Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Got emailed by a fellow anon, he asked me to post this so as not to trace back to him.

    Oh, haha, wow... phoned the 0800 Dianetics number, didn't get many infos but a few lulz.

    First time got some pleb who stated clearly that Narconon and Scientology are two seperate and distinct groups. We'll see what the data says aout that one.

    Second time I said I was a reporter for an independent paper. I got put through to none other than Mikey boy (Mike Ferris).

    We had a chat but I fucked up and dropped the ball later in the conversation. I wasn't too unhappy with my first actual attempt at SE though.

    What I did get was confirmation that CoS is watching Anon NZ so wear those masks and use proxy condoms guys. Mikey thinks NZ raids were fail but he obviously missed our Win through spectactular fail Mr NZEFG and that we provided lulz for Anons the world over.

    Last thing, Mikey was pretty happy to compare NZAnon with the Klu Klux Klan, I assue he's been reading the scilon PR material.

    That's a dead-end though, most likely they're onto me now.

    You know what to do if I stop sending you updates.



    Yup, there we have it.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    More news from the mystery source and proof; ... cd=1&gl=nz ... ealth.html

    Taking them down, one brick at a time :D



    Kind regards,

    In reply to:
    > To whom it may concern,
    > I am a member of the group known as Anonymous. As part of our ongoing conflict with the Church of Scientology we have been examinng connections to organizations in New Zealand.
    > Here is the information we have gathered so far regarding links between Scientology, Narconon, Ngati Arohanui Trust and CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights); viewtopic.php?p=72459
    > Unfortunately I do not have a compiled version of information available, though I am happy to provide this on request.
    > My request at this stage is that you remove the link to CCHR as it is a front for the religious group Scientology.
    > I look forward to hearing back from you.
    > Thank you for your time.
    > Anonymous
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Note: Google cache isn't a good proxycondom as the images still get pulled (where possible) from the host. In fact, it makes you look dodgy in the logs as a smart admin will single out people only pulling pics but not pulling the HTML. FYI.
  5. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Note the difference between the two links.

    See CCHR, see CCHR disappear.

    Anonymous thanks Kay.
  6. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Ahh! I see what you did there! I'll shaddup next time :)

    I count that as a nice little win there people. Well done! I have another couple of irons in the fire I don't want to let the Scilons know about just yet. More in due course ;)
  7. Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    someone turn this thread into a flyer!
  8. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    We need more confirmation first:
    - Does NAT still exist?
    - How active is CCHR really?
    - No one has tackled WISE or ABLE yet
    - No ex-scilon accounts of life in Scilon NZ. We need to bring it "home" to the locals that it's not just an American problem
    - Couple more irons still in the fire.
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Presenting.... The Drug Free Ambassadors New Zealand, Inc!
    Another Scientology front group to add to our growing collection, courtesy of the New Zealand Anons.

    !Warning Sci site: and
    :tom: Tom Cruise loves DFA NZ, and they love him too. When he's paying them 1.5k, who can blame them?

    !Sci site "Scientology News: Tom Cruise Surprises Drug-Free Ambassadors in Auckland, New Zealand, with Kudos and a Check"
    How far did Tom 'you don't know the history of psychiatry like I do' Cruise's money stretch - anyone ever seen one of these booklets? Was it full of unscary factual facts, or did they slip some anti-psych propaganda in there too? :tom:

    From my friend the companies office database:
    The drugsfree site is a few years old, but still full of lulzy Scientology propaganda and helpful links to their front groups. Use a proxy or seven before you go exploring. I bring you the highlights:

    "I have a friend on drugs who needs help. Where do I go?" Straight to Narconon if you click the link on the 'drugfree' site (!sci

    Oh, and guess what? "Legal drugs can also be harmful" Fight back with emotionally manipulative anti-psychiatry crap at !sci! A much better use for that domain name would be a redirect to

    Want "a guide for parents on talking to your kids"? Scientology can help! (!sci Make sure to ask them about their family disconnection policy before you let them get too involved...

