Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

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    Applied Scholastics

    Incorporation just means that they're a legal body. It looks like they're the same pdfs as on the companies database.

    Applied Scholastics
    This is the umbrella body for Scientology 'study tech' groups.

    There's three NZ results from sci site!

    There are two NZ listings on this ABLE watchdog page

    The P.O. Box and phone numbers match up with the Applied Scholastics ones, so it's fair to say he's the go-to guy for NZ.

    From !sci site

    There are several Rules listed in the Scientology Service Completions database, but no David.

    Dennis Paul has been a scientologist since at least 1994. Eithan/Ethan Heke is not listed in that database.

    Moar Applied Scholastics coming!
  2. NZFag Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics

    Sutton Crescent = Impossible scilon location.

    The green arrow = 13 Sutton Crescent. It's the address to the pools, I believe. I know for sure there's no scilon activity there.

    2+ years ago, I worked IN that mall. I studied at a high school 1km down the road, and my ex-fiancee worked in that Cricket Club. Also, see the red dot on the map? Friend lives in that house. He's a 4channer. I'm sure I'd know if there's some activity going on in there.

  3. anonyrat Member

    Applied Scholastics NZ

    Thanks for that info NZFag. If they were ever based in Sutton Cres they must be long gone I guess. It is odd...

    Applied Scholastics NZ Trust!

    From the good ol' companies database:
    The incorporation application pdf listed them as being based out of the Oranga Community Centre, however they then changed to the Freeman's Bay address in 2006. CCHR seems to have been based at the centre once too; presumeably they let office space to community groups. It could be fruitful to investigate whether Applied Scholastics has ever recieved funding from the local council.

    Yup, sounds like L Ron's scilon tech at work there. They apparently provide community courses, business courses and training for tutors.

    Scientology values? There's no disclosure of any Scientology relationship in the dox... It's incorporated as a non-profit; presumeably they have to pay licensing fees to RTC for using the study tech. Do they own/regulate Speak Better English and Sunny Days Homeschool if they're still around? I know David Rule tutors non-native English speakers. Have they managed to get any government funding for 'educational purposes'?
  4. anonyrat Member

    The fail front groups continue...


    Doesn't look like they've done anything, someone want to poke at it?
  5. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Another sock puppet for their stats. Gotta keep the uplines happy!
  6. AnonKiwi Member

  7. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Wow. Nice find. Now I can't go to bed just yet while I mail the Wanganui paper there. Damn you.

    Email to the paper sent.
  8. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread ,

    Dear Wanganui Chronicle,

    I was concerned by the information revealed in your article, "Former Winery to Become Rehab Centre", 3 April 2008 by Lin Ferguson; because Narcanon:

    Please take the time to research this for yourself, a number of favourable and critical evaluations of Narconon are available at:

    (some extracts from the website are available below for your convenience, or a Frequently Asked Questions document is available here: ).

    At this time I am not revealing my name because I am concerned by the evidence of "fair gaming" by Scientology around the globe. If you would like to verify anything with me, please feel free to respond to this e-mail address and I will help you as best as I can!

    Thank you for your time


    "The way that Narconon presents its claimed success rates is, on the whole, very peculiar."

    "An examination of 'The Swedish Study' (Peter Gerdman, 1981), found that:

    • 77% of those who enrolled on the course quit before completing it.
    • 50% of those who did complete it went back onto drugs afterwards (and another 14% somewhat mysteriously didn't know if they had or not).
    • 54% of those interviewed afterwards who did not complete it went back onto drugs.
    • 34% of enrollees said they had completed the programme and relapsed but claimed to be drug free at the moment.
    • 6.6% of enrollees said they had stayed totally drug free for one year afterwards."
    "One would expect that a secular drug rehabilitation programme would be based on a solid scientific and medical foundation. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Narconon. Much of the "medical" aspect of the programme, dealing with the detoxification of drug addicts, is based on little more than junk science. "


    "There is an extreme shortage of scientific literature on its methods [...] As a percentage of the scientific profession, Narconon's supporters are a vanishingly small number, few with any clout. This lack of a serious profile in mainstream science is a real oddity, as most medically oriented treatment regimes are happy - indeed, often eager - to undergo review and assessment. It appears not to be a result of mainstream medicine rejecting Narconon's submissions but, reportedly, has been caused by Narconon itself declining to subject itself to the normal scientific process. It has had every opportunity to submit its researches to the mainstream medical journals but appears not to have done so."

