury.
  34. anonyrat Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    !First, a reminder to all Anons that this thread is probably being watched by NZ Scilons - Hai Guise! Feel free to PM me if you want to talk in private; this is a sincere offer. I won't tell OSA :)

    I don't think I praised you for this on here yet, so here's Elron as he watches Anonymous systematically dismantling the Organisation of Scientology and expelling them from New Zealand :lrhcries:

    The Mysterious Case of Number Three Hopetoun Street
    Yeah I think so. So it looks like it was sold to Housing NZ in 2003? What's the latest date we have confirmed usage of no 3 by the Trust? They applied for funding in 2002, is there anything later? Is it possible they sold up shop in 2003 and didn't bother to update their info on the web? Are they renting it from Housing NZ??

    Have they been applying for funding using that address? If they're no longer there, is that fraud?

    Number 3 is listed on the NZ companies office database as the 'Address for Communication' and 'Address for Premises.' Surely there's some kind of legal requirement to inform them of a change of address?

    I think it's likely that the old "Missions" in NZ were run out of people's homes. They probably didn't have enough funding to buy property for orgs.

    Some televisual entertainment for NZ Anons
    "The Cruise Effect" - 60 Minutes segment on Scientology in New Zealand on WBM's site, from July 2006.
    It's not bad at all. They interview Virginia Stewart, a woman who was born into Scientology and works at the Panmure org. This might be her. They use clips from South Park and WBM's site, and you can see the empty room in the Panmure Org that they keep for Hubbard - slightly creepy.

    Speaking of the Panmure Org, apparently there are few exits by road from Panmure, and Anons may be asked to take off their masks on public transport, so Auckland people considering going there next Saturday should be careful, evaluate their options and consider not going if it looks dangerous. Anons have been talking about hiring a bus - this could be a good option.

    Wear masks, Stick together, Stay safe. Don't become an hero. :guyfawkes: + :anon: = :rage:
  35. Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    go go party bus!
  36. anonyrat Member


    Ladies and Gentlemen of Anonymous New Zealand, I present to you

    Sir Guy Richardson Powles, K.B.E., C.M.G.
    E. V. Dumbleton, Esquire

    Sounds like it could provide us with some juicy quotes on Disconnection in NZ for leaflets etc. I've only just started to read it thoroughly, but in the 1960s there was a number of disconnections and Supressive Person orders made by Scientology, including one on the editor of an NZ paper who published a story on Disconnection in a particular family. About 700 people signed a petition to get the government to look into it, and the Commission of Inquiry was the result.

    It's a 155kb 66 page txt file, so not small, but I'm reading through it and I might make a seperate thread with quotes and a tl;dr if people are interested. Anyone want to read it with me? The inquiry was held at a time when other countries like the UK and Australia were also investigating Scientology so it would be interesting to compare the various reports and what came out of them; I think the Aussie one was called the Anderson Report. This report also mentions evidence being presented to an NZ parliamentary select committee the year before (1968); be interesting to find out what that was all about.

    Anyone know if there is much NZ content in the various books that have been published about Scientology and Hubbard? I know there's a few available online; I might start skimming them for kiwi goodness.
  37. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Well, that's the thing - it's not clear. Perhaps NAT are renting it cheapo off Housing NZ? Could be possible. I'm going to try and find out.

    And nice work anonyrat on the COS info! Very interesting stuff, please provide some TL:DR snippets for us all :)
  38. 2008 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    The ChCh address is 35 Rapaki Rd (not 5 Rapiki St)....that is what is in an old book I picked up at a second hand store. I think they still use it and there are a few of them living in the street too by the notes on the book....they give lectures there!

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