    Their site is a few years old, but the trust is still chugging along. Anyone seen these Drug-Free Ambassadors in action? They're sponsored by Scientology, staffed by Scientologists, use Scientology materials, and direct people to Scientology sites at every opportunity... Like one anon asked, are you sponsored by the church or are you the church in drag?

    -Find out moar about DFA and the DF Marshal programs & their blatant Sci links
    -How active are they in New Zealand?
    -How do they recruit? Ambush people on the street? Cosy up to parents? Try to get into schools??
    -How closely do they work with the other sci fronts? Run LEAF-style propaganda campaigns on the media with CCHR and Narconon? They're full of the same people; it wouldn't be hard to co-ordinate.
    -Is there anyone we should contact about this? What do legit anti-drug groups think about them? We've got CCHR taken off a big mental health site... 8)
    -Have they ever recieved government or police funding, assistance or promotion? Let's find out
  10. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Ohhh, interesting one mate! I'll be forwarding this one to my contact in case he's worked on funding them in the past.

    I've never heard of them before. Anyone else? Is that address a residential one or an office?

    Oh, Anony, the DFA should be another separate topic in this forum I think. Could be a few more countries where this organisation is active and in need of a bit of investigation from interested anons.
  11. anonyrat Member

    Old Narconon

    The Elder Narconon - listed for completeness

    Don't think this was mentioned before in the thread, but there is another non-profit Narconon trust still in existence. This one is just called Narconon, as opposed to Narconon Aotearoa, and was incorporated in 1976 - the trust deed is shared here:

    Number 212122

    Incorporated 15-OCT-1976
    Current Status REGISTERED
    Organisation Type Charitable Trust

    Address Details
    Registered Office

    I'd guess that they decided 'Narconon Aotearoa' was a more PC name and shifted operations over there; this trust is still in existence so presumably it's doing something - anyone want to check out the Forrest Hill address?
  12. Aurum Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    I checked out that address -- it's residential, with a business called Apex Trampoline Mats being run out of it ( TBQH, I find it unlikely that they'd keep operating Narconon after incorporating Narconon Aotearoa, though it is unusual that it's still on the books. If I had to guess, I'd say it's a dead end.
  13. anonyrat Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    I agree with this; I listed it mostly for the sake of completeness. The only document on the companies database is the 1976 amendment of trust deed. I do still wonder why they haven't dissolved the trust - surely they have to hold AGMs and elect board members and so forth, which would be a silly waste of time if it's not doing ANYTHING - maybe they keep it on the books so they can point to their venerable history - "we've been in NZ for 42 years!"

    Thanks for checking the place out; I now have mental images of Mike Ferriss and shiny happy scilons bouncing up and down on a big trampoline...
  14. Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Has anyone been on a mission to scope out Mikey boy Ferris' house? LRHxCore has kindly provided us with the details on his humble obode...

    I'm in Palmerston North otherwise I'd do it myself. It seems strange to me if nobody has scoped out his address though, considering it is (purportedly) the dragons den of both the 2nd in charge of the Auckland Org and, least I forget, Mr Mikey Boy Feriss himself.

    I've checked on google maps and it appears to be a residential home, very possibly adjacent to a golf course (Maungakiekie Golf Course). From experience this usually spells excellent vantage points; if indeed it is next door to a golf course then it would not only provide a good way of looking at the back of the house which is usually much more revealed and unprivatized than the front, but it also adds the superb goodie of being perfectly legal to take pictures and film the back of the house because such pictures would be taken from a public golf course, therefore public property.
  15. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    I don't think it's appropriate to visit these people's houses. How would you feel if one of them turned up at yours? Scouting their Scilon office locations is one thing, but stalking them is kinda pointless and adds nothing to our cause. We're very unlikely to find a tower of evil or a secret RPF camp team working in his rose garden so I would really like to encourage Kiwi anons to keep out of the Scilon's personal lives :)
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    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

  17. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    More info on the Drug free Ambassadors; ... 112005.pdf -2005
    (Awarded $15,000 by the Manukau city council. Pamphelts/fliers printed - if Anon could obtain a copy of these it would be excellent) -2006
    (Drug Free Ambassadors wins prize for the best professional float) ... 092007.pdf -2007
    (Application to the Otara community board for $370 in funding)


    1. Look into materials published by DFA for links to scientology. Linking to their website (sci! should be proof enough.
    2. Research links between Drug Free Ambassadors and CoS as well as other known CoS fronts.