    "[...] medical science relies on falsifiable hypotheses, reproducible experiments and peer review"
    [Bolding added]

    See also:
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  10. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    I mailed the Wangas Chronicle as well. No Reply. Like a lot of NZ press they seem infected with Fail.
  11. An0n1nNZ Member

  12. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Dun Dun Dun... another one bites the dust~


    thanks for your note alerting us re Citizens Commission for Human Rights - sorry about delay in response but I will be deleting this record from healthpages.

    Thank you for alerting us to that.

    Kind regards
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  13. anonyrat Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Bump for great justice!

    A dossier containing the info we've gathered on the front groups has been prepared; I'm not sure whether it will be published as a googledoc or made available on the internets in some other form - perhaps hosted on New Zealand Anonymous?

    This info is a summary of what we've learned about the front groups; it's intended for media doing research, to be turned into pamplets, etc etc. It will be up soon somewhere.

    Anything else new in the world of NZ Scientology?

    There's moar NZ discussion at Login for any latecomers.
  14. anonyrat Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    Bad news guys, they got one through to the Charities Commission register.

    Drug Free Ambassadors, Or, Hey kids, don't do drugs, do Scientology!

    Legal name of the charity
    The Drug Free Ambassadors (NZ) Incorporated
    Registration details
    Status Registered
    Date 17/05/2008
    Registration number CC24474
    IRD Number Restricted
    Balance date 31 March

    Address for service

    Charity's street address
    7 Preston Avenue
    Waitakere City 0610

    Charity's postal address
    PO Box 104 099
    Waitakere City 0654

    Charity's other details
    Phone (day)
    09 838 9879

    Charitable purpose

    Note: Main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are in brackets
    (Education / training / research)
    Community development
    Social services
    (Provides advice / information / advocacy)
    (Children / young people)
    General public
    Family / whanau
    Business and wider community and schools

    Areas of Operation: Nationwide

    Officer Name Effective Date
    Zena Rombouts 26/08/2007
    Mo McLeary 26/08/2007
    Heather McLeary 26/08/2007

    Some pdf dox but I haven't looked at those yet.
  15. anonyrat Member

    Re: Scientology in New Zealand discussion thread

    No results for 'scientology', 'citizen's commission for human rights', 'narconon', 'youth for human rights' and 'criminon'... have we left any out?

    Question is whether they've got applications in for those groups, and whether they'll be successful.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    When are you going to respond in your very own thread, Inf, er, BLiP?
  18. DeathHamster Member

  19. BLiP Member

  20. SeenTheLight Member

  21. It was 8 hopetoun street i lived there and did the narcanon program if u want more info
  22. Random guy Member

    Narconon or Narcanon?

    There is a difference. The one with an 'O' is a cult front group, the one with an 'A' is a legitimate group (the anti drug version of AA). If you have experience with Narconon, you might want to post in this thread or any of the other in the Narconon situation room:
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Church Plans New Grafton Auckland Building |

    Scientology on move - maybe

    By Rebecca Stevenson, July 29, 2013

    An Auckland heritage-listed building bought by the Church of Scientology for more than $10 million six years ago may finally become the religious organisation's new home.

    The Church of Scientology planned to spread the "applied philosophy" of its founder, pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, from former Whitecliffe Art College headquarters after buying the prominent Auckland site in 2007.

    At the time of the sale, church secretary Mike Ferris said the church would fully renovate and restore the building, built in 1927, over two years and expected 100 staff would shift there to provide Scientology services.

    The college had not been on the market and the church paid a premium to get it, realtor Kevin Richards said in 2007.

    However, the church remains based in a mall in the bottom of an office tower around the corner from the impressive Grafton site.

    Historic Places Trust heritage adviser Robin Byron said last week the Church of Scientology was proceeding with an "upgrade and adaptive reuse plans for the buildings at 136 Grafton Rd".

    No other information about the church's long-awaited plans has been forthcoming.


    Church critics have labelled the programme "Idle Morgues" and claim it is a farcical attempt to prove Scientology is expanding.

    The 2006 census recorded 357 Scientologists in New Zealand.

    The church's latest available accounts, for the 2011 financial year, indicate the church had 30 paid fulltime staff and a gross income of $842,299 with $419,925 coming from member donations. A further $207,798 came from "service provision", Scientology courses and training.

    It had current cash and bank balances of $415,573, $310,118 in inventory, and non-current assets - land and buildings - valued $6.6 million. Total assets were more than $12 million while the church had liabilities of more than $10 million.

    The church's 2012 accounts were expected at the end of June but the church had sought, and been granted, an extension until August, the Charities Commission said.

    More at
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  24. DeathHamster Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Gross Income: 842,299 - 419,925 - 207,798 = $214576. Where did this $214,576 income originate from?
    Assets: 12,000,000 - 6,600,000 - 415,573 - 310,118 = $4,674,309 in other assets. What are these assets?
    What are the $10,000,000 in liabilities? Even if they have their building completely mortgaged, it doesn't cover this debt.

    I haz a curious.
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  26. Enturbulette Member

    BUMP for an awesome thread.
  27. BLiP Member

  28. Enturbulette Member

    off topic but of possible interest:

    Anonymous takes down National Party websites

    "In a comment under the video, Anonymous said about 100 websites were offline but the main National Party website "survived".
    Anonymous says the sites will stay offline until National patches its servers, or apologises to internet piracy accused Kim Dotcom - who was illegally spied on by the GCSB - and all New Zealanders.
    However, Kim Dotcom tweeted this morning:
    "Dear Anonymous NZ, hacking National Party websites is just giving John Key a new excuse to pass the GCSB bill (cybercrime). Please stop it."
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology's $16m statement church |

    By Rebecca Stevenson, November 24, 2013

    The Church of Scientology of New Zealand will make a $16 million "statement" restoring and converting a heritage-listed Auckland building into its flagship church.

    The local arm of the controversial religion purchased the former Whitecliffe Art College campus in 2007 for $10m borrowed interest-free from the Church of Scientology International. It is the church's only New Zealand property.

    The church, which counts actor Tom Cruise among its parishioners, said it's nearing construction on the Grafton site that includes major seismic strengthening and a new fitout.

    Church of Scientology New Zealand head Mike Ferriss told the Sunday Star-Times the cost of the restoration was $16m.

    More than $3.5m had been raised mostly from the church's 5,000 local members, Ferriss said, but scientologists around the globe including expat Kiwis would contribute.

    Non-members who wanted to see the building restored had also donated, he said.

    The 2006 census counted 357 Kiwi scientologists; meaning each would need to donate more than $44,000 to reach the $16m target.

    The church's annual accounts for the year ending December 2012 showed donations were down more than $170,000 to $245,253.

    It booked $1.18m from members in advance payments. The church had about $300,000 in the bank and owed its international office more than $8.6m, reporting a $2m deficit.

    The "huge" project is estimated to take around 12 months of construction, Ferriss said.

    New Zealand's top scientologist said the condition of the building when the church purchased it was not good.

    "We will save this building. There's no question about it."

    The Oamaru sandstone facing the building's entranceway and windows is in need of repair.

    Ferriss said internally the major work would be tying joists to the walls to give the building the ability to move laterally in an earthquake. Floors will be overlaid with ply and ceilings may need repairing too, he said. Some walls may need additional strengthening, he said.

    The church has resource consent to disseminate the "applied philosophy" of church founder and pulp fiction writer L Ron Hubbard from the site.

    A building consent application is with its head office in the US pending final sign-off and will then be lodged with the Auckland Council, Ferriss said.

    Once complete the 11,000 square metre site will have more than 70 rooms dedicated to spreading Scientology's message.

    The prominent site will have a chapel, library, reception and waiting area, offices for upper management, public display areas, a cafe, courtyard and rooms for the church's one-on-one counselling called auditing.

    The Auckland restoration is part of an international programme by the church to boost its presence with high-profile churches called Ideal Orgs.

    "What we are essentially doing is like the Church of Scientology putting down roots. We have been around for 60 years; this is a statement. This is us. This is where you can find us," Ferriss said.

    Continued here:
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Yuck, non members contributed to see the building restored, short sighted is shortsighted.
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  31. Enturbulette Member

    ::sigh:: Kiwis can be the most naive little lambs on the planet.
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists use church's philosophies to train teens to drive

    By Laura Walters,, April 19, 2015

    A private education trust is having a roaring success teaching driver licence courses using education techniques inspired by the teaching methodology of the controversial Church of Scientology.

    But the Secular Education Network is decrying the classes, saying any influence of the church on the education material meant a "biased education" was being delivered.

    Registered charity Rule Education Trust, run by by David Rule, is delivering driver licence courses to Aucklanders in need.

    Rule set up the not-for-profit in 2002 and has since launched courses in more than 15 locations across Auckland, including marae, decile 1 schools, community centres and prisons.