    Of note, these docs are dated from 2005 to September 2007. This shows that DFA has been active in New Zealand recently.
  18. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Oooh, nice find! Surely the funding body has samples of what the funds were spent on? I'd try and get hold of those funders and get in touch with their program managers.
  19. AnonKiwi Member

    We're still here! ...But all our links are broken :(
  20. just remove the "http://http//" from them
  21. AnonKiwi Member

    Some summation of recent finds etc.

    Marriage Celebrants: Church Of Scientology Of New Zealand
    * Ferriss, Lauren Jill
    * Ferriss, Michael Victor
    * Lee, Simon William
    * Liversedge, Irene Lynnaire
    * Moffat, Marion Janet
    * Rooney, Sancia Marilyn
    * Willis, Leigh Anthony

    Charity rules:

    Dox on the recent WISE/Yong court case YONG V CHIN _JTK_74.pdf

    Drug Free Ambassadors NZ - got some funding in the past. Turned down more recently. NETWORK NEWSLETTER Nov06.pdf
  22. AnonKiwi Member

  23. paneity Member

    What exactly is there to check out? It's a conservative two storey, single garage home with an open-plan living room and kitchen. Not anything special. Pantry in the corner of the kitchen, from what I remember, if you want some munchies? :confused: They've got a pretty nice sound system if you want to listen to some music?
    Their house is just a dead end (literally, cul de sac) there's nothing that can be achieved there apart from unsanctioned invasion of privacy. What would we do with pictures?
  24. Anon453453 Member

    Already been said paneity :D
  25. anonyrat Member

    OP updated and new tax-exempt thread

    Okay guys, I've updated the OP with a list of front orgs active in NZ. If we turn up any more (and I wouldn't be surprised...) PM me and I'll add to the list. This forum got mentioned in a recent Sunday Star Times article and called us "New Zealand activists," so don't be surprised if we get a few New Zealanders wandering past. :D

    Anon453453 has create a thread for discussing CoS NZ's tax exempt status here:

    Someone want to start an NZ thread for brainstorming Operation Reconnection ideas in the Activism folder?
  26. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Called a nice lady at Housing New Zealand today. Here's the recap;

    8 Hopetoun Street was sold to a private developer. Narconon NZ is definately no longer at this address.

    Ngati Arohanui Trust is not actively providing any rehab services at the moment. They are currently in a Housing NZ owned property that is designated for Community Groups.

    They would have obtained this by submitting a proposal to the Housing Partnership Delivery Service Management. In order to obtain this they most likely have a 'monitored residential services contract'. This is obtained through the goverment but unfortunately can be obtained from serveral government departments so the person I spoke to could not narrow it down any further than that.

    As a note that I wish to share; I mentioned Narconon and that they aren't a secular drug rehab program. The person that I spoke to asked if I felt similarly about the Salvation army as they teach Christian principles as part of their drug rehab program. I responded that no, I don't, as they do not hide their Christian ties nor do they promote that Christianity is the ONLY way to live a happy drug free life.

    I thought I'd look into this to be sure in my own head though, and I came across this sentence on the Sallies website; "Salvationists are encouraged to examine the issues for themselves". While this was on a page about Euthanasia it is enough for me to say, no, I don't think the Salvation Army is at all like Narconon.
  27. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Need to remind people that the Narconon treatment is medically dangerous and used as a recruiting tool to get people into the Scientology money pyramid. The medically dangerous bit is really the most important feature.

    Great work tho!
  28. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Hmmm - oh REALLY?

    So, If this dude Yong who's being done by one of his emloyees for turning into a prick (ie: bad employer) after a Scilon front group got their hooks into him, isn't a scientologist [which is what he says at], why is he still working with this Scientologist lawer who costs him thousands more $$$ EVERY time he walks into court and loses yet another round???
    [Sept 7, another $5,500 basically for incompetence]

    So, Equity Law is presumably effectively the Scientologist legal dept in NZ??