    Rule has been a member of the Church of Scientology for 30 years and uses some of the teaching techniques he learned while teaching the church's study skills programme.

    Rule taught Scientology's Applied Scholastics programmes alongside Auckland social worker Betty Wark.
    Applied Scholastics International teaches study skills developed by the church's founder L Ron Hubbard.

    The techniques include making sure students understand the meanings of words, encouraging them to physically interact with what they are learning about and not teaching too much too soon.

    Rule said he believed in the education technology and while he did not teach these study skills or any religious material during the driver licence courses, he did draw on what he had learned in his time teaching Applied Scholastics.

    Last year more than 1000 people enrolled in the driver licence courses and about 200 people across the region were currently attending classes.

    About half the people enrolled in the courses were referred by organisations like police and Work and Income (WINZ) and the success rate was sitting at about 75 per cent for the community and prison classes and more than 95 per cent in high schools.

    The courses are funded partly by Auckland Transport and Adult and Community Education Funding. In the past, money had been received from the Ministry of Social Development and the trust hoped to gain funding from Auckland Council.


    Rule was in the process of piloting restricted and full-driver licence classes and tests at James Cook High School.

    He was also training more tutors and expanding the reach of the courses to take in west Auckland.

    He said his ultimate goal was to open a private school using the Applied Scholastics technology where parents could also join classes.

    Meanwhile, the church hopes its education courses would be revived and one day a school would be founded.

    Church of Scientology New Zealand secretary Mike Ferriss said there was currently a lack of resources but he hoped the opening of Scientology's Athena School is Sydney would have a flow-on effect.

    Some church members home school their children, including Rule and himself, he said.

    Ferriss said the church's teaching programmes were "common sense" and they did not teach religion or anything with a spiritual base. "People will try and conflate them together because that's what they want to think."

    While Ferriss was "passionate about education", the church's current focus was on moving into its $10.2 million heritage building in central Auckland.

    Ferriss said the church had secured the additional funding to carrying out the renovations, something that would cost more than the building itself, and it would open in about 12 months.

    The work on the new building came at a time when the church was once again under fire following the release of the scathing 2015 documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief based on the book by Lawrence Wright.

    Ferriss said members of the church's New Zealand branch "cringe" each time a documentary or damning piece of media is released.

    "That creates a very negative picture. We're kind of used to it."

    Comments are open, here:
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  33. BigBeard Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    So far, a comment thread hasn't opened, but I'll stay watchful.
  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Clay models can help you learn to drive! Honest!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, April 18, 2015

    Here’s a heartwarming tale about L. Ron Hubbard helping people in New Zealand get their drivers licenses. It’s a classic of Scientology outreach, which gives the impression that Hubbard’s “Study Tech” has something miraculous about it that is allowing people to get their licenses who otherwise couldn’t.

    What the writer doesn’t go into at all are the actual concepts of Study Tech, which Claire Headley helped us understand are actually part and parcel to the beginning levels of Scientology training itself, and are intended to begin the indoctrination that only Hubbard and Scientology have the answers for everything in life.

    And we find it interesting that the goofy reliance on clay modeling isn’t spelled out in the story. Can’t you just imagine how fun it would be to render right-of-way problems in clay?
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Churches face six figure bill amid crackdown on financial reporting laws

    The Church of Scientology had belatedly filed its overdue charitable returns, as religious organisations face a crackdown on their financial reporting.

    Churches are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply with a new crackdown on charities' financial reporting standards.

    The Church of Scientology filed their annual returns last week, more than 10 months overdue, and two days after media enquiries. They received nearly $1.4m, and spent just under $600,000.

    Charities who spend more than $1m per year are being forced to open up their books, in some cases for the first time, under new laws which came into effect this month.

    The Charities Service say the new laws will bring greater transparency in the sector, but churches say they are having to spend up to $100,000 on auditing fees.

    The Scientologists, who attracted attention from documentary makers in the United States for their unconventional practices, were also late filing their returns in 2012.

    Church secretary Mike Ferris said their accounts were delayed due to their move into a newly restored $16m heritage-listed building in central Auckland.

    "We had to relocate our premises and that interrupted a whole lot of things."

    Ferris, who has been a Scientologist for several decades, declined to comment on his arrangement with the Charities Services, adding their communications were private.

    He said the church didn't spend enough to be independently audited and had never been previously audited.

    Continued here:
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    Well my my now i seen it all real life wild woo spam :eek:
    link removed.

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