    Level 4 of the Newcall Tower at 44 Khyber Pass Road,
    P O Box 8333, DX CX10246, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand
    PH : + 64 9 303 2008
    FAX: + 64 9 303 2018
    Email :
  29. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Cheers for the heads up Anonxmous and welcome to the party.

    Couldn't help quoting the article;

    "[Scientology], like Christianity, is a religion and should be respected and treated one, like all religions it has both its darker and lighter elements, and like all religions it has tried to destroy any opposition to its doctrines and dogmas."
    - Evgeny Orlov
  30. anonyrat Member

    "Youth for Human Rights"

    Nice info, Anonxmous; welcome to the thread :D

    I really thought I'd posted info on Youth for Human Rights here already, but nope.

    It's a Scientology sponsored, Scientology approved organisation that claims to be promoting human rights. Wikipedia article here:

    They're pretty new on the scene here:

    But they've already held two annual awards.

    They ran a human rights forum in Australia:

    What moar is there to find..?
  31. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Okay, I don't know how we missed this one, but from the Tony Wall article on the 16th of March!;

    "The Church of Scientology in New Zealand has laid a complaint with police after allegedly receiving death and bomb threats from an internet-based protest group that has waged an online war against the religion."

    That explains the number of patrol cars, however this does have some interesting consequences. See the NZ forum for more info.

    We should definately get the transcripts, report, any data we can on this if possible. Honestly, at this stage I doubt it as it pertains to a case 'in progress' where we are a party. But these dox would go a long way to documenting 'fair game'.
  32. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Great work Xmous. Fascinating work on CCHR! How can we alert NZ to the dodgyness of their ongoing events?
  33. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    TV One is going to be screening a story on Scientology, (probably) ~7.30pm Sunday 30 March, on their current affairs show, 'Sunday'
    Is there someone able to capture this and upload to YouTube (or other site)?
  34. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Already covered in another thread An0n1nNZ. It'll get done.

    And youtubed for lulz and win.
  35. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    While usually I try to avoid digging into individual scientologists a new thread of investigation has presented itself.

    Helen Smith is a GP and dyed in the wool, card carrying scientologist. What's particuarly interesting is that in the following article statements made by Steven Green of the CCHR are backed up by Helen with the GP tag to add some credibility. (Helen Smith is cited as the source)

    In the same article Helen says that "If a child is having problems understanding the words of the subject they are studying they can start to fidget or daydream or doodle or become problematic in their behaviour." Understanding words is a concept presented in the 'Basic Study Manual', and its younger brother 'learning how to learn', both scientology texts.

    Newsletter from the Holistic Medical Centre, suggests using vitamins to cure depression;

    Petition to the House of Representatives regarding ECT use;

    Courses completed;

    And, as noted earlier in this thread, Helen Smith is one of the trustees of the Ngati Arohanui Trust.

    Now here's where it gets really interesting. Helen Smith was a part of the CCHR team that presented the recent anti-psychiatry exhibit, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.

    Now look at the picture on the left just below the picture of the Executive Director
    Steve Green. Notice anything?

    The people pictured are Moe Mc cleary, Mike Ferris, Claude Moffat, John Duncan, Steve Green [director] (Helen isn't in the picture).

    Moe Mc cleary is a scientologist and heads the Drug Free Ambassadors.
    Mike Ferris is a scientologist and head of the Church of Scientology New Zealand.
    Steve Green is a scientologist and Executive Director of CCHR NZ.

    Claude Moffat I'm not sure on but mentions that the CoS NZ Chairperson is Marion Moffat (who is possibly married to Claude Moffat). There is also a Claude Moffat here;
    This may be the same person as he is listed as completing a 'psych repair' course in 1995, and has two other completions in 2006.

    I could not find any more info on John Duncan with a cursory search.
  36. mary.overit Member

    Property scientology owned in Mt Eden

    Here is an abstract of an article I found on a property that scientology owned in View Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland.

    (No Title) - Mount Eden Borough Council, Auckland. Has given the Church of Scientology permission to turn its View Road property into the national headquarters of the movement.
    Central leader, 29 June 1971 : P 1
    Mount Eden Borough Council, Auckland. Has given the Church of Scientology permission to turn its View Road property into the national headquarters of the movement.
    Mount Eden Borough Council ; Church of Scientology ; Mount Eden, Auckland >
    ARC Serial 072 C39 ASK AT DESK - Auckland City Libraries.

    Auckland library holds old Central Leaders so if someone has an Auckland City Library card, this article could be attained.

    This is the only other property scientology has owned in NZ.
  37. mary.overit Member

    NZ Listener article on religions having tax exemptions

    Written in Feb this year, the article gives a good argument why churches should not have tax exemptions.

    “Why should a non-religious taxpayer subsidise these churches to become exponentially richer? It’s a mechanism for proselytisation, a massive shift from public money to religious organisations. True charity work is providing relief from poverty.”
  38. anonyrat Member

    Helen Smith's ECT petition and the Listener article

    Noticed this while reading up about starting an NZ petition. 27 March 2008

    Good find on that Listener article, mary.overit!
  39. CVAnonymous Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    CO$ Auckland is listed in the Voluntary Organisation Registry. The Christ Church and Ellerslie Missions have been struck off the roll. Downloads of some of their financial records are also available at the site. I am pulling the docs now.

    I have made a comment or two in the copypasta below.


    Number 217918 View Certificate Of Incorporation



    Incorporated 06-AUG-1976

    Current Status REGISTERED

    Organisation Type Incorporated Society ****HOW THE FUCK DOES AN INCORPORATED SOCIETY GET TAX BREAKS?***

    Previous Names (Names changed prior to 1992 may not be recorded)

    No Previous Names on record

    Address Details
    Registered Office
    532 Ellerslie- Panmure Highway

    Address for Communication
    P O Box 6791
    Wellesley Street

    Details of officers/trustees have not been provided. This information is optional. ***COWARDS***

    Documents Registered
    (not all documents registered before 1-DEC-1996 will be listed in this summary.)

    Date Barcode Description File Size Available
    22-NOV-2006 14:31:38 10052895016 Annual Accounts - 2006 67.3 Kb
    24-APR-2006 12:15:10 10051051143 Alteration Of Rules 291.6 Kb
    10-OCT-2005 13:10:41 10049610242 Annual Financial Statements for 2004 51.9 Kb
    12-JUL-2005 15:31:17 10048840644 Annual Financial Statements For 2003 50.9 Kb
    22-JUN-2004 11:11:46 10046318652 Annual Financial Statements For 2002 48.2 Kb
    12-NOV-2003 10:38:55 10045211460 Annual Financial Statements For 2001 46.7 Kb
    15-AUG-2003 14:49:21 10044558065 Alteration Of Rules 309 Kb
    15-AUG-2002 14:39:14 10042325419 Annual Financial Statements For 2000 58 Kb
    15-AUG-2002 14:38:53 10042325408 Annual Financial Statements For 1999 63 Kb
    15-AUG-2002 14:38:34 10042325394 Annual Financial Statements For 1998 58.4 Kb
    15-AUG-2002 14:38:08 10042325383 Annual Accounts -Inc Soc Pre 1998 67.8 Kb
    15-AUG-2002 14:37:35 10042325372 Annual Accounts -Inc Soc Pre 1998 61.2 Kb
    15-AUG-2002 14:36:36 10042325361 Change of Registered Office 29.6 Kb
    17-MAR-1998 14:35:05 10019453746 Annual Accounts -Inc Soc, I&P Societies
    24-MAR-1995 11:41:04 10000932233 Change of Registered Office for Inc Soc
    17-MAR-1995 10:54:59 10002085604 Annual Accounts -Inc Soc, I&P Societies
    12-MAY-1981 13:18:07 10040688411 Alteration Of Rules 29 Kb
    06-AUG-1976 13:17:48 10040688400 Alteration Of Rules 358.8 Kb

    Click to download viewing software

    I could not find any of the current front organizations listed.

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